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I want to say
  • ReplyAnn,   Singapore
    2012/11/1 20:09:00

    hi...im working at singapore and holding a working permit.im going to HK for a 1 week holiday.do i need to get a HK visa? hope to hear from you soon :)) thanks!!!

    • Rita :2012/11/5 17:23:00

      hi Ann,
      you do not need a Hong kong visa.

  • ReplyClarissa,   Philippines
    2012/10/15 18:07:00

    hi, i'm from Philippines and on november my husband and i will go to Hongkong for 7 days tour is it possible for us to have at least 1 day cross tour in Macau let say in morning we'll be going to Macau via ferry and be back in Hongkong at night? do i need to secure a visa for 1 day visit? thank you for your help:)))

    • Linda :2012/10/15 19:03:00

      it is possible and you do not need the Macau visa as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

    • TERESA ( Philippines ) :2012/11/1 14:10:00

      Hi!I'm Philippines passport holder currently in Rome Italy, my family & I, have planning to vacation in China atleast 5 days in coming Dec. 2012. we are in Manila in that month..Do we need to apply visa? thank you..

    • James :2012/11/1 19:37:00

      to Teresa:
      yes, you have to apply the Chinese visa for your vacation in China. you have to obtain the visa through the Chinese Embassy before you arrive in China.

  • ReplyShen,   Philippines
    2012/10/29 22:14:00

    Hi I just want to know and confirm, I'm going Nepal this coming dec. From Philippines I would like to know if Filipino pasport holder can go Nepal with out visa as require to get visa uppon arival there? Does anyone know lpease help! I just want to confirm coz I'm scared they ask so manything, I'm going to stay my bf place and I will not spend money as he provide everything for my expenses . Thank you

    • Finnt :2012/10/30 19:23:00

      please consult the Nepalese Embassy in your country.

  • ReplyQadz,   Morocco
    2012/10/29 18:06:00

    I'm from morocco. I want to go to Hong Kong to work and live there.
    I can stay in Hong Kong for the 30 days.
    I want to know that after 30 days what I need to do.
    If I need to apply for visa then which documents i will require to submit.

    • Amy :2012/10/29 20:16:00

      you had to go back to your country after 30 days or you are considered as overstay in Hong Kong, which may leave bad records on your passport.

      if you want to work in Hong Kong, you need to find a job first, and sign the work contract with your future employer, and apply the work visa with the help of your employer.

  • Replysami,   Algeria
    2012/10/28 5:22:00

    im from algeria working in UAE as sales manager.I want to visit hongkong for 4 days business issue do i need a visa ?

    • Fred :2012/10/28 18:55:00

      You don't need any visa, just take your valid passport with you.

  • Replyjen,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/10/26 9:07:00

    I am a filipina domestic helper here in hongkong and i want to go to Pakistan for visit, what requirements do i have to prepare?

  • ReplyAmiohu Osemudiamen,   Cape Verde
    2012/10/23 9:28:00

    i want to visit Hongkong.

    • Laura :2012/10/23 19:54:00

      you are exempt from hong Kong visa for 30 days.

  • ReplyLouise,   United Kingdom
    2012/10/22 6:30:00

    Hi, I'm from England. Planning to travel in South East Asia from Jan to March then fly to Hong Kong on 1st April, plan to be in that area around a week before flying over to Taiwan and after a week there flying back to Shanghai, I will fly home from Beijing on the 12th May (hopefully!). Please could you advise me on visa's, I don't want to book flights if I get refused permission into the country. Do I need a visa for Hong Kong? Do I need a double entry or because I am going HK to Taiwan does that mean I am only entering China once when I fly to Shanghai. I won't have accomodation booked as I'm travelling and nothing is concrete, if I like one area more than another I will stay there longer but I will book my flight home if I know there won't be a problem. Also how far in advance can I get a visa (I heard no more than 3 mths but I will be in Thailand or somewhere then). Sorry for all the questions, hope my plans are clear, would be great to get some good advice, I'm just going round in circles atr the moment!

    • Lisa :2012/10/22 20:10:00

      no, you do not need the visa for Hong Kong. you need a single-entry L visa for mainland China, as it means you enter China once when flying to Shanghai. you need to provide an invitation letter from a Chinese organization or permanent resident in China if you do not have round trip air tickets and hotel reservation. usually it is advised to apply the visa one month in advance and not more than 3 months prior to your departure date. but for your case, you can apply the visa for mainland China in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyDulmini,   Sri Lanka
    2012/10/20 4:50:00

    Hi there! I'm a Sri Lankan Passport holder living and working in Singapore holding a S Pass. According to the above table, Sri Lankans who hold a official passport need not get HK visa for a short visit.

    I'm planning to visit HK in next Jan for 5 days. Does this mean I need not apply for HK visa? Appreciate your reply!

    • Hank :2012/10/21 2:30:00

      If you go to Hk for personal affairs, I'm afraid you will still have to apply for a visa. You can call Hk immigration office directly to have a confirmation by tel.: (852) 2824 6111.

  • Replyje boy phil,   Philippines
    2012/10/16 6:43:00

    hi. i am a novice backpacker and its my first time in hongkong and will be arriving on the 19th of oct. i have my roundtrip tickets, some 1000 usd and credit cards for an overnight stay in hk as i will be crossing macau the following day. problem is i just cant make my hotel reservation online..want to make it upon arrival in hk... is this legally possible in the eyes of immigration officials? thanks....

    • Jerry :2012/10/16 20:09:00

      don't worry, there will be no problem.

