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I want to say
  • ReplyDiana Dizon
    2014/12/20 12:45:00

    my husband and i are planning to go to hongkong but i am in america and he is in the philippines. we were planning to meet up there. should we apply for visa? or just him or me? i am a green card holder with philippine passport and he has only philippine passport

    • Kina :2015/1/19 21:46:00

      Philippine passport holders are exempt from visa for 14 days in HK. So no visa is needed for either of you. It would be fine to meet up there.

  • Replymarife denonong
    2015/1/9 7:54:00

    Hi hello, im working in hongkong and I have bf in US, what the requirements og tourist visa there?can i aply here in hongkong tourist visa in US?thank u!

  • ReplyJongks
    2014/12/2 10:04:00

    Hi im a filipina and my boyfriend is in taiwan we are planning to meet in hong kong this 18 of decemeber. I already have roundtrip airfare but the hotel accomodation is under my boyfriend name,is that possible for me to use this as my hotel reservation? Do i need to prepare some other documents? And money to show the immigration?and also if i will be visiting macau do i need visa or other documents?thank u for your response.

    • Alilan :2014/12/6 21:21:00

      Yes, it is fine to show the hotel reservation proof which is under your boyfriend. Don't worry! Somestimes the immigration may ask the show money, 100USD for each day's stay in Hk. I suggest you prepare some cash or bank statement. And no extra documents are needed to tour Macao.

  • Replyedz
    2014/11/19 23:44:00

    HiI'm a foreign worker here in hongkong, is is possible for me to apply a 3months visa for my 10year old son so that he can be with me for 3months?Does it take long for the processing?Thanks.

    • Teddy :2014/11/23 2:41:00

      Yes, you can help your son to apply for a visit visa to stay with you. It usually takes around 15 days to process. As for the documents needed and other notes, you can search for the official website of HK Immigration Department.

  • Replychelsea
    2014/11/22 7:45:00

    hi! I'm a filipina. I'm now here in hongkong with visit visa. my story goes like this..I worked at ocean park for only 2 months contract but before my contract ends I found another employer and processed another working visa for me. my employer gave me white card (extension section) from immigration so that I can stay free in hong kong even my visa already expired.the problem is, I went to the philippines for 2 weeks after my contract in ocean park. after 2 weeks I came back here in hong kong with visit visa (14days) and still my working visa not yet release and its already 4weeks this coming 23rd of november. I only have 4days Left in visit visa to stay here.my questions are:-is my white card still valid since I exit to philippines?-can I extend my visit visa (with a reason of waiting my working visa to release)-what is the best way to do with my condition?any one can help me please.. :(

    • Elina :2014/11/23 2:48:00

      But with the visit visa, it is illegal to work in HK. When passing the HK customs, they will check your relative documents, you'd better not present the white card, or they may check further. Just directly try to apply for visa extension through HK Immigration Department.

    • chelsea :2014/11/23 11:10:00

      Thanks elina.. but can I still apply for my visa extension I still have 2 days left to stay here in HK. Thank you

    • Elina :2014/11/23 20:03:00

      Time may be tight to apply for the extention from the officials. I suggest you turn to CTS (China Travel Service) for help, whose service is more speedy and you need to pay them more accordingly. Anyway, I am still not 100% sure if you can get the extension with their help. Just give it a try! Good luck.

  • ReplyEve Santos
    2014/11/10 21:07:00

    Good day! Im Filipino and wants to go on tour at Hongkong for 3days with a round trip ticket but i still have another tour going to dubai would that be possible to depart from there going to next tour or do i have to fly back in Manila

    • Rina :2014/11/23 2:21:00

      You don't need to fly back to Manila. As you have the further trip, it is fine to show your air ticket to HK and the onward ticket to Dubai, together with your hotel reservation proof. Sometimes, the customs may check the bank statement, so prepare a corresponding proof as well.

  • Replyhope
    2014/11/21 16:47:00

    hi i am Malian but now i am living in Togo.i need to go to hongkong for 10 days and enjoy visa free.because i will take flight from Togo.i need to know if i need hongkong visa?thank you

    • Shonali :2014/11/23 2:43:00

      No, you don't need a visa. There is no limit where you are fying from and they will just check your passport, round trip air ticket and hotel reservation proof.

  • ReplyBjabin
    2014/11/18 21:27:00

    Hi, we are nepalese passport holder, currently we are working in China. Please advise us how to process for Hong Kong visa from mainland China itself apart from online process

    • Susan :2014/11/23 2:32:00

      You can try to get one in Beijing. You should submit an application forms relating to the purpose of entry to HK together with the relevant supporting documents to the Immigration Section of the Office of the Government of the HK Special Administrative Region in Beijing (Beijing Office). You are required to produce their travel document to the Immigration Section of the Beijing Office so that a visa/entry permit could be issued if the application is approved.

    • Susan :2014/11/23 2:33:00

      The application form can be downloaded from HK Immigration Department's website. Besides, you can also try to apply for one through a travel agency in mainland China.

  • ReplyTessa
    2014/11/17 8:45:00

    Hi Good day.Im a Filipina working in Hongkong as Helper I will going to Thailand to meet my bf.Is there any requurments I need to show when I come back in HK..Thanks

    • Gina :2014/11/23 2:27:00

      Just show your valid passport and the work permit in HK.

