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I want to say
  • ReplyFrank
    2013/9/27 6:23:00

    I am from Nigeria studying in china.,at present i just want to change my school, but due to session has already started and my present school insists on me changing and was given a month. at present i am left with only week to 10days before my exit visa will expire., i am planning to go to macau and then re - apply for a tourist visa back to beijing then will get a Job which is certain and then change to working visa via the company.I want to do this so as to remain in china before next session so i can re-apply and continue with my education here in Beijing., then i will get a Student visa.I want to know if it were possible to get a visa to Macau and from Macau get a tourist visa back to Beijing., China to enable me get a working visa just to enable stay back in China and not going home without achieving my purpose of study here in ChinaI need URGENT response please to enable me know how to plan my next move..Thanks

  • ReplyPardeep Kumar
    2013/9/26 20:01:00

    Hi,i am from Pakistan,which documents are required for Macau visa and where from i can get visa ?pleas inform me.

  • ReplyNARESH K.C.
    2013/9/23 3:34:00

    hi, sir/madam, iam nepal passport holder working in macau i want to go to indonesia tour. i know i can apply visa in hongkong consulate of indonesia, but first i need get hongkong visa to enter hongkong its so difficult for me .need sponcer. so have there any agent in macau to apply indonesia tourist visa.. thank yoy

    • Rita :2013/9/23 18:42:00

      i believe there are many travel agency provide visa application service, but remember to find a qualified one.

  • ReplySue Wong
    2013/9/5 12:18:00

    I'm a Singaporean which is staying in macau for 50 days holdings the visitor visa. Can I extend to stay in macau again? Cause my employer is considering to employ me. Please advise. Or can I go to zhu hai and hk to stay 15 days each place to get my new visitor visa in Macau again? Please advise .Thanks

    • susan :2013/9/5 18:36:00

      you can try to extend your stay, and also try to apply a temporary residence permit which allows you to stay and work in Macau before you get the work permit.

  • Replyjomari
    2013/8/22 17:40:00

    i overstayed my visa for five days in macau and didnt pay it before leaving.can i pay it on my return?or is it still posible for me to go back?

    • Jerry :2013/8/22 18:27:00

      yes, you can have a try.

  • Replynini
    2013/8/20 3:08:00

    Hi, I'm from Georgia (????). Now I'm in Nanjing, I have F visa for china, I would like to visit Macau. so my question is, do i need visa to enter Macau? and if i need it where i can get?

    • Fred :2013/8/20 17:55:00

      yes, Georgia passport holder are required to apply a visa to enter Macau. but you can get the visa upon arrival in Macau.

  • Replysegunda
    2013/8/17 12:15:00

    pls. help me, i want to know f how many years is the banned if u got overstay in macau for 4 months and i did not pay.??? thanks in advanced

    • Hebe :2013/8/18 18:53:00

      you will be banned for 2 years if you overstay in Macau more than 30 days and less than 180 days.

  • ReplyWaqassheikh
    2013/8/1 10:26:00

    Do we have to visa fee in local currency or US$ Dollar and wht is the Visa for Pakistani National

    • Candy :2013/8/1 18:47:00

      the visa fee is paid in local currency. as Pakistani passport holder, you should apply the Macau visa before you go there througth the Chinese Embassy.

    • Candy :2013/8/2 0:38:00

      Pakistani Nationals have to visit China Embassy for interview & submit the visa application. Visa fee Rs.3,800.. to be paid in exact amount at the time of receiving passport n visa, visa processing time 4 working days.

    • WAQASS :2013/8/5 0:03:00

      Thx Candy I have already applied for Macau visa , China Embassy in Pakistan. Visa fee to paid in CASH Pak Rupee on collection of Passport

  • ReplyMan
    2013/8/4 4:27:00

    Hi, I am a Macau citizen who currently live in Australia. I am planning to go back to Macau for holiday with my son who hold an Australian passport, he is allow to stay in Macau for 30 days without a visa, but we plan to go back for 2 months, I am not sure should he apply for visa in Australia (but seems that only 30 days will be granted) or should he apply for an extension in Macau, thanks for your help!

    • May :2013/8/4 19:38:00

      he should apply for an extension in Macau.

