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I want to say
  • ReplyRavindran mathiyoly,   Sri Lanka
    2011/4/24 7:08:00

    Dear Sir,

    I am srilankan i have china resident permit visa, i want to visit hongkong, how to get hongkong visa please advise and what documents require.

    • Kelly :2011/4/24 23:35:00

      you can refer to the requirements and " Where to apply the hong Kong visa" mentioned in this article.

  • ReplyAndy,   Nigeria
    2011/4/20 16:03:00

    i have 1 year chinese multiple visa, i want to visit HK and come back to china. Can i apply for visa in beijin? If yes, what and what documents is required? Thank you

    • Nemo :2011/4/20 22:38:00

      hi andy,
      you mean apply the Hong Kong visa in beijing?
      yes, you can.
      for the required documents, you may refer to the above article. also your mutiple china visa is required.

  • ReplySamuel,   Ghana
    2009/10/4 17:40:00

    I am a ghanaian, i want to visit my girl friend in Hongkong will i need a visa to visit HK...i will be Glad to have further details from you, Thank you..

    • SAMUEL ( Ghana ) :2011/4/18 7:46:00


    • vivian :2011/4/18 23:05:00

      Ghana passport holders are required a Hong Kong visa when visiting Hong Kong.

  • ReplyFire,   Hong Kong, China
    2009/9/21 12:20:00

    Citizens of following countries are no longer can come to Hong Kong without visa!
    Sri lanka

    • JONATHAN ( Ghana ) :2011/4/18 7:54:00


    • Bill :2011/4/18 23:03:00

      yes, Jonathan,
      you need to apply for a Hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyZahid Ali,   Pakistan
    2011/4/14 7:35:00

    Hello, I am interested to visit Hong Kong to explore new are of business in the field of Medical, kindly let me how I get Hong Kong visa and what is the visa application requirements

    • Bill :2011/4/17 1:45:00

      the visa application procedure ususally lasts for about one month.
      for the detailed information about visa application, please refer to

  • Replyrenu,   Nepal
    2011/3/17 0:16:00

    I'm from Nepal, I have to reach Nanjing, China. Since im holding official passport, i was told no visa is required for China. But i have transit at Hongkong.Do i have to apply for transit visa for HOngkong?

    • Kelly :2011/3/20 2:20:00

      yes renu, a Hong Kong is required.
      you may get more information here:

  • ReplySachin Patil,   India
    2011/3/16 10:48:00

    I am Indian & I come to China(I have china visa for 30 days) from HK on 9 march. I want go back to India on 24 march from HK. So is it OK as on my visa only 14 days permit.

    • Sally :2011/3/16 22:39:00

      it's OK. when you go to HK on 24 March, it is another entry.

  • Replyarjay,   United Arab Emirates
    2011/3/11 12:13:00

    hi i am filipino,and im here at abu dhabi united arab emirates and i just want visit my girlfriend in kowloon city,hongkong.o i need to get visa?an where i should get?

    • Jack :2011/3/13 1:53:00

      philippine passport holders are exempt from HK visa for 14 days, if you want stay longer than 14 days, you need to apply a HK visa. you can go to the Chinese Embassy in United Arab Emirates for visa application.

  • Replygyan gurung,   Nepal
    2011/2/7 5:24:00

    I am from nepal and i want to visit hong kong for 14 days .how to apply hong kong visit visa.Can you give some information?

    • Hank :2011/2/7 20:37:00

      You may just apply for it from the China Embassy in Nepal.

  • ReplyZoe,   Australia
    2011/2/2 23:11:00

    Hi, i hold an australian passport. My colleague holds a Singaporean passport. Do i need a business visa for a short business trip to hk?

    • Linda :2011/2/6 1:28:00

      Both your collegue and you are exempt from visa to Hk for as long as 90 days.

  • ReplyAbey,   Ethiopia
    2011/2/2 3:24:00

    I want to buy goods to sell in my country. Then what must i do to travel for certain days again and again thanks for your information

    • Hank :2011/2/6 1:20:00

      You have to apply for a multiple HK visit visa.

