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I want to say
  • ReplyPearl
    2015/4/28 0:01:00

    Hi ma'am/sir good day! I have overstayed for almost 2 yrs in macau and one time caught by macau officer. I just want to know how many years of banned that i cannot enter in macau? And is it possible to go back, find a job and process my working permit? Thank you

    • Vivian :2015/4/28 6:01:00

      Pearl, as your overstaying situation is serious, I'm afriad your name has been added to the immigration office's blacklist. Therefore, it's very likely that your future application and entry will be rejected.

    • Bj :2016/4/26 4:18:00

      Hi sir,what would be the possible best reason to state in tne application of extension visa, do you know someone experienced like that situation?

    • Charles :2016/5/14 3:15:00

      Personally, I think the best way is to tell the truth.

  • ReplyRashid Mehr,   Pakistan
    2008/12/6 11:40:00

    I am from Pakistan a widely traveled businessman. I wish to take holidays with my family to Macau! Do I need visa in advance or can I get visa at Macau Airport!!

    • 2008/12/7 20:00:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Yes, you may apply a Macau Visa in advance from China Embassy in Pakistan or you may get a Visa on Arrival at the airport.

    • bishnu prasad khatiwada :2016/5/13 16:40:00


  • ReplyKick
    2015/8/11 6:13:00

    Hi iam from india last year I overstayed for 3months in Macau. Now it has become a year . Now will I be allowed to enter macau?? Or will there be any problem.. Please suggest

    • Lina :2015/10/12 3:50:00

      I'm afraid you cannot enter.

    • marianne joy bambico :2016/3/27 0:52:00

      brother how long is ur banned in macau? cos me also im overstay in 3 months there please do reply or comment po if who know how many months or years before I entered to macau.. very big thanks po

  • ReplyRatna
    2016/3/10 5:41:00

    Hi I am Nepali passport holder. I want to visit Macau, do I need invitation letter from Macau to apply for visa? If I get job in Macau in tourist entry permit, after that can I get working entry permit?

    • Anton :2016/3/11 2:23:00

      If you just apply for tourist entry permit, the invitation letter is not necessary.As for your second question, I’m afraid it’s difficult for you to get work entry permit when you are in Macau with tourist entry permit. You may need to exit and apply for work entry permit in your home country and then re-enter to work.

  • Replyandreia
    2015/4/10 15:52:00

    My boyfriend is from the philippines and he needs to extend his visa for a new job. is there any possible way i can help him obtain an extension? i am from macao.

    • Amanda :2015/4/19 5:20:00

      Andreia, it's possible for him to get the extension at the Foreigners Subdivision of the Immigration Department. However, the allowed stay duration is not more than 90 days.

    • Andreia :2015/10/4 23:41:00

      What documents do i need?Thank you

    • April :2016/2/20 23:35:00

      Hi..i just want to ask what if i couldn‘t find a kob in macau what will happen to me..im staying here for 2 weeks

    • Nancy :2016/2/22 1:59:00

      If so, I’m afraid you need to exit after 2 weeks.

  • ReplyNora
    2016/2/11 22:58:00

    I'm a Myanamr citizen and studying in ROK. I want to visit Macau during vacation and do we need visa in advance or VOA is available for Myanmar citizens? Could you also please reply me through my email? Thank u so much

    • Lawrence :2016/2/18 2:48:00

      Nora, you can get a VOA when you go there.

  • ReplyPerfect
    2015/10/13 5:27:00

    Hi I'm a Cameroonian married to a chinese and living in Guangzhou. I wish to visit Macau. Do I need a visa. If yes, where can I get it.

    • James :2015/12/6 1:41:00

      Yes, you need it and you can get it upon arrival.

  • Replycencherry
    2015/12/4 22:41:00

    Hi. I am a holder of Philippine Passport and definitely Im a Filipino. I am planning to go Macau. Can I get chinese Visa in Macau so I can enter china? What are the requirements?

    • Gary :2015/12/6 1:46:00

      Dear, I'm afraid not because you don't have Macau residential status. You had better apply for one from the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.The required documents include your passport and a photocopy of its data page, an application form, a recently-taken bare-headed photo, and a financial standing proof. If you enter China for leisure sightseeing purpose, you also need to submit a copy of round-way tickets and hotel reservations.

  • ReplyNavid
    2015/11/26 23:17:00

    Hi! I have a passport from Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran). I wish to visit Macau for a holiday for 3 days. Can I get a visa on arrival in Macau?

    • Cathy :2015/12/6 1:43:00

      Yes, you can.

  • ReplySundeep
    2015/10/27 0:40:00

    Hi, I am Holding Pakistan passport and working in Hong Kong and hold Hong Kong ID. To visit Maccau do I and my spouse (dependent Hong Kong visa and have Hong Kong ID) need visa.Thanks a lot.

    • Malen :2015/12/6 1:43:00

      Sundeep, both you and your spouse need it. To apply for this paper, you need to go to the Commissioner Office of PRC Foreign Affairs Ministry in Hong Kong to submit the application.

  • ReplyKhursheda
    2015/10/4 3:17:00

    Hi everyone. I have an internship in China on business visa and my visa requires me to cross the China border every 60-90 days. I would like to know if I can cross to Macau without visa as Im from Tajikistan and how much money do I need to carry with me? I will stay max one day. Thank you in advance.

