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I want to say
  • ReplySaravpreet Chawla    May. 21, 2013 08:51

    Hi there, I have Approval Letter from DSAL and an agreement with Myjobsmacau. I am coming to Macau for work. then do I need to show a return ticket at Macau Airport and also do i need to show my accommodation details at Macau Airport to gain entry in Macau. Please guide me what documents are required in my case. Thank you.

    • Replied by: Bonnie   May. 21, 2013 18:38

      then i think you don't need those you've mentioned.

  • ReplyPatrick    May. 21, 2013 01:00

    Iam from Nigeria and I need maybe a tourist visa but do Macau have an embassy in Nigeria ?

    • Replied by: Lisa   May. 21, 2013 18:26

      there's no embassy of Macau, as Macau is a special administrative region of China, so you should apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria.

  • ReplySaravpreet Chawla    May. 17, 2013 13:23

    HiThanks for answering my previous question. as a result I am coming to experience Macau on 24 May. I am very happy. Can I ask one more question. Thanks. I have landed a job with a hotel as computer operator. I just want to know if I can start working immediately after arriving in Macau i.e. after giving finger prints and getting receipt for Blue Card OR do I need to sit idle and wait for 2-3 months until I get Blue Card issued. Thank you very much.

    • Replied by: Hebe   May. 20, 2013 20:00

      theoretically, you can start to work after the blue card is issued. you may consult your employer for more information.

  • Replydann    May. 20, 2013 04:43

    hi, i came back here in the Philippines last thursday(MAy 16,2013) i stayed there for about 50 days. i didn't use my ultimatum visa. When can i go back to macau ?

    • Replied by: Cathy   May. 20, 2013 19:48

      you mean you stayed in Macau for 50 days??you konw as a Filipino passport holder, you are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you overstayed in Macau for 20 days??you'd better not go back to Macau until at least 3 months later.

  • Replysanjeev    May. 13, 2013 10:08

    Hello DearMy self Sanjeev from India please can it be possible to get work after visit of 30 in macau

    • Replied by: Mindy   May. 13, 2013 20:35

      you have to apply a work permit if you want to work in Macau, and it takes long to get the permit (sometimes longer than 30 days), so i guess you'd better find a job and apply the work permit as soon as you arrive in Macau.

  • ReplyMS Wong    May. 13, 2013 06:21

    Hi there, an urgent question please I am a hk resident and i have a colleague (a Pakistani currently working and residing in Indonesia) who need to get to Macau for a meeting in June. May I know if he can only apply for a visa via the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia? Is there anyway I can help apply a Macau visa for him in Hong Kong? We are going for the same meeting sponsored by our company. Thanks so much in advance!!!

    • Replied by: David   May. 13, 2013 20:32

      he can apply the visa through the Chinese embassy in Indonesia. and he has better to apply it as soon as possible, because it takes a few weeks to get the visa.

  • Replymajireddy gangaram    May. 13, 2013 03:48

    Dear sir.I am indian.I want to visit macau for only job. Can I search job as a visiter and pls tell me how much indian money I have to pay including air tickets to visit macau.pls let me know asap thanks gift

    • Replied by: Betty   May. 13, 2013 20:30

      hi, air tickets and hotel rate changes with time, so you'd better check it according your visit time. you can search job, but you have to apply the work permit right after you find a job, as you are not allowed to work in Macau as a visitor.

  • Replynabeel    May. 08, 2013 03:29

    hi,i m nabeel from pakistan.i want to ask that if i go on visit to macau and want to do job.i am able to find a job in macau?

    • Replied by: James   May. 09, 2013 19:49

      maybe, you can have a try.

  • ReplyMacy    May. 07, 2013 07:25

    I have a friend from Iran coming Malaysia for holiday. we have plan to Macau via Malaysia. Do my friend entitle to apply on-arrival visa in Macau? or He have to apply in advance? Thanks

    • Replied by: Sandy   May. 09, 2013 19:47

      he can apply the visa upon arrival.

  • ReplySam    May. 05, 2013 15:48

    Hello thereI am a Indian citizen & working in Macau for almost 4years now with my blue card. recently got married and my wife wants to visit me here. i know she can get a visa on arrival for 30days. Question:1. can i extend her visa for a longer period. if yes then how long.2. after how many days she can come back again stay for say more then 30days.please reply me asap.Thank you so much.RegardsSam

    • Replied by: James   May. 09, 2013 19:43

      as you are working in Macau, you can apply an independent visa for your wife. please consult the Macau immigration department.

