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I want to say
  • ReplyReynaldo Co,   Philippines
    2010/5/10 3:27:00

    My Philippine passport will expire on September 2010. Can i be allowed to visit Hongkong for 4 days from may 12- 16, 2010? Thanks!

    • Brenda :2010/5/10 20:19:00

      not sure. i think you'd better consult the Chinese Embassy in advance.

  • Replyramandeep singh,   Hong Kong, China
    2010/4/20 1:33:00

    Hi, I am an indian passport holder in hong kong for 2 months working for a bank. i ahve a single entry visa for hong kong. can i visit macau on weekends and come back to hong kong ? and how many times am i allowed to do this ?

    • Derek :2010/4/20 20:16:00

      Yes, you may visit Macau at weekends and go back to Hk, and there may be no limitation for this.
      However, you will be only allowed to stay in Hk for 14 days after your return to HK.

    • sara, philippines ( Philippines ) :2010/4/23 9:03:00

      Hi, i'm a Pilippine passport holder and I'm planning to visit hongkong and shenzhen economic zone next month. Is it possible to obtain my shenzen/china visa at the Lowu exit? I'm only planning to visit shenzen for a day. Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

    • jojo :2010/4/23 20:08:00

      i advise you apply it in the Chinese Embassy in your country, because it is usually very difficult in HongKong

  • ReplyNana,   Malaysia
    2010/4/13 20:59:00

    hi, my client will be fly to hong kong for a few days. in between, she will take train to canton fair @ ghuanzhou, do they need a visa even they go to guangzhou for day trip.TQ

    • David :2010/4/13 21:34:00

      Yes, she needs.

  • ReplyLina,   Taiwan, Province Of China
    2010/3/13 7:14:00

    Hi everyone. I'm a Philippine passport holder and currently in Taiwan. Can I exit from Taiwan to Macau and come back here? Do I need to process anything? (I hold an ARC that has a multiple re-entry permit.)

    • Sara :2010/3/14 20:48:00

      I think you ca, but you'd better confirm it with the Exit and Entry Administration of Macau.

  • Replyjocelyn enad,   Philippines
    2010/3/7 8:39:00

    gud day, how many times can i possibly exit to macau and back to hongkong?thanks

    • Robert :2010/3/8 20:08:00

      I think there is no limitations, but you may confirm with the Exirt and Entry Administration of macau or Hk again.

  • ReplyShermian,   Singapore
    2010/3/4 3:23:00


    Am I able to fly to Macau stay for a day or two, then enter Hong Kong for a few days and come back to Macau to fly back to Singapore?

    • Owen :2010/3/4 19:31:00

      Yes, you may do that, since singaporean passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 days.

  • Replyjocelyn enad,   Philippines
    2010/3/2 9:06:00

    good day, is it 14 days visa free entry in hongkong?is there any extension?how many days if there is?how about applying a visa?how many days can i stay?tanks

    • Owen :2010/3/2 18:45:00

      For Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 14 days. You may exit Hk to Macau every 14 days, since to apply for a Hk visa is very complicated.

  • Replynoelle,   New Zealand
    2010/2/26 4:24:00

    I have a friend who holds a Chinese Passport, but has a New Zealand Resident Returning Visa. She is currently in China now. Would she be required to obtain any kinds of visa, if she wishes to travel to HK, and fly back to New Zealand? What is the longest number of days she can stay in HK?
    Thanks for your advice.

    • Lisa :2010/2/26 19:41:00

      As a Chinese passport holder, she need to apply for a Hk Exit and Entry Permit to HK, with which she can stay there for less than 14 days.

  • Replymaryaan,   Philippines
    2010/2/22 22:51:00

    i'm in macau right now,my visa will last until feb27,but i am goin to exit to china for another 20days stay here in macau.is there any other way to extend my stay here in macau?thanx in advance..

    • Linda :2010/2/23 19:22:00

      As far as I know, Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days, so after your leave to mainland China for 20 days, you can enter and stay in macau for another 30 days free of visa.

  • Replyreyna,   Philippines
    2010/2/8 12:57:00

    im a fil. citizen.. i went here in hongkong last jan. 28 2010.. my visa will going to expired by this coming feb. 11... i want to stay longer so that my Fiance (a resident here)and i could spend more time togehter..

    There is only 14 days free visa for Pilipinos like me . If i go to Macau on 11th Feb morning and return by night in hongkong can i get new visa for 14 days. Is it possible ? Do the hk authority will going to questioned me about going back to hongkong? Can u suggest will this idea work? please help me iv got only 2days left to solve my problem.. thank you....

    • Lisa :2010/2/8 19:19:00

      I think it does work.

