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I want to say
  • Replygraeme,   United Kingdom
    2012/12/27 9:03:00

    hi,i am visting hong kong as tourist and have booked a trip to zunhai for 3 nights as well,were can i get a visa in person as i do not have enough time to post,,,,,,,,,can i get visa at the border with maccau,,,thank you

    • David :2012/12/27 17:48:00

      what visa do you want to apply?
      a visa to Macau?
      as a UK citizen, you are exempt from Macau visa for 6 months.

    • graeme :2012/12/28 9:25:00

      i need to know if i can get zunhai visa at maccau border

    • Richard :2012/12/28 18:39:00

      where did you book the trip to Zhuhai?
      foreign visitors going to Zhuhai with a tour group organized by a travel agency in Hong Kong or Macau are free of the visa for 6 days. didn't the travel agency you booked the tour tell about this?

  • ReplyCharmagne Bartolome,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/12/26 23:19:00

    Hi, our Business Executive is planning to visit Hongkong and Macau on 3rd week of January 2013, can you please advise me what are the procedures to be taken to obtain VISAs of the following nationality :

    i. United Arab Emirates national
    ii. British national

    Thank you so much.

    • Nina :2012/12/27 17:45:00

      for UAE national, they are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 30 days, and can obtain a Macau visa upon arrival in Macau.
      for British citizens, they are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 180 days, and from Macau visa for 6 months.

  • Replykamal,   China
    2012/12/24 5:48:00

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I send the visa application documents to the Macau Immigration Department directly yesterday from Nanjing China, please advice me to whom i need to contact for the further process and also how can i collect my visa?

    • Gloria :2012/12/24 17:18:00

      you do not need to contact any one, but only the wait for the visa being sent to you.

  • ReplyRose Malhotra,   United States
    2012/12/24 3:39:00

    I am a U.S. Citizen and going to Manila in February 2013 which I know I don't need a visa. From Manila I am planning to go to Macau for 2 days and then to Hongkong for 3 days then back to Manila. Do I need a visa to go to Macau and Hongkong?
    Please advise.

    • Hebe :2012/12/24 17:14:00

      no, as an American citizen, you are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days and from Macau visa for 30 days, so you do not need to apply the visa.

  • Replyiftikhar ahmad,   India
    2012/12/16 5:42:00

    Hi, I want to visit Macau for umrah. Please tell me in details. Thanks iam indian nationltey

    • Bruce :2012/12/16 18:54:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • ReplyRechel Matias,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/12/15 22:58:00

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My employer wants to go to Macau as tourist, he is UAE national, do he needs to apply visa to Macau or he can get upon arrival?

    Thanks, Rechel

    • Rick :2012/12/16 18:49:00

      He can get a visa on his arrival at Macau.

  • Replyermina a vergara,   Philippines
    2012/12/12 20:28:00

    hello sir, Im a Pilipina who work here in Dubai UAE,I wannt to visit in Macao as vacation this coming July.How to get a visa?and im able to going to macao even my visa here in dubai is cleaner?i work in school as asistant teacher but my visa is cleaner.you think im able to have a vac.in macao.thank you pls reply in my email.thank you and God bless hope you will help mo to know the imformation i need

    • Lisa :2012/12/13 16:48:00

      how long are you going to stay in Macau?
      as a Filipino passport holder, you are allowed to stay in Macau without a visa for up to 30 days. so you do not need to apply the Macau visa if your stay less than 30 days.
      if you plan to stay there longer, you need to apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in UAE.

  • Replynellyalvaro@ymail.com,   Philippines
    2012/12/1 17:02:00

    madaam,how to get 14days visa as a tourist in hkg!is it possible if i have a ticket to philippines and my flight start in hkg to phil,s !?they said hkg immigration is issueing only 3days !just in case to know about the information before i booked my ticket flight.thanks !

    • Hank :2012/12/1 17:48:00

      As I know, Philipinos are exempt from visa to Hk for 14 days in fact. Thus, I don;t think you need any visa.

  • Replynellyalvaro,   Philippines
    2012/11/30 0:21:00

    im still in gz ,my visa is f so every 6mo.my agent buy me another 6mo.visa,but i like to exit hkg forthat,he said no visa for me there,so i said i go macao for that,and my agent said call me dec.10 for the finality!is it possible in hkg for the visa?u have any idea ?and in macao too?agent told me too ,i must go xiamen for the visa but it really hard for me to go there.pls.advice me,ty.

    • Candy :2012/11/30 18:00:00

      you'd better listen to your agent.

  • Replyenu,   India
    2012/11/30 1:31:00

    Hi, I want to visit Macau I know I don't need any visa but can I get work visa without returning back to my country(India) I want to go there and if I got job work there if not return back. Is there possibility I get visa after visiting there ? One of my friend said I can do this but I think it is not possible. Need help with that. Please tell me in details. Thanks.

    • Lisa :2012/11/30 17:46:00

      it is possible for you to get a work visa if you find a job in Macau.
      once you get sign the contract with your employer, your employer will get the employment agreement document from Macau authorties for you, and then you can start to apply the work visa.

  • Replynellyalvaro,   Philippines
    2012/11/29 17:37:00

    good day!
    My last visa in gz china is on dec.20
    ,do u have any information or agent in hkg to renew my visa or in macao either,im filipina and planning to work gz again for 2yrs.
    Best regards and thank you!

