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I want to say
  • ReplyNaveen   India    Jun. 03, 2012 07:33

    Am a indian passport holder planned to visit macua on this month. if i get the job in macua, can i convert the tourist visa into work visa?

    • Replied by: Steve   Jun. 04, 2012 01:53

      I think so, if your employer are capable enough. In other words, it mostly depends on the capability of your employer in Macau.

  • ReplyHari   India    Jun. 01, 2012 23:20

    Anyone can help me here. my name hari from india, qualification udergraduate. am seeking a job in macao pls help me. i will pay money for my employment visa and i can do any work in bars and restaurant please some one help me

    • Replied by: Dave   Jun. 02, 2012 18:37

      I'm afraid you have to look for an offer yourself. Come on and good luck!

  • ReplyBaby   Philippines    May. 26, 2012 22:42

    Hi I am holding a taiwan passport but I am living in the Philippines should I need a hongkong visa and Macau visa il be staying like 3 days only

    • Replied by: Baby ( Philippines )   Jun. 01, 2012 00:10

      Can I get the express one day visa process

    • Replied by: Sandy   Jun. 01, 2012 19:14

      probably not, you'd better consult the Macau immigration department beforehand.

    • Replied by: Jack   May. 27, 2012 23:50

      You have to apply for an Entry permit for your trip to Hk and Macau.

    • Replied by: baby ( Philippines )   May. 28, 2012 00:09

      hi thanks a lot for your reply. where can i apply i am here in the United States of America? can i apply on arrical for both hongkong and macau?

    • Replied by: Babara   May. 28, 2012 18:51

      you can apply the permit through the Chinese Embassy in USA, and you can not get them upon arrival.

    • Replied by: baby ( Philippines )   May. 28, 2012 22:59

      even if i am just a tourist here in the united states of america? and also in macau can i get them when i arrive or here in the states?

    • Replied by: Tina   May. 29, 2012 19:26

      then you can apply the entry permit through mails - post the application documents to the immigration department in hong kong and Macau.
      you can consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information:

    • Replied by: baby ( Philippines )   May. 30, 2012 14:46

      is it right that i can apply it here in US even if i am just a tourist here?

      and how about macau can i just get it upon arrival?

    • Replied by: Lisa   May. 30, 2012 19:54

      yes, but please notice that it usually takes about 4 weeks to process the permit.
      you can not get the Macau permit on arrival in Macau.

  • Replykits   Philippines    Jun. 01, 2012 05:43

    if i were in macau, and if i wanted to visit shenshen,china for one (1) day only, do i still need to have a china visa? thanks.

    • Replied by: James   Jun. 01, 2012 19:03

      yes, you need to apply a China tourist visa if you want to go to Shenzhen.

  • ReplySiobe   Brunei Darussalam    May. 27, 2012 19:00


    Good Day!

    I am Brunei Citizen, we plan to go to SHanghai and Macau, I want to know if we are visa free going to these two places?

    Sincerely yours,

    • Replied by: Jack   May. 27, 2012 23:51

      Yes, you are visa free to Shanghai for less than 15 days and to macau for less than 14 days.

  • Replyabid   Pakistan    May. 26, 2012 13:23

    sir i am from pakistan live in spain i have maney time visit in macau n i live spain i want visit again macau please tel me where i take visa please help me thx bye

    • Replied by: Bruce   May. 26, 2012 18:36

      You may juist apply for a Macau visa from the local China embassy or consulate in Spain.

  • ReplyRuth   Papua New Guinea    May. 13, 2012 20:10

    hi I'am from Papua New Guinea and i have a chinese mainland visa, can i get macau entry visa on arrival or do i have to apply for it?

    • Replied by: Olivia   May. 14, 2012 19:20

      hi Ruth,
      you can get the Macau visa on arrvial in Macau.

  • ReplyNC   Thailand    May. 03, 2012 01:47


    I m US citizen and stay in thailand..I plan to visit to Hongkong very soon. Do i need to get visa at china embassy.pls advice

    • Replied by: Andy   May. 03, 2012 19:50

      if you are holding a US passport, you are exempt from hong Kong visa for 90 days.

