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I want to say
  • ReplyEi Ei Thwin
    2014/7/9 15:07:00

    Hello I am a myanmar passort holder and I would like to visit to hong kong. I am working in dubai now. Please guide whether I need to apply visit visa to Hong Kong and where should I apply it. Thanks!

    • Tina :2014/7/10 4:07:00

      Yes, you need apply for a tourist visa to travel there. As you stay in Dubai, go to China consulate in this region to apply for that!

  • Replybilly,   Hong Kong, China
    2014/7/6 21:46:00

    Hi, what is the requirements for tourist visa in hongkong.

    • Kikina :2014/7/10 4:15:00

      People from some countries are allowed to stay in HK for some days with the purpose of tourism. Make it clear whether your country is among that! If not, here is the basic creteria for visa application:1. have a minimum validity on your passport of 1 month beyond the intended stay (or the duration of the visa may be restricted so that there will be one month after the visa expiry)2.have onward or return travel arrangements3. have sufficient funds for your stay without working (based on Immigration's definition, not yours) 4. not have a serious criminal record or be likely to be involved in crime, nor be considered a security riskFor more info, you can get through this link:http://www.immd.gov.hk/en/services/hk-visas/visit-transit/visit-visa-entry-permit.html

  • ReplyNorma Valdez
    2014/6/28 2:25:00

    Hi sir/mam,I'm a ofw here in HK and my friend planning to visit me here for 4 days. What documents he will need to prepare. ?And how about if have stop over here came from other country can we go out to immigration to see them?bec. They will have stop over here for 3 hours.

    • Lisa :2014/6/28 5:08:00

      May I know what country your friend is from? People from some countries are exempt from visa to stay for some days in HK. And if you only wanna meet during his stopover, it also depends on which country he is from.

  • Replyylber
    2014/6/22 10:58:00

    Hi,My name is Ylber and I am albanian. I have a visa for study purposes in Hong Kong. As my study will be of 3 years and I dont know when will be my next return home during the first year do I need in any case the return ticket or is enough my one way plane ticket to enter? I just want to know if at the airport the authorities will let me enter just with the one way ticket. I have all the docs of the university and the visa issued by the Immigration Department. plese let me know, Thank you very much, Ylber

    • Collan :2014/6/28 5:06:00

      Theoretically, as you have all the documents of the university and visa, there won't be any problem only with a one way air ticket! Don't worry!

  • ReplyDoug M
    2014/6/21 23:59:00

    Hello I'm from USA and my Future wife is from Philippins and is working in Hong Kong. I am going in Dec to meet her family in the Philippines but I want to meet up with her in HK so we can fly to her home together. What do I need to enter HK and stay a night before flying to Philippines the next day maybe two day lay over?

    • Jill :2014/6/22 5:36:00

      No visa is needed for you. So please do not worry. It is suggested to prepare the flights' tickets and the hotel booking order when passing the immigration.

  • Replydike henry
    2014/6/21 11:05:00

    Hi my name is dike henry,please how days do I have For a business trip to hong kong,How many days will I get for a business visa.

    • Penny :2014/6/22 5:31:00

      Usually, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get your visa.

  • Replyanne
    2014/6/21 19:47:00

    Hi! I'm Anne, I am Filipino, working in Singapore as a domestic helper, do I need a visa going to HongKong for 4 days only?Thanks!

    • Carmen :2014/6/22 5:33:00

      If you have a Philippine passport, no visa is needed for entering HK for only four days.

  • ReplyFranz
    2014/6/10 4:58:00

    Hi!i have a friend in taiwan who also have a house in hongkong,she offer me to work there,but the consequences is,I just want to work there in hongkong together with my son as one flight and to be a permanent resident there...is that possible?if that so,how's the process and the requirements needed both me and my employer...thanks!

    • Shun :2014/6/14 5:16:00

      To be a permanent resident there, you need stay in HK for seven years. As for the documents needed, you can consult the Immigration Department.

  • Replyhasmine
    2014/6/7 8:32:00

    hello guys , i am hasmine from philippines. my bf wants me to go in hongkong because his working there. so i will travel alone. i have stamped from thailand because i been there once.. and i am 19 yrs old. with no work. his inviting me to go there this coming next month.. what should i prepare for immigration please help me ...

    • Joyce :2014/6/10 2:39:00

      How long will you stay in HK?If you stay there for no more than 14 days, no visa is needed. You can just show your passport and your invitation letter to enter HK. If you stay longer, you need to apply for a visa in advance.

