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I want to say
  • ReplyCynthia   United States    Aug. 26, 2012 02:45

    Hi, my.boyfriend has a Taiwan passport and we're traveling through Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong for 6 hours does he need a visa?

    • Replied by: George   Aug. 26, 2012 19:44

      He need to apply for an entry permit relating to your purposes of entry through the airline companies.

  • Replyfaye   Philippines    Aug. 25, 2012 19:00

    hi im faye from phil i want to go in hongkong to visit my friend and she already have place their that i can stay do i need to avail those hotel package to have ticket?

    • Replied by: Kevin   Aug. 25, 2012 19:19

      Filipinos don't need a visa to Hk for less than 14 days, so I don't think you need any hotel reservations in advance.
      However, if you plan to stay in Hk longer, you will have to apply for a Hk visa. Then you may ask your friend in Hk to send you an invitation letter to indicate you will stay at his or hers to avoid providing the hotel booking form.

  • Replysudeep   Hong Kong, China    Aug. 24, 2012 11:41

    hi, i want to invite my friend to hongkong from nepal, should i apply for him or he himself? and how? thank you so much.

    • Replied by: Gina   Aug. 24, 2012 19:53

      no, you don't need to apply for him or her, but you can write an invitation letter for your friend.
      he or she need to apply the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

  • ReplyBelinda   Philippines    Aug. 24, 2012 00:23

    Hello.. my friend and I will go to Hongkong this October, how much is the estimated amount of money does the Philippine Immigration required upon check-in? Thanks.

    • Replied by: Sandy   Aug. 24, 2012 19:50

      i don't think you need to pay any money when check-in.

  • Replysam   Pakistan    Aug. 22, 2012 02:57

    I am a Pakistani citizen and will be travelling to hongkong. if i want to travel to china from there, can I get the chinese visa from hongkong?

    • Replied by: Penny   Aug. 22, 2012 18:50

      no, you can not get the Chinese visa in Hong Kong. you have to apply the Chinese visa through the Chinese Embassy in your country before departure.
      usually, Pakistani visitors are recommended to take group tour to China, so it may be difficult for individual visitors to get the visa.

  • Replysheri   China    Aug. 21, 2012 23:11

    hi ..!! i am a pakistani pasport holder studying in china .(student).can i get hongkong visa in china for a 10 days visit.if so from where can i get the visa, from beijing or from anyother city of china..thanks...

    • Replied by: Lily   Aug. 22, 2012 18:45

      you can apply the visa in Beijing at the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing. The address is: No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009.
      or you can also apply by posting the application form and supporing documents to the Hong Kong immigration department.

  • ReplyZel   Philippines    Aug. 20, 2012 04:56

    I am a Filipina. I want to visit my friend in hongkong. Is it ok for me to get one-way ticket? or What are requirements needed?
    Thank you and God bless!

    • Replied by: James   Aug. 20, 2012 19:05

      it is better to have the round-trip air tickets, as the officiers at the immigration may consider you have the intention to overstay if you don't have the return air ticket.

  • Replyaamir   Pakistan    Aug. 17, 2012 02:34

    hi! i m pakistani and i want to come visit but visit visa only 15 days .but i wish to stay long .what i do now?

    • Replied by: Alice   Aug. 19, 2012 20:34

      you can try to have your visa extended in Hong Kong.

  • Replylovely   Philippines    Aug. 17, 2012 02:48

    Hello i am a filipina have a fiance of american citizen we are staying now in phil.and planning to visit in hongkong..Do we need to apply visa both of us?? even thou we just visit in hongkong a week....thanks and need your advice..

    • Replied by: Flora   Aug. 19, 2012 20:32

      no, neither of you need to the Hong Kong visa.
      Have a nice trip :)

  • ReplyLiezel Sueno   Philippines    Aug. 17, 2012 01:05

    hi, im liezel living in philippines. My friend want me to travel to jordan..he told me to travel first to hongkong because there is no jordanian embassy here in philippines.So, i need to stay first in hongkong . Because he will be the one who get for my visa from hongkong to jordan. What are the requiremnts needed? what i am going to do if i am already in hongkong and how many days can i stay?please advise me. thanks


    • Replied by: Sara   Aug. 19, 2012 20:30

      you can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days. as for the requirements for your Jordan visa, please consult the Embassy or Consulate of Jordan.

  • Replyivy tran   Singapore    Aug. 15, 2012 08:07

    Hi, I'm a Vietnamese who holding a LTP in Singapore. Recently, me n my husband wanna go for a trip which is Hk -macau -hk -sing for 6 days. we wish to go by end of this month. My questions are what do I need to prepare when applying for Hk n macau visa? What kind of hk visa do I need when I from hk to Macau n back to hk again? How long does it take to apply for the visa? thks.

    • Replied by: Sally   Aug. 15, 2012 19:40

      1. you need to prepare your valid passport, your LTP in Singapore, completed filled out visa application form, your round-trip air ticket,voucher of hotel reservation in Hong Kong and Macau, and certificate that can prove your finacial status.
      you Hong Kong visa is required when you go back from Macau to Hong Kong, so you need to apply a double-entry visa.
      it usually takes about 4 - 5 weeks.

