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I want to say
  • Replymrs.jain,   Malaysia
    2009/11/30 0:38:00

    i,m an indian resident living in kuala lumpur for last 3yrs with valid papers.i want to go on a holiday to hong kong,but also will go to china(shenzen).will go frm hk to shenzen by ferry,frm there to macau & then cm back to hk,stay for a few days & then take a return flight to kl.pl can u tell me if for this i need a single entry china visa or multiple entry.thanks

    • David ( China ) :2009/11/30 18:55:00

      How long will you stay in Hk for your first entry and second entry respectively?
      How long will you stay in Macau?

  • ReplyParag,   India
    2009/11/26 12:36:00

    I am an Indian Citizen. I am travelling to hongkong for my office work frm Dec 12 to Dec 23. Then from Dec 24 to Dec 29 i to do touring with my wife and kid who would be coming to HKG on 24th Dec.

    I believe there is only 14 days free visa for Indians. If i go to Macau on 20th Dec morning and return on nite of 20th dec can i get new visa for 14 days. In this way i would able to solve my problem and enjoy vacation till 29th. Can u suggest will this idea work?

    • Andrew ( Hong Kong, China ) :2009/11/27 3:38:00

      It does work ,sir. Just Go ahead!

  • ReplyAnn,   Philippines
    2009/11/26 3:18:00

    I'm a Philippine Passport holder, will be visiting Macau and Hongkong in January and plan to visit a couple of friends for just a day in Guangzhou. Is it possible for me to apply for a visa in Macau then?

    • Michael ( Canada ) :2009/11/27 3:29:00

      You'd better apply for the China visa for your Guangzhou trip in Philippines.

  • Replyroom,   Philippines
    2009/11/19 22:58:00

    can i visit macau from manila without visa?

    • Shen Mo ( China ) :2009/11/20 21:05:00

      Yes. With valid Philippine passport, you can enter Macau without a Macau visa.

  • Replyasdm,   Philippines
    2009/11/17 7:58:00


    I'm from the Philippines. Im planning to go to Hong Kong on Nov.21, 2009 then ride a ferry straight to Macau on the same day. I'm going back to the Philippines on Nov. 23, 2009. My problem is my passport will expire on May 18,2010( less than six months validity, 5 months and 27 days to be exact). will i still be allowed to enter hong kong and macau, even if my passport is less than 6 months valid?

    • Du Fan ( China ) :2009/11/17 22:06:00

      Yes. You will be allowed to enter Hong Kong and Macau with your passport. Then you can extend the validity of your visa from the local Philippine consulate.

  • ReplyMiss Ayaz,   Philippines
    2009/11/17 4:06:00

    Hi! my pakistani boyfriend who's in china with student's visa wants to visit hongkong for 7 days. does he need a visa? and what is the weather in HK during january?

    • Su ( China ) :2009/11/17 21:23:00

      Yes, he will need to apply a Hong Kong visa. Hong Kong is not cold in Jan., can just wear shirt and coat.

  • ReplySharlene,   Philippines
    2009/11/16 5:11:00

    im from philippines and i want to visit inner mongolia for 4 days, do i need to get a tourist visa?

    • Yin Hang ( China ) :2009/11/16 22:02:00

      Yes. You need to apply for a China tourist visa for entering Inner Mongolia, China mainland.

  • ReplyFanny,   Philippines
    2009/11/12 10:45:00

    I am a Filipino with Philippine Passort. Can I enter Hongkong with out visa? And if decided to go to Guanzhao, China do I need to visa? Thank you. Your reesponse will be highl appreciated

    • Sen Ma ( China ) :2009/11/12 20:47:00

      Hi, you can enter Hong Kong free of visa with your valid Philippine passport, but if you need to apply for a China tourist visa for entering China mainland's Guangzhou.

  • Replyjackie,   Philippines
    2009/11/12 18:48:00

    Hi! I'm a Filipino visiting HK on january 26, 2010 then on January 28 taking ferry to Macau. I will exit from Macau to Manila. Aside from my passport, do we need to obtain any permit etc? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Jane A ( Hong Kong, China ) :2009/11/12 20:38:00

      With Philippine passport, you can stay in Hong Kong for no more than 14 days and in Macau for no more than 30 days free of visa. No need for other permit.