  • Replycris
    2013/8/2 22:10:00

    hello sir,mam i would like to know if i can apply for a new job in macau because i've been terminated and give me ten days visa stay if i will go back to my country then i'snt possible for me to come back again then apply for a job.i will exit atlist 1 month from now.

    • Nina :2013/8/4 19:37:00

      you can try to apply another job.

  • Replycris
    2013/7/30 12:47:00

    hello sir mam i been working in macau almost 8th months but the contract is not yet given to me i know that the contract should be party a and b should have please help me what should i do? thank u in advance.

    • Emma :2013/7/30 18:37:00

      you should consult the company you work for.

  • Replyjlo
    2013/7/29 21:12:00

    i’m renewing my working visa here in macau this coming august 1 and to my surprise the agency that holds our contract is asking to pay them 3000mop. i am direct hire and no money was involve when i got this job.

    • david :2013/7/30 18:21:00

      what agency? since you are directly hired, why is your contact hold by an agency but not your company?? can't you renew it by yourself through the immigration department in Macau?

  • Replysakuragi
    2013/7/25 2:07:00

    i ask something i work last march in macau and i resign to my employer if posible i can tourist again in macau and possible i can find a job again after six month ban anyone can help me thanks .....

    • Cheryl :2013/7/25 18:45:00

      yes, i think it is possible.

  • ReplyDada
    2013/7/22 19:46:00

    Hi. I am from the Philippines. Do I have to bring credit cards and a lot of pocket if I have cousins in Macau that are already residents there? I will stay in their place when I arrive so I don't have to pay for a hotel during my stay. And also may I ask what are the papers needed in the airport to bring and provide so that I won't have any problem in going to Macau. Thank you for your time, I'll wait for your reply.

    • David :2013/7/23 19:05:00

      if you plan to stay at your cousins' place, you can ask your cousin write an invitation letter for you, in which they should state that they will provide accommodation for you. The invitation letter should also include their names, address, the relationship between you, the period when you will stay at Macau, your name, and address in the Phlilippines. in this case, you don't need the hotel reservation and pocet money.

  • ReplyNasir
    2013/7/19 22:58:00

    i m from pakistan and i want to go macao my question is if i got Macao visa of 30 days and when i go to Macao can i extend my visa there in Macao if i want to stay there more

    • Candy :2013/7/21 20:14:00

      yes, you can have the visa extended five days before it expires at the Entry and Exit department in Macau

  • Replyjamal
    2013/7/19 22:54:00

    i want to go to Macao from pakistan . can u help to tell me the best travel agency deals for Macao visit visa in pakistan

    • Bonnie :2013/7/21 20:06:00

      you can apply through the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

  • ReplyAsam Perveiz
    2013/7/18 0:25:00

    i m from Pakistan i want to go visit Macao . so my Question is i need to have china and Macao both visa or i just need Macao visa to visit Macao and how many days or month visa i got in first time

    • Cheryl :2013/7/18 18:57:00

      you only need Macau visa if you only visit Macau. you can get 7 - 30 days.

  • Replyali
    2013/7/13 12:16:00

    sir am pakistani i have macau visat visa macau i wanna come macau and find jobe

    • Candy :2013/7/14 19:32:00

      you are not allowed to work in Macau if you hold a visit visa. you have to apply a work permit, if you plan to work there.

  • ReplyZain Farooq
    2013/7/12 0:47:00

    I m from Pakistan n currently living in china, I want to go to macao but I don't know to apply for the visa as there is no macao embassy in my country n I can't get visa on arrival, plz reply fast, thanks

    • Jane :2013/7/14 19:31:00

      the Macau visa should be applied through the Chinese Embassy in your country. if you are in China now, you can apply the visa by posting your application documents to the Macau immigration office. for detailed information, please check the official website of Macau Public Security Police Force

  • Replydiganta gurung
    2013/7/7 9:49:00

    Hello sir i am from.india and i want to go to macau and look for a security job there.can i just book a ticket and fly to macau or do i need to go througj any other formalities if yes then do let me know all da details of it...what are the chances of gettin a securiry job in macau.i am 170 cms and a gymaholic!!!!

    • Bonnie :2013/7/8 19:31:00

      as an Indian passport holder, you are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days for tourist purpose, and during the 30 days, you are not allowed to work. if you want to work in Macau, you need to find a job first and then apply the work permit, with the permit you can work in Macau.

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