  • Replyahmed   Egypt    Aug. 15, 2012 02:24

    dear , sir

    im egyptain and i will like to visit hong kong and beijing as tourist for one month , what doucuments i need to apply before travil ????
    many thanks

    • Replied by: Amanda   Aug. 15, 2012 18:52

      Since Egyptian citizens are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you only need to apply the Visa to Mainland China.

  • Replyjasmin abella   Philippines    Aug. 14, 2012 13:44

    hi im form the philippines..im jaz i would just like to ask i am planning to ko to hongkong ..then i will be visitng my aunt there.. so wat documents will i be showing the imigration its a two nights vaction can i just give the adress of my aunt as where will i stay.then my valid passport and return ticket is dat all the documents needed for the imigration

    • Replied by: Emma   Aug. 14, 2012 19:03

      take it easy, just your valid passport and return ticket are fine.

  • ReplyAngel   Philippines    Aug. 14, 2012 02:36

    my daughters passport will expire on feb 2013, i would like to ask if she can still enter hk? we have a round trip ticket already.

    • Replied by: Larry   Aug. 14, 2012 19:02

      you can enter Hong Kong if your passport has a validy of at least 14+30=44 days the day you enter HK.

  • ReplyKhurram Izhar   Pakistan    Aug. 13, 2012 22:34

    I am a Pakistani citizen and holding ordinary Passport of Pakistan.

    But i am working in Oman and contains Residence Permit card of Oman.

    I also have Valid 5 years Visa of USA.

    I am planning to go to China and want to Visit Hong kong also.

    Do i need visa for Hong Kong in advance or i can get it from Hong kong on arrival?i just want to stay for 3-5 days

    Please advice urgently.

    Kind regards,

    Khurram Izhar

    • Replied by: Tina   Aug. 14, 2012 19:00

      you have to obtain the visa for Hong Kong before you leave Oman.
      if you also visit Mainland China you also need to apply a visa for Mainland China.
      you can apply the visas through the Chinese embassy or Consulate in Oman

  • Replymeg   Philippines    Aug. 13, 2012 09:44

    Hi im from the Philippines and currently holding a single entry permit label to hk for my phd studentship program valid for 1 year. will i be allowed to go back to my hometown during vacations and come back to hk during start of the semester? Also, can i visit nearby places like macau and shenzhen? Thanks.

    • Replied by: Emma   Aug. 13, 2012 19:15

      If it is a single entry permit, it will expires as soon as you leave Hong Kong. so you'd better consult the Hong Kong immigration deparment to see if you have have your entry permit extended before you leave Hong Kong.
      you can visit Macau because Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.
      you have to apply a visa to Mainland China if you want to visit Shenzhen.

  • Replychicha   Hong Kong, China    Aug. 06, 2012 23:32

    do we need for a no objection certificate sign by our employer before we apply for a korean visa?

    • Replied by: Abby   Aug. 07, 2012 18:36

      please consult the South Korean Consulate for detailed information.

  • Replychicha   Hong Kong, China    Aug. 04, 2012 05:42

    hello.. i just want to ask f what is the requirements they needed if i apply korean visa in the consulate of kore here in hongkong..

    • Replied by: Jack   Aug. 05, 2012 19:33

      Do you mean south Korea? Generally, you have to submit your passport, one passport size photo and visa application form. You can call the via office directly to know more exact details by tel: Tel : (+852)2529-4141, (+852)2528-3666

    • Replied by: chicha   Aug. 05, 2012 22:03

      hi jack! yes i mean south korea.. is there anything else aside from the passport, a photo and an application form do i have to submit? thanks..

    • Replied by: Candy   Aug. 06, 2012 19:17

      sometimes the voucher of hotel reservation and air ticket are also required, please consult the South Korean Consulate for detailed information.

  • Replyjelly   Philippines    Aug. 01, 2012 11:25

    i am a Filipina domestic helper here in hongkong, i finish my contract and currently waiting for my working visa for my new employer but i have plan to cancel the application because i and my new employer is having financial issues about the processing fee, can i get an extension of stay from the immigration department if i will cancel the application a day prior to the date of my visa availability?

    I am planning to get a new employer but as of the moment i haven't found yet.

    Need your advice, thank you.

    • Replied by: Candy   Aug. 01, 2012 19:47

      Hi Jelly,you can try to apply an extension for stay, but you had better consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information.

    • Replied by: chicha ( Hong Kong, China )   Aug. 04, 2012 05:31

      do you know what is the requirements they needed?

  • Replychicha   Philippines    Aug. 02, 2012 05:59

    hello! im a filipina and currently working here in hongkong as a domestic helper. me and my friends are planning to have vacation in korea but our problem is we dont know whats the requirement to apply for a tourist visa for korea.. can we apply for a tourist visa in the korean embassy here in Hongkong even we are Philippine passport holder? hope you can help me

    • Replied by: Tina   Aug. 02, 2012 20:19

      yes, you can apply the Korean visa through the Korean Consulate General in hong kong.

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