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I want to say
  • ReplyRio,   Indonesia
    2011/8/25 9:38:00

    Hey im from indonesia, do i need visa to travel in hongkong for 7 days? just for holiday. and what it's mean by visa free period? Thank you for your response.

  • ReplyRio,   Indonesia
    2011/8/24 19:33:00

    Hey im from indonesia, do i need visa to travel in hongkong for 7 days? just for holiday. and what it's mean by visa free period? Thank you for your response.

    • Ben :2011/8/24 19:34:00

      hi Rio,
      visa free period means that you can stay in the place without a visa within period, but if you intend to stay longer than that period, you need apply a visa.
      Indonisian passport holders have a 30-day visa free period in Hong Kong, which means you don't need to apply a Hong Kong visa if you only stay for 7 days.

  • ReplyFranklin,   Philippines
    2011/8/23 2:08:00

    I'm a residence here in the Philippines but I have a china passport, I want to visit Hong Kong, do i need a visa? Thanks.

    • Ben :2011/8/23 20:23:00

      no, you don't need a visa, but a Travel document to Hong Kong. you can apply it in the Chinese Embassy in Philippines.

    • Franklin ( Philippines ) :2011/8/24 1:48:00


    • Franklin ( Philippines ) :2011/8/24 2:24:00

      What are the travel documents needed? thanks

    • Ben :2011/8/24 19:24:00

      it is an entry permit to Hong Kong.

  • ReplyDi,   China
    2011/8/22 4:18:00

    I'm holding a Chinese passport, but living in France. I will take a flight from France back to China mainland, and transit in HK.
    I would like to go visit Hong Kong and Macau for about 5 days all together, do I need a visa for both place?

    • Candy :2011/8/22 19:31:00

      hi Di,
      you must hold a French visa, right?
      in this case, you can only go to Hong Kong (if you want to go to Macau, please take the ferry from Hong Kong airport without going through the Hong Kong customs when you arrive at the airport. in this way, you are not allowed to visit Hong Kong) with your valid passport and French visa. if you want to go both places, you need to apply a China Travel Document for both hong Kong and Macau in the Chinese Embassy.

  • Replyglean lim,   Philippines
    2011/8/19 22:18:00

    hi im a Peoples Republic Of China passport holder living in the philippines(permanent resident). do i need a visa to go to hongkong as tourist for less than 7

    • Lily :2011/8/20 23:48:00

      hi, you don't need the visa, but an entry permit for Hong Kong SAR.

  • Replygenalyn montilla,   Philippines
    2011/8/17 16:28:00

    hi, I,m Gen, from Philippines,am planning to go for a tour with my family in disney land Hongkong for 4 days maximum,do we need to apply a visa travel to hongkong? thank U.

    • Bill :2011/8/17 21:15:00

      no, you don't need the Hong Kong visa, since filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.

  • ReplyScarlett,   Philippines
    2011/8/17 4:46:00

    Hi , I'm from the Philippines , I have a passport and wanted to go to Hongkong , Do I still need to apply Visa before going there ?

    • Nem :2011/8/17 21:08:00

      filipino passport holders are allowed to stay in hong kong up to 14 days without a visa.

  • Replyehms,   Philippines
    2011/8/16 23:46:00


    I am going home to philippines on December. Im flying from Dubai to Hongkong to Manila. We have to wait 12 hours in Hongkong airport for our Manila flight. I just want to check if we can go out from the City and visit Disneyland during that 12 hours so we will do something while waiting for our flight? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Lisa :2011/8/17 21:00:00

      yes, you can go out for a short trip, and the visa is not required for you.

  • ReplyTony,   United Kingdom
    2011/8/16 14:58:00

    I am writing to ask how long am i allowed to stay and travel around in Hong Kong. I am currently holding a valid british visa but I am not british citizen.I plan to go to hong kong at the end of August. Also, can i take a train to go to Beijing from Hong kong with only british visa? or am i only allowed to take airplane for mainland travel. Thank you!

    • Juno :2011/8/16 20:30:00

      hi tony,
      where are you from?
      the British Visa is not valid in China.
      the above list is the countries do not need Hong Kong visa in the visa free period, check it to see whether your country is included.
      you have to apply a tourist visa for mainland China if you want to go to Beijing, and with the visa can you take any transport means as you like.

  • Replydinesh agarwal,   India
    2011/8/16 10:52:00

    I origin from India. I am going to Hong Kong. From there I want to go to Guanghou. Can I get a visa on arrival for Guanghou for one day?

