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I want to say
  • Replyshine julienne   China    Apr. 12, 2012 02:37

    Hi, I am holder of China passport and I want to travel Hongkong for a vacation for 8 days, do i have to apply for a travel permit?

    • Replied by: James   Apr. 12, 2012 19:36

      yes, you need to apply the travel permit, but with it you can only stay in Hong Kong for 7 days.

  • Replyalim ahmed   Bangladesh    Apr. 04, 2012 17:16


    I m Bangladeshi. At present living in UAE in residency visa. I want to visit Hongkong and Macaw. How could i get visa? On arrival visa is applicable for me or not? Waiting for reply.

    • Replied by: Abby   Apr. 04, 2012 19:27

      you can apply the visa for Hong Kong and Macau through the Chinese Embassy in UAE. on arrival is not applicable for you.

  • Replyabdul   Iraq    Apr. 02, 2012 03:56

    hello sir im abdul i hold iraqe passport i like to vist macau can i get my visa in airport ??

    • Replied by: Hank   Apr. 02, 2012 19:39

      Yes, you can.

  • ReplyCurtis   China    Apr. 01, 2012 07:38

    Hi I am a Tongan citizen and resedency of China, living in Beijing. I wish to visit Macau, do i need visa to optain before entering Macau ?

    Thank you

    • Replied by: Kevin   Apr. 01, 2012 20:16

      Which country's passport are you holding?

  • ReplyRAJURAMNANI   India    Apr. 01, 2012 06:46


    • Replied by: Jack   Apr. 01, 2012 20:15

      How long will you stay in Hk and Macau respectively? Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 14 days and to Macau for 30 days in fact.

      If only your passport still has over 30 days' validity when you leave HK and Macau, that's will be ok.

  • Replycalvin   Philippines    Apr. 01, 2012 03:02

    hi, am calvin from Philippines, help me with this question. if my wife is allowed to stay here in macau for 30 days and i want her to comeback again after 2 weeks is that ok? or she must wait for some weeks more? if my wife will arrive in immigration are they gonna ask something? financial state or anything? thank you so much guys

    • Replied by: Jack   Apr. 01, 2012 20:12

      It's ok that if only your wife exit Macau for a few minutes, adn then she can went back to stay for another 30 days.
      At the entry port, yoru wife may be required to provide financial proof to prove that she has adequate funds to cover her duration in Macau and return air ticket to prove how long she will stay in Macau.

  • Replymichael cayetano   Philippines    Mar. 27, 2012 02:05

    hi im michael cayetano im here in the philippines how can i apply a visa as tourist in macau??

    • Replied by: Kelly   Mar. 27, 2012 19:32

      if you are holding a Filipino passport, you do not need to apply the Macau visa as you are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

  • ReplyI    Mar. 25, 2012 20:10


  • Replykethwal   Pakistan    Mar. 25, 2012 02:37

    hi i m pakistani i want to work in macau how i proceed.. regard raja

    • Replied by: Mark   Mar. 25, 2012 19:39

      Find a job from a Macau enterprise or company first, and then apply for a Macau work visa to Macau.

  • Replyjoanne   Philippines    Mar. 22, 2012 20:07

    hi i am joanne, my husband work in macau as a waiter, and i am also now here in macau for tourist visa, i only have 30day permitted here to stay, and my husband want to extend my staying here, what are we going to do? please give us some advise...

    • Replied by: Amanda   Mar. 23, 2012 18:34

      Hi Joanne and Marlon,
      you can go to the Macau Immigration Department to extend Joanne's stay in Macau.
      if Joanne want to stay longer with Marlon. Marlon can apply a stay permit as direct relative of non-resident worker in Macau for Joanne. however, it takes over 50 days to process the permit, and during this period, Joanne need to go back to the Phillipines.

  • Replymarlon   Macau, China    Mar. 22, 2012 19:49

    hi im marlon, i am working here in macau as a waiter in hotel. my wife is here also as a tourist she only haved 30days staying here, i want to extend her staying here. what can do?

  • Replyphillip   Nigeria    Mar. 19, 2012 18:34

    i am a nigerian man, married to a chinese lady, i and my wife base here in guangzhou, i want to visit macau with my wife and our baby,
    please i want to know the address were i can aply for macau visa, and the documents i need to bring.
    pls, you can send those requirements to my e-mail id.

    i am your faithfull

    • Replied by: Vivien   Mar. 19, 2012 20:01

      you can apply the Macau visa by posting the documents to the Macau immigration department.
      read the above article for the documents you need to submit. in addition, you also need to submit your valid Chinese visa and residence permit.

  • Replysadaqat rahim    Mar. 17, 2012 06:09

    I am going to Thai, Malysia & Singpore on Honeymoon trip. It is also my wish I visit yr country Macau. Is it possible for me or not, and how I can get the visa.

    • Replied by: David   Mar. 18, 2012 23:37

      May I know your nationality first?

  • ReplyKhin   Myanmar    Mar. 14, 2012 07:25

    I am Myanmar citizen and i am working in Singapore. I have plan to visit Macau. Do i need to apply visa first or can i get on arrival visa? Thank you.

    • Replied by: Susan   Mar. 14, 2012 18:46

      you can get the visa on arrival in Macau.

  • Replyshen   Philippines    Mar. 13, 2012 22:13

    hello! good day! I would like to ask if ishould need to apply for visa if i'll be going to hongkong from macau?and how?what are the requirements needed? thanks and more power!

    • Replied by: Rain   Mar. 14, 2012 01:58

      Hi Shen,
      you don't need to apply the Macau visa, since Filipino passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau free of visa for 30 days, just your valid passport is enough.

  • Replymajid mehmood   Pakistan    Mar. 10, 2012 05:08

    I am Pakistani citizen. and i am living in Guangzhou China on working visa. I want to visit Macau just for couple of days.
    Can you please tell me how can get Macau visa in Guangzhou and what is the relevant Immigration address to contact for visa purpose?

    Kindly let me know the possible way.


    • Replied by: Lisa   Mar. 11, 2012 00:05

      I think you can just apply for the macau visa through the China Travel Service (HK) Limited whose phone number is 852 2998 7888

  • Replysithy jerani   Sri Lanka    Mar. 09, 2012 03:01

    Hi i am srilankan cituzen and stay in oman holding work visa need to visit hongkong and macau for tourist do i need visa and if so where can i apply

    • Replied by: Marry   Mar. 09, 2012 17:55

      yes,you need to apply the Hong Kong and Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Oman.

  • Replynasoud   Oman    Mar. 09, 2012 02:58

    I am Omani citizen nd need to visit macau fot holiday do i need visa plz advice

    • Replied by: Blaire   Mar. 09, 2012 17:45

      yes,you need to apply a visa, but you can get it on arrival in Macau.

  • ReplyImed   Saudi Arabia    Mar. 07, 2012 14:13

    I am from Tunisia (I hold a Tunisian passport)and now I'm working in Saudi Arabia,can I come to macao without visa? Or I should apply visa in arrival ? How many days i can stay there ?
    Thank you..

    • Replied by: Kelly   Mar. 07, 2012 17:35

      you can apply the Macau visa on arrival. and the visa is valid for 30 days.

  • ReplyMary   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)    Mar. 06, 2012 00:51

    I am an Iranian citizen and now in china and applying for z visa , but my current F visa validity for is just 30 days, so can I come to macao without visa? Or I should apply visa in arrival ? How many days i can stay there ?

    • Replied by: susan   Mar. 06, 2012 18:40

      Hi Mary,
      you can get the visa upon arrival in Macau, and the visa is valid for 30 days.

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