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I want to say
  • Replymae,   Malaysia
    2012/8/14 20:46:00

    Hi, I am a Filipino, I am working in Malaysia as a domestic helper, the brother of my employer wants me to go in Canada as nanny for his two kids, is it possible for me to cross country? What are the requirements needed...thank you and I am looking forward for your reply, god bless you...

    • tina :2012/8/15 18:38:00

      Hi Mae, please consult the Canadian Embassy or Consulate General in Malaysia.

  • ReplyJason,   Philippines
    2012/8/9 13:36:00

    Hi I'm Jason a holder of philippinea passport, currently im here in Brunei, then I'm planning to go macau this October what should be the requirement am i going to get to go macau??? Tnx..

    • Victor :2012/8/11 20:44:00

      In general, your filipino passport that should be still with more 30 days validity on when you exit Macau, financial status and air ticket for your leave from Macau will be enough for you to enter and stay in macau for less than 30 days.

  • ReplyNicole cen,   Philippines
    2012/8/8 1:44:00

    Hi. Good day. I plan to go hongkong as a tourist. What requirements should i need and how much money would i spend for it? Thank you

    • Carl :2012/8/8 19:50:00

      If you will go to Hk for less than 14 days, then you may just take your passport which should be still with more than 30 days'validity left when you leave, return air ticket and enough funds with you. I'm not sure how much money you should have for your each day stay in Hk, but the more the better.

  • Replydevinder paul,   India
    2012/8/8 1:14:00

    Hi, I am indian resident holding indian passport. I am interested to visit Guangzhou. Do I have to apply tourist visa or its visa on arrival. Thanks

    • Bruce :2012/8/8 19:48:00

      You need to apply for a China tourist visa in advance.

  • ReplyRalph Wood,   United States
    2012/8/4 21:52:00

    what do I need to come to Hong kong and also go to Macau China , and about how much money would i need for a 3 week stay there for hotals and food on the anverage I know i need money but i do not wanted to over do it .

    • Hank :2012/8/5 19:37:00

      If you are holding US passport, you don't need any visa for Hk for less than 90 days, but you do need to apply for a visa to mainland China. You have had around 200 US dollars each day in your bank account for this trip. Although you may nto spend so much, but immigration will require that.

  • Replyian,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/8/2 14:37:00

    Hi.I hold Philippine passport. Iam married to a hk citizen.we apply a hk permanent I.d but it's still on progress and the documents we submit are incomplete. I have the right to stay in hk till August 14 2011.I already extend my visa two times.I want to know if I can extend my visa again?

    • Sara :2012/8/2 20:21:00

      i think you can extend your visa, but better to consult the Hong Kong immigration department.

  • Replymanan,   India
    2012/8/1 3:58:00

    Hi i have an Indian passport resident of India. I am planning to go to china mainland via hong kong with business visa. do i need an extra visa for hong kong. I will stay there for a night and then have a train to guangzhou . Is this trip possible

    • Daisy :2012/8/1 19:45:00

      no, you don't need to apply the visa for Hong Kong since Indian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.
      this trip is possible.

  • ReplyNicholas,   China
    2012/7/27 6:55:00

    Hello! I am a Nepalese passport holder.I have been staying in China as a foreign student and I will be here for 2 more years. I am thinking of visiting Hongkong and Macao for a week in next summer.Do I have to apply for special visa or my current visa is enough? Could you also suggest me how much money do I have manage for the travel (including visa fees, trasportation, foods and accommodation)?

    • Amanda :2012/7/27 19:16:00

      yes, you need to apply the visas to Hong Kong and Macau.
      the approximate cost for an one week trip to Hong Kong and Macau is around CNY 5,000.

  • Replyanna marie,   Philippines
    2012/7/24 23:52:00

    i am a filipino who wants to visit macau..i am a holder of philippine passport..my question is do Macau immigration require show money and if so, how much is the show money? what are the requirements i need in going to macau other than my passport? please help..thanks..

    • Ashley :2012/7/25 19:08:00

      Hi anna,
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so if you stay in Macau less than 30 days, you don't need to apply a Macau visa, then just your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, and voucher of hotel servation are fine. you don't need to show money.

