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I want to say
  • ReplyNazeer,   India
    2011/12/4 23:34:00

    i am indian but working in duabi,i came to hong kong with my son and wife (my son and wife having hong kong permanent ID ) for 14 days,but i want to visit macau for one day , can i go to macau and come back to hong kong . what is the procedure?

    • Babala :2011/12/5 18:29:00

      Hi Nazeer,
      you can go to Macau and do not need the Macau visa if you just go there for one day, but the question is when you get back to Hong Kong, you may be refused to enter as your last departure date is so close. i think you can apply a HK dependent visa.

  • ReplyStephen Pentland,   Philippines
    2011/12/3 5:41:00

    My girlfriend is Filipina and will get her first Philippine passport on Dec 13th. We are going all around asia on holidays in Feb, 2012. From Hong Kong, we intend to go to Shenzen then catch a ferry to Macau - walk across the border to Gonbei the return before catching a flight to haikou. Will she be able to get a multiple entry visa in Manila. If not, can we get her visas in Macau or Hong Kong for Haikou and Gonbei (Zhuhai). thank you for your help

    • Alicia :2011/12/3 18:32:00

      she need a multiple entry Chinese visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, and you can not apply the visa in Hong Kong or Macau.
      i suggest you make a little changes for your trip, so that a single entry visa will be enough.

  • ReplySajid,   Pakistan
    2011/11/30 0:16:00

    Dear Sir,
    My name is sajid i live in sialkot-pakistan i planned to visit hong kong with my wife & 3 year old little daughter can you tell me have any agent in pakistan who could arrange the visa process.waiting for your reply


    • Cathy :2011/11/30 18:29:00

      Hi Sajid,
      you can apply the visa directly through the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

  • ReplyD RAVI KUMAR,   India
    2011/11/29 4:23:00

    i hold an indian passport and we friends have planned to go to macau (through flight)and from there to hongkong,shenzhen and zhuhai (through ferry) and back to macau to catch the flight back to our nation.kindly suggest what are all the visa formalities in these above mentioned places? my travel period is totally 6 days. kindly help

    • Blaire :2011/11/29 20:05:00

      you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa through the Chinese Embassy in your country.
      you will be required to present the visa when you enter Shenzhen.
      you will also be required to present your air tickets from Macau back to India.

  • ReplyJem,   Philippines
    2011/11/28 23:21:00

    Hello, I'm from Philippines. We're planning to travel to Macau this coming February 2012. My question is, do we still require to get a visa? We will only stay from Feb 2 to 5, 2012, so that counts only 3days. Thanks for your time.

    • Ben :2011/11/29 20:00:00

      hi Jem,
      you don't need to apply the Macau visa, but you need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 60 days.

  • ReplyAna Sara,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/11/26 2:13:00

    Just want to ask.. I have an Indian friend which based in UAE and he wants to visit hong kong,does he need to apply visa?

    • Blaire :2011/11/26 17:46:00

      Hi Ana,
      Indian passport holders are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for 14 days free of visa, so your friend does not need a Hong Kong visa if he holds an Indian passport.

  • ReplyAsilas,   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    2011/11/26 1:22:00

    i am libyan, yet i am studying in Australia at the moment. i would like to visit Macau, Taiwan, Hong kong and china. can i get one tourist visa for all of them or i need to get a single visa for each?

    • Apple :2011/11/26 17:42:00

      hi Asilas,
      all the places you want to visit require seperate visas, so you need to apply 4 visas or entry permits.

  • Replyalice,   Philippines
    2011/11/21 0:44:00

    hi im filipina,and ive been in hongkong for how many times because of my boyfriend.his working in hk as a football player..what should i do to stay longer without going anywhere for exit just to extend for another 14 days then need to come in philippines?

    • Sara :2011/11/21 18:42:00

      Hi Alice,
      I know if you go to Hong Kong to live with your family (husband or wife, parents over 60, or children younger than 18), you can apply for a dependent visa and stay longer, but do not sure what you can do to stay longer. maybe find a job or get married to your BF.

  • Replysteven,   United States
    2011/11/10 19:46:00

    hi, i would like to go to macau from us on jan 29, and go to hongkong airport to going back to vietnam. so do i need visas for macau and hongkong?

    • Carlos :2011/11/11 18:29:00

      No visa will be required for an US passport holder to macau for 30 days and to Hk for 90 days.