  • Replyjonalyn garcia   Philippines    May. 01, 2012 21:34

    do i need vis to macau iam filipino citizen

    • Replied by: Susan   May. 02, 2012 20:09

      you don't need one if you stay in Macau less than 30 days.

  • Replyvirender singh   India    May. 01, 2012 02:19

    i am indian citizen i come to macau i have 2000 thousand doller i bying air ticket and come to macau visa on arrival yes or no

    • Replied by: Bill   May. 01, 2012 20:13

      indian passport holders can stay in Macau without a visa for 30 days.

  • ReplyDipu   Bangladesh    Apr. 29, 2012 02:21

    I am holding Bangladeshi passport.I have already visited China,Singapore and Malaysia.Now i want to visit Macau.I can manage Chinese tourist visa.So it is possible to visit Macau in Chinese visa?

    • Replied by: Bruce   Apr. 29, 2012 20:34

      No, you have to apply for a seperate Macau visa from the China Embassy in Bangladesh as well.

  • ReplyBOUBEKER   Morocco    Apr. 24, 2012 06:20

    I am Morrocan. I have a Chinese visa for 6 months, multiple entries. Should I get a visa for going to Macau? And if yes, where should I get it? (I am actually living in Wuhan, China)
    Thank you very much!

    • Replied by: Susan   Apr. 24, 2012 18:23

      you need to apply a Macau visa.
      you apply it by posting your application forms and supporting documents to the Macau immigration department or you can apply it upon arrival in Macau.

  • ReplyNisha Viswanathan   India    Apr. 21, 2012 01:49

    Hi, I am an Indian citizen visiting Macau and staying here for a month. I need to go to Hong Kong for a day in between and come back to Macau. Is this possible?

    • Replied by: Candy   Apr. 23, 2012 23:56

      yes, it is possible.

  • Replykate   Nigeria    Apr. 23, 2012 07:01

    i'm a Nigerian please where should i get macau visa?

    • Replied by: Jerry   Apr. 23, 2012 23:56

      you can apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate general in Nigeria.

  • Replyjayachandran   India    Apr. 20, 2012 22:43

    hi, i am an indian now i am in thailand for short time visit, from here i can get a thaiwan visa for short trip

    • Replied by: Bill   Apr. 23, 2012 23:54

      yes, you need to apply the visa.

  • Replyvi   Australia    Apr. 19, 2012 04:31

    i am holding Vienamese passport but i have permanent Australia resident.I already applied for Hongkong visa.i would like to travel to Macau from Hongkong can I get Macau Visa at the entry port of my arrival? thank you

    • Replied by: Peter   Apr. 19, 2012 19:27

      no, you can not get the Macau visa at entry port upon arrival, but need to apply it through the Chinese Embassy in Australia.

  • ReplyAung Pyinyar   Myanmar    Apr. 17, 2012 22:37

    I am holding Myanmar passport and working in China with Chinese multiple entry visa.Do I need to apply Macau visa if I visit from China to Macau?.

    • Replied by: Steve   Apr. 18, 2012 20:15

      Yes, you need a visa to Macau, but the visa can be obtained at the entry port on your arrival.

  • ReplySukhwinder   Macau, China    Apr. 15, 2012 02:10

    Where is Macau embassy in India

    • Replied by: Carl   Apr. 15, 2012 20:03

      Macau is a district of China, it doesn't has a oversea commission. If you need a Macau visa, go to the China Embassy in New Delhi.

  • Replymohammadreza zadeh   Qatar    Apr. 15, 2012 02:00

    im hilding iranian citizen and leaving in qatar can i have visa in airport.

    • Replied by: Vicky   Apr. 15, 2012 20:01

      No, you have to get a visa before you arrive at Qatar.

  • Replyshirly    Apr. 12, 2012 02:39

    Hi, I am a holder of Taiwan passport and I will be going to Hongkong for 7 days vacation. Do I have to apply for travel permit? Please reply.

    • Replied by: Andy   Apr. 12, 2012 19:37

      yes, you should submit your application for an entry permit through one of the authorised airlines.

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