  • ReplyAbrar
    2014/6/5 14:41:00

    Hi, I am a Pakistani national currently residing in Dubai, I am Travelling to Manila via HongKong, My question is that do I need a transit visa during transit and catching my next connecting flight to Manila and then back to Dubai.Thanks,

    • Rita :2014/6/6 21:25:00

      No visa is needed for your transfer if you don't get out of the airport.

  • Replysubli
    2014/6/2 4:21:00

    Hello i am a Nigerian pasport holder but im married to a filipina and i have a philipines marriage with marriage certificate wit a baby and i want to travel to hong kong for 3days to one week for a vacation and sight seeing..please what are the requirement or do i need to return back to nigeria before i can be able to get a hk visa? Thanks.

    • Gloria :2014/6/6 21:29:00

      Hey, no need to go back to Nigeria for visa application. You can apply that directly in Phillipines. You can download a checklist and form that you have to submit through this link to prepare all:http://www.immd.gov.hk/en/forms/hk-visas/visit-transit.html.

  • Replyakbar
    2014/6/1 7:24:00

    sir,i belongs to indian and doing job in dubai, want to visit hongkong for 14 days to meet spouse she doing job there with her family..and frm hongkong want to go india please suggest can i proceed for ticket and tell me the cost of 14 days visa..?

    • Celia :2014/6/6 21:31:00

      India passort holders are allowed to stay in HK for at most 14 days visa free, so you don't need a visa during your stay!

  • Replykim taclindo
    2014/5/25 1:36:00

    Hi God Day. My husband got a work in hongkong and hes gonna start jul 2014. Iam a filipino and my child is half american and half filipino. My husband is american citizen. Were planning to stay with my husband while hes working there and have our child go to school. What is the visa required? And the processing? Thank you

    • Rita :2014/6/6 21:36:00

      Read the info of this link to prepare what are needed:http://www.immd.gov.hk/en/services/hk-visas/dependents/guidebook.html

  • ReplyDahlia riza tsai
    2014/5/16 3:26:00

    Hi im philippines passport holder i have taiwan residence ID , i want to travel to hongkong for 3 days only , do i need to get visa.thank you!

    • Amir :2014/5/18 22:02:00

      No visa is needed. You are exempt from visa in hong kong for 14 days at most. Just enjoy your three days there.

  • Replybeija
    2014/5/15 10:51:00

    hi, i study in shanghai. am a Congolese passport holder, married to a British citizen, i need to go to hk but i dont have time to apply for the visa since it takes 4 weeks and it's in Beijing, i was wondering if i could use our marriage certificate to get a pass to hk and get a visa once i am there? thanks

    • Rita :2014/5/18 22:01:00

      i'm afraid not. You have to apply for a visa in advance.

  • ReplyWilma Agbuya
    2014/5/5 22:08:00

    Hi im ofw here in hk and i want to visit beijing what document do i need? thanks

    • Cindy :2014/5/6 22:14:00

      you need to apply the visa to Mainland China if you want to visit Beijing.

    2014/4/28 8:37:00

    HiI am a Pakistani National and my husband/ daughter are UAE NATIONALS. We have confirmed booking to Toronto through CATHEY PACIFIC . On Our way to Toronto we would like to stay in Hongkong for 4 days. Please advise if the immigration authority will give the visa for 4 days at the Airport.Thank you

    • Cindy :2014/4/28 20:50:00

      as a Pakistani passport holder, you have to obtain a Hong Kong visa before departure if you plan to stay 4 days there, your husband and daughter, howevers, as UAE nationals, are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 30 days, so they don't need to apply the visa.

  • ReplyLEE
    2014/4/25 3:24:00

    I am a Peoples Republic of China passport holder. I have been living in Singapore for 10 years. I wish to travel to Hong Kong for 3 days, then to Macau for 2 days, then fly back from Hong Kong to Singapore. Do I need any documents ? Pls assist me urgently. Thank you.

    • Brenda :2014/4/27 21:38:00

      yes, you need to apply the travel permits to Hong Kong and Macau for your visit, and the documents can be obtained through the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.

  • Replyely
    2014/4/21 23:37:00

    hi, im from Philippines and wants to travel hongkong as tourist. I just want to ask if is it ok to stay untill 14 days even i only get 3 days roundtrip ticket?

    • Emma :2014/4/23 22:01:00

      yes, it is ok, but do not overstay.

  • Replymonina mangulabnan
    2014/4/18 3:20:00

    i married before in chinese man.and i stay in hk for 3yrs and then i go back in phil.and 14yrs i didnt come back in hk.now i decide to go back in hk.it is possible that i cn renew my residency and become permanent in hk

    • Brenda :2014/4/20 22:22:00

      i don't think it is possible.

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