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I want to say
  • ReplyAbdullah,   India
    2010/9/15 22:33:00

    Can you arrange tickets from Hangzhou or shanghai to Hongkong to & fro? What will be the cost including hotel for one night.
    I only need to go hongkong to exit china & again renter with 30 days another entry.

  • Replyjosh,   China
    2012/1/12 5:40:00

    hello, i currently work in China and planning on going to Macau for a visit.I hold a ghanaian passport and thinking, do I hve to get a visa for Macao? Before Leaving? or i could get it on arrival? Please let me know. I would be going through SZ.

    • Hank :2012/1/12 17:19:00

      You have to apply for a Macau visa, but it can be applied at the Macau Airport on arrival.

  • ReplyAbbas,   Singapore
    2012/1/12 1:29:00


    I am holding Indian passport and working in Singapore. I would like to visit Hong Kong for 3 days plan. I know that without any visa, I can enter HK. But my doubt is, any other documents or show money is needed to enter HK? Thanks.

    • David :2012/1/12 1:43:00

      As far as I know, you will also have to provide your return air ticket to show how long you will stay in HK.

  • Replysos,   China
    2012/1/10 23:24:00

    Hello, I currently work in China with a work visa.I plan on going to Macau from Mainland China through Hong Kong. I hold a Ghana passport. How do I go round it?

    • Anne :2012/1/11 18:57:00

      you need to apply the Hong kong visa if you are going to visit Hong Kong. as for Macau, you can get the visa upon arrival in Macau.
      to apply the Hong Kong visa, you can submit the Hong Kong visa application form and supporting documents as well as your travel documents to the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing. The address is: No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009. or you can mail your documents to the Hong Kong immigration department.
      P.s. if you are still going back to Mainland China after this trip, please make sure your visa is a double entry or multi-entry visa.

  • Replymona,   Philippines
    2012/1/8 17:16:00

    Hi! I'm from the Philippines.My daughter & I will be going to HK for 3 days January 26-29.What should we bring,do we need a show money,how much?What else shoud we bring in case the immigration ask for other requirements.thanks a lot.

    • Bill :2012/1/8 18:42:00

      Take it easy Mona,
      filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you just need to show your valid passport and round-trip air ticket when passing the HK Customs.

  • Replyjess,   United States
    2012/1/4 23:48:00


    I plan to visit Hong kong on Jan 22, 2010. I have already reserved my airline ticket. I don't have a passport yet. I have a Travel Document (Green Booklet like a passport) and a Green Card. I know the US citizen do not need visa to visit Hong Kong as long as they don't stay over 90 days. I am not a citizen yet but I have Travel Document like a passport. Do I need to get Hong Kong Visa? Thanks for your help.

    • bruce :2012/1/5 20:22:00

      You said you are not a US citizen, can you tell me which passport do you hold? what nationality? Then I can tell me you need a visa to Hong Kong or not.

  • ReplySophia,   China
    2012/1/3 19:30:00

    Hello! I'm from Georgia(Republic of Georgia). Now I'm in China and want to go to Hongkong for one week. I want to know do i need a visa to Hongkong?

    • Alicia :2012/1/4 18:44:00

      hi Sophia,
      you need to apply the Hong Kong visa, and you also need to make sure that your China visa is a double or multi-entry visa.

  • ReplyDolma,   India
    2012/1/3 8:45:00

    Sir i and my husband are planning to visit hongkong and in the process go to macau and disneyland. I have got my tickets and will be returning on the 13th day to India.However,we will be putting up in our cousin's house. S o my question is, will we be requiring visasfor the same?
    Thank You

    • Amanda :2012/1/3 19:15:00

      you don't need to apply the hong kong visa.

  • ReplyDR.PANKAJ JOSHI,   India
    2011/12/30 21:46:00

    Respected sir ,

    here i got opportunity for spine training at hongkong with invitation letter from respective organisation , training will be of 30 days, can i come directly at hongkong airport and on arrival can i pay visa fee for stay for 30 days in hongkong,please guide me..

    • Rita :2012/1/1 19:57:00

      no sir,
      you have to apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy in India before you go to Hong Kong.

  • ReplyAlvin,   Philippines
    2011/12/28 8:07:00

    I am working in KSA & planning to go to Honkong with my family & stay for 4 days. My dautghter from Phillipines wants also to join us to stay in Hongkong, what are the requirement required to go to Hongkong without denial from immigration.

    • Amanda :2011/12/28 19:14:00

      Hi Alvin,
      filipino passport holders are exempt from hong Kong visa for 14 days.
      so if all of you are holding filipino passports, you can just go to Hong Kong with your valid passport.

  • ReplyJoseph Hamond,   Ghana
    2011/12/27 0:26:00

    i am a Ghanain in China but need to travel to Hongkong as Tourist can i get this Tourist agencies that help help me tour with them to Hongkong
    and how much are they charging.

