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I want to say
  • Replynazi,   Philippines
    2012/5/24 10:30:00

    hi,im iranian and lives in the philippine with student visa,my dad came here to vist us with tourist visa and we want to go to hong kong,do we need visa and if my dad come with me can he come back to philippine again?

    • Lisa :2012/5/24 19:17:00

      yes, you need to apply the Hong Kong visa.
      if your father's tourist visa is a double or multiple entry visa, he can go back to the Philippines, but he can not go back if it is just a single entry visa.

  • Replyfred
    2012/5/21 23:09:00

    My name is fred... I'm Ghanian passprt holder and i want to go to singapore from Guangzhou china.... Is it a Visa free for me to go to singapore as a ghanian passport holder.. I need help. Thank you

    • Bill :2012/5/22 18:39:00

      yes, Singapore tourist visa is not required for citizens of Ghana for a stay up to 30 days.

  • Replymuntari,   China
    2012/5/21 19:47:00

    Hi my name is muntari and I am a niger passport holder.. I mean niger not nigerian.. The capital town of niger is Naimey.. I have a business VISA TO CHINA GUANGZHOU AND IT'S ONE ENTRY.. CAN I GO TO HK SINCE I WAS TOLD ITS A VISA FREE BETWEEN HK AND NIGER.. THANK YOU

    • Lisa :2012/5/21 19:54:00

      it is visa free for passport holders of Niger, and you can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days.
      however, your Chinese visa is a single entry one, which means you can only enter mainland China once, and you will not able to go back to guangzhou from Hong Kong.
      so i suggest you go to Hong Kong at the end of your business trip, i mean you can go back to your country from hong Kong.

  • Replytroy,   Philippines
    2012/5/10 7:56:00

    Hi am Filipino and i am planning to go to Doha Qatar, but first i want to stay in Hongkong for 3 days and visit Disneyland. So from Manila to HK and HK to Qatar. I am holder of Business Visa from Qatar.
    Pls. let me know if the immigration of HK will questioned my Visa going to Qatar or what are the requirements.

    • kelly :2012/5/10 19:51:00

      Hi Troy,
      take it easy. as you are planning to stay in Hong Kong for 3 days, i guess you've already got all the air tickets, plus your valid passport, nothing special will be required when you enter Hong Kong. as filipino passport holders are exempt from hong Kong visa for 14 days, i believe the immigration will not question your about your visa.
      enjoy your trip!

  • ReplyTrixie,   India
    2012/5/8 22:51:00

    Hello! I'm from India planning to go hong kong this June. Do I need to show money in entering hongkong? If ever yes, how much the minimum? And do I need to have visa going there? Kindly tell me what's the requirements at the immigration if im coming from India to hong kong or what they will ask me to show to them. Thank you.

    • Ashley :2012/5/9 18:58:00

      Hi Trixie
      Indian passport holders are allowed to stay in hong Kong without a visa for 14 days, so your trip in hong kong is less than 14 days, you don't need to apply the visa. and you don't need to show the money, usually only your valid passport and return air ticket will be asked to show when you enter Hong Kong.

  • Replyconnie,   Philippines
    2012/5/8 16:12:00

    Hi, I will have a sponsored visit to
    Hongkong for 14 days. I am upset because the
    round trip ticket indicated is May 16,2012
    as my departure date from Manila Inter-
    national airport but then my deparure from
    Hongkong is dated May 30,2012.Will this
    exceed the 14 days allowable visit to
    Hongkong?Are the travel dates included in
    the computations of the 14 days visit?
    Thank you

    • Diana :2012/5/8 19:14:00

      take it easy,Connie.
      you are arriving in Hong Kong on May 16th, right?
      then May 30 will be the 14th day you are in Hong Kong, so just leave before 24:00 of the day.

  • ReplyCatherine Bactat,   Philippines
    2012/5/7 18:56:00

    Hello, I'm from Philippines. We're planning to travel in Hongkong this coming Oct 17-23, 2012 for 7 days. Our ticket Mla.- HK, HK- Mla. We want to swing around to Macau for 2 days to take the ferry and 2 days in Shenzhen to take bus or MTR. We are only 2. (me and my fren) My question is, do we still require to get a visa from here in Philippines or we just get visa from the Lo Wu border going to Shenzhen? How much it will cost? How about Macau also? Just in case whata re the reqiurements from HK_Macau, HK-Shenzhen. Thank You.

