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I want to say
  • Replylilibeth y andres,   Philippines
    2012/1/31 16:49:00

    i am from philippines.... i plan to go to Hongkong on June 7, 2012 and be back on june 10, 2012 to meet my love from new york. he plan that tour as his birthday gift to me... what are the complete documents that i need to enter Hongkong.

    thank you so much

    • Bruce :2012/1/31 17:41:00

      I think you may just prepare a valid filipino passport, since passport holders of philippines are free of visa to Hk for 14 days.

    • Frank :2012/2/4 23:29:00

      You don't need a Hk visa if you will stay in Hk for less than 14 days during one entry. If you go to macua on the 13th day, and return to Hk 2-3 days later, then you will enjoy anothr 14-day visa free period.

  • ReplyAna,   Philippines
    2012/2/1 20:10:00


    Just a question,I'm from the Philippines and i just want to ask do we need a visa or papers if we are going hong kong? So if ever i go Macau on d 13th day and back to hong kong after 2 -3 days, hongkong free visit will be reset to 14 days?

  • Replymarian,   Philippines
    2012/1/31 1:50:00

    hello! i am going to macau over the weekend and planning to visit zhuhai for a day and return to macau the same day. i am holding a filipino passport. do i need visa to visit zhuhai even just for a day? thank you.

    • Sunny :2012/1/31 1:59:00

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa.
      but if you join in a group tour with a travel agency in Macau to zhuhai, you don't need to apply the visa.

  • ReplyDanseuse,   Philippines
    2012/1/30 0:13:00

    Hi. I'm planning a short Hongkong & Macau trip. But I'll be coming from Singapore. So my route will be SG to HK, then HK to Macau (Ferry) then Macau back to SG. I'm just gonna purchase oneway tickets going to HK & from Macau to SG. Will there be any problem cos I'm just worried I might encounter any prob.

    Thanks so much for your time :)

    • Anna :2012/1/30 2:00:00

      don't worry Danseuse,
      there will be no problem as long as you do not overstay in Hong Kong and Macau, since filipino passport holders can stay in Hong Kong and Macau without a visa for 14 and 30 days respectively.
      good luck! :)

  • Replyedwin jr tabangay,   Philippines
    2012/1/29 18:30:00

    hi,I'm from philippines, my family wants to visit hongkong next month, our 3 year old kid does have a philppine passport with indefinite live to remain to UK,does he needs any additional documents?.. tnx

    • Nemo :2012/1/30 1:58:00

      no, just his passport is OK.

  • Replymohamed,   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    2012/1/28 20:33:00

    i'm from Libya and wanna go to Macau , do I need a visa before arriving there ?

    • Sam :2012/1/29 1:24:00

      you can get the Macau visa upon arrive in Macau.

  • Replymarietta c. olivo,   Philippines
    2012/1/25 4:41:00

    what papers should we bring in going to hongkong and macau, we'll be leaving from phils. on feb. 20 and back /feb. 23 thanks

    • Ashley :2012/1/25 19:38:00

      your valid passport, round-trip air ticket and hotel reservation (if any).

  • ReplyWynnah,   Indonesia
    2012/1/19 7:02:00

    Good day,
    I just would like to ask if i can enter hong kong as a tourist and apply my visa in hong kong?is it possible?right now im leaving here in indonesia.

    • Bill :2012/1/20 0:10:00

      what kind passport are you holding?
      people from some countries are free of Hong Kong visa for a certain period.
      you can check at the following page to see if you need to apply a Hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyMadonna,   Philippines
    2012/1/15 17:47:00


    I'm from Philippines and i just want to ask do we need a visa or papers if we are going to stay in hong kong for 16 days i searched the internet that we are only allowed for 14 days. but we are planning to go to macau for 2 to 3 days to lessen the days that we will stay in hong kong and just go back to hong kong for our departure. does it make sense? or what should we do? who will i contact regarding this matter?

    thank you!

    • Emily :2012/1/15 19:05:00

      Hi Madonna,
      you can stay in Hong Kong free of visa for 14 days, and you can go to Macau on the 13th or 14th day, and then go back to Hong Kong for your home-bound flight, which is totally feasible.

