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I want to say
  • ReplyHolly
    2012/7/9 2:57:00

    Dear sir,
    Thank you very much for your reply for my last question. I went to apply 3 months single entry china visa. What I don't understand is the officer lady said that I will get 7 days entry china visa, so should I stay only 7 days or can I stay up to 20 or 30 days as every time I entered china the custom officer will give me 30 days visa stamp.

    Thank you again!!


    • Anna :2012/7/9 19:50:00

      i'm confused. where did you get the visa for Mainland China?
      since you have already got a single entry China visa, have you already used it to enter mainland China? if you have already been to Mainland China, then the visa can not be used anymore.
      as for your question, if the officer said you get 7 days, you can only stay in Mainland China for 7 days.

  • ReplyHolly,   Macau, China
    2012/7/8 4:02:00

    I'm hding indonesian pasport and I just resign from my job (casino hotel) in Macau and I plan to visit Guang Zhou for about 3 weeks to one month before I go back to my country (Indonesia).
    I'm bit confuse weather I book ticket to flight to my home town from hong kong or I have to book ticket to flight from Guang Zhou to my country.
    And is it ok if I go to Guang Zhou trough HK by train. Will hong kong immigration let me entry on my way to Guang Zhou and on my way to hong kong airport ??

    Regard holly

    • Emily :2012/7/8 19:33:00

      Hi Holly,
      do you have a Chinese visa?
      i think you need to change your plan if you don't have one.
      as Indonesian passport holder, you are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 30 days, so there is no problem for you go to Hong Kong from Macau.
      however, you need to apply a visa to Mainland China if you plan to visit Guangzhou. Indonesian passport holders are not allowed to apply the visa in Hong Kong or Macau, so you have to apply it through the Chinese Embassy in your country or other countries (some also require the residence permit of that country when you apply the Chinese visa).

  • ReplyMuahammad Asif,   Pakistan
    2012/7/7 7:26:00

    Dear Sir,

    Respectfully i beg to say that i wana work in hongkong but i have not a job.
    i am graguate.

    please guide me.

    how can i apply for a job.


    best regards!

    • Kina :2012/7/7 19:35:00

      You have to find an offer yourself.

  • ReplyHelen,   China
    2012/7/5 9:06:00

    Hi, Iam Indonesian & live in Beijing with F visa holder. I will traveling to Hongkong next week but next week my china visa will expired . so can I renew my China visa in Hongkong? where can i renew my china visa in Hongkong. ?

    • Babara :2012/7/5 18:28:00

      no Helen,
      you can not renew your visa in Hong Kong, but need to renew it Mainland China before you go to Hong Kong.

  • ReplyStan,   Congo
    2012/7/3 23:49:00

    Hi, my name is stan from Republic of Congo,I'm a student in a Mainland(china)so di I need a visa to get Hong cong? bye the way i would like to use this way; Jinan(shandong)-Shenzhen-Hong kong and Hong Kong- Jinan, is it possible. thank you for your help.

    • Anne :2012/7/4 18:55:00

      yes, you need to apply the visa to Hong Kong.
      you can post the application forms and supporting documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department;
      or you can submit the documents to the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing. The address is: No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009.

  • ReplyLeigh,   United Kingdom
    2012/7/3 12:48:00

    My partner has signed with a rugby club in hong kong, i am moving there with him next month. i hope to apply for jobs once im there. is it normal practice to turn up for my 180 day visa free period then apply for a work visa once i have a supporting employer before this period expires?

    • Ashley :2012/7/3 19:29:00

      yes, it is possible. as long as you sign the contract with your employer, you can apply for a work permit in Hong Kong. but please make it clear that what documents you need to prepare before you leave UK. you can consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information.