  • Replynabeel    May. 02, 2013 11:46

    hi i m nabeel from pakistan,i got invitation letter from macau,do i need a visa of macau before leaving pakistan?plz rply me as sooon as possible.

    • Replied by: Lilian   May. 02, 2013 18:35

      yes, you need to apply visa to Macau before you leave Pakistan.

  • Replyamir    May. 01, 2013 19:57

    im iranian citizen do i need to get tourist visa?

    • Replied by: Nice   May. 01, 2013 20:04

      yes, you need to get a tourist visa for Macau.

  • ReplySaravpreet Chawla    Apr. 30, 2013 00:09

    Hello, I am Indian. I have been offered a job in Macau. What is the procedure to apply for Macau work permit. Where should I apply, in Macau or in my home country? thanks.

    • Replied by: David   May. 01, 2013 20:01

      the work permit should be applied in Macau.but your employer should get the Employment approval document from the Macau authorities for you, then you can start to apply the work permit.

  • Replyali shan    Apr. 28, 2013 02:30

    i m pakistani national and i coming 10 may to macau plz u conform macao need visa or on arrivel visa plz reply thankx

    • Replied by: Betty   May. 01, 2013 19:41

      you need to apply the Macau visa before arrival through the Chinese Embassy.

  • Replykhurram    Apr. 27, 2013 09:51

    hi i am in guangzhou ,china .i want to visit maccao .can i get visa from guangzhou ,china , i have multiple visa for 1 year

    • Replied by: Penny   Apr. 27, 2013 19:25

      yes, you can apply the Macau visa by posting, sending your application documents to the Macau immigration department through mail.

  • Replyrizza espejon    Apr. 24, 2013 01:27

    Hi, I'm rizza from Philippines. Where planning to visit Hongkong this August 25-29, 2013 and go back to Philippines on 29, we have promos from 3 days two nigth 2 in hongkong from 25-27 and where planning to go to Macau this August 27 -28 overnight staying or day tour with my friend. Your saying there is required hotel accommodation to get Visa but how about us where day tour and we dont need to get HOTEL. How can we get our VISA in going to MACAU?

    • Replied by: Nancy   Apr. 24, 2013 18:48

      hi rizza, please read the above article carefully!!!as a Filipino passport holder, you are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, which means you do not need to apply a visa!if you do not plan to stay in Macau, just tell the officer at the immigration check point, and i guess you will be asked to provide what ever ticket of leaving from Macau.

  • ReplyGift    Apr. 20, 2013 01:59

    Hello, I'm here with my family. My 2 kids carry European passports and we got 90 days stay for them. Myself I carry a Thai passport and got only 30 days. What can i do, that I could stay for 90 days as my children.My husband are working in China.Thank youGift

    • Replied by: Lily   Apr. 22, 2013 20:19

      you can try to extend your stay at the end of the 30 days.

  • Replyamit    Apr. 16, 2013 21:02

    siri am indian having china multiple tourist visa. i am coming to china and i want to visit macau for 3 days. does i require visa for macau and if yes how much time and what is the proess for that from china.thanks

    • Replied by: Cathy   Apr. 17, 2013 18:34

      no, you don't need to apply the Macau visa.

  • ReplySharafath    Apr. 13, 2013 06:28

    Hi , i'm Indian Passport Holder and planing to visit macau, my question is ...1) is it possible i can book my flight without any visa ?2) where Should i need to submit my stay details ? 3) if i stay with my friends any documents need to submit?4) is it possible i can stay more than 30 days during my work visa on process?kindly help please ..

    • Replied by: Vivien   Apr. 15, 2013 20:08

      1. yes, it is possible. 2. the immigration offices when you leave your country and the enter Macau.3. you need to ask your friend to send you an invitation letter which should includes his personal information, copy of visa or work permit in Macau. 4. no, it is not possible.

  • Replysunny jo    Apr. 13, 2013 02:40

    goodday, my name is sunny presently am based in thailand but am from nigeria and my friend has send me an invitation letter with his personal information, copy of his passport, work visa and residence permit in Macau.please i just want too know which can of visa i can apply for with this documents my friend in Macau have sent to me ,hope too hear from you soon

    • Replied by: Bonnie   Apr. 15, 2013 20:05

      you can apply a tourist visa.

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