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I want to say
  • ReplyAwais Arshad
    2013/7/31 20:58:00

    there is any online way to apply for viza ..because thee is Beijing is to far from Nanchang...is there any possibility to online process please tell me.

    • david :2013/8/1 18:38:00

      no, online application is not accepted, but you can apply the visa by posting the application forms and supporting documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. i suggest you go to Beijing to apply the hong Kong visa, as it is the best way for you.

  • ReplyAwais Arshad
    2013/7/31 13:57:00

    hy my best wishes for you . i want to ask to you that i m student of mbbs in China . i m in jIANGX Nanchang. i want tp visit hong kon for 5 days . i have pakistani passport . i have no any criminal case no other problems . i have great found to visit hong kong by train . what is procedure and what i can do for this ?

    • david :2013/7/31 19:07:00

      as a Pakistani passport holder, you have to apply a Hong Kong visa. you can apply it through the Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing. The address is: No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009.

  • ReplyCristine Alfonso
    2013/7/16 14:08:00

    hi..im in philippines.. is it possible to leave the philippines going to hongkong as tourist, then that day leave the hongkong going to qatar or dubai?

    • Bonnie :2013/7/16 18:30:00

      yes, it is possible. but you have to provide documents that proof you will leave Hong Kong within 14 days, such as the air tickets to qatar or Dubai, the visa to Qatar or Dubai (if required), hotel reservation in Hong Kong, and enough pocket money that can support you during your stay in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyJean Paul
    2013/7/15 6:13:00

    My name is Jean Paul I live in Australia and my Girlfriend live in Hong Kong and I want to visits her , and I don't have an Australia passport I just have Australia Travel document , it's possible to travel with it in Hong Kong and have visa without any difficulty ?

    • Jenny :2013/7/15 18:48:00

      have you ever travel to other countries with your Australia Travel Documen?if yes, it is ok to visit Hong Kong with it. if not, you'd better apply a passport first.

  • Replydil bahadur tamang
    2013/7/5 19:33:00

    hello sir or madam.i am nepalese student and staying here in china for study.i wanna visit in honkong for 7 days.where can i get permit visa for honkong?can i get it in guangzhou? do i show any property for applying this visa? please give me in details.

    • Nina :2013/7/8 19:22:00

      read the above article carefully and you will find where you can apply the visa!!

  • Replybill od
    2013/7/8 15:01:00

    do I need a visa to visit hong cong. I am us citizen. Thanks

  • ReplyMarat
    2013/7/4 13:45:00

    Hi! I am a filipino, currently in dubai. My residence visa in dubai has already been cancelled. And as a rule, i have to leave the country before i could apply for a uae tourist visa. In this regard, can i go to hongkong for a 9 day vacation whilst waiting for the release of my uae tourist visa? My friend, who is also a filipino and is currently working in hongkong offered me to stay with her at her place. Will i encounter a problem with the hongkong immigration if my return ticket is hkg-dxb??(Please note that, at that moment, i am in no possession of a uae tourist visa, since it is still be on process). What other documents should i present for them to allow me to enter hongkong? Thanks in advance for your response! :)

    • Candy :2013/7/4 19:21:00

      i sugges that you go back to your country. the Hong Kong Immigration may not let you in. even if you entered Hong Kong, you may not able to get back to Dubai only with the air ticket with your visa still be on process.

  • Replybilawal raza
    2013/6/25 19:31:00

    hello sir / madam , we are currently studying in malaysia since 3 years as a student and i want to visit hong kong with my wife but my wife she has bahraini passport and i am pakistani passport holder do we need a visa ! and if need how much the time for processing to get visa and how much the visit visa fees from malaysia :) thanks

    • Richard :2013/6/26 17:55:00

      As a Bahraini passport holder, your wife does not need to apply a Hong Kong visa. but you, as a Pakistani passport holder, is required to get a visa to hong Kong. you can apply the visa through Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. it usually takes a few weeks. and the visa fee is HKD 160.

  • Replyjackie velasquez
    2013/6/25 0:59:00

    hi there.i am from the philippines. we are a group of 4 2 adults and 2 kids.we just want to visit hongkong disneyland, i think we already brought a ticket with hotel accomodation for 3 days and 2 night.i but my 2 kids doesn't have a passport do we have to get them?

    • Betty :2013/6/25 18:50:00

      are your kids in included in yours or your spouse's passport? if not, you have to apply the passports for your kids.

  • Replyjophen
    2013/6/23 19:43:00

    hi.i was offloaded before at the immigration coz of inssuficient doc.and i intend to travel alone without my bf..but now i plan to travel to hongkong with my bf.he will pick me up here in manila then we will go together in hongkong..what documents or requirements i need to bring nextime?hope for ur reply asap..thanks..

    • Susan :2013/6/24 19:40:00

      your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Hong Kong, and enough pocket money (about USD 100 per day).

  • ReplyMahendra
    2013/6/15 13:06:00

    Hi,I am India passport holder and want to have tour in Hongkong for 7 days, My one friend is working in Honnkong on working Visa, is form philippines he wants me to have a tour and want me stay with him on his place so i m not booking hotel will it ok to stay on his place ?And which all document will be needed to go there for 7 days ?Will invitation letter be needed from his side ? if it is then how will he write a invitation letter ?Please suggest.....!!!!