  • Replylz,   United States
    2011/1/31 17:05:00

    Hi I am a Chinese Passport Holder with an American Permanent Resident Card planning to travel from the US to HK. What form of travel permit or visa do I require? Thank you in advance.

    • Bruce :2011/1/31 21:02:00

      You have to apply for a HK entry permit to Hk from the China Embassy or Consulate in USA.

  • ReplyQi Yan,   China
    2011/1/24 15:38:00

    I'm Chinese citizen from Beijing, an Architect by profession, working for US based company & I want to vist HKSAR for 30 to 60days as a tourist, please advice me the quickest way possible. Thanks. Qi yan

    • Daniel :2011/1/24 22:18:00

      You have to apply for a Hk Entry permit from the local public security bureau, but you are only allowed to stay in Hk for 14 days.

  • Replykobe,   South Africa
    2011/1/18 3:20:00

    i am a south african, just arrive malysia, but want to visit china so how can i get china visa from here and what will it cost me?

    • Linda :2011/1/18 20:57:00

      You may just apply for the China visa from the China Embassy in Malaysia. for the cost and other relevant info., please contact the visa center directly through the following ways:
      Call: 603 2175 8888
      Fax: 603 2175 6888

  • ReplyKC Wong,   China
    2011/1/12 2:35:00

    I wish to travel to Hongkong for Holiday. I am Chinese Citizen. I heard I can apply on line for a Hongkong permit to visit it. Please advise

    • Bobby :2011/1/12 22:24:00

      No, you have to the local public security bureau to apply for Hong Kong Travel Permit in preson.

  • Replymizanur rahman,   Bangladesh
    2011/1/7 12:59:00

    hi,i am Bangladesh business profession passport holder,now i am staying in malaysia with my family.i am working with a computer company and i am comp tech.my company want to send me HK for business trip which offered by HK ASUS company.i want to travel on 22 jan 2011,in a short time do i must need to apply for a visa or directly can get from hk immigration when once arrive there!!thanks...

    • Hank :2011/1/7 21:28:00

      You should apply for the HK visa from the China embassy in Malaysia in advance.

  • ReplyLilly,   Malaysia
    2011/1/6 10:38:00

    Hi, I'm from Malaysia, my boyfriend is a pakistani.

    So he needs to apply visa in malaysian embassy there?

    Heard that they needs his savings 200 000 pkr?

    • Mark :2011/1/6 21:15:00

      Will your boy friend go to Hong Kong or Malaysia? If go to Hong Kong, he should apply for the visa from the local China Embassy; If to Malaysia, you are right that he should apply the visa from the Malaysia Emabssy. Yes, visitors may be required to have adequate funds to cover their duration of their stay in other country when apply for the visa.

  • ReplyRanko,   Yugoslavia
    2010/12/29 8:02:00

    Hi, I am a serbian passport holder currently in China. What is the best and fastest way for me to get a HK visa?


    • Mike :2010/12/29 20:27:00

      You can apply for Hong Kong Visit Visa from Immigration Division of the Beijing Office of the Government of the HKSAR
      71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009)
      Telephone Enquiries (852) 2824 6111
      Website http://www.bjo.gov.hk/eng/pgm_index_e.htm

  • ReplyRandall S. Gwaikolo,   Liberia
    2010/12/28 23:00:00

    I am a student in Wuhan,China Hubei Province a Liberian. I am planning to get marry in Hong Kong by the 20th of January 2011 and my wife tobe is an Australian. How can I get a visa and how do i get an appointment to the relevant offices involve.

    • Lisa :2010/12/29 1:30:00

      I think your situation is complicated, you'd better ask a layer for help.

  • Replybabu,   India
    2010/12/25 6:03:00

    one year before iam overstay in hongkong now i will go to visit legally i can go or cannot

    • Rechal :2010/12/27 3:41:00

      it is hard to say, there must be records in the custom. if you go to HK this time, do remember not to overstay.

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