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I want to say
  • ReplyBryce   Philippines    Feb. 23, 2012 04:37

    do i need to apply for a visa when going to xiamen. my purpose is just a one week visit though.

    pls help.

    • Replied by: Amanda   Feb. 23, 2012 18:38

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese Tourist Visa through the Chinese Embassy before you leave for Xiamen

  • Replyd.grundmann   Germany    Feb. 22, 2012 13:33

    hello,i am a german citizen.going to visit philippines this coming april 2012....and i booked a 4 days tour to hongkong,macau and guangzhuo do i need a visa for 3 4 days stay.thanks,l.germany

    • Replied by: Bill   Feb. 22, 2012 18:55

      foreign visitors taking a group tour organized by authorized travel agencies in Hong Kong or Macau to Guangzhou and staying less than 6 days are free of China visa, so you may confirm with your travel agency.
      or you may need to apply a China tourist visa.

  • ReplyAna   Philippines    Feb. 22, 2012 08:58

    I hold a Philippine passport with a dual entry tourist visa valid up to 30 days each.

    I entered China on Feb 11, 2012.I want to continue on to use the next 30 days in China. Do I need to leave China for this or can I just get a stamp from within China, if so, where and how much would it cost/ what documents do I need?

    After my double entry of 60 days total is up, where may I apply to extend my visa here in China?

    Thank you so much, appreciate any help on this.

    • Replied by: Brenda   Feb. 22, 2012 18:50

      to use the next 30 days, you need to leave China or at least pass the control. may you can take a visit to Hong Kong and then get back to use the second 30 days.
      you can extend your visa in the local Exit and Entry department or immigration department in the city you stay.

  • ReplyLALA   Philippines    Feb. 22, 2012 02:30

    hi guys any one could help me...im a filipino going to hk for 14 days and if i want to extend my stay..what option should i pursue? option 1.. try to apply for extention to stay, though i heard its 1 whole day processing plus fees?or option 2...go make u turn to Macau? question is there a guarantee that when i go back to hongkong i will be getting new stamp of 14 days to stay in hk? pls help.thank you for the infos.

    • Replied by: Vic   Feb. 22, 2012 18:35

      Hi Lala,
      if you want to stay more than 14 days in Hong Kong, you need to apply a Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.
      as for option 2, i suggest you'd better stay for a few days in Macau before going back to Hong Kong, and there is no guarantee that you will get another 14 days stay in hong Kong.

  • Replyterri   Philippines    Feb. 20, 2012 04:46

    hi. i overstayed in hongkong for almost 2 years in the early 90's. i underwent formal proceedings when i surrendered. my friend's and i are planning to go to macau and beijing for a vacation this year 2012, will i be able to enter macau and beijing? thanks.

    • Replied by: Gina   Feb. 20, 2012 18:01

      Hi Terri,
      first you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa if you want to visit Beijing.
      i think there will be no problem if you can prove you will not overstay either in Macau or Beijing, such as your round-trip air tickets or voucher of room reservation in hotels.

  • ReplyEva Rose Prepose   Macau, China    Feb. 14, 2012 07:23

    hi.. im a tourist here in macau and from here i need to go to singapore because i have work and my workpass has approved there.do i need to have two way ticket,like macau to singapore-singapore to macau?thank you.

    • Replied by: James   Feb. 14, 2012 19:57

      Hi Eva,
      what passport are you holding?
      i'm not very clear about your question. can you detail it?

  • ReplyStacey   Philippines    Feb. 08, 2012 23:30

    Hello, I went to Hong Kong last year. I am a Filipino with a Filipino passport. Last year when I went to Hong Kong my aunt did a written letter for me, because my ticket was beyond the 14 days stay. However I did travel to Macao to visit, when I am supposed to leave before the 14th day. After the Macao I cam back to Hong Kong and they gave me an extension to stay. -- I want to go back again for a shorter period less around 8 days in Hong Kong only. I went to the Philippine Travel Agency and I asked this Filipino woman she told me I need an invitation letter! again even if it's for a short period of time. -- I read from websites if I need an invitation letter? some say yes and some say no.

    • Replied by: James   Feb. 09, 2012 18:00

      Hi Stacey,
      it will be better if you have an invitation letter.
      or you need to provide the round-trip air ticket and voucher of room reservation in Hong Kong hotels that can prove you will leave Hong Kong within 14 days.

  • ReplyMario   Panama    Feb. 08, 2012 00:59

    I am a Panamanian citizen studying in Guangzhou.

    I want to go visit Hong Kong, Do I need a visa? If so, where can I get it?

    • Replied by: Nisa   Feb. 08, 2012 19:28

      yes Mario,
      you need to apply for a Hong Kong visa, you mail your application documents to the Hong Kong immigration department to apply the visa.

  • Replyflower   Philippines    Feb. 06, 2012 23:19

    Hi I went to Hong Kong last year and I am a Filipino Citizen with a Passport of Filipino. I have cousins and uncles in Hong Kong, when they invited me. I know it was only for 14 days, though in the last day I wanted to tour for Macao so I went and I came back to Hong Kong and they gave me another extension stay for another 14 days. However I left the first week on the 5th day back to the philippines.
    -My question is now, I want to go back but I will stay for only 1 week 7 days only! To travel with my friend whose from Korea. We're planning to travel to Hong Kong together. Now do I need an invitation to enter Hong Kong for only 7 days less? or will they hassle me cause of the passport? I really don't like Philippine Immigration cause sometimes they hassle me for money.

