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I want to say
  • Replyjhay,   United States
    2012/9/20 10:42:00

    Hi my mom and sister is going to hongkong tomorrow but i just found out that they need an invitation letter thats notarized from Philippine Consulate in HK, is that reallly needed? theyre leaving tomorrow. Please get back to me as soon as you can and pleas elet me know what are our other options.

    • Laura :2012/9/20 19:57:00

      no, the invitation letter is not required.
      if they are holding the Filipino passport, they are visa-free in Hong Kong for 14 days only with their valid passport, round-trip air tickets, and enough money.

  • ReplyAnn,   Philippines
    2012/9/17 20:30:00

    Hi there! I have booked trip to HK this october but I also want to travel to Shenzhen for a day trip.. is it possible to get a visa at HK or even at the Boarder? thanks!

    • Ashley :2012/9/18 19:02:00

      you have to apply the visa for mainland China in your country before you leave, but you can also book a one-day tour to Shenzhen with a local travel agency in Hong Kong, so that you do not need to apply the visa for mainland China.

  • Replyliz,   Philippines
    2012/7/19 9:53:00

    Hi. My boyfriend is coming home from KSA and will be stopping by HK for a few days. I might travel to HK as well to meet him there. From your previous replies, all I need is my valid passport, return tickets and hotel reservation voucher. Would they consider the voucher even if it is under my boyfriend's name? And what if they want me to provide proof that I have sufficient funds for my travel? What do I need to prepare? Lastly, would it be ok to wait for my boyfriend at the airport a couple of hours since I would arrive earlier than him? Thank you!

    • Amanda :2012/7/19 19:49:00

      1. isn't there your name on the voucher? or do you have the form of hotel reservation which shows both of your names.
      2. you should provide the certificate of your bank account.
      3. it is ok for you to wait your boyfriend at the airport.

    • Liz ( Philippines ) :2012/9/16 19:17:00

      We booked the hotel reservation online and since they only asked for a single name, the room is under his name. Do we have to change it?

      Can you tell me how much cash should I bring to show that I have sufficient funds? I will bring my ATM card that can dispense money in HKG banks as well.

    • Amanda :2012/9/16 20:37:00

      I think you may have to add your name in the hotel reservation voucher. I'm not sure how much money you should have as the financial proof. You may call Immigation office of Macau by (853) 2872 5488 to get the accurate answer.

  • ReplyRusty,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/9/10 0:23:00

    Hi.. I just to ask regarding having a tourist visa traveling for hong kong to abu dhabi, UAE. Is there such thing as show money needed to travel from hongkong to UAE?
    Thanks for the help.

    • David :2012/9/10 19:15:00

      no, no need if you are holidng a visa to the country.

  • ReplyJazzy,   Malaysia
    2012/9/4 1:05:00

    hi..i'm going for an 8 days holiday trip to hong kong mid of september..and since i'm from Malaysia, as per the above explanation, seems that i do not require visa..but from the comment i notice that u mention the immigration will check whether you have enough money for your stay or not.. how do i know how much the immigration will consider as enough money? hope to hear from you soon. tq

    • Gina :2012/9/4 18:34:00

      some said you should take about USD 100 for each day in Hong Kong.
      you also need to show your round-trip air tickets, and voucher of hotel booking.

  • Replyella,   Philippines
    2012/8/29 7:25:00

    i am ella a filipina, wants to know that after my 14 days visa in hongkong then go back to Philippines. how long i'm going to wait to enter Hongkong again.

    • Olivia :2012/8/29 19:54:00

      you can even reenter Hong Kong the next day, but this kind of "reenter" is not suggested for the second time, cauze the immigration officer may refuse you to enter.

  • ReplyAljora Correa,   Philippines
    2012/8/29 5:37:00

    hi....id like to ask what are the requirements needed for a first time applicant of passport? i hope to hear from you...thanks...

    • Allen :2012/8/29 19:48:00

      you need to consult the immigration department in your country about the requirements for passport.

  • Replyaimee,   Philippines
    2012/8/29 5:30:00

    hello, my family will be going to Hong Kong this October. Is there a need for invitation letter even if we will be staying in a hotel? thank you

    • Peter :2012/8/29 19:47:00

      no, an invitation letter is not necessary, but you have to provide the round-trip air tickets, the voucher of hotel reservation and enough money that can cover your trip in Hong Kong, sometimes the immigration officer will require you to provide your bank certificate.

  • ReplyJah,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/8/29 9:21:00

    hi, i am a filipina ofw here in abu dhabi, i will have my yearly vacation in the philippines this november, and im planning to go to hongkong for a 6 days tour, i will jz book my hotel upon arrival in hongkong..what are the documents needed to pass the philippine immigration since my flight is manila-hongkong, hongkong manila via cebu pacific?