  • ReplyMa. Jennina Agana,   Philippines
    2012/7/23 5:21:00

    Hi, I have philippine passport, i am currently here in mainland china with a tourist visa of 6 months with 2 entry.. My boyfriend and i will be touring singapore this week, will there be any prolems going back to mainland china since i still have one more entry in my mainland tourist visa? Thanks...

    • Andy :2012/7/23 19:29:00

      no, there will be no problem. enjoy your trip!

  • Replysolo,   Nepal
    2012/7/21 3:17:00

    I like to asked do nepalies passport holders need a visa for macau.if ,yes than where i have to apply it.

    • Carl :2012/7/21 19:38:00

      Yes, you do nned to apply for a visa to Macau, and he visa must be got ahead of your trip from the China Embassy in Nepal.

  • ReplySamantha,   Philippines
    2012/7/21 0:21:00

    Good day! I'm from Philippines.

    My Father invites us to visit him in Macau this coming August 2012, me and my older sister. This will be our first trip. My Father works in Macau and he is a non-resident. He will be the one who finance all our expenses and accommodation. Do we need to get a Macau visa? We will stay there for 28 days.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Carl :2012/7/21 19:37:00

      Filipibos don't need a visa to enter and stay in Macau for less than 30 days.

  • Replyanindya,   India
    2012/7/18 5:03:00

    I am an Indian passport holder,planning a trip to hong kong and macau. I believe that Indians can travel visa free to both these places. I plan to visit hong kong 1st and then go to macau. Stay in Macau for 3 - 4 days and be back in Hong kong. Stay in hong kong for 2 days and catch a flight back to india. Is this trip possible ??? is re entering hong kong possible without visas etc?? kindly suggest

    • Sara :2012/7/18 19:32:00

      yes, the trip is possible, and it is possible to re-enter Hong Kong without a visa.
      you'd better book the return flight in advance, as the officer at the customs may ake you to show your air ticket.

  • ReplyJason Nabor,   Brunei Darussalam
    2012/7/16 8:45:00

    Hi gud evening, currently I am here in brunei, then I want to go macau or should I say cross country. I just want to ask, what documents am i going to prepare to be there in macau, or what should I do to make cross country to macau??
    .thank you and god bless u..

    • Lisa :2012/7/16 19:32:00

      you need to take your valid passport, round-trip air ticket, voucher of hotel reservation in Macau. you can get a Macau visa upon arrival.

  • Replymarvin lots,   Philippines
    2012/7/14 3:06:00

    hi, i am marvin, filipino..i have a problem that keeps on bothering me.. i went to HK from the philippines as a tourist. used 13 days there with the 14 days visa they gave. I need to exit out macau and i was able to get 30 days visa. Ive already used 12 days as of now. Now, the problem is, i would need to go back to hongkong to stay for another 5 days then come back here in macau. Would there be problems with that? Please help.. Im worried i may not be able to come back here.. and would be forced to go back to the philippines..

    • Hank :2012/7/14 23:34:00

      If you can provide valid proof of necessary stay in Hk again, I don't think there will be problem for you.

    • A ( Philippines ) :2012/7/15 1:32:00

      They may allow you to enter as you have not exhausted the entire 30-day allowance in Macau. However, they may not allow you to do it a 3rd time -- they will require you to go back to the Philippines and stay here for at least a month. (Reference: I have friends who currently travel to HK and Macau & vice versa)

  • ReplyAnne,   Philippines
    2012/7/5 8:34:00

    Hi. We're planning to go to Hong Kong this August. My question is: Can Philippine passport holders get Visas'in Hong Kong, like before, to visit Shenzhen? Me and my family are currently living in Phnom Penh.. We won't be visiting the Philippines prior to our vacation to Hong Kong. Thank You.

    • Mars :2012/7/5 18:36:00

      you mean the visa for Shenzhen special region?
      not sure.
      my suggestion is you can take a group tour organized by a Hong Kong travel agency, since foreign visitors packaged by Hong Kong or Macau's legal travel companies, come to the Pearl River Delta area in Guangdong Province from Hong Kong or Macau, and stay there for no more than 6 days are free of visa.

