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I want to say
  • ReplyPrakash    Jun. 01, 2015 04:46

    hi there,I am going to apply HK visa for my business trip. I am also planning to take my family for traveling. So what are the necessary documents for business trip as well as visiting.Thanks.

    • Replied by: Hilary   Jun. 08, 2015 05:11

      The required documents for you: application form, passport, passport copy, round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, financial standing proof, recent photo, and an invitation letter from your business partner in Hong Kong.The required documents for your family: passport, passport copy, round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, financial standing proof, travel itinerary, and a recent photo which should be attached to the application form. The form can be downloaded from the website of the HK Immigration Department.

  • ReplyKrishna    May. 24, 2015 08:43

    HI there I am a Nepalese currently studying Medicine in China. My country is not listed in the above list. I want to return back to Nepal this summer. I only need transit visa to hongkong cause my flight will be from guangzhou- hongkong-nepal. So what shall i do? what are the things that i need to prepare for apply transit visa only?

    • Replied by: Nick   May. 25, 2015 03:51

      Kristina, you should go to the HKSAR office in Beijing to submit the application. Documents you may need to submit may include your passport, passport copy, application form, flight tickets, recent bare-headed photos, fanancial standing proof, etc.

  • Replyalma narciso    May. 23, 2015 01:16

    hi my boyfriend is a sudanese nationality and but live in saudi for a long years with his family.He applied for a hongkong visa for tourist for the chinese office in Riyadh give a wrong visa which is Chinise visa.And he want to change it for a hongkong tourist visa but they said he needs to reapply after a 6weeks.But he cant wait cuz he is working.So he go china with his tourist visa.It is possible for him to apply a hongkong tourist visa or macau?He is in China now.If possible how many weeks he would wait and where he can apply?Please i need your reply Asap.thank you and god bless

    • Replied by: David   May. 25, 2015 03:48

      Alma, he can apply from mainland China for the Hong Kong entry permit. The address is:No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009Contact number: (86-10)-6657-2880

  • ReplyLily    May. 11, 2015 23:38

    Hi there, I'm an Australian passport holder. My return air ticket is Sydney to Beijing via HKG. On my way back from Beijing to Sydney, I need to wait for 6 hours before transfering to the flight from HKG TO SYDNEY. Can I get out of HKG Customs to have a short City Tour in HKG with my Australian passport? Kind regards Lily

    • Replied by: Paul   May. 25, 2015 03:46

      Of coourse yes. To be specific, you can even stay in Hong Kong for not less than 90 days without holding the entry permit.

  • ReplyMerns    May. 11, 2015 06:33

    Hi, we have a seafarer (Master Mariner) who will be travelling form Galle to Sri Lanka and his last stop would be Hongkong for a Vetting inspection to be conducted on one of our manned vessel at Hongkong.Does he needs to apply for a visa?Pleased to hear.Thank you.

    • Replied by: Kathie   May. 25, 2015 03:44

      Mems, could you please tell me his nationality? You know, Hong Kong allows the citizens of many countries to enter freely.

  • Replymarilyn    Apr. 24, 2015 00:09

    Hi im marilyn currently working in hk, my american fiancee were planning to get married in phil, but before that he want to stay with me here in hk for 4 days then were going to phil does he need a visa to enter hk and return ticket? Thnks the answer gladly appreciated

    • Replied by: Sandy   Apr. 27, 2015 04:42

      Marilyn, he doesn't need the entry permt for HK. The return ticket is necessary, just in case of being inqured by the immigration officials.

  • Replyvey    Apr. 01, 2015 07:54

    hi,im vey,im her now in Philippines,ive been working in hongkong for morethan 5year,i had a relationship with the same nationality,and i gave birth to our child in hongkong last december 13,2014 unfortunately,i need to leave in hongkong after i have finish my contract to my previous employeer,and our baby was staying in hongkong because her passport is in under processing,and now,i want to visit my baby there?,what are those requirements for me to inter in hongkong to visit my daughter??,thank you..

    • Replied by: Lucy   Apr. 19, 2015 04:52

      Hey, if you just want to stay for less than 14 days, the entry permit is not necessary. If you want to stay longer, you should apply for an entry permit.

  • Replyrhona    Feb. 23, 2015 03:20

    my boyfriend is a filipino and working recently in Taiwan. he wanted to visit me here, what are the requirements needed? for visa? thank you and hoping for your reply. have a nice day

    • Replied by: Lily   Apr. 01, 2015 05:02

      Rhona, he doesn't need the entry permit for HK if he plans to stay for 14 days at most. All he needs to prepare are a valid passport, an onward or return ticket, and enough money to sponsor his stay in HK.

  • ReplyAika    Feb. 26, 2015 11:18

    hi my mom is working in hongkong, can i visit her every other 2 months if possible?

    • Replied by: Kate   Apr. 01, 2015 04:56

      As long as you can get the entry permit or you are exempted from the entry permit, it would be fine to do so.

  • Replykriz    Mar. 06, 2015 01:49

    hi I'm here in saudi arabia..i'm go to hong kong on the next day,but my book ticket i'll stay for 1 day in hongkong stop over before im gonig home in the philippines.my friend in hong kong give me a hotel reservation but the reservation was name to her. it is possible that i can go outside the airport and meet my friend.

    • Replied by: Jim   Apr. 01, 2015 04:11

      Hey, if you hold Filipino passport, the HK entry permit is not required and you don't have to tell the officer your accommodation arrangements. As long as you have a valid passport, onward flight ticket and money, the officer will allow you to leave the airport.