  • Replyerda
    2014/11/12 4:23:00

    Hi i recieved an interview invitation through email as a waitress..Im from philippines do i have to have the work visa first before attending the interview or i will attend the interview first before applying a work visa to hongkong?

    • Tina :2014/11/23 2:24:00

      Hi, you can go for the interview visa free first, because Filipinoes are exempt from visa for 14 days. After you succeed in getting this job, you can apply for the work visa then.

  • Replylai

    i.. i'm planning for a tour in hongkong for 2 days,, and wait for flight going to uae.. i have my passport tourist visa and air ticket .. i want to ask if from hongkong is it ok only one way ticket to purchase...going to abu dhabi????

  • ReplyLanre
    2014/10/22 14:34:00

    I am a Nigerian with Permanent resident status in Canada. I applied for a visa to Hong Kong over a month ago and have not heard anything back. My flight leaves in 2 weeks, does anyone know have any advise on what I can do? Has anyone experienced this?ThanksI forgot to mention I am only going as a tourist and will be there for just 6 days

    • Morgan :2014/10/29 2:03:00

      You are suggested to contact the HK Immigration Department for checking, because they have the right to issue your visa.

  • ReplyIris
    2014/10/6 8:35:00

    Hi!im married with Chinese man and I'm Philippine and now stay in UAE..and 4 months ago I got deliver my first baby in UAE and now we need to apply a Chinese passport.So what is the requirments for Chinese passport because I'm Philippine?today I go to chinese consolate they said u check in the Internet,so now I don't know what I will do?

    • Jude :2014/10/29 1:56:00

      In general, you need to prepare an recent taken photo (48*33mm), an application form, birth certificate notarized by the UAE''s Ministry of Justice or Ministry of Health and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you and your husband''s passport & resident permit/visa for UAE, your marriage certificate, proof of having no other nationality. Then you need to apply your baby a Chinese passport and both you and your husband need to be present at the consulste.

  • ReplySan
    2014/9/24 5:05:00

    Hi, I am San , Nepali Passport holder, I have a visa for Main land China, The visa is valid for 3 month (9-Sep-2014 to 9 Dec-2014) But duration of each stay is 7 days, My question is, How can I enter to HK with it, As I have some friends in HK to meet. Please reply ASAP.

    • Linda :2014/9/24 5:27:00

      You cannot use it to visit HK. HK and China mainland have diferent immigration system, so you need to apply a seperate one for HK.

  • Replydesideria
    2014/9/23 17:25:00

    Hi' my name is daisy I'm here in Qatar me and my friend going vacation where planning to go in hongkong for two days i have a ticket connecting flight from qatar hongkong and philippines we need a visa I don't have MasterCard to book hotel it is a neccesary for hotel reservation or else when we arrived there its OK we go direct to chungking mansion because to much hotel that place tnx.

    • Amy :2014/9/24 5:34:00

      You have Qatar passport? If so, the hotel booking is not necessary.

  • Replymarc
    2014/9/15 9:45:00

    hi, are passports required for a 3-day tour to disneyland? planning to go with my spouse & kids.. thanks

    • Shana :2014/9/17 22:57:00

      Of course, you should take along your passport for traveling in HK. I wonder whether you refer to the visa issue. If yes, it depends on which country you are from.

  • Replyjackie lou derije
    2014/9/10 1:07:00

    hi my friend wanted to visit here in Hongkong for 14 days hes from nigerian..He still need to apply a visa or just an.invitation letter..pls help me anyone

    • Sarah :2014/9/17 22:55:00

      He needs to apply for a visa in advance.

  • Replycathy
    2014/9/7 3:30:00

    Hi I'm a Filipina, my bf is an american. We are planning to meet in Hongkong for 2 weeks vacation. what will I need to come over? Thank You

    • GIna :2014/9/17 22:53:00

      Hey, you should not miss the Disneyland Resort, Ngong Ping 360(Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery), Ocean Park, Aderbeen, Stanley Market and Tsim Sha Tsui. As well as that, there are many other attractions worth your time. If you have time, u are also recommended to visit Macao for several days.

  • ReplyBimon
    2014/8/20 0:46:00

    Hi! Good day. Im a domestic helper here in hongkong and my contract here will end on december 27,2014. Right now im applying nanny in canada and my visa application is being processed at canada visa office hongkong. Im planning to go to macau after end of my contract here in hongkong. I just want to ask if it is possible to stay in macau while waiting for my visa until january 2015?

    • Elina :2014/8/21 2:33:00

      May I know which country you are from? Then I can help you with this.

  • Replyanjonette
    2014/8/23 21:04:00

    Hi, I'm Anjonette I am a Filpino And I want to Hongkong alone to visit my Filipina friend and to go shopping there. I will stay there for 7 Days. Do I need a tourist Visa? Thanks

    • Uniya :2014/9/1 5:36:00

      No tourist visa is needed. Philippines passport holders are allowed to stay in hk for no more than 14 days. You just need to prepare round trip ticket and hotel reservation proof.

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