  • ReplyMustafa,   India
    2011/11/8 12:24:00

    I am a Indian planning to visit Macau and from there to Hongkong. Now do I have to return to Macau for my return journey to India. Will there be any visa problem.

    • Helen :2011/11/8 18:51:00

      Hi Mustafa,
      i think there's no problem if you have the return flight ticket.

  • ReplyCHETNA KUKREJA,   India
    2011/11/6 20:32:00

    i wish to go to hongkong then macao and again
    back to hongkong .do i need any visa for my whole trip of four days?

    • Helen :2011/11/7 19:42:00

      you don't need visas for your four day trip.

  • ReplySamantha,   Philippines
    2011/11/3 18:25:00

    I am a Filipino. My family and I wish to go to Hong Kong for two days, and ride the ferry going to Macau and stay there for another two days. Is it possible to go back to the Philippines from Macau or should we go back to Hong Kong first then go back to the Philippines?
    Thank you!

    • Lisa :2011/11/3 18:53:00

      You may just go back to Philippines from Macau, no need to go back to Hong Kong first.

  • ReplyAngela,   Philippines
    2011/11/3 7:43:00

    Hi, We plan to visit HK and Macau(for 4 days) on the 4th week of March, but just noticed that my passport will expire on Sept4 which will leave less than 6 months validity. Can we still enter HK and Macau on that case? I believe no visa is also required right? Thanks

    • Bruce :2011/11/3 18:48:00

      I don't think it will matter too much, but it all depends on the Entry and Exit office of HK and Macau.

  • Replylyn,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/11/2 4:22:00

    im a filipina and i have been staying here in hongkong for 14 days as tourist and again extended my visa for 7 days so i should stay here until nov 9.but i want to extend again my stay here..im staying at my husband who is a resident of hongkong..is it possible that il visit macau or exit to macau then return to hongkong for another 14day visa?tanx a lot

    • Tracy :2011/11/2 19:08:00

      Hi lyn,
      if you want to stay longer with your husband, why don't you apply for an Entry for Residence as Dependants in Hong Kong.
      with the permit, you can also work in Hong Kong.

  • Replymaria deswert,   Indonesia
    2011/10/31 22:19:00

    Hi, my passport is switzerland, do i need to apply visa to Hong Kong? My trip only 3 days there. thank you,

    • Apple :2011/11/1 19:19:00

      Hi Maria,
      Swiss passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you don't need to apply the Hong Hong Visa.

  • Replys. m. siddiqur rahman,   Bangladesh
    2011/10/31 12:09:00

    Hi, i am Bangladeshi tourist. I am coming Guangzhou on 25 November 2011 with china visa from chinise embassy in my country. During this period i would like to visit Hong kong. Do i need a hongkong visa to enter hongkong?. If so, i need to get visa from bangladesh or from china? Please let me know.

    • flora :2011/10/31 19:22:00

      you need to apply a HongKong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Banladesh before you going to China, and you'd better apply it now.

  • Replymic,   Singapore
    2011/10/31 9:29:00

    my taiwanese friend will be going hong kong for 6 days, he will be applying for a hongkong visa but if he wants to visit macau for only on a day tour during his hong kong trip, must he apply for macau visa separately?

    • Alicia :2011/10/31 19:19:00

      yes, he also need to apply the Macau visa/ entry permit.

  • ReplyPhyllis,   Malaysia
    2011/10/29 10:15:00


    My passport is going to expire on 28feb and i will be going to macau tmr (31Oct) and to HK on 1Nov. Am i allowed to enter? I will be in HK for 1 week only..

    • Ann :2011/10/29 19:45:00

      don't worry, you will be allowed to enter both Hong Kong and Macau.
      enjoy your trip!

  • Replyangel,   Philippines
    2011/10/24 0:32:00

    hi i dint notice that my passport was going to expire this dec 2011 so its less 6months and im just a tourist but the immigration just let me in macau now. is it possible i can go to hongkong for a day and go back to macau still? or il be questioned with my passport in hongkong?

    • Amanda :2011/10/24 20:10:00

      hi Angel,
      there's no problem with your passport and don't worry about it.

  • Replymel,   Philippines
    2011/10/17 22:42:00

    need help..im a philippine passport holder, i'll be travelling to singapore and malaysia on dec.2011 and my passport will expire on march,2012.do you think both immigrations will allow me to travel?

    • Ashley :2011/10/18 21:00:00

      hi Mel,
      you should consult the immigrations of the two countries.

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