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I want to say
  • ReplyJoyce San Juan,   Philippines
    2012/9/21 2:55:00

    Hi I'm a domestic helper here in china. Is it possible that I can go home to the Philippines before my business visa expires and still go back here in china?

    • Brian :2012/9/22 19:37:00

      You can go back home any tume, but you have to apply for a new visa to China it you are holding a single entry one at present.

  • ReplyMike,   Philippines
    2012/9/19 19:27:00

    i just want to ask i will leave hong kong before my visa extension expires im going to another country (not Macau) but i will be back to hong kong on the same day is it safe or legal? will they grant me the same days of staying in hong kong? i just want to make sure thanks!!

    • Kate :2012/9/19 20:02:00

      it is not illegal. but you may not able to be granted another 14 days when you re-enter HK. Maybe 10 or 7 days.

  • Replyrain,   Philippines
    2012/9/19 8:09:00

    hi im rain, im a philippines passport holder planning a trip to hongkong. my bf who is from uk will be paying all the expenses and ill meet him there. my problem is that if immigration will ask me proof of funds to support my trip in HK and i dont have my own bank account. can i just say my bf will pay for everything?

    • James :2012/9/19 19:59:00

      i think you need to provide your bf's bank account.
      for detailed information, please consult the immigration office.

  • Replymaricar lyn marquez,   Taiwan, Province Of China
    2012/8/24 19:14:00

    Hi i just want to ask,i am a worker here in Taiwan until now but i am planning to go on my vacation this coming November instead going back to the Philippines i just want to ask if i need to apply a visa going to hongkong or singapore? Actually my boyfriend ask me he is in the states now but he will coming here in taiwan and we gonna stay here for 4 to 5 days and after staying here we are planning to go to hongkong is it needed to apply both a visa going to hongkong? It is hard or no?
    Thanks you waiting for your reply.

    • Candy :2012/8/24 19:55:00

      if you hold a Filipino passport, you are allowed to stay in hong Kong for a visa-free period of 14 days.

    • maricar lyn marquez ( Taiwan, Province Of China ) :2012/8/24 20:14:00

      Ms.Candy so my boyfriend dont need also to apply a visa going to hongkong? he is an american.

    • Candy :2012/8/26 19:47:00

      Americans are permitted to enter and stay in Hk for no more than 90 days.

    • Kath ( Philippines ) :2012/9/16 5:57:00

      Hi! i will visit macau this comming november and i'm planning to stay there for 29 days. Do I need to get a visa? What will macau imigration on airport might ask me? What should I need to provide to grant me a passes to enter macau?

      I already have my passport and ticket philippines-macau-philippines what is the first step to enter macau? do I need to go first to macau embassy?

    • Nick :2012/9/16 20:33:00

      Sounds that you are holding Filipino pasport, so you don't need a visa to macau for no more than 30 days.

      You have to show the immigration office at the airport your valid passport, round-trip air ticket and proof of enough funds to cover your stay there.

  • Replyissa soumana,   Niger
    2012/9/14 8:07:00

    i am from niger republic but live in china as a student.i want to know if this online work visa is true because i registered it.but they said that i should pay $150 for consultation.i registered it because no work here in china to support my education.

    • Andy :2012/9/14 19:51:00

      online work visa? is that a legal visa agency?
      usually you can not get a work visa through online service.

  • ReplyHolly,   Macau, China
    2012/9/11 23:19:00

    I'm holding Indonesian passport. I landed in HK last august 29th stay one night in hk, and I entrered Macau on August 30th and i got visa till 29th of September. And I went again last time to HK on the 8th of September and back to Macau on the 10th of August and I got the same date visa (29th of September). My question is it possible for me that I go again to hk on this coming 14th of September for a day trip and back to Macau and I'll stay in Macau till 23th of September then I'll go to HK and stay there till 20th of October as my return flight ticket will be on that day (20th of October , HK -Jakarta)

    • Amanda :2012/9/12 18:52:00

      not sure, but I heard someone got banned when entering Hong Kong for the third time.

  • Replyjoseph mirhan,   Saudi Arabia
    2012/9/11 2:26:00

    hi i'm joseph mirhan currently working in saudi arabia,,and i'm planning to go exit..
    do i allowed to go take tourist visa in hongkong for 1 week?,and where i can take that visa?thank you

    • Marry :2012/9/11 19:08:00

      Hi Joseph,
      people from some countries are exempt from Hong Kong visa for a certain period. what is your nationality?
      you may check at the following page to see if you need to apply the visa:

  • ReplyReign,   Philippines
    2012/9/11 2:26:00

    Hello. Good day! How would it be possible for a Filipino in Saudi Arabia, holding an exit visa to enter HK and be a tourist there? Pls. let me know what would be the arrangement and documents needed. Thank you in advance.

    • Jackson :2012/9/11 19:05:00

      since Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you do not need to apply a Hong Kong visa if your trip is less than 14 days. but you have to prepare your valid passport, the round-trip air tickets, voucher of hotel booking, and enough money to cover your trip.
      if your trip is longer than 14 days, you need to apply the hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

  • ReplyMohit,   India
    2012/9/10 1:05:00

    I just want to ask Can person staying under political stay in hong kong can visit his origin country when required or came back to hong kong again to work normally

    • Susan :2012/9/10 19:21:00

      i think you can, but you'd better consult the immigration department in Hong Kong.

  • Replyjason,   Philippines
    2012/8/31 19:45:00

    Hi gud morning I'm a Filipino citizen I will be leaving my job here in brunei with a consent to my employer dis oct.. and I'm planning to exit macau what would be the requirements and is it possible??? Tnx...