    • Marry :2012/5/7 19:40:00

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese visa if you are going to shenzhen.
      1,400 peso.
      you don't need to apply the macau visa.
      your valid passport.

  • ReplyLiza,   Philippines
    2012/4/23 6:43:00

    Hi,my fiance is German were planning to get married in Hongkong. after the marriage can i change my passport in Hong KOng carrying the name of my husband?

    • Vivien :2012/4/24 0:02:00

      you can change your passport into Hong Kong passport 5 years after you get married to a Hong Kong citizen.
      if your husband is a Hong Kong citizen, then you can get it in 5 years.

  • Replycynthia,   Philippines
    2012/4/17 23:25:00

    Hi,I have Phil passport plan to visit to Hongkong then go to Hui Zhou City, Guangdong Province just 6 days this May, do i still need to apply for a Chinese visa? thank u very much

    • Hank :2012/4/18 20:16:00

      You do have to apply for a China visa for this trip. The visa should be applied for from the local China Embassy or consulate in Philippines in advance.

  • ReplyMary Rose,   Qatar
    2012/4/15 3:57:00

    Hi. I am going on vacation this May in Philippines and then from Manila I would like to go to HK. Is there any visa document that I need to show on Philippines Immigration? And from HK, I would like to go Macau, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou how can I get a visa to go on these places?

    • Carlos :2012/4/15 20:08:00

      You have to show your valid Qatar passport and yoru air ticket to HK. Passport holders of Qatar don't need a visa to Hk for less than 30 days. You can get a Macau visa on your arrival at the entry port. The visa to Shenzhen and Guangzhou can be applied at the office of commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in HK or Macau SAR.

  • Replytim,   Philippines
    2012/4/15 0:13:00

    Hi,me and my friends are planning to go to Macau then to Hongkong the following day after arriving to Macau, we're planning to get a package tour in Hong Kong which includes a tour to Shenzhen, Do we need visa to enter Hongkong and Shenzhen? BTW the tour is just for 3 days..tnx

    • Jack :2012/4/15 19:56:00

      If you take part in a HK-Shenzhen tour organized through a Hk-registered travel company, you won't need a visa for the trip.

  • Replysheng,   Philippines
    2012/4/11 10:19:00

    Hi i want to ask something. I'll be visiting Macau for a month to see my husband who works there but he wants to extend my stay so we'll be going to Hongkong for my exit to be granted another 20-day stay in Macau. Now my question is, if i want to stay for a few days longer after the 20- day period has expired, can I again exit but this time in Zhuhai, China? Or is it that exits can only be done once? By the way, I hold a Philippine passport. Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Taylor :2012/4/11 19:30:00

      Hi sheng,
      you need to apply a Chinese visa if you want to go to Zhuhai.
      you can actually apply for an extension for your stay in Macau after the 20-day period expired.

  • Replychris,   Singapore
    2012/4/7 7:28:00

    hi, i would like to ask if it is okay for a philipphines passport holder like me to enter zhu hai for 1 day from hk? will a visa be neccessary? i will be in hk for 5 days and half day tour in zhu hai.

    • Bruce :2012/4/7 20:26:00

      You need a visa to enter Zhuhai. To make it simple, you may just apply for a Zhuhai Special Zone visa at the entry port. However, with the Zhuhai visa, you are only allowed to stay within Zhuhai for less than 3 days.

    • chris ( Singapore ) :2012/4/8 7:09:00

      thanks bruce...

      any idea how much would it cost? and any opening hours for the special zone @ zhu hai?

    • David :2012/4/8 20:58:00

      It costs around 168 RMB. The openning hours of the immigration office are 07:00-24:00.