    • Emily :2012/8/29 19:56:00

      your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, enough cash that can cover your trip in Hong Kong or your bank certificate.

  • ReplyCynthia,   United States
    2012/8/26 2:45:00

    Hi, my.boyfriend has a Taiwan passport and we're traveling through Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong for 6 hours does he need a visa?

    • George :2012/8/26 19:44:00

      He need to apply for an entry permit relating to your purposes of entry through the airline companies.

  • Replyfaye,   Philippines
    2012/8/25 19:00:00

    hi im faye from phil i want to go in hongkong to visit my friend and she already have place their that i can stay do i need to avail those hotel package to have ticket?

    • Kevin :2012/8/25 19:19:00

      Filipinos don't need a visa to Hk for less than 14 days, so I don't think you need any hotel reservations in advance.
      However, if you plan to stay in Hk longer, you will have to apply for a Hk visa. Then you may ask your friend in Hk to send you an invitation letter to indicate you will stay at his or hers to avoid providing the hotel booking form.

  • Replysudeep,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/8/24 11:41:00

    hi, i want to invite my friend to hongkong from nepal, should i apply for him or he himself? and how? thank you so much.

    • Gina :2012/8/24 19:53:00

      no, you don't need to apply for him or her, but you can write an invitation letter for your friend.
      he or she need to apply the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

  • ReplyBelinda,   Philippines
    2012/8/24 0:23:00

    Hello.. my friend and I will go to Hongkong this October, how much is the estimated amount of money does the Philippine Immigration required upon check-in? Thanks.

    • Sandy :2012/8/24 19:50:00

      i don't think you need to pay any money when check-in.

  • ReplyAljora Correa,   Philippines
    2012/8/22 15:57:00

    hello..Im from Philippines,I and my bf will meet in Hongkong, and he will be the one to buy my ticket online..what are the requirements that i needed? it would be my first time..hehhee...i hope to hear from you...thanks

    • Wendy :2012/8/22 18:55:00

      If your trip is no more than 14 days, you do not need to apply the hong Kong visa, butyou need to present the following documents:1. Your valid passport2. round-trip air tickets3. voucher of hotel reservation in hong Kong if your trip is longer than 14 days, you have to apply a Hong kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

  • Replysheri,   China
    2012/8/21 23:11:00

    hi ..!! i am a pakistani pasport holder studying in china .(student).can i get hongkong visa in china for a 10 days visit.if so from where can i get the visa, from beijing or from anyother city of china..thanks...

    • Lily :2012/8/22 18:45:00

      you can apply the visa in Beijing at the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing. The address is: No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009.
      or you can also apply by posting the application form and supporing documents to the Hong Kong immigration department.

  • Replysam,   Pakistan
    2012/8/22 2:57:00

    I am a Pakistani citizen and will be travelling to hongkong. if i want to travel to china from there, can I get the chinese visa from hongkong?

    • Penny :2012/8/22 18:50:00

      no, you can not get the Chinese visa in Hong Kong. you have to apply the Chinese visa through the Chinese Embassy in your country before departure.
      usually, Pakistani visitors are recommended to take group tour to China, so it may be difficult for individual visitors to get the visa.

  • ReplyZel,   Philippines
    2012/8/20 4:56:00

    I am a Filipina. I want to visit my friend in hongkong. Is it ok for me to get one-way ticket? or What are requirements needed?
    Thank you and God bless!

    • James :2012/8/20 19:05:00

      it is better to have the round-trip air tickets, as the officiers at the immigration may consider you have the intention to overstay if you don't have the return air ticket.

  • Replylovely,   Philippines
    2012/8/17 2:48:00

    Hello i am a filipina have a fiance of american citizen we are staying now in phil.and planning to visit in hongkong..Do we need to apply visa both of us?? even thou we just visit in hongkong a week....thanks and need your advice..

    • Flora :2012/8/19 20:32:00

      no, neither of you need to the Hong Kong visa.
      Have a nice trip :)

  • Replyaamir,   Pakistan
    2012/8/17 2:34:00

    hi! i m pakistani and i want to come visit but visit visa only 15 days .but i wish to stay long .what i do now?

    • Alice :2012/8/19 20:34:00

      you can try to have your visa extended in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyLiezel Sueno,   Philippines
    2012/8/17 1:05:00

    hi, im liezel living in philippines. My friend want me to travel to jordan..he told me to travel first to hongkong because there is no jordanian embassy here in philippines.So, i need to stay first in hongkong . Because he will be the one who get for my visa from hongkong to jordan. What are the requiremnts needed? what i am going to do if i am already in hongkong and how many days can i stay?please advise me. thanks


    • Sara :2012/8/19 20:30:00

      you can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days. as for the requirements for your Jordan visa, please consult the Embassy or Consulate of Jordan.

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