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I want to say
  • Replydet
    2013/4/28 21:44:00

    hi, i'm a filipina, i would like to ask what are the requirements if i choose to maximize the 14days given to a tourist in hongkong?

    • Peter :2013/5/1 19:44:00

      your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Hong Kong, and pocket money.

  • Replylina
    2013/4/27 7:47:00

    my husband is an ofw from abu dabi and will have his vacation in the philippines on june 14 2013. me is in the phils right now and we are planning to meet in hongkong on june 14 for a 4 days tour only. do he needs to apply for a hongkong visa if his flight is from abu dabi to hk. pls advice other docs he needed. tnx

    • Hebe :2013/4/27 19:24:00

      if he holds an Abu Dabi passport, yes, he need to apply the visa to hong Kong.

  • Replymahi
    2013/4/26 23:46:00

    i belong from pakistan. In these days I have to stay in Malaysia with my family. We have refugee status in Malaysia. Now we have passed our case from malyisia UNHCR. We get the card from unhcr for 3year. now we want to visit in Hong kong . Can we visit on our unhcr card from malaysia to hong kong. if yes then how?????????? plz give me reply soon as soon possible

    • susan :2013/4/27 19:15:00

      you'd better consult the Chinse Embassy in Malaysia for detailed information.

  • Replylovejoy
    2013/4/25 4:22:00

    Hi, my bf and I are planning to meet in Hongkong. I already have my passport, round trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Hongkong, but I don't have a pocket money instead my bf wrote a supporting letter that he will take care all my expenses there in hongkong. Is the supporting letter would be enough as a replacement to the pocket money?

    • Gina :2013/4/25 19:41:00

      i think it is ok.

  • Replycycy
    2013/2/11 22:11:00

    Hi .. I would like to ask if ever I availed a tourist visa from abu dhabi..can I have a flight book to hongkong for a few days.. then go to abu dhabi with my visa.. because here in Philippine immigration there are lot of irrelevant questions being ask to be able a passenger being hold in the airport then suddenly missed the flight. I need an immediate reply..tnx

    • May :2013/2/16 17:26:00

      yes, i think you can.

    • angie :2013/4/19 0:12:00

      hi..cycy.. are you already in abu dhabi? what happened in hongkong immigration? did they ask for POEA? thanks for your immediate response

  • Replyarchie meded
    2013/2/4 4:37:00

    hi im from philippines holding employment visa to enter dubai, can i possibly stop over in hongkong airport before my connectiong flight entering dubai? does hongkong immigration needs any documents from me to stop over in hongkong airport? please advise as soonest. thanks

    • angie :2013/4/19 0:09:00

      HI.. archie meded.. are you already in dubai? what happened to hongkong immigration? what are the documents that they were asking?thank you for your immediate reply..

  • ReplyGayatri Suryawanshi
    2013/4/15 5:11:00

    I am an Indian citizen living in UK and traveling to Hongkong in May 2013, I would like to visit macau for a day trip. Will I be able to re-enter Hong Kong without any issues or will I have to apply for multiple entry Hong Kong Visa before travelling?

    • tracy :2013/4/15 20:15:00

      there will be no problem for you to re-enter Hong Kong.

  • ReplyAle
    2013/4/3 20:20:00

    I will take flight land in Hong Kong then go Macao and direct take flight back to malaysia at Macao all around 6 days. Is there any immigration things to do due to different airport entrance and exit ?

    • Lyla :2013/4/6 19:43:00

      there's no problem as long as you have the two way air tickets, hotel reservation in Hong Kong and Macau, and enough pocket money.

  • ReplyKwyne
    2013/3/28 5:56:00

    Hello, I hope you can help me with this.I booked a return-way flight to HK with my son who's 9 years old. I am using my maiden name and my son's having his Father's surname. Is that a problem? I & his Dad is currently having our annulment and still waiting for the decision but the custody of the child is not an issue because we had a verbal agreement about it. Do i have to get an authorization letter from his Dad to be able to travel with my son to HK for 4days and 3nights or not required? Thanks...

    • peter :2013/4/1 19:37:00

      you'd better ask your husband write that letter for you.

