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I want to say
  • ReplyShinto,   India
    2012/6/24 23:25:00

    Hi...my name is shinto...im an Indian citizen...now working in Qatar as a mobile crane operator..now im really interested to work in Macau...will i get a job in Macau or Hong Kong?..please advice me....with regards...shinto.

    • Babara :2012/6/25 20:15:00

      if you want to work in Macau of Hong kong, you should apply a job first, and with the offer provided by your employer can you apply the working permit or visa in MAcau or Hong Kong.

  • ReplyRAfeef,   Jordan
    2012/6/24 21:54:00

    We are wanting to go to MAcau for a day tour and see a show from Hong Kong. My husnabd is Jordanian, can he get a visa upon arrival to Macau via the ferry from Hong Kong?

    • Sam :2012/6/25 20:12:00

      yes, he can obtain the visa upon arrival at Macau.

  • ReplyOmran,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/6/23 14:20:00

    I am a UAE national do I need visa for Macau or I get it on arrivals

    • Kevin :2012/6/23 19:49:00

      You need a visa to Macau, but it can be got on your arrival at Macau airport.

  • ReplyC K Loong,   Malaysia
    2012/6/12 6:36:00

    i am a citizen of People republic of China working in Malaysia I am planning to visit Shenzen and then Macau. do i need a visa to enter Macau.

    • carol :2012/6/12 19:24:00

      you don't need a Maca visa, but you need to apply an entry permit to Macau. you can obtain that through the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

  • Replyannie,   Myanmar
    2012/6/11 22:24:00

    i stay in singapore and i hold spass . My passport is myanmar passport. I will go to Hong Kong on 18 august and want to visit to Macauat that time. Do i need to apply Macau visa. This morning went to your embassy and asked. One of your staff said no need to apply. Please kindly confirm.

    • Sally :2012/6/12 19:18:00

      you don't need to apply the visa through the embassy, and you can get the visa upon arrive in Macau.

  • Replysoe soe khaing,   Myanmar
    2012/6/7 7:17:00

    Do I need to apply vista visa to attend trainin in macau being a myanmar living in Singapore long term permit.

    • Alicia :2012/6/7 19:35:00

      yes, you need to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replycrizzy,   Philippines
    2012/6/4 23:27:00

    hi..i am holding a philippine pasport..and want to travel macau...do i need to get visit visa?if not..then what do i need to enter macau?tnx

    • Sammy :2012/6/5 19:40:00

      no, you don't need to apply the visa, flillpino passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau without a visa for 30 days. so just your valid passport and round-trip ticket will be enough.

  • Replymarie cris,   Philippines
    2012/6/4 23:23:00

    hi sir/ma'am,im from philippines and i am planning to visit macau..how long does it takes for me to aply for a visa?and what are the requirements?and how much for my visa?tnx.

    • Alicia :2012/6/5 19:38:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days, so if your trip is not longer than 30 days, you don't need to apply the visa.
      but if it is more than 30 days, you need to apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in the Pilippines. it takes about 4 weeks to process the visa. you can read the above article for the required documents and visa fee.

  • ReplyHari,   India
    2012/6/4 11:49:00

    Dear sir/madam am indian passport holder am looking a job in macua. i can do any work. please help me someone. i want to arrange money for my mother heart opearation. am really begging you to some one help me please. if you are providing job i will never forget in my life. if any one knows please mail me at (harikrishnahkc@gmail.com)

    • Rain :2012/6/4 18:43:00

      Hi Hari,
      you can try some online job hunting websites.

  • ReplyNaveen,   India
    2012/6/3 7:33:00

    Am a indian passport holder planned to visit macua on this month. if i get the job in macua, can i convert the tourist visa into work visa?

    • Steve :2012/6/4 1:53:00

      I think so, if your employer are capable enough. In other words, it mostly depends on the capability of your employer in Macau.

  • ReplyHari,   India
    2012/6/1 23:20:00

    Anyone can help me here. my name hari from india, qualification udergraduate. am seeking a job in macao pls help me. i will pay money for my employment visa and i can do any work in bars and restaurant please some one help me

    • Dave :2012/6/2 18:37:00

      I'm afraid you have to look for an offer yourself. Come on and good luck!

