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I want to say
  • ReplyRana Aamir fareed   China    Jun. 01, 2010 06:32

    hy.i am from pakistan and now student in china ,and i want to visit Hong kong for few days so please can u tell me that how i can apply for vissa of hong kong.

    • Replied by: Bella   Jun. 01, 2010 21:09

      you can apply it in the HKSAR Immigration Department, http://www.immd.gov.hk. you can download the application form from the website. there are also information about visa application, hope it will help you.

  • Replymark Junior   Nigeria    May. 29, 2010 10:13

    i am in Nigeria i want to know how i can have a student Visa to school in canada

    • Replied by: Bella   May. 31, 2010 21:01

      i think you need to enroll in a Canadian school first. you can consult the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria.

  • Replynaresh   Nepal    May. 27, 2010 21:45

    i am from nepal but at the present moment i am studying china.i have passport of nepal and have resident permmit in china for two years.i want to go to hongkong to visit my cousin brother who is permanent resident of hongkong.so should i need visa ro not?if i need visa then to whom i should consult for the visa processing?what is the total amount of money that is required during visa processing?

    • Replied by: Lily   May. 28, 2010 05:06

      hi naresh,
      you need to apply a Hong Kong visa before you go. you can consult the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, here is the official website http://www.immd.gov.hk/. it will cost 3600 Nepalese rupees.

  • ReplyMahbub Alam Siddique   Bangladesh    May. 27, 2010 01:54

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I Mr. Mahbub Alam Siddique from Bangladesh. I want tour in Hong Kong. How possible get Hong kong tourist visa. Please inform me.

    Best regards,


    • Replied by: Bella   May. 27, 2010 20:35

      you may go to the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh. here is the official web, hope it will help you.

  • ReplyBernice Osei Bonsu   Ghana    May. 27, 2010 09:17


    • Replied by: anna   May. 27, 2010 20:26

      i've heard you can stay there visa-free from no more than 1 month. but i advice you consult the embassy first.

  • Replyjason   Singapore    May. 27, 2010 11:06

    i am a singaporean and my friend is from china ,now working in singapore holding a s pass work permit.she want to join me in my 7day hong kong trip.
    Does she need to apply any visa or special permit?
    After the trip she will be going back to singapore to work.
    thank you.

    • Replied by: jojo   May. 27, 2010 20:18

      hi Jason,
      your friend can stay in Hong Kong for no more than 7 days without a visa or a permit, so if she doesnot want apply them, you need to make your trip within 7 days, or she need to apply an entry permit.

  • Replylaila   Philippines    May. 27, 2010 14:58

    hi. i am presently working as a live-in caregiger here in canada and my employer wants to visit hongkong this end og june and they want me to be with them. my question is, do i need to aplly for a visa to enter hongkong and where can i apply? they plan to stay there for 2 weeks. thanks!

    • Replied by: jojo   May. 27, 2010 20:11

      since you are from Philippines, you can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without a visa, if your employer want to stay there for more than 14 days, you need to apply a visa in the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

  • ReplyIvy Tran   Singapore    May. 23, 2010 09:09

    Hi,I'm Vietnamese, holding a student pass in singapore.I would like to visit Hongkong for 3 or 4 days with my Singaporean friends in July.Do i need to apply a visa? And where can i get it? And if during the tour i want to go Benjing is it possible? How long do i have to prepare to get the visa before i'm going?

    • Replied by: Bella   May. 24, 2010 21:52

      since you are a Vietnamese, you need to apply a vise no metter to Hong Kong or to Mainland China. you can apply a visa in Chinese Embassy in Singapore, here is the official website. you need to prepare it one month in advance. http://www.chinaembassy.org.sg/eng/

  • ReplyChris   Singapore    May. 23, 2010 20:32

    Hi, I am a Singaporean going to Guangzhou to settle some personal issues. I read that Singaporeans can enter China visa-free for 14 days. In case I need to stay in China for more than 14 days, can I take a train to Hong Kong and re-enter Guangzhou the next day and be given another 14 days of visa-free stay? Thank you.