    • Sally :2011/12/27 18:20:00

      Hi Joseph,
      you need to apply a Hong Kong tourist visa before you visit Hong Kong.
      if you want to join in a tour group with Warriortour.com, you can contact them through MSN or Skype on the left side at

  • ReplyYan,   Philippines
    2011/12/21 16:53:00


    I am from the Philippines. Would it be possible to stay in Hong Kong for over 14 days if I exit to Macau and re-enter Hong Kong again? I'm planning to stay there for 3 weeks.

    • Tina :2011/12/21 18:08:00

      it is hard to see if the officials at the control will let you re-enter Hong Kong or not.
      a friend of mine got another 14 days when re-enter Hong Kong, but another friend was refused to enter.

  • ReplyDarren,   Ireland
    2011/12/20 3:00:00

    Hi, I am a student from Ireland going on an student exchange to Hong Kong. I've applied for my visa but it's still processing and I may not have it before I leave at the end of the month. I've read that Irih passport holders can stay for up to 90 days without a visa, but in my case it will be 5-8 months - is this going to be a problem? my visa will more than likely be issued soon after I arrive.

    • Jimmy :2011/12/20 18:00:00

      Hi Darren,
      it usually takes four weeks to process a visa application, and you can make an enquire about the processing through the Hong Kong immigration department to see if you can get your visa before you leave.
      or you can just go to Hong Kong, and ask a friend or relative to collect the visa with the receipt and mail it to you to Hong Kong. after you get the visa, you can go to Macau and re-enter Hong Kong with the student visa.

  • Replymeje,   Philippines
    2011/12/16 21:14:00

    Hi there! Im philippine national but currently residing in UAE for almost 4 years. Actually, im planning to visit hongkong on 3rd week of January 2012 for 7 days only but i really dont have idea from where to start to get a visa. I have a friend there in HK where i can stay there when i arrived.Please advised me what are the process.

    • Andy :2011/12/17 17:06:00

      hi Meje,
      are you holding a filipino passport or a UAE passport?
      if you still hold a filipino passport, you can stay in Hong Kong free of visa for 14 days.
      if you hold a UAE passport, you can stay in Hong Kong without a visa up to 30 days.
      therefore, you don't need to apply a Hong Kong visa for your 7-day trip.

  • ReplyAPRIL,   Philippines
    2011/12/14 7:35:00

    hi,im a Filipina,i want to visit HK before Christmas,can i stay there till Chinese new year?i,m 21 years old.thanks so much!

    • Mini :2011/12/14 18:04:00

      Filipina passport holders are allowed to stay in Hong Kong free of visa up to 14 days, so you need to apply a Hong Kong visa if you want to stay longer.

  • ReplySimon,   Ghana
    2011/12/14 4:51:00

    I am Simon Kwame a Ghanaian, please i want to verify if i need a Visa to Spain with my Ghanaian passport, also i would also want to which which countries are visa free with my Ghanaian passport.

  • Replykevin,   India
    2011/12/14 0:36:00

    Hi ,

    My wife has an indian passport and has stayed in hong kong for a while and applied a visa extention at the Hk Immigration. Now she wants to go china with the china visa she has on her passport.

    I wonder after this china trip, will she still get 14 days to stay in hong kong on her return ?

    • Anna :2011/12/14 17:42:00

      Hi Kevin,
      she may get the 14-day stay in Hong Kong, but as her last departure date from Hong Kong will be very close, so the officer at the control may not let her enter Hong Kong.

  • ReplyMd. Abdullah Al Baky,   Bangladesh
    2011/12/13 23:14:00

    Whether it is possible to go from Shhanghai to Hong Kong as a Bangladeshi passport holder. Note that, If I have china visa collected from Bangladesh.

    • Bonnie :2011/12/14 17:26:00

      you need to apply a Hong Kong visa even you are holding a China visa.

  • ReplyMurali Krishnan,   India
    2011/12/12 22:15:00


    I'm an Indian and need to go to Shenzen for a business trip. This is my first trip to China. My invite letter will be from a Shenzen based Co. I need to enter through Hongkong, and need to go to Shenzen and stay there for a month. I may have to come to Hongkong multiple times during this one month stay. I'm planning to take a Mainland china Visa for 6 months (multiple entry). Will I also need any kind of HK visa? or will I get a 14 day stay permit issued (for Indians it is 14 days permit) each time I enter HK from Shenzen?

    • Gina :2011/12/13 18:33:00

      Hi Murali,
      i think you don't need to apply a visa or permit for Hong Kong, but you'd better consult the Hong Kong immigration department to see if you need a visa with multiple entry or a entry permit.

  • Replyjames basconcillo,   Philippines
    2011/12/11 5:23:00

    thnk u so much sir/mam for your reply,sorry for not replying your message at once coz im really bc working ok sir/mam how can i know if the HKSAR IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT agree?thnk u so much again............

    • Lily :2011/12/11 18:45:00

      agree on what? visa ?
      if they agree your application, you will get your visa or permit.

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