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I want to say
  • ReplySandy
    2013/1/15 6:17:00

    Hi, I am from Thailand. I would arrive Hong Kong and stay for two days, and then go to Macau for a day, and be back to Hong Kong and stay for another two days, then I would take flight back to Thailand. Would I need a visa to enter Macau? Would it be possible for me to enter Macau from Hong Kong, and re-enter Hong Kong after the Macau trip? Thank you.

    • James :2013/1/15 18:28:00

      no, you do not need a visa to enter Macau. and it is possible for this trip.

  • Replyjay
    2013/1/14 5:33:00

    I'm a Filipino holding a HK dependent visa. If I visit Shenzhen, China do I need to obtain a visa or if do so can the visa be obtain in the immigration upon arriving Shenzhen?

    • James :2013/1/14 19:20:00

      you need to obtain a visa before going to Shenzhen. you can get it through the Office of the Commissioner of China's Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyRisza
    2013/1/14 0:54:00

    My parents & I will be travelling to Hongkong with my 9-month old son. We'll be staying there just for 4 days. However, my husband can't go with us for some reason., What travel documents do I need to bring (for my son)? We have passport & plane tickets already. Does parent consent (from the father) needed? Hoping for your soonest reply. Thank you very much!

    • Nina :2013/1/14 19:16:00

      does your son has his own passport?if not, one dependant on your passport is also ok. parent consent from his father is also required.

  • Replyjake
    2013/1/13 23:19:00

    Hi, Please help me Im so worried. I booked my ticket for 14 days to Hongkong, from February 4-18..but my friend said I will be in trouble with the Immigration in HK because they are the one who will decide and give you how many days you are allowed to stay. Change flight is so expensive. Do I need to change my return flight and make it shorter time? Please, you suggestion will appreciate..

    • fiona :2013/1/14 19:12:00

      i think there will be no problem if you have all the required documents: your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation, enough pocket money (about HKD 5,000).

  • Replybernadette
    2013/1/9 19:03:00

    hi me and my 2 friends together with my son is planning to visit hongkong disneyland what documents we need for that?

    • emily :2013/1/10 18:24:00

      you mean you are going to Hong Kong from another country?where are you from? citizens of some nations are exempt from the Hong Kong visa. you can check the above table to see if you need to apply the visa. as for the disneyland, there are not any required documents, just need to buy the tickets :)

    • bernadette :2013/1/11 20:54:00

      im a filipina and my 2 friends together with my son wants to visit hongkong disneyland we already got book with a hongkong macau trip with a travel agency here in manila we already have booking hotels and tickets also passport what do other papers we need? do we need to provide a pocket money and how much each we need for it?

    • David :2013/1/12 18:30:00

      Please contact Hk Immigration Department by enquiry hotline at (852) 2824 6111 directly.

    • Ben :2013/1/13 2:32:00

      I think you'll be fine from the documents you have, roundtrip airtickets, hotel accomodation and a couple of dollars...but actually they don't have to ask questions if you're touring HK.

  • ReplyBenedick
    2013/1/10 15:32:00

    Hi Im from the Philippines.just wanted to inquire if I have a Tourist visa and invitation letter from Abu Dhabi would it be easier for me to get there If I stay a couple of days in Singapore then exit from there? Because the immigration officers in Manila ask a lot of questions. Hope you can reply ..Thank you.

    • Gina :2013/1/10 18:29:00

      you mean you are going to Hong Kong from Manila but need to make a few days stop in Singapore?i think it is fine if you have all the required documents:your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation, and enough pocket money.

    • Benedick :2013/1/11 19:40:00

      I'll be coming from Manila going to Singapore, then stay in Singapore for two days then off to Abu Dhabi (with a valid tourist visa, invitation letter, accomodation, roundtrip airticket and pocket money) Is it ok if I do it like this going to Abu Dhabi? Because Immigration in Manila ask a lot of questions if flying directly to Abu Dhabi.

    • Gina :2013/1/11 19:44:00

      i think it is ok.it would be easier if you travel a lot.

  • ReplyVicky,   Philippines
    2012/11/11 4:54:00

    Hi! We are a group of 5 with 2 kids traveling to Hong Kong form 15 days, I understand only 14 days visa is allowed,can we extend our visa by going to Macau? Your reply would be much appreciated. :0

    • Hank :2012/11/11 17:27:00

      I think you can, but I'm not sure whether the immigration officers will allow this. Good Luck!

    • benedick :2013/1/10 15:33:00

      Yes you can

  • Replyoseeza,   China
    2013/1/3 22:56:00

    we are a young foreign couple(Cameroon,Kazakhstan) who want to go in HK for a married purpose, both of us are living already in china . we want to know how can we get married in HK ?

    • Hebe :2013/1/4 19:10:00

      please refer to the information on this page:

  • ReplyGrace lee,   Philippines
    2013/1/2 8:18:00

    How long is the validity of a tourist visa from philippines? 30 or 90?