    • Polly :2012/11/29 18:24:00

      you mean you are working in guangzhou now?
      is your employer planning continue your contract or do you find other job?
      without a work contract, you can not renew your work visa.
      if you have the documents, you can just renew it in Guangzhou.

  • ReplyParas Dahal,   China
    2012/11/28 1:34:00

    I am a Nepali citizen possessing a Z(working visa ) and staying in Shanghai. I plan to visit macau for few days as tourist but the problem is I am not getting any idea where do i apply for visa in China itself. Is it mandatory for me to go back to Nepal and apply the visa?

    • Sara :2012/11/29 18:21:00

      no, you don't have to go back to Nepal. just post your visa application documents to the Macau immigration department directly.

  • Replykamal,   Nepal
    2012/11/27 6:54:00

    hello i am from nepal and currently undergoing military training at Nanjing Army Command College at China and i want to get visa for macau but where to apply from here

    • James :2012/11/27 17:15:00

      you can apply the Macau visa by posting your documents to the Macau immigration department.

    • Sara :2012/11/28 17:21:00

      no, you don't have to go back to Nepal. just post your visa application documents to the Macau immigration department directly.

  • ReplyHelen Yu,   China
    2012/11/25 9:07:00

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am planning a short holiday to Macau in Jan 2013, I am holding Chinese passport and Singapore Long term employment pass, may I know if I need to apply a Tourist Visa before my holiday? I am departing from Singapore for Macau and departing Macau for either Hong Kong or back to Singapore (I have tourist visa to HK). Please advice, thanks very much.
    Helen Yu

    • George :2012/11/25 18:29:00

      You'd better apply for a Macau entry permit in case any unexpected trouble at the entry port.

    • Helen ( China ) :2012/11/25 18:47:00

      Thank you Geroge.

  • Replyroshan thapa,   Nepal
    2012/11/22 2:45:00

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Hi, i am from kathmandu Nepal. I just want apply in hotels for the job in culinary department. Previously, i do have about 6 months training in hotels.
    so, i just want to know how can i apply for the job wheather i have to go with the agent or is there any other way to apply. if i had to go with the agents how can i find the trustee agents. Please let me know
    waiting for your reply

    • Emma :2012/11/22 18:01:00

      there are too many unqualified agents, so my suggestion is that you can select some hotels by yourself throuh internet or other ways. then contact the HR department of the hotels directly, but not through agents.
      after you get the job offer, can you apply the work permit/visa to Macau.

    2012/11/20 3:41:00


    • Tina :2012/11/20 17:02:00

      where are you from? what passpost are you holding?
      people from some countries are exempt from Macau visa with certain period, and visitors from most countries can get the Macau visa upon arrival, but visitors from Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are required to obtain a Macau visao before arriving in Macau.

    • deyab aljarbaa ( Qatar ) :2012/11/20 21:46:00

      im from Qatar holding a qatari pasport, at present im here in thailand and i wanted to visit macau as tourist.I tried to ask the china embassy here in bangkok but they dont know about visa on arrival policy..Can you give you help me what will i do? thank you..mam/sir

    • Lisa :2012/11/21 18:06:00

      you can get the Macau visa on arrival.

  • Replyfarhan khan,   India
    2012/11/18 13:16:00

    hello sir
    please reply of my question in my email....i would like to ask you that...i am an Indian n holding Indian passport..presently working in Saudi Arab n latter i will go to my vacation in India...but i have plan to visit Macau for 10 days during my vacation....and fortunately i have one friend there in Macau also...so could you please tell me how to reach there n how to get visa for Macau ...as my friend told me he will send me supporting letter from Macau so no need visa..is it true ? or still i have to visit china embassy in Delhi...please reply me soon of my answer..i will wait for u...thanks

    • Coco :2012/11/18 17:17:00

      In fact, Indian passport holders enjoy a 30-day visa free duration to Macau.

  • Replysaranya,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/11/17 8:06:00

    Dear Sir,
    Am a Hong Kong resident,Holding an Indian passposrt.My In-law was here for 14days on arrival visa but we applied 90days tourist visa for her..its approved now
    so whther she need to go to Macau and reenter back with her 90 days tourist visa?In that case whther she can go to macau and return back with in 2 hrs whether it is acceptable?
    Or Is there any chance without going to macau she can stay with her 90 days visa?
    Please Advise

    • Peter :2012/11/17 18:14:00

      To get the most exact answer, please contact the immigration office of Hk where you get the visa for her.

  • Replymamta,   Nepal
    2012/10/16 9:01:00

    I have nepali passport,my husband indian citizen and work china in last 3 year.how can i apply for visa and process to applying chinese visa holding nepali passport?

    • Andy :2012/10/16 20:11:00

      is your husband still working in China and holding a work visa?
      if so, you can apply an accompany working visa to China.
      you can apply it through the chinese Embassy in Nepal.

    • rina ( Indonesia ) :2012/11/5 7:33:00

      i from indonesia so i holding indinesia passport.so if i going to macau i think from immigratian indonesia/macau ask me something.i mean from airport so what i tell them ? thanks

  • ReplyMac donald legaspi,   Philippines
    2012/11/1 20:19:00

    Is there many possible jobs in macau?, especially in hotel housekeeping? How many days can i stay in macau as tourist? Tnk you again... : )

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