    • reyna :2010/2/17 4:56:00

      yep it worked.... thank you for the hk immgration heheh

  • ReplyTasha,   Malaysia
    2010/2/9 10:12:00

    Hi, i plan to travel Hong Kong & Shenzhen. As the flight to Macau is cheaper, i plan to fly to Macau and enter Hong Kong from there. Am i permitted to book my stay in Hong Kong for a few days or i need to go back to Macau daily?

    • Owen :2010/2/9 19:02:00

      Malaysian passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days.

  • ReplySong, Amber,   Malaysia
    2010/1/28 11:20:00

    Hi, I'm planning to go Guangzhou at the end of August. May I know, do i need to apply visa for that?
    after that, i will go to Hong Kong and back to malaysia. do i need to apply another visa?

    • Linda :2010/1/28 19:04:00

      I think you only need to apply for a visa for your trip to Guangzhou, since Malaysian passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days.

  • Replytripper,   Philippines
    2010/1/21 9:21:00

    we'll be in hongkong on january 24, 2010. and we're planning to go to shenzhen, can we secure a visa at lowu exit with our philippine passport? can we have this special 5 day visa? thanks.. looking forward for your immediate response.

    • Dave :2010/1/21 19:16:00

      I hear that it is hard to apply for Shenzhen Special zone visa, you'd better confirm this with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in HK SAR firstly when you are in Hk.

  • Replylarry,   Philippines
    2009/12/10 3:28:00

    i will be leaving for hongkong on dec 29,2009, my passport will expire on may 12,2010 will i be allowed to travel with less than 6 months validity.thanks

    • Lisa :2009/12/10 18:49:00

      Plese confirm with the Immigration Department of Hk SAR by enquiry hotline at (852) 2824 6111 or by fax at (852) 2877 7711.

    • bel ( Philippines ) :2010/1/15 1:50:00

      my passport will expire this may. I am leaving for Macau on jan 18. Can I still enter Macau? thanks.

    • Linda :2010/1/15 19:22:00

      I think you can, but do confirm with the China Embassy or Consulate in Philippines firstly.
      Good Luck!

  • Replyjo ong,   Philippines
    2009/12/21 0:17:00

    I will be in hongkong from Dec. 25 - 31, 2009. If i plan to go to Guangzhou in between said dates, am i allowed to apply for a china visa in Hongkong?

    • Dave :2009/12/21 19:06:00

      I think you can apply for the visa to Guangzhou in Hk.

  • Replyharshit,   India
    2009/12/16 4:51:00

    what will be the cost of visa if i m going for 4 days to hong kong on first week of april

    • Dave :2009/12/16 19:09:00

      India Passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 14 days.

  • ReplyAngelita,   Canada
    2009/12/13 20:04:00

    Hi, I am Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport only. I am in the Philippines for the next few months and would like to take a tour package to HongKong, Macau and Shenzhen Special Economic Zone from the Philippines. I believe that I dont need a visa to HongKong and Macau, but can I take a tour to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone?

    • Fred :2009/12/14 18:58:00

      if you take part in a tour organized by a Hk or Macau travel Agency, you will be exempt from visa to Shenzhen for less than 6 days.

  • ReplyAnya,   Philippines
    2009/12/6 10:24:00

    hi. i will be leaving for hongkong this coming 24th of december. my philippine passport will expire on 11 may 2010. will i still be allowed to exit philippines and enter hongkong? thanks

    • Dave :2009/12/6 18:50:00

      Youc an confirm with the China Embassy in Philippines.
      Visa, Passport, Notarization & Authentication
      Tel: +63-2-8482396, 8482395
      Fax: +63-2-8482386

  • ReplyBaibhab,   China
    2009/12/2 23:17:00

    hi i m an indian i have multiple entry F visa 90days stay in china now my visa will be expire soon so i want to shenzhen to hongkong and same day want to return shenzhen can i do that plaese suggest me i m urgent need .my visa will be expires on 12th December 2009 plaese suggest me ...i dont want to stay in hongkong just to refresh my visa what i need to carry plaese also suggest me

    • Dave ( Australia ) :2009/12/3 19:21:00

      No suggestion actually, because the visa will expire automatically once you apply for a new visa.

    • baibhab ( China ) :2009/12/4 0:48:00

      u can not understand its multiple entry china visa i dont need any china visa

    • Dave ( Australia ) :2009/12/4 19:46:00

      baibhab, please clear your meaning.

  • Replymrs.jain,   Malaysia
    2009/11/30 21:33:00

    thank you mr.david
    i will be just taking the ferry from hk to shenzen the first time & then will exit shenzen once for macau.after staying overnight there will come to hk & stay for 4-5 days.

    • Linda ( Egypt ) :2009/12/1 19:37:00

      Then you just have to apply for a single entry China visa, but make sure that your passport is valid and with at least 6 month validity left.

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