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I want to say
  • Replyjayar
    2013/7/4 3:59:00

    Good evening!I have an inquiries as a filipino visiting macau exempt us from getting visa,but what if i like to work in macau?do i need to get one?...Thanks in advance.Hope to hear from you soon..

    • James :2013/7/4 19:02:00

      you need to apply a visa if you plan to work in Macau.

  • Replykit
    2013/7/2 1:42:00

    I'm from Germany and I will visit HK on August and I'm planning to visit Macao for 1day do I need to apply a visa to Macao? and how much will it cost?

    • Candy :2013/7/2 18:29:00

      no, you don't need to apply a Macau visa as German passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 90 days.

  • Replyangel
    2013/6/29 17:33:00

    Hi immigration here in philippines was very strict was a supporting letter could help u a lot.

    • Gina :2013/7/1 19:27:00

      yes, a supporting letter will do some help.

  • ReplyKevin
    2013/6/23 5:49:00

    I want to bring my helper(from Sri Lanka) to go to Macau but she didn't apply the visa when she came to Hong Kong. Can I help my helper to apply in Hong Kong?

    • Bonnie :2013/6/24 19:34:00

      she did not apply the visa when she came to Hong Kong? does she hold a stay permit or other documents that allow her to stay in Hong Kong?you can try to help her to apply the visa.

  • Replygenvy
    2013/6/20 16:03:00

    Hi I’m genvy from philippines and currently working here in macau for already six months but problems comes up that I need to go back to the philippines to settle it. I want to resign because of that but Im afraid coz someone said that my employer will going to banned if i do that.Is it true? Im want to get back here and apply again when all is settled. what should I do to not to be banned? Waiting for your reply, genvy

    • Olivia :2013/6/20 17:54:00

      i've heard that some one was banned by his employer after he resigned.

  • ReplyJoan potipot
    2013/6/4 7:36:00

    Hello there. I just visited Macau last May 11 and exited on May 13. I'm planning to go back on June 11, is there any complications on that in the immigration. my friend told me that i will get an ultimatum visa if i go back in Macau because 30 days has not passed yet. is this true? i'm from the philippines

    • joseph :2013/6/13 19:10:00

      ms joan, i also experience same as yours. the philippine immigration will not allow you to travel due to you date of philippine arrival and expected departure is to close. before i was almost offloaded, because i have only 30 days interval of my travel as my visa is concern.they question my financial capacity. i am aware of that possibility, that is why i prepare enough money and credit cards to be presented to the phil. immigration. as piece of advise, don't take the risk, you might be wasting your airline ticket and airport expenses.

  • Replyneth
    2013/6/6 15:17:00

    im 16days ovestay in macau i cant pay it to the immigration, i want to go back how many years ill wait before i enter macau again?

    • Bonnie :2013/6/6 18:11:00

      i've heard that some one was allowed to go back after one year.

  • ReplyPrakash
    2013/6/3 23:08:00

    Hi, i am nepali citizen and i came to macau in visiting vissa validity of 14 days and. And after 5 days my vissa will expire. And i want to work here. What i have to do to get work permit and how to find job. And can i extend my vissa. Where ?Pls ur advise will be highly appricate

    • Penny :2013/6/4 18:36:00

      to get a work permit in Macau, you should find a job at the first place, and then submit all the required documents, and if you have passed the preliminary examination, you will get an temporary stay permit and wait for your application to be proved and it usually take a few weeks to finally obtain the work permit.

  • ReplyRajesh
    2013/5/23 3:36:00

    Hello, I am nepalies passport holder. Can i go to Macau for worksecurity guard ? Please reply me.

    • Candy :2013/5/23 18:25:00

      for Nepalies passport holder, you have to apply a Macau visa through the Chinese embassy in your country before departure. you can try to apply a job before you go or when you are in Macau, but you'd better not show any intention of working in Macau, or you may be rejected when you apply the visa.

  • ReplySaravpreet Chawla
    2013/5/21 8:51:00

    Hi there, I have Approval Letter from DSAL and an agreement with Myjobsmacau. I am coming to Macau for work. then do I need to show a return ticket at Macau Airport and also do i need to show my accommodation details at Macau Airport to gain entry in Macau. Please guide me what documents are required in my case. Thank you.

    • Bonnie :2013/5/21 18:38:00

      then i think you don't need those you've mentioned.

