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I want to say
  • ReplyFitrotun,   Indonesia
    2012/6/26 4:11:00

    I'm Fi..i'm indonesian passport holder,i want to visit macau on january and i ll'be stay at my cousin there for 2weeks..did i need visa if my flight from singapore..thanks

    • Candy :2012/6/26 19:13:00

      no, you don't need to apply the Macau visa, because Indonisian passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau for a visa-free period of up to 30 days.

  • ReplyLouis Sunday Egwe,   Nigeria
    2012/6/25 3:20:00

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    Good day to you we will like to confirm with you that what do will need to send to you before our company can apply for Hong Kong visa with the Chinese Embassy here in our country Nigeria.Our company delegate will be coming to Hong Kong for conference and business.

    Please kindly explain to us in your mail reply so as to enable us to know the next step to take.

    We shall be highly appreciated to read back from you soonest.



    • Warriortour.com :2012/6/25 20:28:00

      Thank your enquiring!
      warriortours.com is a professional China tour service. The Hong Kong visa information here is just for your reference. you should check the official website of Hong Kong Immigration Department for detailed information on Hong Kong visa.

  • ReplyHalidou,   China
    2012/6/23 3:44:00

    Hi i am republique du niger passport holder and i have single entry to china.. I applied for thailand visa here in china and i book the ticket from Hong kong to thailand.. So can I go to hong kong to take the flight to thailand... I want to know if this is possible for me.

    • Frank :2012/6/23 19:47:00

      You have to apply for a Macau visa from a capable travel agency, such as China Travel Service HK Limited, ahead of your trip to Macau.

  • Replyalexa gonzales,   Macau, China
    2012/6/23 15:12:00

    i am a worker in macau and palanning to take my annual leave on august but instead of going back to phillipines i would like to go to hongkong for 3 days then to korea for 3 days also..do i have to apply for visa?many thanks...

    • Hank :2012/6/23 19:50:00

      You don't need a visa to Hk, but you may have to apply for a visa for your trip to Korea.

  • ReplyShanel,   Philippines
    2012/6/22 13:22:00

    Hello there:) This is shanel. I'm a Philippine passport holder and wanna have a good advice from you guys. It's my first time to go to macau. My friend I already booked our tickets this coming Aug/03/2012 (ONE WAY).. Wanna know what other things i must prepare. All we have now is our one way trip ticket and we plan to go direclty to SG from macau. I'm really excited for this trip and wanna have all things go right and smooth. We're now actually looking for someone in sg to send us our invation (FRIENDS/RELATIVES MAYBE )if it's needed and will be booking our 2nd way ticket next week. Looking forward for your soonest reply. Thank you so much.

    • Frank :2012/6/23 19:46:00

      You should also prepare your air ticket of Macau-Singapore in advance. Proof of enough fund to cover your stay in Macau will also requred at the entry port of Macau. Lastly, you should make sure that your passport should have enough validity on.

  • ReplyPearl,   Philippines
    2012/6/19 23:22:00

    Hi, I'm a Philippines passport holder. My flight to HK will be tomorrow for 6 days. and i'll be staying at my aunt's house..do i need an invitation letter from her? Or her address and mobile number will do? Hope to hear from you within this day..Thank you

    • James :2012/6/20 19:04:00

      hi Pearl,
      you don't need to provide the invitation letter, since filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so just your valid passport and round-trip air tickets will do.

  • ReplyHalidou,   China
    2012/6/15 20:21:00

    Hi I am republique du niger passport holder and I have a single Entry to mainland china.. Now I want to visit Macau before I go back to my country... How can I get help to enter Macau... Thank you

    • David :2012/6/17 23:56:00

      I advise you contact China travel service Hk Limited for help.

  • ReplyMalik,   China
    2012/6/14 7:44:00

    Hi my name is muntari and I am republic du Niger passport holder and i am currently in China... I have a single entry here and I want to know if i can fly from china to Argentina.. i want to know if its a Visa free for republic du Niger passport holder to visit Argentina or any other place in south America... Thank U

    • Lisa :2012/6/14 19:09:00

      The below listed countries are visa free as tourist to passport holders of the Republic of Niger. The number in parenthesis shows either days (d), months (m), or general visa free (vf).