    • Susan :2011/8/16 20:22:00

      hi Dinesh,
      you can not get the visa for mainland China in Hong Kong, but need to obtain one in your country before your departure.

  • ReplyKris Lyn Libo-on,   Philippines
    2011/8/16 4:41:00

    hi. my friend and i would like to travel to BEIJING for only 3 days do we still need to have a visa? were from the philippines.. thanks

    • Candy :2011/8/16 20:09:00

      yes, you need the tourist visa for mainland China.

  • ReplyJames L.Basconcillo,   Philippines
    2011/8/15 6:35:00

    sir/madam i just want to know if i could apply a residential status also in hongkong coz my daughter sarah danielle basconcillo is studying in hongkong and born in hongkong while im here in the philippines already for good,thnk u so much sir/madam for our kind consideration.james l.basconcillo

    • Judy :2011/8/15 20:00:00

      you can not get the residential status, but only apply a Hong Kong visit visa, and you can also apply for an extension before the visa expires.

  • Replypeter,   Malaysia
    2011/8/14 19:19:00

    Hi, do I need a visa if I want to travel to china from Hong kong after 90 days visa free period in Hong Kong?

    • flora :2011/8/15 19:39:00

      yes, you need a China tourist visa whenever you go to China.

  • ReplyBobby Micheal,   Malaysia
    2011/8/14 2:13:00

    Hello sir/ma, my name is Bobby,am a Nigerian studying in Malaysia university with a Malaysian student visa in my Nigeria passport and I will like to pay a 10 days visit to my girl friend who is working in Hong Kong.please sir/ma, have do I apply for visiting/tourist visa to Hong Kong and the requirements from Malaysia. thank you for your response.

    • Olivia :2011/8/14 18:25:00

      hi Bobby,
      you can apply the Hong kong visa in the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.
      you may refer to the above article for basic requirements.
      you may also need to submit your current visa.

  • Replyandrea,   Ghana
    2011/8/11 3:46:00

    Hi, I am Ghanaian on a business trip in China, i am heading to Canada on a trip to see my family, my connecting flight is from guangzhou to hong kong through to Vancouver. Do i need a transit visa ??

    • Blaire :2011/8/14 0:53:00

      no,you don't need the visa.

  • Replyron,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/8/13 23:04:00

    if i was born in Thailand? But now for the last 10 years have lived and worked in Hong Kong and have resadency and ID card. Do i need a visa if traveling to Goa India? What do i need?.

    • Jean :2011/8/14 0:40:00

      yes, i think you need the visa.

  • Replymoses,   Australia
    2011/8/13 21:49:00

    i am planning to visit to hong kong for 2 days. do i need to apply hong kong visa, i am fiji pass[port holder and australian permanent residence

    • Harry :2011/8/14 0:35:00

      hi Moses,
      Fiji passport holders are free of Hong Kong visa up to 90 days. so you don't need to apply the visa

  • Replyyaseen,   Jordan
    2011/8/9 4:04:00

    I am Jordanian passport in hongkong ,do i need a visa going to Shenzhen for 5 days

    • Bill :2011/8/9 18:07:00

      hi Yaseen,
      you need to apply a China visa if you want to go to Shenzhen.
      or you can go with a group tour organized by a local travel agency in Hong kong and stay in Shenzhen no more than 6 days, in that way, you don't need a visa.

  • Replyshamima Hasan,   Bangladesh
    2011/8/8 17:03:00

    I am a permanent resident of USA and live in California. I have a Bangladesh passport. I will be visiting Bangladesh and my flight is through HongKong. I will not be getting out of the Hong Kong airport and have a connecting flight to Bangkok. Do I need a transit visa to travel through Hong Kong??

    • Candy :2011/8/8 19:31:00

      if you stay in the Hong Kong airport, you don't need the hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyDiep,   Singapore
    2011/8/8 9:06:00


    We plan have famly trip to HK in Sep, but my mother hold Vietnam PP & long term pass in Singapore, how I apply visa to HK for her? estimate hong long can have it? if we go MACAO for just one day trip, back HK for same day, need visa to MACAO or not?
    Thanks for your advice

    • Fiona :2011/8/8 19:30:00

      hi Diep,
      you need to go to the Chinese Embassy in Singapore to apply the Hong Kong visa for your mother.
      if you are holding Singaporean passport, you don't need the Macau visa, but your mother still need a Macau visa.

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