    • Nick :2012/9/1 19:08:00

      You may just have to show your valid passport and Macau visa to the immigration officers when leaving Macau.

    • jason ( Philippines ) :2012/9/2 1:24:00

      Tnx mr. Nick but if from here in brunei exit to macau wat would be the requirements.. do I have to apply for a macau visa if from here in Brunei to macau???? Then It can be possible if from macau I exit to phil....

    • May :2012/9/3 19:40:00

      no, you don't need to apply the Macau visa as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.
      but if you plan to stay in Macau more than 30 days, you need to apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Brunei.

  • Replyanna,   Philippines
    2012/9/2 4:07:00

    my family and i are are planning to have a short vacation in macau and hongkong this month. will it be possible that we will arrive in macau and proceed immediately for hongkong and return in macau on the fourth day and exit. we dont have a hotel reservation in macau but we have hotel reservations in hongkong.

    • Nick :2012/9/2 18:40:00

      Yes, your schedule will work.

  • Replyyhumi,   Thailand
    2012/9/1 19:08:00


    hi i'm going to hk in sept.16,2012 from thailand but i'm worried b'coz i work in hk last this year but my employer terminated me then i exit to macau i try to find jib in macau but suddenly i cannot find so i need to leave macau b'coz i use the last extension in macau..i choose to exit in thailand than philippines...
    can i go to hk again as a tourist visa?

    • Jack :2012/9/1 19:13:00

      I think so, if you can get a Hk tourist visa.

  • ReplyPat,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/8/28 10:46:00

    I have a question, im in hk right now.
    I only have a visitor visa and I went already in macau to extend may stay can I do it again go to macau and give me another 14days? and what valid reasons should I have in order to extend my stay here? thanks

    • Nancy :2012/8/28 18:57:00

      you'd better not do that for the second time. the officer at the Hong Kong immigration would undertand your attention of escape from applying the Hong Kong visa, then you may be banned from entering Hong Kong again.

  • Replyblez,   Philippines
    2012/8/27 5:59:00

    Im going to HK on October. How much money do I need to present on our Immigration. BTW I am a Philippine passport holder. I will fly from Clark , I heard immigration officers in Clark Airport are rude and they are offloading passengers who don't have enough pocket money or proof of statement. Any suggestions? Do I need an invitation letter?I dont have any relatives working in HK, I only have friends. Thanks for your reply.

    • Amanda :2012/8/27 19:13:00

      there is not exact amount in terms of the pocket money. but the money should able to cover your expense during your trip in Hong Kong. or the bank certificate that can prove your financial situation. you also need to have the round-trip air tickets. an invitation is not necessary.

  • Replyrose,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/8/15 8:36:00

    hi im rose im working as a domestic helper in hongkong my boyfriend wants to visit here my question is do he need notarized invitation letter?thanks

    • Emma :2012/8/15 19:41:00

      Hi Rosa,
      where is your boyfriend from? i mean nationality. visitors from some countries are exempt from Hong Kong visa, so the invitation letter is not necesseary.

    • rose ( Hong Kong, China ) :2012/8/23 22:48:00

      hi emma,my boyfriend is from philippine also.

    • Emma :2012/8/24 19:14:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so your boyfriend does not need to apply the Hong Kong visa if stays in Hong Kong less than 14 days, and then he does not need the invitation letter. but if he want to stay longer than 14 days, he need to apply the visa and you'd better send hime an invitation letter.

  • ReplyShamrose,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/8/23 5:59:00

    I am Philippine passport holder working in Hongkong for 4 years and i want to go to zhongshan china for 2days as tourist...do I need to secured a China visa?
    Hope to hear your answer. Thank you.

    • Petter :2012/8/23 18:23:00

      yes, you need to apply the Chinese visa if you travel by yourself.
      you do not need the Chinese visa if you join in a group tour organized by an authorized travel agency in Hong Kong and stay in Zhongshan within 6 days.

  • Replyshine,   Philippines
    2012/8/20 7:17:00

    I am a holder of a Philippine passport. is it safe for me to enter Hong kong, visit macau but will exit in macau to singapore?

    • Nina :2012/8/20 19:06:00

      yes, it is safe. but you'd better provide the ongoing air ticket and visa to Singapore.

  • ReplyJohn Caster Capili,   Philippines
    2012/8/19 13:16:00

    Hi, Im a Phil Passport just want to ask if Im going to Macau then HK then go back to phil do I need a visa

    • Henry :2012/8/19 20:42:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days and Macau visa for 30 days. so you don't need to apply the visa if your trip will not exceed 14 days in Hong Kong and 30 days in Macau.

  • Replymei,   Macau, China
    2012/8/18 6:14:00

    hi, i'm working in Macau(japanese citizen) then i would like to invite my fiance here in Macau from Philippines.(he is a philippine citizen)
    somebody told me that i have to send him a documents from philippine consulate here. could you please tell me what are the required documents to invite him here to ensure he can come to Macau.

    • Ashley :2012/8/19 20:39:00

      as a Filipino citizen, he can stay in Macau for 30 days free of visa.
      but if he wants to stay longer, he need to apply a Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

  • ReplyMica,   Philippines
    2012/8/16 8:58:00

    Hi! I'll be going to HK this Sept 2012 with my mother and I'm planning to visit Shenzen. Will my passpport suffice for me to be allowed to go there (Shenzen) just for one day?

    • Sally :2012/8/16 19:41:00

      no. you have to apply a visa for Mainland China if you want to visit Shenzhen.
      or you can join in a group tour organized by a local travel agency in Hong Kong, in which way you don't need to apply the Chinese visa.

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