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I want to say
  • Replylinda
    2013/3/8 6:46:00

    im a tourist in dubai holding a philippine passport and planning to apply a schengen visa...is it possible to get a schengen visa here? and if granted can i fly straight to europe exiting here in dubai?thanks!

    • Bill :2013/3/8 19:14:00

      apply a Schengen visa in Hong Kong? i don't think it is possible.

  • ReplySharon
    2013/3/6 22:53:00

    Hi, Do I need a visa travelling from South Africa on a South African passport to Hong Kong and staying for 9 nights viiting the Security Trade Show in April 2013?Thanks Sharon

    • May :2013/3/7 18:30:00

      Hi sharon, obviously you did not read the above article and the form. it is clearly stated that South Africa passport holders are free fo Hong Kong visa for 30 days. so you don't need to apply a Hong Kong visa for your 9 nights' stay.

  • ReplyAlko
    2013/3/5 20:40:00

    Hi im from philippines...we will have a 3 days tour to hongkong and exit their going to dubai for tourist visa....we have valid tourist visa and itinerary going back to phil. After a month of our visa.....is it possible to exit in hongkong? Is the immigration in hongkong strict? What are the documents needed and questions we will encounter? Do we have also to have hotel accomodation in dubai and how much show money we will bring? Thanks

    • elly :2013/3/6 17:29:00

      to visit Hong Kong, you need to prepare your valid passport, return or onward air tickets, hotel reservation, and enought pocket money (some one says about USD 100 per day for one person).

  • ReplyCris P. Gantalao
    2013/3/5 18:43:00

    Hi Im Cris ,Im from Philippines but Im working here in Doha..I just want to ask ,How much money could I spend if me ,my mother and my 7 years old son will having just a tour in Hongkong ? and what are the requirements needed ? coz I am planning to go there as a gift to my mama...Please I really need to know so I could set aside some of my savings so when I come back to Philippines I will surprise my mom about my plan..thank you so much..God Bless..hope to hear you soon..Godspeed :)

    • Emma :2013/3/6 17:38:00

      the documents you need to prepare are your valid passports, your return or onward air tickets, and voucher of hotel reservation in Hong Kong. you can either provide the certificate of your bank account or show money as cash, the money required is abuot USD 100 per day for per person. as the for expense in Hong Kong, you will need at least HKD 200 for transportation and dining.

  • ReplyDes
    2013/3/4 8:56:00

    Hi im going to saudi arabia but my agent ask me to stop over in hk. I will bring my visa for saudi with me and then stick it when i get there in hk. After that i will take the flight to saudi arabia..They said that immigration in phil.will ask so many things if i stick my visa now before going to hk. Im worried if the immigration will question me bec. I will leave immediately to saudi arabia. Thank you very much

  • Replycarla
    2013/2/28 6:14:00

    we are planning on going to hongkong how much show money do we need each person we are 4adults and 2 children,.and wat are the documents needed tnx

    • Mark :2013/2/28 17:47:00

      where are you from?? visitors from some countries are not required from Hong Kong visa. please read the above information carefully!!

  • Replyann
    2013/2/27 4:52:00

    hi..I'm from philippines me and my american bf have plan to in hk or sgnjust 4 days.my question is what are the other requirements we need to bring aside from our passport,round trip tickets,and hotel booking,and btw my bf works here in phil.thnx

    • Bonnie :2013/2/27 18:12:00

      the pocket money that can cover your expense in Hong Kong.

  • Replyjohn
    2013/2/24 7:29:00

    hello i'm a Nigeria i study in china but my girl friend want me to visit her in hong kong she want to send me an invitaion what document do i need?

    • Bill :2013/2/27 18:11:00

      you need to apply a Hong Kong visa before going there.

  • ReplyChris
    2013/2/18 22:51:00

    Hi my sister is a filipino staying in singapore with long term visit pass. She and her husband (singaporean) is planning to go to hong kong for vacation for 4 days. Does my sister needs to apply for hong kong visa? please reply asap. thank you!

    • Vic :2013/2/20 18:29:00

      no, Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.

  • ReplyOsen
    2013/2/18 21:04:00

    I am hk permanent I'd card holder,how can I aPply visa for my son to visit hongkong for 6 mnth ...he have a Nepalese password, but born in Singapore.and how many it takes to get visa... Pls help

    • Kate :2013/2/20 18:28:00

      you can apply a dependent visa for your son. the fee is HKD 160.

  • ReplyBrian Rowe
    2013/2/4 7:07:00

    I am staying in Hong Kong 5 days then leave on the Queen Mary2 for Australia calling in to Shanghai for 5 hours.Do I need a visi ?

