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I want to say
  • ReplyJun,   Canada
    2011/11/16 10:54:00

    I have Chinese passport with Canadian Permanent Resident Card. I will travel from Toronto to Hong Kong and stay there for 5 days and then go to Main China. Please let me know if I need to apply permit to stay in Hang Kong for 5 days or not.

    • vivien :2011/11/16 18:21:00

      yes Jun,
      you need to apply a travel document for Hong kong through the Chinese Embassy or consulate General in Canada.

  • ReplyUnknown,   Malaysia
    2011/11/13 21:04:00

    Hi, I am going to Hong Kong this coming December 2011 but my passport expires in May 2012. Can I still enter Hong Kong?

    • Peter :2011/11/14 18:52:00

      yes, you can enter Hong Kong.
      Since Malaysian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you only need to make sure your passport is valid for at least 120 days when you enter Hong Kong.

  • Replythea,   Philippines
    2011/11/12 2:28:00

    hi this thea,from philippines.
    I want to go to hongkong for 20days.
    I found out that its only 14days allowed.
    what will i do?

    • Helen :2011/11/12 17:48:00

      hi thea,
      if you want to stay in Hong Kong more than 14 days, you need to apply the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in the Philippines.

  • ReplyChan Kok Meng,   Malaysia
    2011/11/10 17:19:00

    I am a Malaysian and do I need a visa to visit Hongkong.

    • Carlos :2011/11/10 17:30:00

      You enjoy a 90-day visa free period in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyXy-Za,   Philippines
    2011/11/7 16:56:00

    hi..! I am Xy-Za from Philippines..Me and my live in partner planning to go to Hong kong.My live in partner is an Australian...we will just go there for 2 nights then come back here in the philippines...do we need to apply for a visa..?

    • Celia :2011/11/7 19:47:00

      Both of you do not need to apply the Hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyEli Roy Richman,   Ghana
    2011/11/7 8:18:00

    Hi, I am a Ghanaian.Quite recently I made visit to china and stay for two week.I am currently planning to visit Hong kong and which to inquire from you if there is the need for me to take a Hong kong visa.Again would also want to ask if there is any document i would be required of to declare at the airport.

    • Daisy :2011/11/7 19:45:00

      you need to apply for the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy or consulate General in Ghana.
      your passport and visa will be enough at the airport.

  • Replyluisa,   Philippines
    2011/11/4 20:53:00

    hi im luisa
    we would like to go to hongkong for only 3 - 4 days with my boyfriend but im only just a student i dont have income rightnow but all our travel fees is provided from my japanese boyfriend,but were not going at the same airport because im from philippines and my bf is from japan..can i go there to hongkong for that case?thank you..

    • Amanda :2011/11/5 18:26:00

      hi Luisa,
      it is possible.
      as a Filipino passport holder, you can stay in Hong Kong for at most 14 days, so you don't need to apply the Hog Kong visa if you only stay in Hong Kong for 3 - 4 days.

  • ReplyRebecca,   Philippines
    2011/11/3 18:22:00

    I am a Filipino. I and my family want to visit Hong Kong and Macau next year. Can we stay 3 days in Hong Kong, go to Macau for another two days, and go back to the Philippines from Macau?

    • Hank :2011/11/3 18:51:00

      Of course, it does work. have a good trip!

  • ReplyJ Joseph,   United Kingdom
    2011/10/29 20:10:00

    Hi, I am in mainland China on a business visa and my return flight is from Hong Kong (as I will be in Shenzhen for business). I have the Departure Card issued by the immigration dept on arrival with me; as I understand as a British citizen I do not require a visa to travel to Hong Kong, so where do I hand in my departure card section (in the past this was handed in at PEK). Thanks

    • Judy :2011/10/30 19:55:00

      hi J,
      you will hand in the card at the Shenzhen customs when you leaving for Hong Kong.

  • ReplyCK,   Singapore
    2011/10/27 10:32:00

    Hi, my wife is a SPR holding a China PRC passport. Does she need to apply for a visa to visit Hong Kong for holiday of 4days?

    • Mark :2011/10/27 18:46:00

      Yes, she do have to apply for a Hong Kong entry permit from the China emabssy in Singapore.

  • ReplyDesiree,   United States
    2011/10/25 14:09:00

    As a Chinese passport holder traveling to Hong Kong to visit family for 2 months what is required?

    • Nick :2011/10/25 19:36:00

      You should apply for a Hong Kong Entry Permit with docoments listed on the official website of Hong Kong Immogration department

  • ReplyColene,   Singapore
    2011/10/23 1:15:00

    Hi, im going hong kong on 29/10/11-01/11/11 & I've apply for my myanmar domestic helper visa to go along. I've stated the traveling date at the visa application but I decided to stay for 1 more day so must I reapply for her visa or is there an allowance of days at the visa? I've no time to reapply as it takes 4-5 working days to apply at me country.

