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I want to say
  • ReplyNash
    2014/4/12 4:58:00

    Hi...am ghanain in wuhan and I want to go further my education in philippines ..can I go with an invite only?

    • Vivien :2014/4/13 22:53:00

      you should consult the Filipino embassy if you need a visa or other documents.

  • ReplyMaridel Oclarit
    2014/3/20 1:54:00

    hai, i miss maridel oclarit a filipino who wants to visit hongkong for my 5 days with my cousin. i just want to ask if what is the requirements we need to visit in hongkong SAR. we need a visa or not? other than visa what else do we need...we booked already a two way ticket and we have already a valid passport and accommodation to stay with, aside from this what else do we need to comply our visit in hongkong SAR...thank you, i'm waiting for your reply.

    • Jeanifer :2014/3/20 21:06:00

      no. Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don't need to apply the visa. aside from the documents you've mentioned, you also need to take some pocket money, i heard you need to take at least USD 100 per day for one person.

    • Maridel Oclarit :2014/3/23 21:19:00

      thank you for your reply, but i have some question again, about currency i have a venezuelan bolivar currency my employer give me this when i'm in singapore last 2007 working as a caregiver and all around..i have a question would hongkong banks exchange this venezuelan bolivar or any money changer exchange this kind of money...

    • Jeanifer :2014/3/23 21:26:00

      I'm afraid you can not exchange that directly. some one says you have to exchange the venezuelan bolivar into US dollars first, and then exchange to other currency.

    • Maridel Oclarit :2014/3/30 22:47:00

      again, thank you jeanifer for your reply...But how can i change my venezuelan bolivar to US dollar? If you know anything about how to change these currency just please tell me...Is it in the bank or what kind of establishment well exchange bolivar to US dollar...Thank you and more power for the warriors travel for this open suggestion box for people who have questioned like me...thank you and GODSPEED

    • Jeanifer :2014/3/30 22:51:00

      you can exchange it in the bank.

  • ReplyChat
    2014/3/29 10:24:00

    ...Hello! I will be going to hongkong with my boyfriend for 4 days. We are teaching in a government public school. What documents should be prepared to show in immigration?

    • Bill :2014/3/30 22:49:00

      where are you from? people from different countries are required differently. some need to apply the visa but some does not.

  • ReplyDeepak
    2014/3/27 11:48:00

    I am from india and i have book my hongkong roundtrip ticket for 5 days, please help me i need hk visa or not ?????

    • Hebe :2014/3/30 22:47:00

      no, you don't need the visa for your five day tour in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyJean
    2014/3/22 6:25:00

    Hi.. Is there any rules or anything if il invite my husband here in hongkong to visit me? What should I prepare/do to invite him?Any one who can help me please ... Thanks a lot

    • David :2014/3/23 21:56:00

      where r ur hunsband from? i mean what is his nationality?u should first write him an invitation letter. how long is he plan to stay in HK?

    • Jean :2014/3/23 22:27:00

      He is a Filipino holing a Phil passport Just for couple of days maybe 14days.. Is that okay? What should I do? And how how should I do it?

    • David :2014/3/24 21:47:00

      yes, it is ok. Filipino passport holders are exempt from hong Kong visa for 14 days. he need to prepare round-trip air tickets and some pocket money. you need to write an invitation letter stating that you will provide accommodation for him, if not, he also need to provide hotel reservation in Hong kong.

    • Jean :2014/3/24 22:14:00

      Thank David.. Do you have any copies of invitation letter???And do I need to give a letter to the immigration of Phil and here in Hong Kong? Please email me if you have copies.. Thanks a lot godbless you..

    • David :2014/3/25 21:31:00

      i'ms sorry Jean, i don't have a copy. but you can search an example online. you should give the letter to your husband.

  • Replyjoy
    2014/3/21 4:42:00

    i am a filipina. i have 1 month round trip ticket to hk. but i dont visa yet. i have an invitation letter from a hk resident there. does the immigration would let me enter hongkong? what should i do?

    • richard :2014/3/23 21:51:00

      one month?Filipino passport holders are exempt from hong kong visa for 14 days, if you want to stay for one month, you have to apply a visa.

  • ReplyRichard
    2014/3/19 16:30:00

    I'm a gambian wanted to travel to Hong Kong with visa free for gambia passport holder but my destination is china. My question is, is it possible for me to apply for china visa as tourist in Hong Kong since there are no Chinese embassy/consulates in GAMBIA

    • Jeremy :2014/3/19 22:40:00

      no, you can not apply the Chinese visa in Hong Kong.

    • Richard :2014/3/20 2:00:00

      Thanks Jeremy for your reply and it helps. What are the documents I need to take with me as one of the Countries citizens that is visa free to Hong Kong?

    • Jeremy :2014/3/20 21:03:00

      your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Hong Kong, and some pocket money.

  • ReplyBurdz
    2014/2/15 23:08:00

    Hi im planning to visit hong kong this march or april for 3days and 2nights im wondering if i need a visa to enter and ill be staying at my friends house...and also im a us permanent card holder.

