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I want to say
  • ReplyMary Rose   Qatar    Apr. 15, 2012 03:57

    Hi. I am going on vacation this May in Philippines and then from Manila I would like to go to HK. Is there any visa document that I need to show on Philippines Immigration? And from HK, I would like to go Macau, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou how can I get a visa to go on these places?

    • Replied by: Carlos   Apr. 15, 2012 20:08

      You have to show your valid Qatar passport and yoru air ticket to HK. Passport holders of Qatar don't need a visa to Hk for less than 30 days. You can get a Macau visa on your arrival at the entry port. The visa to Shenzhen and Guangzhou can be applied at the office of commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in HK or Macau SAR.

  • Replytim   Philippines    Apr. 15, 2012 00:13

    Hi,me and my friends are planning to go to Macau then to Hongkong the following day after arriving to Macau, we're planning to get a package tour in Hong Kong which includes a tour to Shenzhen, Do we need visa to enter Hongkong and Shenzhen? BTW the tour is just for 3 days..tnx

    • Replied by: Jack   Apr. 15, 2012 19:56

      If you take part in a HK-Shenzhen tour organized through a Hk-registered travel company, you won't need a visa for the trip.

  • Replysheng   Philippines    Apr. 11, 2012 10:19

    Hi i want to ask something. I'll be visiting Macau for a month to see my husband who works there but he wants to extend my stay so we'll be going to Hongkong for my exit to be granted another 20-day stay in Macau. Now my question is, if i want to stay for a few days longer after the 20- day period has expired, can I again exit but this time in Zhuhai, China? Or is it that exits can only be done once? By the way, I hold a Philippine passport. Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Replied by: Taylor   Apr. 11, 2012 19:30

      Hi sheng,
      you need to apply a Chinese visa if you want to go to Zhuhai.
      you can actually apply for an extension for your stay in Macau after the 20-day period expired.

  • Replychris   Singapore    Apr. 07, 2012 07:28

    hi, i would like to ask if it is okay for a philipphines passport holder like me to enter zhu hai for 1 day from hk? will a visa be neccessary? i will be in hk for 5 days and half day tour in zhu hai.

    • Replied by: Bruce   Apr. 07, 2012 20:26

      You need a visa to enter Zhuhai. To make it simple, you may just apply for a Zhuhai Special Zone visa at the entry port. However, with the Zhuhai visa, you are only allowed to stay within Zhuhai for less than 3 days.

    • Replied by: chris ( Singapore )   Apr. 08, 2012 07:09

      thanks bruce...

      any idea how much would it cost? and any opening hours for the special zone @ zhu hai?

    • Replied by: David   Apr. 08, 2012 20:58

      It costs around 168 RMB. The openning hours of the immigration office are 07:00-24:00.

  • Replyshiela   Philippines    Apr. 06, 2012 06:20


    I'm planning to visit Hong Kong this June. I have aupair visa in Denmak, but then a holder of Philippine passport. I will stay there 14 days exactly. Is that possible? How can I extend my visits just in case and what kind of air ticket I should get? Hope to hear from you. Thanks :)

    • Replied by: Linda   Apr. 06, 2012 19:05

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you can stay in hong kong for 14 days without a visa.
      but if you intend to stay longer, you need to apply a Hong Kong visa.
      or you can take a short visit to Macau and go back to Hong Kong, in this way, you will be granted another 14 days.

    • Replied by: Shiela ( Philippines )   Apr. 06, 2012 22:22

      Thanks miss Linda :)
      If Ill go to Macau for few days. Is it possible that I will get my return air ticket dated more than 14 days Or it should be 14 days as well? I'm visiting a friend in Hongkong and planning to stay in her place. Do I need to rent a hotel still? Finally, how I will show them that I have enough funds, should I get documents for that? Thank you :)

    • Replied by: Linda   Apr. 07, 2012 02:37

      if you go to Macau for a few days, the second time you enter Hong Kong, you will be granted another 14-day stay in Hong Kong, which means you can stay in hong Kong for 14 + 14 = 28 days.
      no need to rent a hotel, and no need to show your final status since you don't need to apply the visa.
      your valid passport will be fine.

  • ReplyGhebz   Philippines    Mar. 27, 2012 02:20

    Hi!i'm filipino planning to go to hongkong by april 16 until 18 ,then to macau.i have already a passport going to HK.what do i need to go to macau from HK?

    • Replied by: Brain   Mar. 27, 2012 19:33

      nothing special, just your valid passport is fine.

  • Replygladicia    Mar. 22, 2012 21:32

    hi,i am from the Philippines and i want to travel in hongkong as a tourist then i was planning to go Macau via Hongkong, then back to hongkong from macau before going back to the Philippines. this is not my first time going HK it is my second time.what kind of requirements i was going show to the immigration officer in hk? i was planning to do it by next week march 29.2012 and be back here on April 3,2012

    • Replied by: Sally   Mar. 23, 2012 18:17

      just your valid passport is ok.