  • ReplyPatrick
    2013/5/21 1:00:00

    Iam from Nigeria and I need maybe a tourist visa but do Macau have an embassy in Nigeria ?

    • Lisa :2013/5/21 18:26:00

      there's no embassy of Macau, as Macau is a special administrative region of China, so you should apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria.

  • Replydann
    2013/5/20 4:43:00

    hi, i came back here in the Philippines last thursday(MAy 16,2013) i stayed there for about 50 days. i didn't use my ultimatum visa. When can i go back to macau ?

    • Cathy :2013/5/20 19:48:00

      you mean you stayed in Macau for 50 days??you konw as a Filipino passport holder, you are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you overstayed in Macau for 20 days??you'd better not go back to Macau until at least 3 months later.

  • ReplySaravpreet Chawla
    2013/5/17 13:23:00

    HiThanks for answering my previous question. as a result I am coming to experience Macau on 24 May. I am very happy. Can I ask one more question. Thanks. I have landed a job with a hotel as computer operator. I just want to know if I can start working immediately after arriving in Macau i.e. after giving finger prints and getting receipt for Blue Card OR do I need to sit idle and wait for 2-3 months until I get Blue Card issued. Thank you very much.

    • Hebe :2013/5/20 20:00:00

      theoretically, you can start to work after the blue card is issued. you may consult your employer for more information.

  • Replysanjeev
    2013/5/13 10:08:00

    Hello DearMy self Sanjeev from India please can it be possible to get work after visit of 30 in macau

    • Mindy :2013/5/13 20:35:00

      you have to apply a work permit if you want to work in Macau, and it takes long to get the permit (sometimes longer than 30 days), so i guess you'd better find a job and apply the work permit as soon as you arrive in Macau.

  • ReplyMS Wong
    2013/5/13 6:21:00

    Hi there, an urgent question please I am a hk resident and i have a colleague (a Pakistani currently working and residing in Indonesia) who need to get to Macau for a meeting in June. May I know if he can only apply for a visa via the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia? Is there anyway I can help apply a Macau visa for him in Hong Kong? We are going for the same meeting sponsored by our company. Thanks so much in advance!!!

    • David :2013/5/13 20:32:00

      he can apply the visa through the Chinese embassy in Indonesia. and he has better to apply it as soon as possible, because it takes a few weeks to get the visa.

  • Replymajireddy gangaram
    2013/5/13 3:48:00

    Dear sir.I am indian.I want to visit macau for only job. Can I search job as a visiter and pls tell me how much indian money I have to pay including air tickets to visit macau.pls let me know asap thanks gift

    • Betty :2013/5/13 20:30:00

      hi, air tickets and hotel rate changes with time, so you'd better check it according your visit time. you can search job, but you have to apply the work permit right after you find a job, as you are not allowed to work in Macau as a visitor.

  • ReplyMacy
    2013/5/7 7:25:00

    I have a friend from Iran coming Malaysia for holiday. we have plan to Macau via Malaysia. Do my friend entitle to apply on-arrival visa in Macau? or He have to apply in advance? Thanks

    • Sandy :2013/5/9 19:47:00

      he can apply the visa upon arrival.

  • ReplySam
    2013/5/5 15:48:00

    Hello thereI am a Indian citizen & working in Macau for almost 4years now with my blue card. recently got married and my wife wants to visit me here. i know she can get a visa on arrival for 30days. Question:1. can i extend her visa for a longer period. if yes then how long.2. after how many days she can come back again stay for say more then 30days.please reply me asap.Thank you so much.RegardsSam

    • James :2013/5/9 19:43:00

      as you are working in Macau, you can apply an independent visa for your wife. please consult the Macau immigration department.

  • Replynabeel
    2013/5/8 3:29:00

    hi,i m nabeel from pakistan.i want to ask that if i go on visit to macau and want to do job.i am able to find a job in macau?

    • James :2013/5/9 19:49:00

      maybe, you can have a try.

  • Replynabeel
    2013/5/2 11:46:00

    hi i m nabeel from pakistan,i got invitation letter from macau,do i need a visa of macau before leaving pakistan?plz rply me as sooon as possible.

    • Lilian :2013/5/2 18:35:00

      yes, you need to apply visa to Macau before you leave Pakistan.

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