  • Replyshiela,   Philippines
    2012/4/6 6:20:00


    I'm planning to visit Hong Kong this June. I have aupair visa in Denmak, but then a holder of Philippine passport. I will stay there 14 days exactly. Is that possible? How can I extend my visits just in case and what kind of air ticket I should get? Hope to hear from you. Thanks :)

    • Linda :2012/4/6 19:05:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you can stay in hong kong for 14 days without a visa.
      but if you intend to stay longer, you need to apply a Hong Kong visa.
      or you can take a short visit to Macau and go back to Hong Kong, in this way, you will be granted another 14 days.

    • Shiela ( Philippines ) :2012/4/6 22:22:00

      Thanks miss Linda :)
      If Ill go to Macau for few days. Is it possible that I will get my return air ticket dated more than 14 days Or it should be 14 days as well? I'm visiting a friend in Hongkong and planning to stay in her place. Do I need to rent a hotel still? Finally, how I will show them that I have enough funds, should I get documents for that? Thank you :)

    • Linda :2012/4/7 2:37:00

      if you go to Macau for a few days, the second time you enter Hong Kong, you will be granted another 14-day stay in Hong Kong, which means you can stay in hong Kong for 14 + 14 = 28 days.
      no need to rent a hotel, and no need to show your final status since you don't need to apply the visa.
      your valid passport will be fine.

  • ReplyGhebz,   Philippines
    2012/3/27 2:20:00

    Hi!i'm filipino planning to go to hongkong by april 16 until 18 ,then to macau.i have already a passport going to HK.what do i need to go to macau from HK?

    • Brain :2012/3/27 19:33:00

      nothing special, just your valid passport is fine.

  • Replygladicia
    2012/3/22 21:32:00

    hi,i am from the Philippines and i want to travel in hongkong as a tourist then i was planning to go Macau via Hongkong, then back to hongkong from macau before going back to the Philippines. this is not my first time going HK it is my second time.what kind of requirements i was going show to the immigration officer in hk? i was planning to do it by next week march 29.2012 and be back here on April 3,2012

    • Sally :2012/3/23 18:17:00

      just your valid passport is ok.

  • Replyjoanne wong,   Philippines
    2012/3/22 8:28:00


    a person is a chinese citizen, born in the philippines but has a taiwan passport


    what are the requirements that he needs to bring with him during travel?

    he wants to have a trip in hongkong,then macau then chinaa?

    pls help. we need to travel by april, but our local travel agency does not know what to do. ty

    • Bill :2012/3/22 18:55:00

      you need to apply the travel permits through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

  • ReplySylvelie,   Philippines
    2012/3/22 1:13:00

    Hi, I am filipino and im planning to go in macau for 30 days,and after staying their i will go to china?is it possible that i can go to china for a month and then go back to macau? what documents are needed?

    • Tina :2012/3/22 2:55:00

      you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa if you want to go to Mainland China.
      you can stay in mainland China for the given duration of stay on the Chinese visa.
      and then you can go back to Macau for another 30 days visa free period.
      the documents required for applying to a Chinese visa:
      your valid passport; a completely filled out visa application form; your recently taken passport size photo.
      you also need to submit the following documents if this is your first time to apply a Chinese visa:
      Original NBI clearance valid for travel abroad; original bank certificate;
      Invitation letter with a copy of the inviter's valid Chinese residence visa and passport information page of inviter's or Chinese national identity card.

  • Replyceline,   Philippines
    2012/3/18 1:39:00

    Hi. I am a Filipino working in Singapore. My family is coming here from Philippines and we're planning to go to Hong Kong directly from Singapore. Then from Hong Kong back to Philippines. I would like to inquire if visa is needed or not. Thank you very much.

    • Frank :2012/3/18 23:54:00

      If you will stay in Hk for less than 14 days, no visa will be required. However, your family may need a visa to Singapore.

  • ReplyGrace,   Philippines
    2012/3/17 22:17:00

    Hi! I want to ask if an invitation letter from a Filipino friend working in Macau enough to be shown as an Exit Pass to the immigration here in the philippines?

    • David :2012/3/18 23:51:00

      Filipinos traveling abroad have to present the following documents:
      1. Valid passport – at least 6 months
      2.Valid Original visa for port of entry(when required)
      3. For tourists, a return ticket

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