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I want to say
  • ReplyOsamah,   Pakistan
    2012/2/12 11:50:00

    I'm Working in Dubai and have Dubai residence visa
    Can we get Macau visa on arrival or I have to apply in advance as I have Pakistan passport??

    If I have a business trip to any Chinese city, can I travel to Macau on weekend via that visa?


    • Hank :2012/2/12 19:46:00

      You have to apply for a macau visa in advance, since you are holding Pakistan passport. You can enter macau with the visa within its validity at the weekend during your trip to China.

  • ReplyRahul,   India
    2012/2/12 7:21:00

    Hi i m rahul from india. 1 of my best frind workin in a hotel nd i want 2 visit macou. I know as a indian pasport holdr i need nt 4 a visa nd i wi stay with him thn wht docs. I need 2 carry with me along with return tkt. Jst mail me on my given mail id

    • Steve :2012/2/12 19:40:00

      I think you have to provide your return air ticket and valid passport.

  • ReplyTarun,   India
    2012/2/10 23:41:00

    I want to visit macau, i am indian citizen, however my kids are united states citizen, do we need visa

    • Jerry :2012/2/11 22:22:00

      Both passport holders of USA and India enjoy 30 days visa free to Macau.

  • ReplyKey,   Nigeria
    2012/2/8 10:42:00

    am from nigerian but study in malaysia i want to go to Macau on holiday how can i aplly for macau visa and what document i need to get before applying the visa and which embassy i need to go to apply that hop to hear from you soon

    • Ashley :2012/2/8 19:33:00

      you can apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy or consulate in Malaysia.
      as for the documents, you may refer to the above article, in addition, you also need to provide your round-trip air ticket and hotel reservation, your Malaysian visa is also needed.

  • ReplyUMESH,   Nepal
    2012/2/7 3:15:00

    i would like to visit Macau, what is the require document?
    and for nepali national how many days visa would they provide?

    please advice...


    • Lisa :2012/2/7 18:15:00

      Hi Umesh,
      usually the stay period for a single-entry visa is 14 days.
      as for the required documents, you can find from the above article. in addition, you also need to provide your round-trip air ticket and hotel reservation in Macau.

  • Replykhawaja waseem,   Pakistan
    2012/2/4 11:25:00

    whats requirements for visa before i visit MACAU 10 time pls tell me thanks

    • Daniel :2012/2/5 0:28:00

      if you are for individual travel, you should submit the following documents to the China Embassy in pakistan to apply for a macau visa:
      1. A completed application form;
      2. Copy of the bio data page and used pages in a valid passport/travel document;
      3. Document of financial status (e.g. bank statement, deposit in savings account, tax payment receipt, employment certificate, etc.);
      4. Document of transportation to Macao and accommodation arrangement (e.g. round-trip air tickets and hotel room reservation receipts, etc.);
      5. Document to prove the purpose of visit (e.g. copy of residence document of the family in Macao, Macao ID card of the family in Macao/document of kinship, etc.);
      6. Inside pages in the travel document which had been used for admission to Macao (if any);
      7. Valid entry visa or residence visa/permit of other countries or regions (if any).

  • ReplyTang Moon Kwe,   Myanmar
    2012/2/3 0:04:00

    I Am working inSingapore and My father come form Myanmar to singapore now. We would like to visit all family to Macau form HK or Singapore. all family passport are Myanmar passport . Can we get visa on arrival in Macau and Hong Kong visa in Air port?

    • Frank :2012/2/4 23:52:00

      You may get a on arrival visa at the airport of macua, but for Hk visa, you have to apply for it from the China Embassy in Singapore in advance.

  • Replyrama prajapati,   Mozambique
    2012/1/31 20:35:00

    i am rama from nepal i want to visit macao. so where i need to apply for visa? for how many day i will get visa for macao? thnks

    • Steve :2012/2/1 18:44:00

      You should apply for the Macau visa from the China Embasy in Nepal before your departure. It usually takes one week.

  • ReplyAfridi,   China
    2012/1/31 23:04:00

    i am from Pakistan, i have been living in china for 6 years. i want to visit macau for a couple of days. I visited the shanghai entry and exit department to get the Macau visa, the said i have to go to beijing. i called beijing they had no idea for what i have to do. i called macau they said i can get the visa from Main land China. i have bought a return ticket already not knowingly that i have to go through all this trouble on top of that i have booked a hotel room for four days. i need information or any kind of contact number from which i can get legit information because every body i talk to is giving me half information.
    i cannot go to pakistan to get the visa because that will cost me a lot of time, i want to find out a place in Main Land China where i can get a tourist visa for Macau.
    thanks and regards
    please reply if you know anything about this issue.