  • Replyjoanne wong   Philippines    Mar. 22, 2012 08:28


    a person is a chinese citizen, born in the philippines but has a taiwan passport


    what are the requirements that he needs to bring with him during travel?

    he wants to have a trip in hongkong,then macau then chinaa?

    pls help. we need to travel by april, but our local travel agency does not know what to do. ty

    • Replied by: Bill   Mar. 22, 2012 18:55

      you need to apply the travel permits through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

  • ReplySylvelie   Philippines    Mar. 22, 2012 01:13

    Hi, I am filipino and im planning to go in macau for 30 days,and after staying their i will go to china?is it possible that i can go to china for a month and then go back to macau? what documents are needed?

    • Replied by: Tina   Mar. 22, 2012 02:55

      you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa if you want to go to Mainland China.
      you can stay in mainland China for the given duration of stay on the Chinese visa.
      and then you can go back to Macau for another 30 days visa free period.
      the documents required for applying to a Chinese visa:
      your valid passport; a completely filled out visa application form; your recently taken passport size photo.
      you also need to submit the following documents if this is your first time to apply a Chinese visa:
      Original NBI clearance valid for travel abroad; original bank certificate;
      Invitation letter with a copy of the inviter's valid Chinese residence visa and passport information page of inviter's or Chinese national identity card.

  • Replyceline   Philippines    Mar. 18, 2012 01:39

    Hi. I am a Filipino working in Singapore. My family is coming here from Philippines and we're planning to go to Hong Kong directly from Singapore. Then from Hong Kong back to Philippines. I would like to inquire if visa is needed or not. Thank you very much.

    • Replied by: Frank   Mar. 18, 2012 23:54

      If you will stay in Hk for less than 14 days, no visa will be required. However, your family may need a visa to Singapore.

  • ReplyGrace   Philippines    Mar. 17, 2012 22:17

    Hi! I want to ask if an invitation letter from a Filipino friend working in Macau enough to be shown as an Exit Pass to the immigration here in the philippines?

    • Replied by: David   Mar. 18, 2012 23:51

      Filipinos traveling abroad have to present the following documents:
      1. Valid passport – at least 6 months
      2.Valid Original visa for port of entry(when required)
      3. For tourists, a return ticket

  • ReplyCeline Joyce L. Villaruz   Philippines    Mar. 17, 2012 04:57

    Hi!I am a Filipino working in Singapore and my family is coming to singapore and after that we will go to HK directly from Singapore. I would like to aks if we need a visa going to HK if we come from Singapore? Thank you very much.

    • Replied by: Bruce   Mar. 18, 2012 23:36

      It has nothing to do with where you come from. You will be exempt from visa to Hk for less than 14 days if only you are holding valid filipino passports.

  • ReplyAlaine   Philippines    Mar. 11, 2012 04:28

    Hi. I would like to ask if it is okay for a Philippine Paspport Holder like me to travel to Hong Kong then Macau then Hong Kong and back to Macau again in just two weeks? Do I need to obtain a special visa (e.g. multiple-entry etc.)?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Replied by: Kevin   Mar. 11, 2012 23:07

      First, I'd like to clarify that a few hours' exit from Hk to Macau or from Macau to Hk would be considered as an exit from HK or Macau. In other words, your entry to Hk after a few hours' exit from Hk to Macau will be regarded as a new entry to HK. Hope I've cleared myself.

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 14 days and to Macay for 30 days. Thus, you don't need any visa for this trip.

  • ReplyAshutosh   India    Mar. 10, 2012 21:22

    Hi!...I'd be coming ko Hong Kong for around 10 days to take part in an educational competetion organised by a leading University in Hong Kong. Could you please advise me on what documents would be required??..Also please advise me on the oreign exchnage requirements, also whether there is any requirement of a health insurance.?

    • Replied by: David   Mar. 11, 2012 00:09

      Indian passport holders are 14 days visa free to HK. I think you can just take your valid passport, invitation letter from the HK university and adequate funds.
      However, to have a smooth trip , I advise you contact the HK Immigration Department by enquiry hotline at (852) 2824 6111 or by fax at (852) 2877 7711 to confirm this again.

  • ReplyA K   Pakistan    Mar. 04, 2012 11:09

    I am Pakistani citizen, coming to Hong Kong for study purpose for 6 wks,after that i want to go to Macau,when i will leave from Hong Kong to Macau they will put exit stamp on my student visa,so after touring Macau will it be possible to catch a flight from Hong Kong international Airport to Karachi(Pakistan) since they would have already put exit stamp on my student visa.

    • Replied by: Jack   Mar. 04, 2012 20:00

      If you will return to Hk to take a flight from Macau, you will need another Hk visa.

  • Replymaria lea arcangel   Philippines    Mar. 03, 2012 19:28

    hi,i want to travel in hk as a tourist what kind of requerments i show to the immigration officer in hk?because my friend she upload in hk immigration and she go back here in philippines,she said smoe question cant answer...thank you

    • Replied by: David   Mar. 04, 2012 19:53

      Since you are visa free to Hk for 14 days, so you may be required to provide return air tickets to show your duration in Hk and finacial prrof to prove that you have adequate funds to cover the duration of your stay without working. At the same time, your filipino passport must be with at least 30 days validity left when you leave Hk.