  • ReplyRhence
    2013/3/25 9:50:00

    Hi, im rhence, im here in singapore right now, im planning to go in hongkong, can give me some idea, how many days will the imigration will give it to me? i have a 2 way ticket, do i have to take a hotel reservation?, im planning to get a trancient rooms in there, will the imigration in hongkong, questioning me about that?

    • Emma :2013/3/25 19:44:00

      are you a singapore passport holder or not?see the above table to check how many days the immigration will give you. you need the hotel reservation, apart from your air tickets and valid passport.

  • Replycherryll mong
    2013/3/21 8:26:00

    hi Iwewant to go in disnylang with my 2daughter age 12/9mons. and the other one is 10yrs old. what requirement i need to bring for their tour.'coz me i have my passport.did they need to?thanks...

    • Marry :2013/3/21 19:01:00

      you'd better to apply the passport for them.

  • ReplyGurung budha raj
    2013/3/21 1:24:00

    I am hongkong I'd holder I married with Nepalese I don,t have married certificate .so I want to bring her in hongkong and get married again what I need to do now.

    • David :2013/3/21 18:48:00

      as you don't have a marriage certificate, she can only visit Hong Kong as a tourist. she need to apply the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, and you can send her an invatition letter.

  • ReplyDonna
    2013/3/18 22:53:00

    Hi I wanna ask, Is visa and entry permit the same? My bf and I are planning to meet in hong kong this time for his business. Im a Philippine passport holder and will be my first time to visit hong kong. What else do I need to prepare? Tanx.. :-)

    • Nina :2013/3/19 19:29:00

      as a Philipine passport holder, you are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don't need a visa if your trip is less than 14 days. but you still need to present your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Hong Kong and enough pocket money or bank certificate.

  • Replyumair
    2013/3/19 5:03:00

    hi..i m frm pakistan.....my friends father apply for a dependant visa for him from last 2 years....but the hk immigartion hold the dependant visas........my friend is very upset about this............plzzzzz can you tell me why the hk immigration hold the visas?????????????

  • ReplyBorain
    2013/3/18 1:09:00

    Hi sir, this is me borain, currently in UK as student but m holding Nepalese passport how should I proceed to get tourist visa to Hong Kong ?

    • Mike :2013/3/18 20:12:00

      you can apply the Hong Kong visa through the chines Embassy in UK.

  • Replybelinda
    2013/3/17 22:30:00

    hi. i'm from the philippines. my family and i(6 adults and 4 kids) want to travel to hongkong for 10-14 days. my mother presently works in hongkong now and will shoulder all the expenses for our travel. what are the necessary documents needed for our travel. tnx

  • ReplyKristy
    2013/3/14 23:37:00

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen and would like to tour Hong Kong with my cousin (Filipino citizen). Does she need a letter of invitation from me? She has her roundtrip ticket, we have a hotel reservation for 3 days (but under my name) and we are travelling together.

    • Cheryl :2013/3/15 19:21:00

      you can not provide her an invitation letter as you are not live in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyMitzy
    2013/3/15 5:14:00

    Hi I'm to go to Hongkong for 1 day only. I'll be leaving Philippines this coming March22 and be back the day after. I have booked tickets(going HK and Back to Phils) but I don't have yet hotel reservations. I'm planning to look for a hotel when I arrive. Is it Ok to tell the immimgration about my hotel plans? What are the possible problems that I may encounter?

    • Judy :2013/3/15 19:37:00

      you'd better book the hotel and print out the hotel confirmation, or you may not be allowed to board your flight.

  • Replywolfinga b. jubas
    2013/3/14 4:38:00

    Greetings! what shall requirements i need i will be meeting my fiancee in hongkong. and from there we are going to china should i apply for my tourist visa to china before i leave for hongkong? or i can apply from hongkong for my tourist visa to china. thank you.

    • elly :2013/3/14 19:23:00

      you'd better apply the Chinese tourist visa before you leave for Hong Kongto guarantee a smooth trip.

  • Replyzanibabar
    2013/3/13 19:38:00

    im a pakistani girl n im living in hk .i born in hk n i went back to pakistan when i was 4years old . then i come back to hk when i was 18 years old . i will get permit id card in hk in this year october .. !!! i want to apply for my husband visa in this month . if it is posiable or not ????

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