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I want to say
  • ReplyLat Lat Zaw,   Myanmar
    2011/8/16 16:57:00

    I am a Myanmar passport holder, I would like to travel to Hongkong and Macau 7days and do I need visa to enter both places? and could i apply the visa when I arrived to the airport of hongkong and macau?

    Thank you!
    Lat Lat Zaw

    • Sina :2011/8/16 20:37:00

      yes, you need to apply the visas for both places.
      the Hong Kong visa must be obtained in your country before departure, while the Macau visa can be obtained at the port. but i suggest you get both before you trip so that your trip will be smooth.

  • Replystan,   Malaysia
    2011/8/11 6:47:00

    My China Visa is valid until dec 2011 and my passport expired at dec as well.

    but due to malaysia not allow travel with passport which will expired soon less than 6 months so I renew my passport already.

    I will travel to China this sep, do I still need to apply visa again ? can I use back the visa which attached with my old passport ?

    • Jack :2011/8/14 0:50:00

      hi stan,
      you can use the visa, only to make sure that there is at least one-time entry left on your visa. and of course you can use the old passport. actually you must take it with you.

  • ReplyMike,   Philippines
    2011/8/12 2:45:00

    Good Day, I'm Mike, 19 yrs. old from Surigao Del Sur and planning to meet my German friend in Hongkong next month for just a week. Do i still need a visa? Kindly tell me if what are the papers i need to get to hongkong and see my german friend there. My german friend is a german passport holder. What are all the documents i need to prepare for the entry of hongkong? Your answer is very much appreciated.Thank You.

    • Viola :2011/8/14 0:44:00

      hi Mike,
      you don't need the Hong Kong visa if you just stay for a week.

  • Replylynn,   Philippines
    2011/8/10 19:28:00

    good day, i have plan a vacation for 3 days in Hongkong this coming October,2011 it is possible to get a visa? and may i know if how long to process my application for visa entry. thanks in advance,

    • Ashley :2011/8/10 19:39:00

      hi Lynn,
      filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don't need a visa if you only go for 3 days. visa is only required when you plan to stay more than 14 days.

  • Replybubbly,   Taiwan, Province Of China
    2011/8/5 16:40:00

    Hi, I am a Philippine national but plans to go to China for a tour. I am working in Taiwan right now so is it possible to apply for a china tourist visa in hongkong. If i depart from Manila, Philippines and get the L visa from hongkong, is that okay? Will i be able to enter China without any problems? Thank you.

    • Christ :2011/8/6 23:04:00

      hi Bubbly,
      you can not get the China visa in Hong Kong, but only in your country.

  • ReplyJune,   Philippines
    2011/8/1 17:38:00

    Hi, Im planning to go to Hong Kong on September for 3 days then planning to fly to Taipei. i live in the province and the Taiwan visa office is in Manila. How is it possible for me to get Visa then without flying to Manila? Or is it easy to get Visa while Im in Hong Kong? Please help...Tnx!

    • Rain :2011/8/1 19:39:00

      you can not apply it in Hong Kong. if you don't want to go there in person, you can entrust a travel agency or visa agency to apply it for you.

  • ReplyBernadeth M. Escober,   Philippines
    2011/7/23 23:34:00

    Good day! I want to schedule a vacation tour to HongKong this august with my sister and 3 kids age 2,3 and 11 yrs old. Do 2,3 and 11 yrs old need passport to Hong Kong? and do we need visa? Thanks so much for the help!

    • Kelly :2011/7/24 19:53:00

      Filipino passport holders have a visa-free period up to 14 days in Hong Kong. if you stay there less than 14 days, you don't need the visa.
      the three kids should have their own passport.

  • ReplyIngrid
    2011/7/22 0:40:00

    Hi im from the philippines , im going to hongkong this september for 2 days and 1 day to macau them back to phil on the 4th day, my question are do i need to secure traveling visa from phil-hongkong? and hongkong-macau? where can i get it? tnx

    • Sindy :2011/7/23 22:52:00

      hi Ingrid,
      you don't need the visa for both Hong Kong and Macau.
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days and Macau exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

  • Replyyvi,   Philippines
    2011/7/19 5:16:00

    hi..im a philippine holder passport and planning to travel to singapore next month,august..but my passport will expire on october..can i still make it..?your help will be highly appreciated..thanks in advance..

    • Sherry :2011/7/19 19:37:00

      i suggest you renew your passport before you go.

  • ReplyGone,   United States
    2011/7/14 1:57:00

    Can I fly in to hong kong than take a ferry to Macau stay for couple than fly out of Macau? This question is for visa entering HKK than exit Macau. Any answer will help.

    • Rechael :2011/7/16 20:11:00

      are you holding a US passport?
      if yes, you can.

  • ReplyLea,   Philippines
    2011/7/12 20:51:00

    I am here in China and planning to exit in Hongkong, and stay there for 14 days. During the stay in Hongkong, I'm planning to go to Macau and then back to Hongkong. Is it possible from Hongkong-Macau-Hongkong again then flight to Phillippines in the 14th days?