  • ReplyAna   Philippines    Feb. 28, 2012 18:22

    Thank you very much for your reply, Brenda. I would like to post a follow up question on my last post (reference below).

    1) to use my my next 30 days, is there any other way to do this without having to leave China at all?
    2) Up to how many times can I extend my tourist visa from within China after my current total of 60 days tourist double entry is up?
    3) How many days before it expires should I allot to go to the entry-exit bureau for extension?

    Thank you so very much for the service you are giving, really appreciate it. Was told that we would be given different answers at the exit entry bureau each time and depending on who we ask... so thought I would come here instead.

    I hold a Philippine passport with a dual entry tourist visa valid up to 30 days each.

    I entered China on Feb 11, 2012.I want to continue on to use the next 30 days in China. Do I need to leave China for this or can I just get a stamp from within China, if so, where and how much would it cost/ what documents do I need?

    After my double entry of 60 days total is up, where may I apply to extend my visa here in China?

    Thank you so much, appreciate any help on this.
    2/22/2012 6:50:00 PMBrenda :
    to use the next 30 days, you need to leave China or at least pass the control. may you can take a visit to Hong Kong and then get back to use the second 30 days.
    you can extend your visa in the local Exit and Entry department or immigration department in the city you stay.

    • Replied by: Helen   Feb. 28, 2012 19:22

      1. no other ways but leave China.
      2. not very sure, but i heard usually once or twice.
      3. you'd better go for extension 6 or 7 days in advance.

    • Replied by: Ana ( Philippines )   Feb. 29, 2012 02:58

      I had to let them check something on my Visa so I went to the exit entry bureau today and the man behind the counter confirmed that
      1) i have to leave China indeed, exactly as mentioned here :) and that
      2) it was possible to renew without leaving China up to 2 times after the 60 days is up, and that
      3) a few days , even a day before or day itself (though, I would go for Helen's suggestion of a week in advance) would be ok.

      Thank you very much for the prompt reply, Helen! Keep up the great work and service here!

    • Replied by: Helen   Feb. 29, 2012 18:34

      something more about visa extension:
      after you submit your passport and visa to the immigration department for extension, you will get a paper work that proves you are legal to stay in China even without a passport and a visa during the processing days.
      good luck!

  • ReplyMay Ann   Philippines    Feb. 27, 2012 03:24

    Hi. I need some help. I am planning to go to Hong Kong this coming march, last week. But i'm still not sure what documents shall i bring with me. I want to ask if i need visa? or an invitation letter if i visit hong kong for 1 week only?

    Second question, is it allowed to travel manila to hong kong and from hong kong to Germany? Is it allowed even i wont go back to philippines anymore?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Replied by: Ben   Feb. 27, 2012 23:03

      1. an invitation letter is not necesary,just your valid passport is Ok.

      2. of course you are allowed to go to Germany from Hong Kong, as long as you have valid visa and the air ticket. :)

    • Replied by: May Ann ( Philippines )   Feb. 28, 2012 22:29


      Thank You for your reply. My VISA going to Germany is AU PAIR. I hope it is fine to the hong kong immigration when i leave.

  • ReplyJANE   United Kingdom    Feb. 24, 2012 03:11

    Hi...I am a Filipino. I moved to UK and married a British citizen and granted a residence permit. We are planning to visit Hong Kong from UK.. What document I need to show so I can travel with my husband? Do I need a visa for the trip?

    • Replied by: Fanny   Feb. 24, 2012 19:53

      Hi Jane,
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don't need a visa if your tour in Hong Kong is less than 14 days, just your valid passport, British residence permit are fine.

  • ReplyLALA    Feb. 24, 2012 00:59

    hi guys. im sorry to confide here..for i dont know whom to ask...because chinese embassy in manila has no information counter..and their hotline has no operator..i hope some of you could give me advise....
    1 wanna go to hongkong for 1 month to be with my boyfriend and to tour around but since im a filipino i only have 14 days allowance to stay in hk..i did went to chinese embasy in the philippines as advised by other correspondents here (thanks vic)to apply for tourist visa(so i may be allowed to stay for a month)i brought all the documents in the website as requirements needed for dependents...after waiting for so long in line... to my surprise the only people allowed to be given visa were just spouses children and parents..as said by the consulate....im so sad i wasnt given a chance because im just a fiancee.is there any other option i can do? ...when i reach hongkong is it advisable to apply for an extention in hongkong immigration???.does any one knows how does it work?how much will it cost me?...or should i go exit to macau?how long do i need to stay there so that when i go back to hongkong they will stamp me again another 14 days to stay?...your advises will be of big help..thank you very much

    • Replied by: David   Feb. 24, 2012 19:45

      Hi Lala,
      you can go to Macau and go back to Hong Kong for another 14 days. maybe a one day tour in Macau then back to Hong Kong. but this kind of "extension" only works once, which means you can only stay in Hong Kong for 28 days. the immigration may consider you try to avoid applying a visa if you do it for the second time (exit and enter for a new 14 days stay).

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