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I want to say
  • ReplyPrakash kc
    2014/7/31 16:48:00

    Hi I am neplese pasport holder working in Macau. I would like to do small business in Macau may I know about business visa and what is the idea can you plz tell me thanks ..!

    • Susan :2014/8/3 23:48:00

      U can search the official wesbite of Macau Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force to get more info. Or dial 853-2872 5488 for any consultation.

  • ReplyBru
    2014/7/30 1:09:00

    Hi Im Bru, can u help me pls, Im working in hongkong right but I went to macau to wait for my visa for 8weeks,Now im in hongkong working, after three week i want to go back in macau for my friends birthday.Can I stillallowed to go back in Macau beacuse Ive UV?Thank you

    • Juana :2014/8/3 23:50:00

      Don't worry! You are allowed to enter Macao again.

  • Replyjezcel
    2014/7/30 1:19:00

    Hello,the quota of my boss will be approved after 4 weeks and i only have 4 days to stay in macau..what shall i do for that?..where will i exit?can i wait my working visa in the philippines?

  • Replyaoadnarim
    2014/7/29 12:55:00

    Hi! Im a Filipino passport holder working in Macau for two months now. I can stay until Oct 2014 and my blue card will be released on August 8, 2014. Just want to ask what would happen if i resign or the employer terminates the contract before the contract ends? can I got back to Macau again after some time?

    • mike :2014/7/29 21:47:00

      May I know what type of visa are you holding now? Anyway, before your blue card getting expire, I suggest you apply for a visa in Macao Immigration Department. With a legal stay permit or proof, you can stay in macao till Oct. Otherwise, you will be denied to go back to Macao later for your overstay.

  • ReplyPrakashkc010gmail.com
    2014/7/28 7:06:00

    I am Nepalese passport holder now working in Macau but I want do business there can I ..? If can what is the idea..?

    • Susan :2014/7/29 21:33:00

      Yes, you can do business there. If you would stay in Macao longer than your job contract duration, you'd better extend your visa or apply for a new one in Macao Immigration Department.

  • ReplyJames
    2014/7/23 15:01:00

    Hi I'm Jam I'm worked before in Macau as nanny I resigned last May because I visiting to my husband in UAE and now I want to visit again to Macau, it is possible or not???

    • Ryan :2014/7/29 2:34:00

      Personally speaking, it is possible.

  • Replyjoana
    2014/7/21 4:24:00

    hi i just want to ask..i am a filipino passport holder and i am here now in India as a tourist and i want to go to macau also so from india to macau do i need to show the macau immigration also a return ticket..do macau immigration will ask me my return ticket when i reach macau?hoping for you reply..

    • Carmen :2014/7/29 2:35:00

      If you have already booked the returning tickets, you are suggested to show it to make sure that you can enter Macau smoothly. It is uncertain that they will ask your for seeing your return tickets.

  • ReplyAlam
    2014/7/18 8:01:00

    I am going to japan for 7 days then come china after that i want to go macau,is it possible to get visa at japan or china?Please guide me.

    • Henry :2014/7/29 2:32:00

      You can do it in Japan or in Beijing, China. Which country do you come from? As I know, many countries' citizens can ge visa on arrival when you reach the Macau's airport.

  • ReplyMahmud Agina
    2014/7/14 12:31:00

    Hi Sirs,I am from Libya holding a multi-entry visa in need to go Macau for renew my visa after 45 days permit to stay. Can I obtain the macau visa on arrival at the airport?

    • Allen :2014/7/29 2:33:00

      Yes, you can obtain it when you reach the airport.

  • Replyjoanah
    2014/6/11 11:24:00

    hello i would like to ask if i can go directly to macau from India..i am now here in India as a tourist and from here i want to go to macau as tourist also is it possible for me to go directly to macau from india?..im a Filipino citizen. pls advice thank you.

    • Peter :2014/6/14 5:01:00

      I'm afraid not. There is no direct flight from India to Macau. Then I suggest you fly to HK instead. Then take a ferry at Skypier near HKIA to Macau!

    • joanah :2014/7/16 10:27:00

      thanks for that information.i want to ask also if the macau immigration will ask for my return ticket..im afraid macau immigration might be super strict.

  • Replyronald tng
    2014/7/8 10:48:00

    Hi, I would like to check if a Myanmar nationality with Singapore PR need to apply for VISA? I have apply for Hongkong Visa and is travelling to Macau for 1 day. Pls advised. Thank you

    • Uniya :2014/7/10 4:23:00

      Yes, visa is needed to travel in HK and Macao.

