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I want to say
  • Replylalu,   China
    2012/2/20 22:14:00

    my wife is chinese and she is holding HK entry passport too, i am also living in Shenzhen,china with L visa[family], M entries. i am Nepali passport holder and if i want to go to HK for visit purpose how and where to apply the HK visa? what documents required to apply?

    • Remond :2012/2/21 2:00:00

      Hi Lalu,
      you can mail your application documents to the Hong Kong immigration department and apply the Hong Kong visa through mail.
      As for the required documents, you may read the above article. in addition, you also need to submit your Chinese visa.
      you'd better contact the Hong kong immigration department for detailed information.

  • ReplyVicki,   Australia
    2012/2/16 21:14:00

    My husband are going to Hong Kong and from there getting a ferry to Macau.
    If we want to go to the territories in China do we need a Visa?

    • Sally :2012/2/17 18:35:00

      you need the Chinese visa if you go to Mainland China, but you are visa-free in Hong Kong and Macau.

  • ReplyGlo,   Philippines
    2012/2/16 8:26:00

    im from the phils and were planning to go in hongkong this march 26 and return on april6. it will be our first time to visit hongkong.. may i know what documents should i show to immigration.we already book our round trip ticket.but not hotel reservation..from there we can rent a guest house..please advice me.. thanks

    • Nancy :2012/2/16 19:16:00

      take it easy, Glo,
      filipino passport holders can stay in Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days, so your valid passport, round-trip air ticket will be enough.

  • Replyjames,   China
    2012/2/11 17:38:00

    I'm international student here in China am from Nigeria and i wish to visit Hongkong for holiday... How will I apply for their visa?

    • George :2012/2/11 22:26:00

      You can apply for the visa of Hk through China Travel Service Hong Kong Ltd (CTS) China Travel Service Hong Kong Ltd (CTS) whose phone number is 852 2998 7888

  • ReplyJen,   Philippines
    2012/2/10 20:58:00

    I am a filipina. I am scheduled to travel to hongkong on feb 13 and return flight is Feb 15. What do i need to present in the immigration department? thanks.

    • Jack :2012/2/11 22:20:00

      I think your valid filipino passport and return air ticket will be enough.

  • ReplyKwesi,   Ghana
    2012/2/10 3:40:00

    I know with a ghanaian pasport you dont need a visa to hongkong. Do i declare any documents or money? If yes how much.

    • Nina :2012/2/10 17:29:00

      Hi Kwesi,
      Ghanaian passport holders need to apply for a Hong Kong visa, unless you are holding a Ghana diplomatic or official passport, you can be visa free in Hong Kong for 14 days.

  • ReplyAtif Khan,   Pakistan
    2012/2/8 22:56:00

    I am Atif Khan and a USA Citizen. I have recently formed a company in HK and I am planning to move to HK. My Wife is a Pakistani national living in Pakistan. What type of Visa can i apply for her so she can stay with me.

    • Jenny :2012/2/9 17:56:00

      you can apply a dependant visa for her and you will be her sponsor in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyJessica,   Australia
    2012/2/6 6:41:00

    Hi, im currently holding a Philippine passport but i live in Australia now and have an australian resident. Im just wondering if i need a visa to get to hongkong when i visit my relatives there for not more than 2 weeks? Thanks.

    • James :2012/2/6 17:44:00

      Hi Jessica,
      Filipino passport holders have a 14-day visa free period in Hong Kong, so you need to apply a Hong kong visa if you intend to stay more than 14 days.

  • ReplyErwin,   Philippines
    2012/2/6 4:10:00

    Hello I am from Philippines, we are planning to go to Hongkong this March 21, 2012 and return on March 29, 2012 with my 2 kids. May I know what documents should I show to the immigration? We already book the ticket, can we extend our stay in Hongkong if possible? Please advice me Thank You......

    • Nina :2012/2/6 17:42:00

      Hi Erwin,
      Filipino passport holders can stay in Hong Kong free of visa for 14 days, so you can extend your stay to in Hong Kong to 14 days.
      documents you need to show are your valid passport, your round-trip air tickets, and the voucher of room reservation in Hong kong hotels.

  • Replygillani,   Pakistan
    2012/2/5 5:51:00

    Hi,,, I hold official Pakistan passport, currently working in Nanjing, (Jiangsu China). I Want to visit HK for few days vacations with my family. My wife and kids hold non-official passports. Can I get a visa for them upon arrival at entry point to HK? or else can I apply for visa for them at Nanjing? thanks

    • david :2012/2/5 19:27:00

      I'm afraid you will have to apply for the Hk visa in advance through China Travel Service Hong Kong Ltd (CTS) whose Customer Service Hotline: (852) 2998 7888

  • ReplyTifa Chan,   Malaysia
    2012/2/3 18:35:00

    Hi, I am Malaysian and I am going to Hong Kong, Macau and SzeChuang this coming February for around 3 weeks. Is it true that I do not have to apply visa for Hong Kong and Macau? Can I apply my Szechuang visa when I am staying in Hong Kong or Macau? How long before I can get my visa and how much will it cost?

