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I want to say
  • Replyqueenee,   Philippines
    2010/10/4 10:42:00

    hello..im from phils and my husband is from usa we plan to stay there for 3 days?do we need to apply a visa?

    • Anna :2010/10/5 23:38:00

      No, you don't need a visa, you just have to take with your valid passport.

  • ReplyJasmine,   Singapore


    My friend who is from Myanmar, is planning to visit Macau. I understand she need apply Visa upon arrival at Airport. Then what about from Macau going to Hong Kong, can she apply Visa at the ferry terminal or apply in S'pore before flying off? Thank you.

    • anna :2010/9/24 22:35:00

      i suggest she apply the Hong Kong visa in Myanmar before she leaves.

  • ReplyJuliet,   Philippines
    2010/9/18 12:43:00


    I will be going to Hong Kong this Sept. 29, 2010 and will stay for about 14 days (visa-free) and plan on going to Macau after that. Will my transit to Macau renew my 14 days stay in Hong Kong? Also, do I need to show a roundtrip ticket from Philippines to Hong Kong even if I will be in transit to Macau from Hong Kong. I hope you can advice on this matter. Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Anne :2010/9/18 21:51:00

      if you transit from HK to Macau, your stay in HK will be renewed.
      it is better for you to show the roundtrip ticket.

  • ReplyAnitha,   India
    2010/9/10 14:12:00

    I am Anitha from India. I plan to go to HongKong next month. My daughter's passport will have only 4 months validity. Is it ok to travel with this?

    • Anne :2010/9/11 21:54:00

      you'd better renew her passport before you go.

  • ReplyAaron,   China
    2010/9/10 8:02:00

    Hi there,

    I'm holding a PRC passport but studying in Singapore I have a (Student Pass) Can i enter HK for 7 days without a visa?

    • Sera :2010/9/11 21:51:00

      yes Aaron, you can stay in HK for 7 days without a visa.

  • ReplyJancie,   Micronesia, Federated States Of
    2010/9/8 9:00:00

    Hi I am a Filipino who wants to go there next week to shop just for 3days with my American hubby. Is it true that the Filipinos are banned in Hongkong this time? I am not in Philippines, I work here in Chuuk Micronesia as a nurse and I had already my roundtrip ticket.

    • Angela :2010/9/8 21:06:00

      no, you are not banned in HK, you can go to HK.

  • ReplyJovelle Alfeche,   Philippines
    2010/9/2 5:32:00


    Im from philippines,I am undergraduate hospitality which my boyfriend and I plans to continue my studies in HONGKONG UNIVERSITY,for tertiary level do i really need to know there languange first andwhat would you suggest for me also the requirements for student visa.

    I already look for an agency assist but they dont deliver any assist,some of my research for school,Needs to comply the requirements basic languange.

    Can you help me, what must I need to have a student visa .

    • Elva :2010/9/4 22:24:00

      if you want to apply a student visa, you need to apply the university first and get the offer of the university.
      if the university requires language, then you need to prepare for it.

  • Replyuc jain,   India
    2010/8/28 20:42:00

    i am an indian passport holder. i want to stay for long time one or two year how it is possible.

    • Elva :2010/8/28 22:12:00

      you may tell the visa office your situation. if you want to stay that long, your application should be submitted directly to Hong Kong Immigration Department or through the Chinese Embassy in India.

  • Replyirmhe,   Philippines
    2010/8/23 23:56:00

    hello, i plan in going to HK on October for for 5 and there a posibility that i'm going to visit china... can i apply china in HK or do i have to apply China Visa here in Phil... thank you this is going to be my first to travel outside phil...
    do i have to have a show money to enter HK... thank you...

    • May :2010/8/24 21:34:00

      you need to apply a China visa in your country before you go. there is some policies for the first timer, you may refer to the offical website of Chinese Embassy in Philippines.

  • Replytara atilano,   Philippines
    2010/8/19 2:16:00

    Hi! im travelling for hongkong on Aug 24-27,2010. My passport expires in Jan 30, 2011 so its less than 5 months before it expires, can i still travel?

    • Arthur :2010/8/19 22:45:00

      I think you can, but it all depends on the Hk Exit and Entry Administration. I advise you try to contact them to confirm this before your leave.

  • Replyjohn,   Philippines
    2010/8/11 3:38:00

    hi again, my friend told me that it is not allowed to enter via macau and exit from hongkong back in the Philippines? thanks and more power.

    • andy :2010/8/11 21:47:00

      hi John,
      your friend could be right.