    • Michelle :2015/10/12 3:44:00

      You need the Macao entry permit, but you can get it upon arrival. The cost is MOP 100. You need to take at least MOP 5000 at hand.

  • Replyhalidou
    2015/9/26 9:38:00

    Hello im hali from cameroon and currently living in shanghai china.is it possible for me to travel to macau on the 30th and apply for a business or even working visa? because the aim is to get a working visa with my new employers.

    • Rebecca :2015/10/12 3:46:00

      Hali, no matter you travel to Macau as a tourist or you want to work there, you need an entry permit. I suggest you to apply for a work visa in advance directly at the Macao SAR Office in Beijing.

  • ReplyPrincess
    2015/8/22 0:42:00

    I'm a Filipino, working here in Malaysia for nearly year. But since the wage is not so good, and the currency is going down I want to apply to other country like macau. If ever I would find a job online, can I do cross country, I mean from Malaysia directly to Macau and legally work there? What are the right and legal things to do?

    • Katherine :2015/10/12 3:50:00

      Princess, you can search for a job online first and find an employer. Then apply for a work visa with the help of your employer. After entering, apply for a blue card.

  • ReplyAmber
    2015/8/4 10:42:00

    Hi, my boyfriend is a blue card holder and have a good salary. He's currently a teacher. We've been together for a year and he's planning to attach me to his visa. Were not yet married. Is it possible for him to sponsor me and get me a visa to stay here???

    • David :2015/10/12 3:51:00

      Amber, as you are not married, I think it's hard for you to get the spouse visa.

  • ReplyKeshab pun
    2014/5/8 2:15:00

    Hi my name is keshb pun, I m planning to go Macau so,I would like to know about the workpermit visa for macau, Is it possible to get work visa ,can u plz provide information about it.Kind regards Keshab Pun

    • Emily :2014/5/8 21:59:00

      hi, you have to apply a job in Macau, then can you apply the work permit. after you get the job offer, your employer will also aid you to apply the work permit.

    • jo :2014/7/16 10:31:00

      is it possible for us to apply for a job in macau?..is there agencies which can help us in applying a job in macau?hoping for your reply.

    • Austin :2014/7/29 2:29:00

      It is possible to apply for a job in that place, but for the agecies, I am not very clear about its information.

    • Lucky :2015/7/6 15:30:00

      My name is lucky .I want to come Macau for work permit.any body help me for this .I am Indian .now I am in Malaysia +60183211846 no .any agent in Macau can call me

  • ReplyJ
    2015/7/25 2:45:00

    Hello... Just want to ask some help/good advice about this matter... Im planning not to renew my working permit by next month... But.... I dont know if i should still give resignation letter to the company? Also.... The hr is pushing me alot to pass it.. Even its not yet 1 month ahead closer to the date of the end of bluecard... I dont want to be banned.. Thats why i want to clarify this matter on passing the letter or not...Please help.. Im so confused..

  • ReplyBhanu Sudhir Pratap Singh
    2015/6/18 20:40:00

    I am an Indian passport holder. I have single entry tourist visa to china. currently I am in Guangzhou. I have a return flight from Hong kong. Before going to Hong Kong I want to go to Shenzhen and Macau. Please advise me the route from Guangzhou to hongkong via Shenzhen and Macau, and the visa regulations.

    • Helen :2015/6/23 3:48:00

      As for your case, here is the recommended travel route:Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Macau - Hong KongTo Shenzhen, you can take a bullet intercity train at Guangzhou Station or the East Station. You can arrive in around 1.5h. To Macau, you are suggested to take a ferry at Shenzhen Shekou Port to arrive in around an hour. From Macau to Hong Kong, many ferries are available at the Maritime Ferry Terminal and the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal. If you wanna head for HKIA directly from Macau, the Maritime Ferry Terminal shall be the best option.As for visas, if you stay in Hong Kong for not more than 14 days and stay in Macau for not more than 30 days, you don't need them.

  • ReplyBhanu s. p. singh
    2015/6/18 11:31:00

    Sir I am a traveller and entered China on a single entry tourist visa. At present I am in Guangzhou and has a return flight from Hong Kong to India. Before going back to India I want to visit Shenzhen, Macau and hongkong. Is it possible to first go to Shenzhen and than from macau. Please tell me about the best mode of transport between these cities.

  • ReplyDavid
    2015/6/2 9:40:00

    Hi, I have an ongoing project in Macau. I have a couple of crew who have applied for their blue cards but we havent heard anything back. We are expecting to hear in the next 3 to 6 weeks if they have been approved. My question is If I have an application for a blue card in process, can I enter Macau on a business visa whilst Im waiting for the blue card approval?

    • Kate :2015/6/8 5:08:00

      Yes, you can.

    • david :2015/6/8 14:57:00

      Hi Kate, how do you know this?

  • ReplyPaul
    2015/6/8 21:26:00

    I am asking for my friend, who is Filipino. He is in Macau at the moment looking for a job. Is it normal that the agencies where he applies for work want over 1500 USD in fees for providing a job in Macau?? It seems like a ripoff to me. What would be the best way for him to find a job (without those horrendous fees), as a Security Guard/Bell boy/or basically any job. Thank so much.

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