    Thank you.

    • kevin :2012/2/5 0:05:00

      You are visa freee to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 days. You can apply for your visa to Sichuan in mainland China from the visa office of PRC either in Hk or Macau. The visa fee is HK$200 for a single entri China visa. However, there is usually a long line waiting in from of the office, so I advise you qapply for the China visa from the China embassy or consulate general in your country in advance to smooth your trip.

  • ReplyRafa, Philippines,   Philippines
    2012/1/30 21:07:00


    My boyfriend is a filipino seaman working at Miami, Florida base and he will be leaving in March back to work but he will visit first HK with me at about 3 days, his exit of entry to US is HK, is this ok with his us visa, or what he will going to do so that we can stay in HK? TYVM.

    • Larrisa :2012/1/31 2:03:00

      i think it is ok, and you can have a tour in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyKing George,   Philippines
    2012/1/30 22:49:00

    Hi there.

    I'm holding a Philppines passport but currently working in Singapore. This coming June I am going for a short tour. First going to Hongkong.. Then to MAcau.. then Visit my Friend in Shengzhen then go back to Hongkong for my flight back to Singapore. I will be spending 2 days each.
    I like to know few things:

    Do we need a visa in going back to Hongkong? Our return flight to singapore is in Hongkong?

    Do we need Visa for Macau and Shengzhen?


    Your reply is much appreciated

    • Kate :2012/1/31 1:57:00

      hi King,
      you do not need any visa for Hong Kong and MAcau ,but a Chinese tourist visa is required for your visit to Shenzhen. you need to apply it through the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.

  • ReplyMahmoud,   Egypt
    2012/1/27 6:46:00

    I'm Egyptian working in Abu Dhabi,
    do I need Visa to visit Hong Knog?
    if yes, how many days do i need to have the visa ready, and how much does it cost?


    • Chuck :2012/1/27 18:19:00

      no, you don't need to apply the visa. Egyption passport holders are free of hong Kong visa for 90 days.

  • ReplyPatricia Goerg,   Australia
    2012/1/25 22:18:00

    I am planing to travel to Hong Kong on the 31/3/12 to 5/4/12. Could you tell me if i require a visa I am going for a 5 day holiday. When i am there i am planing a day visit to China so do i need a visa to go there
    Thank you

    • Nancy :2012/1/26 19:25:00

      Hi Patricia,
      you need to apply a Chinese L visa if you plan to go to Mainland China during your Hong Kong tour.

  • ReplySimon,   Germany
    2012/1/20 12:05:00

    Hello, I'm from Germany and my fiancee is from the Philippines and we want to travel to HK on several dates first for 1-2 days, than for about 7 days and for 1-2 days again. Do we need some re-entry-visa?

    • Lilian :2012/1/20 19:38:00

      You don't need some re-entry visa, Nationals from Germany and Philippines are exempt from a visa to Hong Kong for 90 days, 14 days respectively per entry.

  • ReplyMelanie,   Philippines
    2012/1/19 7:57:00

    hi, im lanie from philippines, i will stay in honkong for one day,,what documents should i prepare? do i need show money? flight back ticket? and etc.?? pls. reply to my email.. marcelo_melanie@yahoo.com

    • Sasha :2012/1/20 0:16:00

      if you are holding a filipino passport, you don't need to apply the visa.
      just your valid passport will do.

  • ReplyJolice,   Philippines
    2012/1/16 3:04:00

    Hello, I am pilipino passport holder, it will be my first time to go hongkong & outside phils and i want to visit my friend who live there. Do i need to present any documents such as bank statement, plane tickets & etcs in immigration office... eventhough he will shoulder evrything my stay in hongkong for a week ???

    • Alicia :2012/1/16 19:22:00

      Hi Jolice,
      i think you need to show your round-trip air tickets at the customs.

  • ReplyQuyen,   Viet Nam
    2012/1/16 1:06:00

    how much does it cost for hk visa 3 times visit & china visa 2 times visit? my passport is vietnamese. tks :)

    • Lsia :2012/1/16 19:18:00

      it costs HKD 160 for the HK visa, and USD 45 for the Mainland China visa.

  • ReplyDali,   China
    2012/1/13 10:44:00

    Now I'm in China, and going to Hongkong for make my working visa. I know I need a visa for enter in Hongkong, but I want to know can I make it on arrival.

    • Steve :2012/1/13 17:25:00

      May I know your nationality first? Or Which country's passport are you holding?

    • Dali ( China ) :2012/1/14 1:50:00

      Thanks for reply Steve. I'm from Georgia(Republic of Georgia)。

    • Steve :2012/1/14 19:13:00

      Hi Dali,
      you cannot get the Hong Kong visa upon arrival.

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