  • Replykits,   Philippines
    2012/6/1 5:43:00

    if i were in macau, and if i wanted to visit shenshen,china for one (1) day only, do i still need to have a china visa? thanks.

    • James :2012/6/1 19:03:00

      yes, you need to apply a China tourist visa if you want to go to Shenzhen.

  • ReplyBaby,   Philippines
    2012/5/26 22:42:00

    Hi I am holding a taiwan passport but I am living in the Philippines should I need a hongkong visa and Macau visa il be staying like 3 days only

    • Jack :2012/5/27 23:50:00

      You have to apply for an Entry permit for your trip to Hk and Macau.

    • baby ( Philippines ) :2012/5/28 0:09:00

      hi thanks a lot for your reply. where can i apply i am here in the United States of America? can i apply on arrical for both hongkong and macau?

    • Babara :2012/5/28 18:51:00

      you can apply the permit through the Chinese Embassy in USA, and you can not get them upon arrival.

    • baby ( Philippines ) :2012/5/28 22:59:00

      even if i am just a tourist here in the united states of america? and also in macau can i get them when i arrive or here in the states?

    • Tina :2012/5/29 19:26:00

      then you can apply the entry permit through mails - post the application documents to the immigration department in hong kong and Macau.
      you can consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information:

    • baby ( Philippines ) :2012/5/30 14:46:00

      is it right that i can apply it here in US even if i am just a tourist here?

      and how about macau can i just get it upon arrival?

    • Lisa :2012/5/30 19:54:00

      yes, but please notice that it usually takes about 4 weeks to process the permit.
      you can not get the Macau permit on arrival in Macau.

    • Baby ( Philippines ) :2012/6/1 0:10:00

      Can I get the express one day visa process

    • Sandy :2012/6/1 19:14:00

      probably not, you'd better consult the Macau immigration department beforehand.

  • ReplySiobe,   Brunei Darussalam
    2012/5/27 19:00:00


    Good Day!

    I am Brunei Citizen, we plan to go to SHanghai and Macau, I want to know if we are visa free going to these two places?

    Sincerely yours,

    • Jack :2012/5/27 23:51:00

      Yes, you are visa free to Shanghai for less than 15 days and to macau for less than 14 days.

  • Replyabid,   Pakistan
    2012/5/26 13:23:00

    sir i am from pakistan live in spain i have maney time visit in macau n i live spain i want visit again macau please tel me where i take visa please help me thx bye

    • Bruce :2012/5/26 18:36:00

      You may juist apply for a Macau visa from the local China embassy or consulate in Spain.

  • ReplyRuth,   Papua New Guinea
    2012/5/13 20:10:00

    hi I'am from Papua New Guinea and i have a chinese mainland visa, can i get macau entry visa on arrival or do i have to apply for it?

    • Olivia :2012/5/14 19:20:00

      hi Ruth,
      you can get the Macau visa on arrvial in Macau.

  • ReplyNC,   Thailand
    2012/5/3 1:47:00


    I m US citizen and stay in thailand..I plan to visit to Hongkong very soon. Do i need to get visa at china embassy.pls advice

    • Andy :2012/5/3 19:50:00

      if you are holding a US passport, you are exempt from hong Kong visa for 90 days.

  • Replyjonalyn garcia,   Philippines
    2012/5/1 21:34:00

    do i need vis to macau iam filipino citizen

    • Susan :2012/5/2 20:09:00

      you don't need one if you stay in Macau less than 30 days.

  • Replyvirender singh,   India
    2012/5/1 2:19:00

    i am indian citizen i come to macau i have 2000 thousand doller i bying air ticket and come to macau visa on arrival yes or no

    • Bill :2012/5/1 20:13:00

      indian passport holders can stay in Macau without a visa for 30 days.

  • ReplyDipu,   Bangladesh
    2012/4/29 2:21:00

    I am holding Bangladeshi passport.I have already visited China,Singapore and Malaysia.Now i want to visit Macau.I can manage Chinese tourist visa.So it is possible to visit Macau in Chinese visa?

    • Bruce :2012/4/29 20:34:00

      No, you have to apply for a seperate Macau visa from the China Embassy in Bangladesh as well.

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