      Benin (3m), Burkina Faso (90d), Cape Verde (vf), Central African Republic (vf), Chad (3m), Cote d'Ivoire (3m), Cook Islands (21d), Dominica (21d), Ecuador (90d), Egypt [South Sinai tourist resorts only] (15d), Gambia (90d), Ghana (90d), Guinea (3m), Guinea-Bissau (90d), Haiti (3m), Hong-Kong (14d), Liberia (vf), Mali (3m), Mauritania (3m), Micronesia (30d), Nigeria (90d), Niue (30d), Philippines (21d), Saint Kitts and Nevis (14d), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1m), Senegal (3m), Siera Leone (3m), Singapore (30d), Togo (3m)

  • ReplyMuntari,   China
    2012/6/14 0:31:00

    Hi i am a NIGER Passport holder and currently in Guangzhou.. I have a single entry to china here and i want to go to philiphine from china.. I want to know if its a VISA free for niger passport holder to visit philiphine ordo I have to apply for a VISA Before I can go there and I Want to know if i can apply the visa here in Guangzhou... I am talking about NIGER NOT NIGERIA... NIGER IS A FRENCH COUNTRY... NOT NIGERIA...
    Thank U!

  • ReplyDeepak,   Japan
    2012/6/13 17:21:00

    I am an Indian Passport holder, currently living in Japan on employment visa. I want to travel to Hongkong and Macau at the end of this month.
    It would be a great help if I can some light on this.
    As per my itiniery, I want to fly to Hong Kong from tokyo(there, I will be meeting my friends who will come from China), then travel to Macau, and then return back to Japan. I want to cover this in 4-5 days.
    As I have read, there is no Visa requirement for Indians for short term. So, is it possible that I return back to Hong-Kong from Macau, and take my return flight from Hong-Kong itself.
    Looking forward for suggestions.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Lisa :2012/6/13 18:44:00

      yes, it is possible.
      you can go back to Hong Kong from Macau for your return flight to Japan.

  • ReplyMuntari,   China
    2012/6/13 14:04:00

    Hi i am niger passport holder and currently in Guangzhou... I have single entry to china and i want to know if i can go to macau and also I want to know if its a visa free for niger passport to travel to thailand and Japan.. I am talking about NIGER NOT NIGERIA... NIGER IS DIFFERENT AND NIGERIA IS DIFFERENT... I WANT TO KNOW IF ITS A VISA FREE TO JAPAN AND THAILAND.. THANK YOU

    • susan :2012/6/13 18:42:00

      Niger passport holders are not free of Macau visa, but you can obtain the visa upon arrival in Macau.
      you are not free of visa in Japan and Thailand, either.

  • Replyadnan,   Pakistan
    2012/6/12 3:35:00

    I would like to study in Hong Kong. How can u help me in getting visa.

    • Wisley :2012/6/12 19:21:00

      Hi adnan,
      if you want to study in Hong Kong, you need to get enrolled in a school or university first. with the offer the school provide, can you apply the visa.

  • ReplyMuntari,   China

    I am a niger passport holder i want to know if i can fly from china to russia.. Is it a visa free or not

    • Emma :2012/6/11 19:04:00

      you need to apply a Russian visa before you go there.

  • Replymuntari,   China
    2012/6/10 9:47:00

    Dear Friend

    Please I need help - I am a niger passport holder and I have single entery to china.. I am currently in china and I want to know if can go from china to RUSSIA and I want to know as a niger passport if its a visa free to RUSSIA and even if its not a VISA FREE I want to know if i can take the visa in china and fly to RUSSIA..

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon

    Best regard

    • Bruce :2012/6/10 18:19:00

      Please call the Visa office of the Russian Embassy in China to get what you want by tel.: 6532-1267, 6532-1991 2:00 - 6:00 p.m Monday to Friday.

  • Replyjames,   Philippines
    2012/6/8 5:35:00

    Hi, I will be traveling to Macau this August for an 8 day vacation and i will stay in my friends pad. Do i still need to get an invitation letter from my friend?? Or I will just show them my return ticket to the immigration in Macau?? Thank you :)

    • Daisy :2012/6/8 18:09:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.
      so just show your return ticket, and not need to get an invitation letter.