    • Replied by: Bella   May. 24, 2010 21:41

      you can stay in China visa-free for 15 days, for the further information, i think you need to consult the Chinese Embassy in Singapor, here is the official website:

  • Replymusa   Benin    May. 15, 2010 07:59

    i am from benin and i want to go to hong kong for only 5 days but my friend old me that they denied him entry from china last month

  • Replyrana amir   Pakistan    May. 13, 2010 06:59

    hy,i am from pakistan and now i am student in china.i want to go HONG KONG FOR VISIT,Do i need to take any visa or permit to go there just for few days?

    • Replied by: Joey   May. 14, 2010 19:54

      hey, you need to apply a visa.

  • Replyyaw   Ghana    May. 14, 2010 04:35

    i am a student in china and i want to visit hong kong during summer do i need visa

    • Replied by: lily   May. 14, 2010 19:48

      yes, you need to apply a visa

  • Replyinnocent   Nigeria    May. 14, 2010 07:37

    please am from nigeria want to go for holiday in hong kong,may i know weather i need a visa

    • Replied by: Bella   May. 14, 2010 19:38

      yes, you need to apply a visa

  • ReplyAli   Pakistan    May. 09, 2010 04:03

    I am Pakistani national but studying in Singapore. I am holding 5 yrs student pass for Singapore. I want to visit Hong Kong for 3-4 days. Do I need a visa to be stamped from embassy or can I get on-arrival visa? Thanks

    • Replied by: lisa   May. 13, 2010 20:05

      i think you'd better consult the Chinese Embassy before you go.

  • ReplyAdrian   Philippines    May. 12, 2010 16:05

    Hi i just like to ask I will be coming from Doha Qatar and would like to travel to HK for 7 days do i still need a visa

    • Replied by: Linda   May. 12, 2010 20:19

      since you are a Filipino, you are free of visa in Hong Kong for 14 days, so you don't need a visa.

  • Replyian   Philippines    May. 12, 2010 16:11

    hello, i am filipino nationality working here in Qatar and would like to tour in HK for 6 days and then go back to Qatar after.. is it possible?

    • Replied by: Joey   May. 12, 2010 20:13

      yes, it is possible. but do make sure your passport at least 6 months validity left before expiration. and i think you can consult the Chinese Embassy to see if there's any requirements.

  • ReplyRedigul   Pakistan    May. 12, 2010 08:42

    I.m pakistani and i want to go to hongkong for one year and i need visa ?

    • Replied by: Anna   May. 12, 2010 20:05

      yes, you need to apply a visa

  • ReplyTata   Philippines    May. 04, 2010 23:11

    I am from Philippines. I already have a ticket to hongkong for 5days this June. I am going to meet my boyfriend who is a Taiwanese. I am scared if I will be question in the immigration. I was able to travel in Singapore and Malaysia though..but I am still scared if they denied me. And does my boyfriend from Taiwan need a visa to go Hongkong?

    • Replied by: rosina   May. 05, 2010 20:30

      don't worry, tata. you will not be questioned. you are free of visa in Hong Kong for 14 days if your passport is valid. but i'm not clear about whether your bf need a visa.

  • ReplyNguyen Thi Mai Phuong   Singapore    May. 01, 2010 11:11

    HELP i fly to Hong Kong tomorrow (Monday 3 May) I am a Vietnamese passport holder with a Singapore PR card and a current multiple entry Chian visa . i am only staying for 3 days do i need a visa or can i get one on arrival ?

    • Replied by: Joey   May. 03, 2010 21:57

      you need to apply an on-arrival visa.

  • Replyamalia   Philippines    Apr. 14, 2010 20:15

    hi there! i am a philippine passport holder, im here now in philippine and planning to go to hongkong next month and i had a canada visa, can i book my flight from hongkong to canada? please give me an advise if posible. thank you...

    • Replied by: Sara   Apr. 14, 2010 20:25

      of course you can.

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