    Thanks & regards!

    • Ann :2011/10/23 19:53:00

      Hi Colene,
      don't worry about the stay period. there is an allowance of days on the visa.

  • ReplyJo Mensah,   China
    2011/10/20 23:18:00

    Hi, I currently live in China as a dependent on my husband's work permit. I have got a job and need to go out of China to apply for an entry clearance. Is it possible to do that in Hong Kong? I hold a Ghanaian passport.

    • Linda :2011/10/21 19:59:00

      I'm afraid you will have to go back to your home country to do this. Anyway, you can try to call the Immigration Department of Hk by enquiry hotline at (852) 2824 6111 first.

  • Replycarmel grace solis,   Philippines
    2011/10/19 22:43:00

    is a hotel voucher enough for visiting macau?just for 3 days only?

    • Carl :2011/10/20 20:37:00

      No, avalid filipino passport is necessasy for you to enter Macau.

  • ReplyEva M. Abugho,   Philippines
    2011/10/18 2:39:00

    hello, i just want to ask what are the requirements in going to Hongkong so that i will not have any problems in going there? thank you. kindly please tell me in detail?

    • Rachael :2011/10/18 21:03:00

      filipino passport holders can be visa-free in hong Kong for 14 days, so you only need to take your valid passport (valid for at least 44 days), round-trip airtickets, and hotel reservation.

  • Replydebi,   Indonesia
    2011/10/14 7:03:00

    hi,am debi,how longer i can stay in philipine with tourist visa,how to apply it,is possible i can stay there for 6 month,am holding indonesian pasport,thanks.

    • Kevin :2011/10/14 20:00:00

      Indonesian passport holders are exempt from visa to Philippines for less than 21 days.

  • ReplyStewart,   Philippines
    2011/10/14 5:48:00

    I was refused entry to Hong Kong on the 14 day pass requirements (Sept 2010) as I did not have the correct documentation showing where I was staying and the necessary funds etc.
    Will this effect any future visits I make to Hong Kong. I assume that each visit is accessed individually and providing I meet the current entry requirements I will be given a 14 day pass although previously rejected?

    • Nancy :2011/10/14 19:51:00

      I know that visa application may be rejected without giving any reason. The only way is to try to submit your application with more documents that your can provide. Good luck!

  • Replywira,   Indonesia
    2011/10/14 1:36:00


    are australian passport holder need a visa to go to beijing?

    • Bruce :2011/10/14 19:44:00

      Of course, they need, if only they are government officers going to China for official affairs.

  • Replykristine basa,   Philippines
    2011/10/11 7:28:00

    my family and i will travel hongkong on dec. 10 and our ticket back to philippines is dec. 28 so meaning our ticket duration is more than 14 days exceeding to the allowable days of stay in hongkong, nevertheless by dec 15 we will travel from hongkong to macau and be back to hongkong on dec. 18, 10 days prior to our departure to hongkong. my question is what particular documents are we going to prepare to the chinese immigration?

    • flora :2011/10/11 20:07:00

      hi Kristine,
      first, you have to leave Hong Kong before 00:00 AM on Oct. 15th, and when you get back to Hong Kong on 18th, you may get another 14 days stay. it this case, you don't need to apply the visa, but you need to privide the voucher of hotel reservation in both Hong Kong and Macau, and the air tickets, and your valid passport, of course.
      My suggestion is: when you enter Hong Kong, you'd better tell the officer at the customs that you are going to stay in Hong Kong for 14 days and leave for Macau on the 14th day. when entering Macau, you can tell the officier that you will stay in Macau for only 3 or 4 days, and will leave for Hong Kong on the 3rd or 4th day. when entering Hong Kong again, show your return air tickets and say you will go back to your country on Dec. 28.

  • Replylouis hiaw,   Malaysia
    2011/10/4 20:54:00

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i understand that as a Malaysian holding Malaysia international passport don't need to apply for Visa when entering HK within 90days. But this time i'm going for a week and plannig to go Macau and Guangzhou too, therefore do i need a visa for that? If Yes, how should i go about that?

    Louis Hiaw.

    • Lily :2011/10/8 20:02:00

      you also don't need to apply for the Macau visa as Malaysian passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau without a visa for at most 30 days, but you need to apply for a Chinese tourist visa for your tour to Guangzhou.
      you can obtain the visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate general in Malaysia.

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