    • David :2012/2/1 18:38:00

      You may try to submit your application to:
      Immigration Division of the Beijing Office of the Government of the HKSAR
      71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009)
      Telephone Enquiries (852) 2824 6111

  • Replyrishabh tiwari,   India
    2012/1/31 5:06:00

    i want to come to macau from hong kong..i will be staying in macau for 3 days..do i need to apply for visa??? ..i will be going back to hong kong thereafter to catch my return flight to india..

    • Kevin :2012/1/31 17:32:00

      Indian passport holders enjoy 30 days' visa free to Macau, so you don't have to apply for a visa.

  • Replyjean,   Macau, China
    2012/1/30 18:11:00

    can u give me some advicce what should i do,i'm in intered macao last January 1,2012 to get a new visa for china,and today is my last day here in macao i called my agent he told me my passport arrive on february 2 together with a china visa,but i overstay at that time for 2 days.

    • Ashley :2012/1/30 19:09:00

      Hi Jean,
      You should have apply the visa earlier. Now there's no other ways but wait for your passport and Chinese visa, and pay for the fine for overstaying two days.
      there will also be a mark on your passport which may bring problems for your next visit to Macau.

  • ReplyKapil,   India
    2012/1/21 22:21:00

    I am planning to come to Macau for my Honeymoon for 4 days, but will be boarding flight from Singapore, since my first destination is Singapore then from Singapore to Macau, so wanted to know if i need to apply for VISA?

    • Jay :2012/1/24 23:37:00

      Hi Kapil,
      you don't need to apply the Macau visa since Indian passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

  • ReplyBakayoko,   Malaysia
    2012/1/16 11:49:00

    Hi , I from Malaysia and plan to visit Macau with my wife she is holding a Vietnam passport and having a 5 yrs visa stayIng at Malaysia. Any special document needs during the visa application? If plan to visit hong kong at the same time, then she need to do 2 visa for hong long and Macau?

    • Larry :2012/1/16 19:13:00

      it would be easier for her to get the visa if you can also provide your marriage certificate.
      she also need to apply the visa for Hong Kong, which means, yes, she needs two visa for Hong Kong and Macau.

  • ReplyNauman,   Pakistan
    2012/1/15 23:56:00

    Hi, I have Hong Kong visa for 28 days, 14 days each.
    I would like to visit Macau as well, can i visit Macau in same hong kong visa??

    • Ben :2012/1/16 19:11:00

      Hi Nauman,
      you can not visit Macau with the Hong Kong visa, but need to apply a Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

  • Replyendurance otote,   Nigeria
    2012/1/14 14:53:00

    i want a visa

    • Sally :2012/1/14 18:59:00

      do you want to apply a Macau visa?
      you need to apply it through the Chinese Embassy or consulate general in your country before you go to Macau.

  • Replyno more,   Viet Nam
    2012/1/13 4:45:00

    hello, i'm a vietnamese. i'm studying in singapore and having a student card. could i apply the visa macau? if have, i'll do on the application form. where?

    • Carl :2012/1/13 17:23:00

      Yes, you have to apply for a Macau visa. The application for can be down from the official website of the China Embassy in Singapore.

  • ReplyAbbas,   Singapore
    2012/1/12 1:18:00


    I am holding Indian passport and working in Singapore. I would like to visit Macau. From your post I have come to know that I don't need visa to enter Macau. But I would like to know that can I visit cities of mainland China from Macau without any other visa.

    • Carol :2012/1/12 1:37:00

      You do have to apply for a visa from the visa office of PRC in Macau for your trip to mainland China.

  • ReplyTakang,   Thailand
    2012/1/10 20:00:00

    I hold a Cameroonian passport with a student visa and re entry visa, do I need a visa to visit my friend in Macau?

    • Alicia :2012/1/10 20:17:00

      yes, you need to apply a Macau visa.

  • ReplyAyegun Tokunbo Johnson,   Nigeria
    2012/1/9 0:27:00

    I am Johnson from Nigeria. I intend to visit my friends in macao in May for two months. How do I go about it. Thanks.

    • Bing :2012/1/9 18:20:00

      Hi Johnson,
      you need to apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy or consulate general in Nigeria one month before you go to Macau, but i don't think it is easy for you to get a visa valid for two months.

    2012/1/8 0:39:00

    WE WILL GO TO MACAU through ferry service FROM HONGKONG Airport for one day only.let me know VISA FOR MACAU is needed or not.We are Indian Citizen.

    • Anna :2012/1/8 18:39:00

      you do not need to apply the Macau visa for one day tour in Macau.

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