  • Replyjohn,   Philippines
    2010/8/10 8:57:00

    hi, our iterenary of travel this october 25-29, 2010 is philippines-macau-hongkong-philippines.is it applicable?

    • andy :2010/8/10 20:25:00

      Philippine passport holders are exempted from both Macau and Hk visas, so i think there's no problem with your itinerary.

  • ReplyBluenicole,   Philippines
    2010/8/7 12:36:00

    Hello there,,im a filipino and i am now in hongkong for holiday i arrived yesterday and planning to go to macau on the 11th just for a day then back to hongkong again maybe at the night time or late sked on same day.do you think there would be no problem in going back to hongkong as my flight back to philippines is skeduled in hereon the 13th? would appreciate ifu will reply asap thank you

    • andy :2010/8/7 20:58:00

      i think there's no problem. but i advise you consult the HK Immigration Department in advance so that your trip will not be influenced.

  • Replyjerold,   Philippines
    2010/7/27 0:28:00

    hi! im jerold and im here in philippines now, i'll go to hongkong this coming friday july 30, how long can i stayed in hong kong?with no visa or other documents, just philippine passport and ticket. i've own a new passpot.

    • Lily :2010/7/27 19:40:00

      hi Jerold,
      you can stay in HK free of visa for 14 days. just your passport and ticket.

  • Replybarbie,   Philippines
    2010/7/9 7:48:00

    hi!,im a philippine passport holder,i have been at guangzhou already,and i am planning to go to hongkong for a a few days and enter guangzhou again,can i apply my visa there in hongkong to guangzhou?and do i need visa for hongkong as well?..thanks and hoping for your immidiate response.

    • Brenda :2010/7/10 20:45:00

      you can stay in HK free of visa for 14 days. if you want stay longer, you need to apply for a HK visa. you can apply a Chinese Visa in HK to Guangzhou.

  • Replyalondara,   Philippines
    2010/7/10 4:22:00

    i am from philippines and planning to visit hongkong for 6 days do i need a visa?what documents needed?is it possible to go if my U.k visit visa will expire on the 27th of july?

    • rosina :2010/7/10 20:41:00

      you can stay in HK free of visa for 14 days, but you need to make sure the validity of your passport is at least 6 months.

  • ReplyTony,   Philippines
    2010/7/7 5:20:00

    Hi, I'm carrying a philippines passport. I will be visiting hong kong for 14 days. During that time I would like to visit Shenzhen, are there any requirment?
    Thank you.

    • Brenda :2010/7/7 20:26:00

      if you stay in Shenzhen less than 6 days, you can go with a tour group organized by a local travel agency in HK, they you don't need to apply a Chinese mainland visa. or you need to apply a Chinese Visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country before you go.

  • ReplyMike,   Taiwan, Province Of China
    2010/6/30 14:41:00

    Hi, I'm holding a Philippine passport and planning to stay in Hong Kong for more than 14 days. I'm wondering if I would be able to get another 14 days of stay if I left Hong Kong before my first 14 days is up, go to Macau via Ferry, and come back the same day?

    • anna :2010/6/30 20:36:00

      if you want to stay more than 14 days, you'd better apply a HK visa.

    • Mike ( Taiwan, Province Of China ) :2010/7/1 5:48:00

      So the leaving of HK to Macau and coming back via Ferry won't work? Because I know flying does, as long as you pass through immigration. I'm just not sure if it works if I travel by Ferry. Anyone else have an insight?

    • Bella :2010/7/3 20:45:00

      i heard that the new policy says that it is difficult to transit from HK to Macau if you hold a Philihpine passport. so i suggest you to consult the consulate.

    • Mike ( Taiwan, Province Of China ) :2010/7/3 21:23:00

      I see. Thank you very much. I think I will just apply for a visa then, to avoid complications.

  • ReplyDelma Diaz,   Philippines
    2010/6/30 19:52:00

    Hello! I'd like to know if we can travel to hongkong as our entry port and exit in macau back to the philippines?Are there any requirements?And where can we get it?


    • Bella :2010/6/30 20:33:00

      you are free of visa in HK and Macau, so i think you can go HK and then Macau.

  • ReplyErvin,   Philippines
    2010/6/13 15:21:00


    My passport will expire in 3 months. Can i still travel to Hong Kong and stay there for 3 days? I already have a round trip ticket.

    • rosina :2010/6/16 20:51:00

      you'd better renew your passport before you go to HK.

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