  • ReplyMarsa, Lewman,   United States
    2009/11/11 18:57:00

    Hi, I am holding a U.S. Passport to staying in Hong Kong over a month. Do I need to apply any visa when I want to visit Macau for a day or so.

    • Chen ( Hong Kong, China ) :2009/11/11 20:42:00

      hi, you will be allowed to stay in Macau for 30 days free of visa, with your valid US passport.

  • Replydamien,   Malaysia
    2009/11/6 3:02:00

    I am holding a malaysia passport and intended to go to shenzen from HK.Can I apply visa on arrival when reach shenzen?

    • Chen Hui ( China ) :2009/11/6 21:11:00

      You need to apply for a Hong Kong visa. You may choose to apply it from China Embassy in Malaysia or apply from China foreign ministry commissioner's office in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyVince,   China
    2009/11/3 0:52:00

    Hi, I am a student holding on to a china passport studying in US now on student visa. I would like to visit hongkong, but what are the documents that i need and are there any visa that needs to be done? I should be staying for a period of 2 weeks.

    • Zheng ( China ) :2009/11/3 2:21:00

      If you know Chinese, you can search yourself on Baidu.com.

  • ReplyFarrah Ymbong,   Philippines
    2009/10/29 2:45:00

    Yes Feng, i have a valid passport and there's a Canadian Working Visa on it. If Im in Hongkong, is it possible for me to fly directly to Canada?

    • Feng :2009/10/29 20:01:00

      Yes, you can take a flight from Hong Kong to Canada.

  • ReplyFarrah Ymbong,   Philippines
    2009/10/28 2:38:00

    I have a Canadian Working Visa in my Philippine passport. I wish to visit hongkong before i fly to canada. is it possible for me to go to hongkong? After my short stay, i'd like to fly directly to canada. Please tell me what can you say about this. thank you.

    • Feng :2009/10/28 20:58:00

      Yes. You can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days free of visa, with a valid Philippine passport.

  • ReplyJan,   Singapore
    2009/10/22 11:29:00

    i am Singapore Permanent Resident holding Malaysia passport. do i need a visa to visit Hong Kong then Macau (1 Day)?

    • 2009/10/22 20:20:00

      WarriorTours.com :>With valid Malaysia passport, you do not need to apply for a Hong Kong visa nor a Macau visa.

  • Replydonna,   Canada
    2009/10/20 20:00:00

    I am Canadian with a Canadian passport. I will leave mainland China to visit Hong Kong then Macau. I wish to return to Hong Kong for flight home. Do I need a re-entry passport to return to Hong Kong from Macau?

    • 2009/10/20 21:19:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.

      With your valid Canadian passport, you can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days free of visa. And you can reenter Hong Kong without applying for a re-entry passport.

  • Replyping,   Philippines
    2009/10/10 5:44:00

    hi my philippine passport is valid for 5 months only. Can I still travel to hongkong this month? thanks

    • 2009/10/10 21:46:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.

      If your Philippine passport is still valid for this month, you can enter Hong Kong with it. Your visa free period in Hong Kong will be 14 days.

  • Replymyka,   Philippines
    2009/10/6 3:31:00

    im myka i want to go to guangzhou canton do i need visa to go there,im philippine passport holder

  • Replylago,   Philippines
    2009/9/23 12:37:00

    hi, im a filipino. and want to visit hongkong then in macau, but im planning to buy ticket from manila to hongkong then i will exit in macau, with air ticket from macau to manila, is that ok? i will not encounter any problem? do i need to show to hongkong embassy that i have round trip ticket for my travel? or the manila to hongkong then macau to manila is ok? please inform me. thanks!

    • 2009/9/23 21:27:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.

      With valid Philippine passport, you can enter Hong Kong and Macau free of visa. Your visa free period in Hong Kong will be 14 days.

  • ReplyAffan,   United Arab Emirates
    2009/9/10 18:03:00

    Im A Srilankan Passport holder residing in UAE.
    I want to know whether I can take on Arrival Visa to enter Hongkong for a visit for not more than 10 days.

    • 2009/9/10 20:36:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.

      With your valid Sri Lanka passport, you are allowed to stay in Hong Kong free of visa for one month.

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