    • Replied by: Terry   Feb. 07, 2012 18:08

      hi Flower,
      take it easy.
      you don't need an invitation letter this time, as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, but you need to provide the round-trip air ticket and perhaps the voucher of room reservation in Hong Kong.

  • Replyjionela   United Arab Emirates    Feb. 05, 2012 12:07

    hi im here in Dubai and im planning to work in Hongkong after my contract here because i have plan for cross-country going to Canada and i beleive that working in hongkong is the best way.i want to go to Hongkong as tourist visa from here in dubai is it possible? what will i need?thank you so much hoping your asap response

    • Replied by: Hank   Feb. 05, 2012 19:31

      Are you holding the passport of United Arab Emirates? If yes, you are freee of visa to Hk for 30 days. One thing to mention: you will not be permitted to work in HK with a tourist visa or during the visa-free period.

  • ReplyErwin   Philippines    Feb. 05, 2012 05:20

    Hi I am Erwin, I am going to visit Hongkong on March 22, 2012 together with my 2 kids, may I know what is kind of documents should I bring? My plane will leave from Cebu City to Hongkong Terminal 1. Thank You

    • Replied by: Kevin   Feb. 05, 2012 19:24

      I think your valid filipino passport, return air ticket and adquate funds for the trip will be enough for you.

  • Replylilibeth y andres   Philippines    Jan. 31, 2012 16:49

    i am from philippines.... i plan to go to Hongkong on June 7, 2012 and be back on june 10, 2012 to meet my love from new york. he plan that tour as his birthday gift to me... what are the complete documents that i need to enter Hongkong.

    thank you so much

    • Replied by: Frank   Feb. 04, 2012 23:29

      You don't need a Hk visa if you will stay in Hk for less than 14 days during one entry. If you go to macua on the 13th day, and return to Hk 2-3 days later, then you will enjoy anothr 14-day visa free period.

    • Replied by: Bruce   Jan. 31, 2012 17:41

      I think you may just prepare a valid filipino passport, since passport holders of philippines are free of visa to Hk for 14 days.

  • ReplyAna   Philippines    Feb. 01, 2012 20:10


    Just a question,I'm from the Philippines and i just want to ask do we need a visa or papers if we are going hong kong? So if ever i go Macau on d 13th day and back to hong kong after 2 -3 days, hongkong free visit will be reset to 14 days?

  • Replymarian   Philippines    Jan. 31, 2012 01:50

    hello! i am going to macau over the weekend and planning to visit zhuhai for a day and return to macau the same day. i am holding a filipino passport. do i need visa to visit zhuhai even just for a day? thank you.

    • Replied by: Sunny   Jan. 31, 2012 01:59

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa.
      but if you join in a group tour with a travel agency in Macau to zhuhai, you don't need to apply the visa.

  • ReplyDanseuse   Philippines    Jan. 30, 2012 00:13

    Hi. I'm planning a short Hongkong & Macau trip. But I'll be coming from Singapore. So my route will be SG to HK, then HK to Macau (Ferry) then Macau back to SG. I'm just gonna purchase oneway tickets going to HK & from Macau to SG. Will there be any problem cos I'm just worried I might encounter any prob.

    Thanks so much for your time :)

    • Replied by: Anna   Jan. 30, 2012 02:00

      don't worry Danseuse,
      there will be no problem as long as you do not overstay in Hong Kong and Macau, since filipino passport holders can stay in Hong Kong and Macau without a visa for 14 and 30 days respectively.
      good luck! :)

  • Replyedwin jr tabangay   Philippines    Jan. 29, 2012 18:30

    hi,I'm from philippines, my family wants to visit hongkong next month, our 3 year old kid does have a philppine passport with indefinite live to remain to UK,does he needs any additional documents?.. tnx

    • Replied by: Nemo   Jan. 30, 2012 01:58

      no, just his passport is OK.

  • Replymohamed   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya    Jan. 28, 2012 20:33

    i'm from Libya and wanna go to Macau , do I need a visa before arriving there ?

    • Replied by: Sam   Jan. 29, 2012 01:24

      you can get the Macau visa upon arrive in Macau.

  • Replymarietta c. olivo   Philippines    Jan. 25, 2012 04:41

    what papers should we bring in going to hongkong and macau, we'll be leaving from phils. on feb. 20 and back /feb. 23 thanks

    • Replied by: Ashley   Jan. 25, 2012 19:38

      your valid passport, round-trip air ticket and hotel reservation (if any).

  • ReplyWynnah   Indonesia    Jan. 19, 2012 07:02

    Good day,
    I just would like to ask if i can enter hong kong as a tourist and apply my visa in hong kong?is it possible?right now im leaving here in indonesia.

    • Replied by: Bill   Jan. 20, 2012 00:10

      what kind passport are you holding?
      people from some countries are free of Hong Kong visa for a certain period.
      you can check at the following page to see if you need to apply a Hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyMadonna   Philippines    Jan. 15, 2012 17:47


    I'm from Philippines and i just want to ask do we need a visa or papers if we are going to stay in hong kong for 16 days i searched the internet that we are only allowed for 14 days. but we are planning to go to macau for 2 to 3 days to lessen the days that we will stay in hong kong and just go back to hong kong for our departure. does it make sense? or what should we do? who will i contact regarding this matter?

    thank you!

    • Replied by: Emily   Jan. 15, 2012 19:05

      Hi Madonna,
      you can stay in Hong Kong free of visa for 14 days, and you can go to Macau on the 13th or 14th day, and then go back to Hong Kong for your home-bound flight, which is totally feasible.

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