  • Replyrachel
    2014/1/29 19:32:00

    hi.. me & my husband & 2 sons will going to hongkong on march 9, 2014 and return march 12, 2014 we are going to disneyland. We need to get the visit visa in manila? we have book already the ticket. pls advice me. thank u.

  • Replyrachel
    2014/1/23 7:07:00

    hi i would like to travel to hongkong with an invitatiion letter from family for 14days would like to know if i need a visa with nationality ugandan from dubai and pliz send me requirements needed and price for airticket and visa if needed

  • Replymar
    2014/1/21 2:30:00

    Hi! Im OFW and i sponsor 2 persons travelling to hong kong. However, upon reaching the immigration both of them are refuse by immigration they said that im not entitle to sponsor which is not my relatives. Is there any immigration policy about this matter?

  • Replyalice
    2014/1/9 0:09:00

    hi! my friends and i are planning to visit hongkong this March 2014 for 5 days only. Do we need to apply for visa? because one of my friend booked his flight in one of the airline here in philippines and there's a note that visa is not included in his fare. Do we need to get a tourist visa? is it implemented already?

  • Replyjen
    2013/12/14 7:59:00

    Hi! .i have a friend who wants to visit in hingkong. She is currently working in qatar right now. But her employer booked her ticket directly to the philippines with a connecting flight to hongkong. Is it ok if she will enter hongkong and will not use the connecting flight anymore? Is there no problem with the hongkong authorities. And does she needs any documents to show to the immigration officer for her passport to be stamped?

    • Jesscy :2013/12/14 18:06:00

      i think it is ok. but she'd better book the return ticket to the Phlippines before she enter Hong Kong.

  • ReplyLeny
    2013/12/14 5:20:00

    Hi, Im coming here from Bahrain and have a stop over in Hongkong , then to Philippines. But I want to go to UAE. Can i change my ticket when im there in Hongkong or should i book another flight from Hongkong to UAE? If so, can i stay 3 days also in Hongkong? Thanks in advance.

    • Fred :2013/12/14 18:00:00

      Hi Leny, Bahrain passport holder are exempt from hong Kong visa for 30 days, so it is ok for you change your flight or stay for 3 days in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyElisa tuguinay
    2013/12/9 22:25:00

    Hello sir,mam,im a filipina working here in china but plan to forgood with my employer this december 30,and i plan to drop by HK to find another employer before i will exit to Philippines,do i need a visa before going to HK?well i worked in Hk for 3months b4 and it so happen that they will move here in Beijing so i go with them,i have still my ID in HK..tenks much,waiting for a reply...

    • Peter :2013/12/10 17:46:00

      your Hong Kong ID should be a temporary one, and your work permit there should expire when you leave for Beijing. But Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don' t need the visa if your stay is no longer than 14 days.

  • ReplyAnn Celestino
    2013/12/2 23:59:00

    Question: We are both filipinos. We would like to get married in Hongkong April 2013. Is that possible? What are the requirements? How much will it cost?

    • Susan :2013/12/3 17:36:00

      April 2013? you want to get registered in Hong Kong or just hold your wedding ceremony there?

    • Ann :2013/12/4 17:46:00

      We would like to hold our wedding there. Is that possible?

    • Lily :2013/12/4 17:46:00

      yes, it is possible.

    • Ann :2013/12/5 17:37:00

      Sorry April 2014

    • Ann :2013/12/5 17:38:00

      What are the requirements? How much will it cost? Do you have that package?

    • Jenney :2013/12/5 17:44:00

      hi Ann,i suggest that you consult a local agency for wedding in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyChris
    2013/12/1 0:17:00

    Hi, would like to know whether Hotel reservation is mandatory for a tourist visa in Hong Kong or just passport, international credit/debit card will do? Hotel would be booked on arrival.

    • Emma :2013/12/1 17:53:00

      you have to provide it when you apply the Hong Kong visa (if required) or when you enter hong Kong (if you are exempt from hong Kong visa).

  • ReplyBeauty
    2013/11/30 22:39:00

    My connecting flight back home is hongkong , but I would like to spend two days in hongkong before I depart, do I need a visa for two days stay?

    • Jesscy :2013/12/1 17:51:00

      people from some countries are exempt from hong Kong visa for a certain period of time. you can check the above table to see if you need to apply the Hong Kong visa.

  • Replyrose
    2013/11/28 8:21:00

    hello, i just want to know if it possible to go hk from dubai for 14days while waiting for my new employment visa in Dubai, they will send to me in HK through courier, it is possible? what documents i need, do they let me in?Thank you. kindly response.

    • Henry :2013/11/28 17:32:00

      where are you from? what is your nationality?people from some countries need to apply the Hong Kong visa but some do not. read the above article carefully, you will know if you can enter Hong Kong!

  • ReplyYet
    2013/11/28 5:57:00

    Hi i would like to ask where i can get in philippines the affidavit of support authenticated by phil. Consulate in hk? Do i need to get a tourist visa in hongkong? We just only 4 days vacation there on dec. 18 to 21,2013. Thank you so much.. Godbless

    • Bill :2013/11/28 17:28:00

      from the Filipino consulate in Hong Kong. you don't need to apply the Hong Kong visa.

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