  • Replyarshad,   India
    2011/12/23 7:09:00

    i came to china iam in Guangzhou now i have china visa 30days -from Guangzhou i can travel to macau and hongkong and back again to Guangzhou

    • Bruce :2011/12/23 18:05:00

      If it is an one-entry visa, you will be bot able to enter Guangzhou again.

  • ReplyMisty,   Malaysia
    2011/12/22 0:56:00

    i have a malaysia passport and i am planning to go Hong Kong travelling on 14/03/2012-18/03/2012
    but my passport expired on 27/09/2012, can i entering Hong Kong?

    • Kevin :2011/12/22 18:00:00

      I think you can, but it all depends on the Entry and Exit Office of HK finally. Good Luck!

  • Replyrendy,   Indonesia
    2011/12/21 7:04:00

    Hai, there...
    I'm from indonesia and plan to traveling to hongkong for 4days.
    Do i need to apply visa to go there?
    Or i just have an visa on arrival there?

    • Rita :2011/12/21 18:10:00

      no rendy,
      you don' t need to apply the hong Kong visa, as Indonesian passport holders can stay in hong Kong free of visa for 30 days.
      see more information at

    • Mark :2011/12/22 17:58:00

      The only thing will be required is your valid filipino passport.

  • Replyjolymar decano,   Philippines
    2011/12/21 18:17:00

    hello can i ask if we can enter macau as a tourist after working in hongkong then go back philippines then go to macau...are there any requirements need entering macau from philippines thanks

  • ReplyTammy,   Viet Nam
    2011/12/19 17:33:00

    Do I need a visa to entry Macau from hong kong? I'm holding vietnamese passport
    Thanks & regards

    • Emily :2011/12/19 18:20:00

      yes Tammy,
      you need to have a Macau visa, and you have to apply it through the Chinese Embassy in your country.

  • Replyniraj,   Nepal
    2011/12/19 1:27:00

    i want to go hongkung for work.can i ?i am neplese citizens its proses for this

    • Rain :2011/12/19 18:16:00

      i think you can, but it is better for you to get a job offer from a company in Hong Kong first, and then you can apply a work visa.

  • ReplyChow,   Malaysia
    2011/12/13 23:19:00

    i will go Hong Kong travel on next year, beside HK planning to ShenZhen. from Hong Kong to Shenzhen need any premit??? need apply at where?

    • Daisy :2011/12/14 17:27:00

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate gerenal in your country.

  • ReplyManish,   Nepal
    2011/12/12 18:25:00

    I am transiting through Hong Kong for 4 hours on the way to Kathmandu. Do I need a transit visa? I am travelling on a Nepalese Passport. Thanks

    • vivien :2011/12/13 18:24:00

      no Manish,
      you don't need visa for the 4 hours transition in Hong Kong.

  • Replymaricris,   Philippines
    2011/12/11 23:57:00

    hi,im maricris and im working here in kuwait.i like to go vacation to philippines for 2 months and comeback here in kuwait after 2 months vacation.so,i just want to ask is it possible that from here in kuwait can i visit hongkong for 14 days?and after 14 days go home in philippines?and what requirements and how much i will cost by dollar?thank you

    • Vivien :2011/12/12 17:56:00

      Hi Maricris,
      filipina passport holders are allowed to stay in Hong Kong without a visa up to 14 days, so i think there's no problem for you to go visit Hong Kong and then go home in the Philippines.

  • ReplyTanCf,   Philippines
    2011/12/11 5:32:00

    HI, i am filipino...i got a contract working at hongkong with a visa 6 months from JAn 2012 til JUn 2012 as a singer...i would like to ask that after my contract or visa done, i want to go malaysia have vacation or as a tourist..do this immigration of the hongkong will stop me from going to malaysia instead of going back to my country Philippines?

    • Tina :2011/12/11 18:48:00

      don't worry, as long as you leave Hong Kong when your visa expires, you can go any country you like and they will not stop you from going to Malaysia.

  • ReplyPhil,   Philippines
    2011/12/7 7:34:00

    Hi, I'm a Philippine passport holder. Can I enter Hong Kong, go to Macau, and fly back to the Philippines from Macau? Thanks.

    • Vic :2011/12/7 19:18:00

      yes, you can.
      just remember to leave within the visa-free period (Hong Kong 14 days, and Macau 30 days) for Filipino passport holders.

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