    • Bonnie :2013/2/16 17:28:00

      yes, you need a transit visa for the 5 hours in Shanghai if you will disembark.

  • ReplyLeonard
    2013/2/9 7:54:00

    hello my name is Leonard, I'm holding a nigeria passport and i want to know the requirement for a hongkong resident visa. Thanks.

    • Lisa :2013/2/16 1:40:00

      you want to apply a Hong Kong resident visa? you mean to live in Hong Kong as a permanent resident?i don't think that is easy. i heard that there are requirements for applicants' financial status. or you have to live in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than seven years.

  • Replyasif ali
    2013/1/31 11:11:00

    I am pakistan national i am leaving for business trip to mainland china and hong kong holding both visa.. can i visit to macau for 2-3 days for recreation. please reply if there is information available.

  • ReplyDavid
    2013/1/27 20:19:00

    i am Nepali and but i am studying in Australia for 4 years...is it possibal to get a visa for Hongkong to me for a week...

    • Bill :2013/1/28 18:03:00

      yes, of course it is possible. you can obtain the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Australia.

  • ReplyLENY
    2013/1/26 22:41:00

    we have booked tickets to go to disneyland, we dont have a hotel booking yet because i want to see it for myself if the room will be enough for 4 persons before i book a room.. i have the hotels contact numbers, address and maps.. will it be a problem if we dont have a place booked yet. my brother in law a hk resident is willing to help us find a hotel..please email me immediately since where flight is tomorrow morning.tnx

    • Vivien :2013/1/27 17:32:00

      I don't think it will affect your entry to Hk if you can provide financial proof of adequate funds to cover your duration, return air ticket and copies of your brother's Hk ID card and proof of your relationship like birth certificate.

  • Replysonia
    2013/1/22 0:18:00

    Hi,I am from India.Actually I have a passport but my mother doesnot have a passport then can we still travel togeather to macau for 1 month by making round trip tickets and a hotel reservation for a week? Would i need any proof of funds in my mother's account to stay there for 30 days coz i dont have a penny in my account? I have to take money from her to make the tickets and hotel reservation and for staying there.

    • Mike :2013/1/22 18:26:00

      your mother needs to apply a passport first, or she can not travel abroad. you need the proof of funds, and it can be your mother's account, since she is traveling with you.

  • Replyrumpa
    2013/1/22 0:11:00

    What travel documents in lieu of a passport, which are equivalent to a passport one should carry with her in order to travel to macau from india? Is there any ferry from india to macau?What is the charge for it? If one has to stay for 1 year in macau and he makes a visa for it, should he require to make his return tickets before travelling to macau from india?

    • Eva :2013/1/22 18:22:00

      have you ever travel abroad? what document did you hold when travaling to other countries. as far as I know, you need a passport to travel abroad. you should consult the Exit and Entry department or immigration departmetn of country to see if there is any other documents that can replace a passport. if you have the visa for 1 year, then you do not need the return ticket. but i wonder whether you can get the 1 year visa in Macau.

  • ReplyRumpa
    2013/1/21 9:38:00

    I dont have a passport.can i still visit macau with my round trip tickets and a hotel reservation/If i travel from india to hong kong and then macau and then mexico and return back from mrxico to macau and then hong kong and back to india would i need any transit visa or mainland china visa? if i stay in mainland china for less than 3 days including coming and going,would i need a mainland china visa?can i go to macau from india through a ferry?what is the charge for it?what is the cheapest hotel in macau?

    • Gloria :2013/1/21 18:28:00

      you have to hold a passport or other travel document that works as a passport, without which you can not travel abroad. if you only visit Macau and Hong Kong, you do not need transit visa ot Mainland China, you need the visa if you plan to stay in Mainland visa. of course you can take the a ferry from India to Macau, but i'm not sure if there is a ferry from India.

  • Replyalex ng
    2013/1/20 21:17:00

    Hi im from venezuela but resident in NY , can i get the multiple entry visa for china ?

    • Abby :2013/1/21 18:18:00

      the period of the visa and the times of entry are decided by the Chinese embassy. it also depends on your purpose of visiting China.

  • ReplyAsh
    2013/1/16 15:47:00

    Hello!I'm from Philippines. My sister, her officemate and I plan to go to HK for a tour just for 2 days. We already have a round-trip ticket, but we do not have hotel reservations because we will be staying with my sister's friend. May I know what papers/documents we need to present to the immigration? Any information that could help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Bill :2013/1/16 19:30:00

      you still need an invitation letter from your sister's friend.the invitation letter should include your names, addresses in the Philippines, the friend's name, and address in Hong Kong, and he/she should declare that he/she will provide accommodation or place for you to live.

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