  • ReplyVi,   Philippines
    2012/6/30 20:25:00

    Hi, I am from the Philippines and I have a roundtrip ticket to HK for ten days this August. Since I will be attending a special conference for a week in HK, I am planning for a side trip to the neighboring cities such as Macau and Guangzhou for the remaining four days of my travel. My question is do I need to secure a separate visa for Guangzhou and Macau? Where do I get the visa, from the Philippines or border pass will do? I have a friend from Guangzhou who is inviting me to stay at her house. Thanks.

    • Frank :2012/7/1 20:21:00

      Filipino passport holders don't need any vias to macau for no more than 30 days, but they do need a visa ti mainladn China such as Guangzhou. You'd better apply for a China visa from the China Embassy or consulate-general in Philippine ahead of your trip. It's impossibel for you to get an on-arrival visa for your trip to Guangzhou if you are not under emergency.

  • Replyjoms pasky,   Philippines
    2012/6/29 3:47:00

    hello im joms phil. i just want to know if it is ok that we only reserve 1 day in hotel.... but our roundtrip ticket to hongkong is good for 3days... so if we do really like the hotel we will just extend it for 3days is that ok?

    • Hebe :2012/6/29 19:52:00

      i think it is ok, since Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, and you have your round-trip air tickets.

  • ReplyCyam,   Philippines
    2012/6/26 23:25:00

    Hello, my current Philippine passport is with the US Embassy for visa stamping. Can I use my old passport (got extended until 2013 but has been punched with holes) to go to Hong Kong on a 4-day trip with my family?

    • Ashley :2012/6/27 19:05:00

      you can use your old passport as long as it is valid and has a validity of at most 44 days.

  • Replydaniel,   Romania
    2012/6/26 2:12:00

    hello,me and my girlfriend wanna travel to honk kong....i am a romanian citizen and she is zambian citizen...do we need any visa to visit hong kong? thank you

    • emily :2012/6/26 19:06:00

      no, you don't need the Hong Kong visa, both Romanian and Zambian passport holders are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for at most 90 days without a visa.

  • Replyeatilano47@yahoo.com,   Philippines
    2012/6/24 20:32:00

    Gud Morning,

    Please give me an advice,I am Planing to go alone in HOngkong this coming July 2012, I am from Philippines wat is my requirement in Passing Immigration or Hongkong Custom? and how much money will be needed for 1 week tour Vacation...please reply..

    • David :2012/6/25 20:11:00

      you need to show your valid passport and round-trip air tickets, sometimes they also require the voucher of hotel reservation.
      the approximate fee is CNY 5,000 for one week, but it is still depend on you.

  • Replylaurine rubia,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/6/18 7:26:00

    hi good day.
    I'm currently working here in honkong as well as my mother and were planning to invite my fiance to come here this month as a tourist in 14days any documents that he need to present in the immigration?.. pls reply thank you

    • Allen :2012/6/18 18:59:00

      what is your fiance's nationality? people from some countries are exempt from Hong Kong visa, just their valid passport and rount-trip air ticket will be enough to present int he immigration.

  • Replysveta,   Viet Nam
    2012/6/15 23:01:00

    I am VN citizen who is flying from australia to Vietnam via HK (transit for 10h). do i need a visa during that period?

    • Frank :2012/6/17 23:57:00

      If you will remain on the airside, no visa will be requried for you.

  • ReplyJhen,   Philippines
    2012/6/15 10:50:00

    Hi! I am a Chinese passport holder from the Phil's. Do I need to secure an entry permit to HK and Macau if my tour is for less than a week? And another question is, if I will travel with my kids who are Filipino passport holders and I need to stay in HK for 2 weeks to be with them, what is the best thing to do for me (chinese passport holder) to be able to extend my stay in HK for another 7 days?

    • Lisa :2012/6/15 19:29:00

      the best way is to apply the entry permits for both Hong Kong and Macau through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

  • ReplyFortune Nafew,   China
    2012/6/12 19:47:00

    I'm a Bangladeshi studying in China now. But I'm facing a lot of problem to get my tuition fees and living expenses from my parents as we couldn't find any easier way to transfer money from Bangladesh to China. Can you suggest me any? And can I open an account in HSBC China bank?