  • ReplyEudora,   Singapore
    2012/6/7 12:40:00

    My trip will be SG - HK - MACAU - HK - SG. It will be finished in 6 days.
    Currently I am holding Chinese Passport with single-entry visa to HK, and Singapore Employment Pass.
    As I know, if I finish my HK trip within 7 days, I do not need double-entry visa to HK after I finish Macau trip. Is it correct?
    And since I have SG long term pass which is Employment Pass, I do not need to apply for Macau visit pass.

    • Kelly :2012/6/7 19:44:00

      no Eudora,
      as you are a Chinese passport holder living in oversea, you need a double-entry visa to Hong Kong.
      and you also need to apply a Macau visa if you plan to visit Macau during this trip.

  • ReplyMichelle,   Qatar
    2012/6/4 10:36:00

    Hi im a philippine passport holder,,im now in qatar want to go tourist to hong kong and macau,,,what is the requirment do i prepared,,its posibble that after my tour ill go directly to the philipines

    • Nancy :2012/6/4 18:40:00

      Hi Michelle,
      since filipino passport holders are exempt from hong Kong visa for 14 days and from Macau visa for 30 days, you only need to take your valid passport, and better to have the return air ticket to the Philippines.

  • ReplyMuntari,   China
    2012/6/2 23:01:00

    Hi my name is Muntari and I am currently in Guangzhou... I'm a niger passport holder and as you know its a free Visa between Niger and Hong kong.. Well this is my first time in Guangzhou and I have a business VISA SINGLE entry here in China.. My problem is i went hong kong from Guangzhou and the hong kong immigiration didn't allowed me to enter hong kong so they sent me back to the mainland china... And my visa was cancelled by the chines immigiration and have only 10days more to stay in china and go back to my country.. I don't want to go back to my country yet because i want to see hong kong first before i fly back to my country.. So i went and extended my visa for 2 more weeks.. I want to know if i can give it a try back to hong kong to see if they would allow me this time to enter HK... My return ticket is from hong kong to my country.... please i want to know if i can go back to give it a try even thought I had give it a try before they didn't allow me...

    thank u

    • Steve :2012/6/4 1:48:00

      I see that niger passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for less than 14 days, but I don't knoe you were rejected. You can try again with your valid passport and the air ticket from Hk to your home country. Good luck!
      Adequate funds for your duration in Hk is also necessary to show to the immigration office of HK.

  • ReplyCarol,   Philippines
    2012/5/30 1:37:00

    Hello! this is Carol. I want to travel in HK from the Philippines as a tourist. A relative will be the one to accommodate me, so what are the requirements I needed? And if ever I could come across for an employment, what are the next steps? Thanks.

    • Kelly :2012/5/30 19:49:00

      Filipino passport holders can stay in hong Kong without a visa for 14 days, so if your visit in Hong Kong is not more than 14 days, just your valid passport is enough.
      if you want to work in Hong Kong, you need to sign the contract with your employer first, and then apply the visa or entry permit for for employment as imported workers.
      you can check the detailed information at the official website of Hong Kong immigration department.

  • ReplyMUNTARI,   China
    2012/5/29 10:16:00

    My name is muntari and i am Niger passport holder... I have a 1 entry to china and I'm currently in Guangzhou... Well as you know Niger passport holder doesn't need a Visa to hong kong.. Well I have only 10 more days left on my Visa.... I was going to enter hong kong today and then took a flight from HK TO GHANA BUT THE HK IMMIGIRATION DIDN'T ALLOW ME TO ENTER HONG KONG BUT I AM NOT SURE WHY THEY DIDN'T ALLOW ME TO ENTER.... AND NOW MY VISA IS CANCCELLED.. SO I NEED TO GO NOW IF I CAN GIVE IT AN OTHER TRY IN 2 DAYS LATER TO SEE IF I CAN ENTER HK AND THEN TOOK AFLIGHT FROM HK TO GHANA... PLEASE I NEED AN ADVICE TO SEE IF I CAN GIVE IT A TRY OR NOT... THANK U!

    • Susan :2012/5/29 19:35:00

      did you book the air ticket to Ghana? or do you have the valid visa for Ghana (if necessary)?i think you can give another try. but better to hold the air ticket and visa for your onward destination. is this your first time to Hong Kong? did you have any records in the Hong Kong immigration like you did not leave Hong Kong before your visa free period ends?

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