    • Taylor :2011/7/13 19:10:00

      in the 14th day? from Hong Kong to Macau, and Hong Kong again and then fligt to the Phlippines?
      if you go back to Hong Kong only for the flight, i think it is possible. and i suggest you take the ferry from Macau to the ferry terminal near the Hong Kong airport.

  • ReplyJackson,   Malaysia
    2011/7/11 19:57:00

    Hi all,

    I have planned my trip to Macau - HongKong - ShenZhen - Macau but i have no idea on how to make it happen. Can anyone here provide me some guidance? ie; visa application required?, public transportation, nos of days i should stay, tips for making it more budgeted! any? recommendation on attractions...& etc...

    Appreciate if there is some one who can share with me & to assist me to go thro' this.

    Thank you.


    • Judy :2011/7/12 19:44:00

      hi Jackson,
      Malaysian passport holders are free of Hong Kong visa for 90 days and free of Macau visa for 30 days. so you don't need the visas to Hong Kong and Macau.
      but you need to apply for the visa to mainland China if you plan to go to Shenzhen.

  • Replyreynaldo olis gimony,   Philippines
    2011/7/8 20:57:00

    hi im filipino,how to apply for single visa in china my passport is new and how many months for single visa and how much to pay how many days to wait.

    • Neviel :2011/7/9 23:19:00

      where do you want to go?
      mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau?
      fillipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, and exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.
      but you need to apply for mainland China.
      if you submit all the required documents, you can get your visa in 5 working days.
      usually a single entry Tourist visa is valid for 3 months. you are suggested to apply it one month before you go.
      the visa fee is 1.400 peso for a single entry visa.

  • ReplyJoe,   Malaysia
    2011/7/1 10:16:00

    Hi, I have emergency situation! I'm holding malaysia passport and it going to expired soon my passport expired on 31 JUL 2011 and I going to renew it in HongKong on 11 JUL 2011. On my case can I enter HK to renew my passport?

    • Lisa :2011/7/2 23:10:00

      hi Joe,
      i think you can renew your passport in the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate General in China.
      and i don't think you can enter Hong Kong.

  • ReplyTeo Siock Ping,   Malaysia
    2011/6/17 7:39:00

    I am a Malaysian. I wish to ask that if my passport validity is less than 6 months, can I enter into Hong Kong & Macau?

    • Gina :2011/6/26 19:55:00

      if less than 6 months, you'd better make sure there's at least 4 months' validity left, then can you go to Hong Kong and Macau.
      or you should renew your passport before you go.

  • Replyuzumaki naruto,   Philippines
    2011/6/16 23:10:00

    hi.. im 23 from philippines.. just wanna ask how can i book for cheaper fare here.. i'm planning to go to macau this coming july.. and how much will i have to spend for the hotel accomodation there if i planned to have a one-week vacation there

    • Hannah :2011/6/26 19:57:00

      you'd better book the flight and hotel room as early as possible, so that you can get a good discount.

  • ReplyRhea Manlapaz,   Philippines
    2011/6/12 20:53:00

    hi.. im a philippine passport holder, my passport will expired in dec. 2011. im planning to go singapore this july to visit my husband there. Can i travel if my passport will expired in dec. 02, 2011.. help me. thanks

    • Emily :2011/6/13 18:37:00

      i think you'd better renew your passport before you go.

  • Replylito,   Saudi Arabia
    2011/6/9 20:29:00

    hi, i'll be going home this coming july 23 my flight is from jeddah to hongkong then 2hrs stop over then hongkong to manila via cathay pacific. what can i do if i want to extend for 2days in hongkong? how can i make it possible?

  • Replycristine abejar,   Philippines
    2011/6/8 4:44:00

    Thank God i found this site for an assistance. I hope you could help us.

    I would just like to inquire or ask what will we do. My boyfriend wants to renew his british passport at british consulate their at hong kong. it has expired since he was 8 years old, and now realized its importance in going abroad.
    But here's the problem of going out to the country philippines for the first time at age 24. His british passport is totally blank or unused and is already expired. So my questions are,
    2. if he does so need to have phil passport first, will it cancels his british passport? is it legal to have a 2 different passport?
    3. what other expenses he has to prepare in going to hong kong? can it be processed for just hours or a day?

    please please help us!

    A lot of THANKS! GOD BLESS!

    • Filisia :2011/6/8 18:33:00

      it seems they accept post, so may be your boyfriend can mail all the required documents to the UK Embassy in Hong Kong.
      but i has been so many years since his first passport, and i'm not sure whether he need to apply a new one. so i suggest you to consult the UK embassy in the Philppines first.
      good luck

  • ReplyREGINA,   Philippines
    2011/5/28 23:42:00

    Im a filipino passport holder, i will visit a friend of mine working in macau this coming june 15, 2011 up to 21st. I only have my passport with me, are there other documents i need to prepare for this trip?

    • Sally :2011/5/29 20:04:00

      hi Regina,
      filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days. so you don't need a Macau visa.
      but you have to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 60 days.
      you probably need to provide your round trip ticket and arrangment of accommandation in Macau.

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