    • A ( Philippines ) :2012/7/15 1:37:00

      Shenzhen has stopped the issuance of landed visas at the border to all Philippine passport holders. They are required to apply for visas in their home country. I went there last week via HK and it was a total waste of time. They gave piece of paper with the Embassy of China's info in Wanchai (HK). The embassy will then tell you to go back to Manila and apply for the visa here. It's because of the tensions between China and Philippines with the Scarborough Shoals.

  • Replysheenalyn,   Philippines
    2012/6/22 11:07:00

    hi,my frend is going to honkong for 1 week. will the philippine imigration requires show money???

    • Frank :2012/6/23 19:41:00

      Yes, proof of adequate funds for the duration in Hk is necessary.

    • A ( Philippines ) :2012/7/15 1:42:00

      Usually they don't require "show money" at the airport but it really depends on how you look. Immigration officers are quite bias so if you look like you'll be working in HK illegally, then they will ask you many questions and require you to show certain documents. Just be prepared with documents to show that you'll be returning back to the Philippines. It wouldn't hurt to show your itinerary and hotel reservation receipts, show money, etc

  • ReplyAnn,   Philippines
    2012/7/9 8:31:00

    hello good day!
    before i will ask some question i will say God bless to all..
    I'm Ann from Philippines holding Philipine passport and My Fiance from Canada wanted me to be there this August or September, but as what we read when we search some website that how many months for me will it take if he will make me visa from Philippines, it will take like 8-14months it depends upon the visa so i think it really hard for us.. He visited me and my family here in Philippines last March-April 2012... now he want me to go there to Canada to be with him and to visit his family too and we can marry there also... his parents want me to see but will take maybe how many months for me to be there if I depart from Philippines.. may I ask what if I will visit Hongkong or Singapore as tourist then I will cross country to Canada to make me fast going there? is it possible? wish you can help me of my problem and concern about this so that it can easy way for me to go to Canada and be with my love of my life.. thanks a lot i found this site and i read all comments here and Thanks God the adviser very approchable and they replied the question thats what I really like and I'm proud to all the adviser...i have read like need to travel atleast 3asian countries if from hongkong.. but what if from Singapore cross country to canada? how many months will it take for me to make visa if its possible fr me to go to visit singapore from philippines then cross country to canada? and which country is easy for me to visit then cross country to Canada is it Hongkong or Singapore? sorry if its long message and more question.. i just want to have an advise from the expert like u.. ust send me your advise throug my email or this site too... thanks a lot and more power.. God bless to all and thanks for helping us...

    • Lisa :2012/7/9 20:04:00

      Hi Ann,
      do you mean you want to immigrate to Canada and live with your Fiance?
      then the visa is not easy to get, i mean it usually take some time.
      so i suggest you to entrust a visa agency to apply it for you, which could be easier for you.
      as for going to Hong or Singapore then to Canada, i'm not sure whether it is possible. i only know that you can stay in Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days. and if you want stay longer in Hong Kong, you need to apply a visa to Hong Kong.
      if you want to go to Canada this August and September, i think you can apply a tourist visa, but only allows you stay for a short period.

  • Replytricia,   Philippines
    2012/6/28 10:28:00

    I have a philippine passport. Can I fly in to macau and then exit thru china?then after 20 days,exit again to hongkong??

    • Amanda :2012/6/28 20:01:00

      if you plan to go to mainland China, you need to apply a visa to China before you leave your country.
      if you have the Chinese visa, i think there's no problem with your route.

  • ReplyMuntari,   China
    2012/6/26 8:57:00

    Hi my name is muntari. I am a holder of republique du niger passport holder.. I have a single entry to china and as you know its a visa free for republique do niger passport holder to travel to hong kong.. Now I have 5days more left to stay in china and I applied for Thailand visa. I booked a oneway ticket from hong kong to thailand.. Now i am in Guangzhou.. So do you think its possible for the hong kong immigiration to allow me to enter HKG to take the flight to thailand.. I have the thailand visa and my ticket from hong kong to thailand... Thank you very much and i will appreciate your feedback.

    Best regard


    • Wendy :2012/6/26 19:16:00

      yes, it is possible. there's no problem for you to enter Hong Kong to have a short stay and take the flight to Thailand.

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