    • Hank :2012/6/13 18:35:00

      i think you'd better consult the banks.
      yes, you can open an account in HSBC.

  • ReplyAditya,   India
    2012/6/4 23:45:00

    Hi I am aditya from india..I already have a a resident permit of china but for my mom who is visiting me in china is coming via hongkong with a single entry visa of china and she gonna stay in china for 20days...can she return back via hong kong again or does she have to make a special pass or visa for hong kong?

    • James :2012/6/5 19:42:00

      yes, she can go back via Hong Kong without any visa or special pass, since Indian passport holders are exempt from hong Kong for at most 14 days.

    • Aditya ( India ) :2012/6/5 22:44:00

      Thanks for your response James. Now my question is when she will enter hongkong, the Immigration office will see the onward and return tickets.

      Immigration office will gonna provide 14days visa and if the return tickets will be after 2months as ( she will gonna live 20days in china) so they will definitely ask the question why the return ticket is after 2months although the hongkong immmigration office is offer to give her 14days visa.

      What to do in that case ?

      Or Shall i book the tickets directly from China ?

      I want her to come via hongkong.

    • James :2012/6/6 19:14:00

      take is easy Aditya,
      since she has the China visa, the Hong Kong immigration will undertand her situation and will not ask so many questions. and you don't have to book the ticket direct from China.
      if the immigration ask the question why the airticket is after 2 months, just tell the truth that she will stay in mainland China for 20 days and will go back to India via Hong Kong.
      i think things will be smooth as long as she is not over stay in mainland China or Hong Kong.

  • Replyeyah,   Philippines
    2012/6/3 20:54:00

    Good day, I am from Philippines and also holder of phil. passport. I am planning to go to Dubai with tourist visa. Can I apply first tour package to hongkong then from hongkong I will fly to dubai with my dxb visa? Is it possible to happen? from phils to hk then hk to dubai...if so, what are the requirements from the place of origin to be showed to phil immig and hk immig?

    • Steve :2012/6/4 1:52:00

      Yes, you can visti Hk first amd then go to Dubai. I find that Filipino citizens are visa free to Hk for less than 14 days, but you still have to show your air ticket for leaving Hk and enough fund for your stay in Hk when enter Hk. Not sure what Immigration office of Philippines will require, but It's convenient for you to get the answer from your local immigration office for you, right?

  • Replywasike,   Kenya
    2012/5/25 14:40:00

    hi my passport got lost in china and now applied for a newpassport via my embassy in china i will be given like 14days china visa after getting the china visa can i exit in hongkong then back to china or do ineed to stay until my passport is 60days

    • Lisa :2012/5/25 19:11:00

      hi wasike,i think you can only stay in mainland China untill you get your new passport.also, is your Chinese visa is a single entry visa? if so, you can not enter China when you are back from Hong Kong.

  • Replykhadija,   Tanzania, United Republic Of
    2012/5/25 14:49:00

    hallo i want to travel from beijing to hongkong with a train is it possible or should i go via shenzen border advice thanks

    • Anna :2012/5/25 19:20:00

      yes, it is possible to take a train from Beijing to Hong Kong, but the train trip takes over 23 hours.
      if you take a flight to Shenzhen, and then the airport shuttle bus to Luohu railway station, and pass the border, it takes about 4 hours to get to Hong Kong.

  • Replyaaroop,   India
    2012/5/21 0:02:00

    i had applied for study visa of 6 weeks for hong kong in the Chinese consulate. but they said that study visa will be made on arrival in hong kong and returned my documents.
    is it true???

    • Gina :2012/5/21 19:50:00

      according to the regulation of the Hong Kong Immigration department, you should apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your country, but since the Chinese consulate said so, i think you'd better consult the Hong Kong immigration first.
      here is their contact information:

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