  • Replyzhen,   Philippines
    2012/10/16 6:14:00

    hi....i am a Filipino passport holder and currently a tourist in Malaysia.I plan to visit my husband working in Hongkong and stay at his place.I decided also to go back in the Philippines from Hongkong not Malaysia.Please advise me regarding the purchase of my ticket.do i need a round trip ticket from malaysia to hk and hk to malaysia....or just malaysia to hk and hk to the philippines...please share your ideas to avoid unwanted circumstances at the hk immigration when i will arrive at hk tnx......

    • Billy :2012/10/16 20:05:00

      the air tickets from Malaysia to HK and HK to the Phillippines are ok.

  • ReplyWendy,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/10/14 23:27:00

    Hi, I am from Philippines currently working as a family\lady driver here in U.A.E..I am planning to apply for work in Hong kong after I finish my coontract here in two years..But can i do it like from here then I will buy a ticket to hong kong and stay there and find a job? Cause i dont want to go to Philippines and there apply for Hong Kong.Do i need a visa or an entry permit?

    • Alice :2012/10/15 18:41:00

      as a Filipino passport holder, you are granted 14 days visa free stay in Hong Kong,
      but i don't think 14 days are enough for you to find a job and obtain a work permit.
      so you'd better start to hunt for job now and do the work permit application in UAE.

  • ReplyChel,   Philippines
    2012/10/12 16:16:00

    Hi I'm from Phils. I just want to ask if Hongkong Immigration needs to show our money. Me, my sister and my friend are going to Hong Kong this coming December 2012 for 2 days only, we already have a round trip airfare ticket, book one of guest house there also. I don't have any bank account, we just save money to spend there about $200 each of us. So my question is and confused do they need a bank statement in us?

    • Babara :2012/10/12 20:01:00

      you do not need to provide the bank statement if the money you take can cover your trip. usually it is said you need to take at least USD 100 per person for each day.

  • ReplyAnn
    2012/10/10 7:14:00

    Hi,,I'm Philippine passport holder currently in Qatar ,I'm planning to have vacation for atleast 10 days. Do I need to apply visa? Do I need to to have a bank accnt or is it ok if it's in cash? Thanks

    • Kina :2012/10/10 20:29:00

      10 days in Hong Kong?
      no, you do not need a Hong Kong visa.
      but you need to provide your bank account. if for cash, you need to take at least USD 100 per day, say USD 1,000 for 10 days, excluding hotel and air fare.
      hotel reservation, round-trip air tickets are also required.

  • ReplyMuhammad Islam,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/10/9 22:48:00

    I am holding Pakistani Passport (ordinary) and want to visit Hong Kong. I am currently living and working In Dubai, U.A.E on employment visa. Can you please advise, if i need visa to enter Hong Kong. I would like to go to Australia first from Dubai for about 1 week and from there on my way back would like to spend sometime in Hong Kong. Please advise if i can get the visa from Hong Kong Airport or do i have to apply for the visa from Dubai, U.A.E. Thanks

    Muhammad Islam

    • Susan :2012/10/10 20:12:00

      you have to apply the Hong Kong visa in Dubai through the Chinese Embassy there.

  • ReplyMary Lee,   Malaysia
    2012/10/9 3:11:00

    I am a Malaysian I intend to take a relative to visit HK in November. We will stay for 20 days. My relative is a permanent resident of Malaysia. She is a holder of certificate of identity (Malaysia). Does she need a visa for visit Hong Kong. We have already bought our round trip air tickets. Please let me know early. If required please enlighten. We are very anxious.

    • Bill :2012/10/9 19:27:00

      Malaysian passport holders are exempt from the Hong Kong visa for 90 days.
      dose your relative hold a Malaysian passport?
      if yes, she does not need the Hong Kong visa.

  • Replymelanie,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/9/30 23:11:00

    hi my husband and my daughter is coming here on oct 14-19...i already provided all the document needed for them like passport and contract copy, i also provide a supporting letter for them.. but i just wanted to know about the show money... because for a safety reason i prefer not to let them carry a big amount of cash to avoid some dangerous circumstances during their travel from our place to Clark airport but i will be providing all their expenses... is it okey?

    • Andy :2012/10/8 0:31:00

      if you will provide the expenses, you need to provide your bank certificate.

  • Replyeden jacobo
    2012/9/26 0:24:00

    hi, im eden, a filipina working here in hongkong. I want to tour my daughter here in hongkong she is only 10years old. What is the document needed so she can come here in hongkong? Tnx.

    • Ben :2012/9/26 19:04:00

      does your daughter has her own passport?
      you probably need to apply a visa for her.
      please consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information.

  • Replyjely,   Philippines
    2012/9/25 17:47:00

    hi,,i'm Philippines. if i'm going to Hong Kong just for 4 days only.i only have passport.do i need to get a visa or any documents?thanks

    • Brenda :2012/9/25 19:38:00

      you do not need to apply a visa, but you have to provide the round-trip air tickets, the hotel reservation, and your bank certificate.

    • jely ( Philippines ) :2012/9/25 20:02:00

      it is ok if i don't have a hotel reservation? i have a friend living in Hong Kong and i will stay her home just a 4 days only.

    • Anne :2012/9/26 18:47:00

      yes, it is ok.

  • ReplyLouie,   Philippines
    2012/9/23 23:51:00

    Hi I am planning to Visit Hong Kong This October 5. I am still confused if I need a hotel reservation as I am traveling and staying in my Aunt's place. Actually I have my plane ticket already and I have enough fund during my stay there. Please let me know your opinion.

    • Yoyo :2012/9/24 19:22:00

      then you do not have to provide the hotel reservation.

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