    • David :2013/6/17 19:34:00

      it is ok you stay at your friend's place.if you plan to stay at your friend's place, you need an invitation letter from your friend. you also need to hold the round-trip air tickets, and your valid passport.

  • Replymaye
    2013/6/12 23:35:00

    hi im from philippines. me and my bf are planning to have vacation in honkong for 4days, and my bf is in qatar he will provide all expenses.. also hotel reservation. so can i only jst buy rouundtrip ticket.? also my bf is egyptian but working in Qatar does he need to apply for visa??? thanks alot.

    • Bonnie :2013/6/13 18:10:00

      1. you should hold hotel reservation, roundtrip air tickets, your valid passport, and enough show money (about USD 100 per day). you can ask your bf send you a copy of the hotel reservation, and a support letter. you may be offloaded if you don't have the required documents. 2. your bf does not need to apply the visa to Hong Kong, as an Egyptian, he is exempt from hong Kong visa for 90 days.

  • ReplyMacks
    2013/6/9 23:47:00

    I'm filipino living in manila. I want to go to abu dhabi but first i will stay 3 hours in hongkong then flight to abu dhabi as a tourist. What would i need more? I will get ticket from msnila to hongkong then from hongkong i will be having ticket to abu dhabi then abu dhabi return to philippines. Invitation letter from friend staying in abu dhabi for 3 years. Don't have hotel reservation in hongkong! Would there be a ptoblem i will encounter?

    • Bonnie :2013/6/12 19:01:00

      don't worry, if you stay in the Hong Kong airport and do not leave it within the 3 hours, you don't have to provide the hotel reservation.

  • ReplyMelody Monterozo
    2013/6/9 6:18:00

    hi.im planning to travel hongkong.but unfortunately i am previously offloaded,what should I do?

    • David :2013/6/12 18:59:00

      prepare all the required documents and give another try.

  • ReplyJanette Speno
    2013/5/26 9:53:00

    Hi,I'm a US citizen planning to stop at Hong Kong Disneyland for 3 days. What kind of paper works do I need?I'm also my Filipino siblings is planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 3 days as will, what kind of paperworks do they need?Thanks

    • david :2013/5/27 19:24:00

      you need your valid passport, round-trip air tickets to Hong Kong, and hotel reservation in Hong Kong. apart from the documents you need to prepare, your siblings also need to take enough pocket money.

  • Replyeve
    2013/5/18 21:57:00

    I am a green card holder in US and want to go on two weeks vacation in hong Kong , do I need a visa ? If yes how do I go about it?

    • Bonnie :2013/5/20 19:55:00

      you are still not an American citizen even if you hold a US green card. so you may refer to the above chart to see if you are visa-free in hong Kong.

  • Replymaynard ting
    2013/5/14 6:30:00

    I just want to ask what procedure should I take if I want to go to hongkong and stay with my cousin tere what proof shiuld I present to the immigration, is the adresss enoug proof?

    • Bonnie :2013/5/14 18:48:00

      you need to ask your cousin to write an invitation letter for you, which should include his or her personal information, address, Hong Kong ID or work permit, passport number, your name, address in your country, and the relationship between you two.

  • ReplyArdy
    2013/5/12 5:39:00

    Iam planning to visit in Hongkong for 3 days do i need to secure hotel reservation or roundtrip ticket is okay, what are the question in Manila Immigration thanks,

    • Kate :2013/5/13 20:25:00

      hotel reservation and air tickets are required.

  • ReplyKorina Van Allen Ponce
    2013/4/28 3:45:00

    Hi, i'm from Philippines and I'm at Australia. I'm going to HongKong for 14 days. I'm just a bitworried the maximum can stay at HongKong is 14 days?Is it alright if i stay at Hongkong for 14 days? Thank You

    • Bonnie :2013/5/1 19:42:00

      yes, you stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without a visa.

    • Korina Ponce :2013/5/9 10:26:00

      Hi, i make a mistake on my booking. It become 15 days and I can only stay in HongKong for 14 days since i'm using Philippine passport. I tried to get a visa to nearest consulate but it will takes about 3-4 weeks and only a week passed. Is there any other choice or do they have visa upon arrival.?? Thank You hope u can help me

    • Bill :2013/5/9 19:38:00

      you may consider a short trip to Macau and then get back to Hong Kong on the 15th day for you backward flight

    • Korina ponce :2013/5/9 19:42:00

      How can i go to macau? Thru turbo jet or i go to airport? Thank You for this

    • Bill :2013/5/9 19:55:00

      the Thru turbo jet is better.

    • Korina Ponce :2013/5/12 8:14:00

      Hi, just one more question. Can i go macau anytime? Or i need to wait for 14 days then go back to HK for 15 days??

    • Bonnie :2013/5/13 20:27:00

      you can go to Macau at anytime.

  • ReplyJun
    2013/5/6 7:51:00

    hello i'm from philippines and an ofw in saudi arabia. during my vacation, 3 of us plan to go hongkong this may 2013 for 3 days. what documents should we bring in our hongkong tour?

    • Kate :2013/5/9 19:46:00

      your valid passport, hotel reservation in hong Kong, round-trip air tickets, and show money (about USD 100 per person for each day)

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