  • Replysuresh Shrestha
    2014/7/4 3:36:00

    I am from Nepal traveling to GUANGZHOU on 04 aug I have visa for GUANGZHOU . Can i visit Macau or how can i get visa for Macao from GUANGZHOU. Is it possible ? Can i get arrival visa from GUANGZHOU when travel from Sea because i need to visit Macao from GUANGZHOU.

    • Lisa :2014/7/5 5:35:00

      No, VOA is not vailable for Nepal passport holders, so you'd better apply for a visa in advance or apply for one in Guangzhou through an agent, in which case the application form should be sent to Macau Immigration Department!

  • Replylayla decastro
    2014/6/26 12:39:00

    hello Im filipino passport holder, just want to ask whenever we go to macao as a tourist and that good for 1month, can we able to find a work their? is it possible if we go there as a tourist can we find a job??

    • Jennis :2014/6/28 5:20:00

      Generally, there are many chances there, so I believe you are able to find a job there. During your tourist stay, it is allowed to apply for a job. Btut once you find one, you need apply for a work visa for longer stay then!

  • Replyjoanna
    2014/6/26 23:59:00

    Hello sir, madam I work in macau for more than 2 years.i finished my contract nov.27, 2013....after my contract agency referred me to A direct agent.he ask me to pay for the placement I immidiately pay believing that I have a work he keep on promising and make me believed that even I dont have a work he file me a visa extension..an emergency came my dad died and I need to go back to the Philippines and surprisingly a immigration agent told me that im already 4 months overstayed. ...so madam sir how long will I wait for me to go back to macau.please reply me so that I know what to do.thankyou I hope for your kind consideration.

    • Jenni :2014/6/28 5:16:00

      You need wait for at least three months to go back. Sometimes, it requires longer. Sorry for this!

  • Replyrumpa
    2014/6/25 22:28:00

    I am from india and so if i visit macao for 30 days do i have to show the purpose of visit to macao at the immigration check point.Also can i apply for jobs by aplying for a work visa within these 30 days or i dont need any work visa to apply for jobs?All i need is a passport and sufficient fund and one way ticket and a hotel reservation for one night to visit macao.How much fund i should carry with me to stay for 30 days?

    • Oliver :2014/6/28 5:13:00

      No, you don't need show the proof of your visit purpose. it is ok to only show the hotel reservation proof and plane tickets. During the 30 days, you can apply for a job. But one you make it, you will need apply for a work visa for your long-term stay!

  • ReplyLinda
    2014/6/25 6:53:00

    I worked here for 4 yrs. and i was terminated, i wil go back in the phil and comeback after 1 month. Can i apply a new job immediately?

    • Tina :2014/6/28 5:10:00

      Yes, you can if you are capable of!

  • Replyanna
    2014/6/20 7:47:00

    How many times in a year should a filipino passport can enter Macau as a Tourist?

    • Jeremy :2014/6/21 5:24:00

      there is no limit on the times you can enter Macau. But it is said that there should be at least 30 days between two entries.

  • ReplyMalit yvonne
    2014/1/28 4:02:00

    Hi Im a filipina, I just went to macau as a tourist, can I come back there after two weeks from the time I landed here in the Philippines from Macau? I already took my Uturn but not the UV. I stayed there for about 47days. I also have supporting letter from my brother. Am I safe from holding my departure or from offloading? Please comment me back if you have an idea regarding my query. Thank you!

    • anna :2014/6/20 7:43:00

      yes you can go back after two weeks but they will only give you 10days visa and you can extend anymore. you have stayed 47days in macau and i don't think they will allow you to stay lkonger than 10days, your re-entry will be your UV. i am here in Macau and the last time i've stayed here for 30 days and when i came back after 10days from the Philippines they only gave me 20days and after i exit china they only gave me 10days and that is already UV. so i suggest stay in the Philippines atleast more than a month or 2 just to be sure.

  • ReplyLow
    2014/6/17 22:48:00

    I was a Malaysian who work in Macau with blue card holder . I want to get marry with a Algeria . I want to register locally so what paper and where I need to go for register marry in this city.

  • Replyjan
    2014/6/13 9:12:00

    hi im currently working in macau. my boss approved for my 4 months leave. will i have problem if im out of macau over 3 months?

    • Rita :2014/6/14 4:58:00

      Theoretically, there is no problem. Just ensure that your passport and visa are still valid when you get back.

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