    • Grace :2013/1/2 18:49:00

      a visa to Hong kong?
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.
      you need to apply the visa if you plan to stay more than 14 days, and the vality of the tourist visa is uauslly 1 to 3 months.

  • Replyayomide,   Swaziland
    2012/12/31 18:15:00

    Hi, am a swaziland citizen,i travel to nigeria for two weeks and i want to come to Hongkong for two weeks do i need a visa to travel down to hongkong.

    • Rita :2013/1/1 19:14:00

      no, you do not need apply the visa, as a Swaziland citizen, you are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days.

  • ReplySang,   Cameroon
    2012/12/26 18:21:00

    Hi, I am Cameroonian residing now in Philippines, I would like to go back in my country Cameroon but I have connecting flight in Hong Kong, how can I get transit Visa?

    • Emily :2012/12/27 17:36:00

      you can apply the transit visa through the Chinese Embassy in Philippines.

  • Replysakshyam shah,   Nepal
    2012/12/23 5:21:00

    hello, i am a student....i want to visit hong kong and apply for tourist visa.....what sort of documents should i make to apply for tourist visa....do i need to show my sponsors and air tickets or what???? i am from nepal

    • Mary :2012/12/23 19:24:00

      Yeah, you do have to show your sponsors and air tickets for the application. You also need to provide your vlaid passport, comppleted application form, hotel reservation and financial proof.

  • Replyjane,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/12/19 16:31:00

    Hi im here in HongKong and my boyfriend a Filipino passport holder from Saudi Arabia is planning to come here for 7 days before going to Philippines.....what are the documents he will need?

    • Olivia :2012/12/19 17:48:00

      his valid passport, air tickets to hong kong and back to the Philippines.
      voucher of hotel reservation, and enough pocket money.
      if you will provide accommodation for him, you need to write him an invitation letter.

  • ReplyJules,   Burundi
    2012/12/18 22:49:00

    I am a burundian and i would like to go to thailand. i have to get a transit visa for HK. i have 2 tickets. shanghai to HK,and HK to thailand. Which one should i use when applying for the visa. And is there any chinese office in shanghai that i could help for the application so i dont have to go to beijing?
    How can i send by air mail?

    • David :2012/12/19 17:40:00

      you need to use both tickets.
      there is not any office in Shanghai and you have to apply it in Beijing or send by mail. if you decide to apply the visa by mail, you'd better contact the Hong Kong immigration department to make sure the address and required documents.

  • Replykathmandu,   Cayman Islands
    2012/12/16 20:25:00

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am here in cayman islands working , i am a nepalese citizen, I got a work permit in hong kong . just wondering do i need to go to chinese embassy and get stamped or i can fly to hong kong and get stamped at immigration in hong kong ? Please suggest.

    • Bonnie :2012/12/17 17:43:00

      when did you get the work permit in Hong Kong? is it for your future job in Hong Kong?

  • Replyaya,   Qatar
    2012/12/15 16:59:00

    im from philippines i'm working here at qatar i'm planning to visit hongkong for 4days do i need a visit visa for my travel?

    • Emma :2012/12/15 18:11:00

      No, you don't need any visa to Hk if you hold filipino passport, but make sure you take your valid passport, hotel reservation in Hk, return air ticket and enough money with you for the trip.

  • Replyjho,   Philippines
    2012/12/15 10:04:00

    hi im a filipina working in saudi arabia and i want to visit my aunt in hongkong for 11 days, i want to know what document should i provide and needed, thank you

    • Daniel :2012/12/15 18:09:00

      You are exempt from visa to Hk, but you have to show yoru valid apssport, in vitation letter from your aunt and copy of her HK ID card at the entry port.

  • Replyjoyce,   Belgium
    2012/12/12 6:55:00

    Hello im a Filipino do i need to get a visa when i visit belguim for two weeks only?

    • Hebe :2012/12/12 17:44:00

      please consult the Belguim embassy.

  • Replygodfrey,   Nigeria
    2012/12/11 2:39:00

    Hi, am a Ugandan citizen, i reside in lagos Nigeria,i already have a China visa in my Ugandan passport, i want to travel to guangzou for two weeks and then come to Hongkongfor two weeks business visit,please, do i need a visa to Hongkong?

    • Lily :2012/12/11 17:17:00

      no, you do not need to apply the Hong Kong visa, as Ugandan citizens are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 30 days.

  • Replytatevik,   Armenia
    2012/12/10 5:10:00

    Hi,I'm Tatevik from ARMENIA.I wanna travel to HK from China,Wuhan to get a Z VISA(WORKING VISA).DO I need a visa to enter HK? And what documents do I need to take with me?

    • Rita :2012/12/10 17:38:00

      yes, you need to apply a Hong Kong visa. you can apply it in beijing or by posting the application documents to the hong Kong immigration department directly.

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