  • ReplyJasmin Linga    Mar. 19, 2015 21:33

    I'm a Filipina and i have a valid working visa in hk for 2 years. But i am still here in the Phillipines, my question, is it possible to come back to HK after 5 0r 6 months can it still be valid?

    • Replied by: Ada   Apr. 01, 2015 04:08

      Well, it depends on the validity of the working visa. You can examine it carefully and find out the expiry date.

  • Replykatherine    Mar. 21, 2015 03:33

    Good afternoon!Me and my boyfriend are planning to have a tour in HK for 3-4 days. And my sister said we can stay in their boarding house. After the tour, we're planning to go to Dubai to look for a job. What are the important things we should bring and remember?

    • Replied by: Dell   Apr. 01, 2015 03:29

      If you don't need HK entry permit, then you should take a valid passport, an onward ticket to Dubai, and enough money to support your living in HK.

  • Replylhei    Dec. 03, 2014 04:15

    .how many pocket money do I have to prepare if I will go visit hongkong for 14days. I'm from Philippines.. .and what are the requirements ?

    • Replied by: Sunny   Dec. 06, 2014 21:17

      It is hard to tell how much you need to prepare for the pocket money. But as you will stay there for 14 days, I suggest you prepare your back count statement in case that they will check it. Apart from that, the round trip air ticket and hotel reservation prrof should be prepared.

    • Replied by: Cindy   Feb. 14, 2015 00:00

      As far as I know, if u dont have a bank account, u have prepared at list 20k is enough.

  • Replyrusiya pajail usman    Feb. 12, 2015 00:28

    Hi. Im from philippines holding a passport philippines,here is my question again... I plan to go in hong kong for just only a visit because me and my boyfriend plan to meet there in HK.. did i need a visit visa,hotel accomodation,and my bank papers, did they accept a passbook from my bank account is it the original copy they needed? Or can my boyfriend do all of this in HK,and can i use it for a visiting there?

    • Replied by: Mindy   Feb. 13, 2015 22:09

      No, you don't need a visa. If you will stay with your BF, show his hotel reservation proof. Sometimes, the customs will ask for the bank statement, which is different from the passbook. But if you have a sponsor in HK like your BF, it is fine to prove that he can afford your expenses during your stay.

  • Replyrusiya pajail usman    Feb. 09, 2015 02:23

    Hi, i'am muslim filipina.. i have a boyfriend and his a hongkong citizenship we're plan to getting married in hongkong at his place.. how and what do we need to do? And what are the requirements do we need to get?

    • Replied by: Ulanda   Feb. 11, 2015 21:38

      Here is what I know:1. Either one of you has to give a Notice of Intended Marriage (the notice) to the Registrar of Marriages (the Registrar) in the prescribed form either directly or through a civil celebrant of marriages.2. The Registrar may, at least 15 days after the giving of a notice, issue a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages to enable you to celebrate your marriage within three months from the date of notice giving if all the statutory requirements are met.3. A marriage has to take place at a marriage registry by a Registrar; or in a licensed place of worship by a competent minister or at any other place in Hong Kong by a civil celebrant of marriages.For more info, you can search the GOVhk.

  • Replywilma    Feb. 11, 2015 03:44

    Hi..im from philippines holding a philippimes passport i would like to travel to hongkong for 13 days what should i need and what papers should i bring to show when i arrived in hongkong airport i hope to get a reply thank you pls send me a reply in my email more powers and god bless

    • Replied by: Linda   Feb. 11, 2015 21:29

      You are exempt from visa for 15 days in HK. Except your passport, just show the customs your return air ticket and hotel reservation proof. As you will stay for a little long, they may ask for the bank statement as well.

  • Replydario gamba    Feb. 03, 2015 20:59

    I'm working jeddah I go vacation to Philippine but I want visit hk for 10 days after I go to my home country.what will I do?

    • Replied by: Susan   Feb. 05, 2015 04:55

      Which country are you from? HK offers free visa entry for people from some countries. So let me know your country first.

  • ReplyDiana Dizon    Dec. 20, 2014 12:45

    my husband and i are planning to go to hongkong but i am in america and he is in the philippines. we were planning to meet up there. should we apply for visa? or just him or me? i am a green card holder with philippine passport and he has only philippine passport

    • Replied by: Kina   Jan. 19, 2015 21:46

      Philippine passport holders are exempt from visa for 14 days in HK. So no visa is needed for either of you. It would be fine to meet up there.

  • ReplyWill    Jan. 08, 2015 20:57

    Hi I just wanted to asked if the overseas Filipino workers in Taiwan is can also visit hongkong or Macau without Visa and what should they do if just incase visa is needed thanks.

    • Replied by: Mindy   Jan. 19, 2015 21:44

      No, they don't need visa. Just show their passport, hotel recervation in HK or Macau and round trip ticket, and the customs will let you enter.

  • ReplyJongks    Dec. 02, 2014 10:04

    Hi im a filipina and my boyfriend is in taiwan we are planning to meet in hong kong this 18 of decemeber. I already have roundtrip airfare but the hotel accomodation is under my boyfriend name,is that possible for me to use this as my hotel reservation? Do i need to prepare some other documents? And money to show the immigration?and also if i will be visiting macau do i need visa or other documents?thank u for your response.

    • Replied by: Alilan   Dec. 06, 2014 21:21

      Yes, it is fine to show the hotel reservation proof which is under your boyfriend. Don't worry! Somestimes the immigration may ask the show money, 100USD for each day's stay in Hk. I suggest you prepare some cash or bank statement. And no extra documents are needed to tour Macao.

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