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I want to say
  • ReplyPerry,   Macau, China
    2012/10/11 9:04:00

    Hi! Im here in macao and i already book at nov 1 and come back here on nov 11. But my finger print (to get a blue card) is nov 13. Is it impossible to go back to philippines and come back here again? Thanks...

    • James :2012/10/11 22:37:00

      not very clear about your situation, would you please detail it?

    • perrybanagale@ymail.com ( Macau, China ) :2012/10/15 8:56:00

      im going to immigration for finger print (to have a working permit/card) on nov 13. it means my visa is until nov 13. my ticket to go to phils. is nov 1 and im going back here in macao on nov 11. my question is, do i have any problem if im going to phils and go back here on that dates? thanks again....

    • James :2012/10/15 19:02:00

      ok, i got it. there is no problem.

  • Replyshahmir,   Pakistan
    2012/10/13 20:55:00

    Hello sir , i am pakistani & want to go hong kong for work(job) . How i am going to hk , can i go to hk without visa and in hong kong i will get visa after work , can it possible ? If this is possible than how?

    • Linda :2012/10/14 19:33:00

      It's definitely impossible.

  • ReplyKhizar hayat,   India
    2012/10/13 20:23:00

    Hi , i am indian & i want to go hong kong for 2 year , how to get hong kong visa? I have a new pasport for 5 year.

    • Sara :2012/10/13 20:26:00

      You may just apply for it from the local China Embassy or consulate.

  • ReplyMukesh jat,   India
    2012/10/12 22:34:00

    Hai Sir.
    I want to 2 years Student Visa for Hong kong.

    • Eda :2012/10/13 20:22:00

      You should apply for it through the local China embassy or consulate.

  • Replysuresh tolani,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/10/13 7:57:00

    Dear Sir,
    I have single entry visa for china and i am planning to visit Guangzhou this month, but i would like to go macau from guangzhou and come back to guangzhou for canton fair, is it possible on same visa, please do let me know as soon as possible

    • Ryan :2012/10/13 20:24:00

      Accordign to your travel itinerary, you should apply for a doubel entry visa in deed. You may also apply for a new China visa from Hk for your re-entry to Guangzhou.

  • Replybalius,   United States
    2012/10/11 15:10:00

    hai iam indian national working in united sates.and moving back to india on feb 24 2013
    and my passport expires on march 30 2013.and i would like to visit hong kong for four days then flying to india.do i need visa and my passport validity is one month is that fair enough to visit hong kong and Macau.and do i have to clear my checked in baggage in hk
    or can i just pick it up straight in india
    and will singapore airlines allow me to board the aircraft fro united states to hk cause of one month validity of passport.

    • Polly :2012/10/11 22:44:00

      Indian passport holders are visit Hong Kong free of visa for 14 days and Macau 30 days without a visa.
      but your passport must have a validity of at least 2 months if you plan to visit Hong kong and Macau.
      about your baggage, please consult the airlines.
      i'm afraid the airlines will not allow you to board for the flight to HK.
      so please renew your passport before you leave USA.

  • ReplyYoung,   Philippines
    2012/10/10 22:41:00

    Hello i just wanna ask.. What if im going to guangzhou fair and then on the weekend im planning to go to hongkong, do i need to apply for visa again? In order to go back to guangzhou? My visa is only single entry.

    • Kimiko :2012/10/11 21:00:00

      yes, you need to apply for a visa again if you go to Hong Kong and back to Guangzhou. so my sugguestion put Hong kong the last destination and get back to your country from Hong Kong, so that you do not need to be bother by visa issues.

  • ReplyMark,   Philippines
    2012/10/10 21:41:00

    hi good tday, im a Filipino and will go to HK as a tourist for 14 days, and would like to extend my stay and will exit Macau for just 1 day, now my question is, how many days would the immigration team will give me if i entered again HK? thank you and have a nice day.

    • Bill :2012/10/11 20:58:00

      that's decided by the immigration officers, but i heard someone got 10 days.

  • Replykim,   Philippines
    2012/10/8 0:56:00

    hi im a filipino i will visit macau for vacation together with my boyfriend but he book hotel by his name.he will go to macau first then i follow him after 2 days...it is ok ?thers no problem in the immegration/?????

    • Amanda :2012/10/8 19:36:00

      though your boyfriend book the hotel by his name, but usually the names of all the guests will be one the order form. so is your name also on the form?

  • Replykim,   Philippines
    2012/10/5 9:09:00

    hi im a filipina i want to visit in macau just for a vacation but i dont know where here in philippines is the embassy of macau..guys is their anyone can help me..do you any embassy macau in philippines..thnk you...

    • James :2012/10/8 0:41:00

      Macau is a part of China, so you need to apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.
      P.S. filipino passport holders are allowed to stay in Macau for 30 days free of visa.

  • ReplySusan,   China
    2012/9/30 6:49:00

    Hi, I'm just curious, I'm an American studying in China with a single entry visa. However, I would like to travel to Taiwan and/or possibly Hong Kong during one of our breaks. What should I do to make this work? Do I need to apply for an entirely new multiple entry visa? Or is there some way to add on entries to my current visa? Please advise, thanks!

    • Anna :2012/10/8 0:26:00

      Hi Susan,
      what kind of Chinese visa are you holding?
      if you are studying in China, do you have the residence permit?
      if you have the permit, you do not need worry about the entries, as you can enter China for many times within its validity.
      but if you are holding a single F visa, you need to reapply a visa if you go to Hong Kong or Taiwan.

  • Replyjai,   India
    2012/9/30 2:49:00

    i have an indian passport and plan to go to china(have a chinese visa already) via hongkong and then again come to hongkong and leave for india.say for example : reach hongkong on 10th.from India and immidiately leave for Guangzhou--CHINA and then again come to hongkong on 18th.,stay there for a day or so and leave for india on next day,i.e.19th.Indian passport holders have an on arrival visa to hongkong,but can i enter HK twice in these 7-9 days time and leave?? reg,JAI

    • Ashley :2012/10/8 0:21:00

      there's no problem, as Indian passport are free of Hong Kong visa for 14 days.

  • ReplyAnnaliza,   Qatar
    2012/9/29 2:36:00

    I am Filipino citizen and I'm working as OFW in Qatar. Now I want to go in HONG KONG, do i need visa? and what the requirement if business visa....

    • Nina :2012/9/29 3:00:00

      what is your purpose going to Hong kong? and how long are you plan to stay there?
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days for tourism purpose.
      so if you want to stay longer, you need to apply the visa.
      as for business visa, if you want to work in hong Kong, you need to find a job in Hong Kong first.

  • Replysylvia,   Philippines
    2012/9/27 20:42:00

    hi im just new from this site, and i read all msgs which r very helpful. My question is, i am passport phils.holder i want to ask f its ok to find a work in macau while i stay and applied as tourist. Where should i get a working visa? Thank u and god bless us all...

    • Sandy :2012/9/28 19:25:00

      yes, it is ok.
      you can find go to Macau as a tourist and find a job, and then apply a work permit or visa through the Macau Public Security Police Force, immigration service.

  • Replymyrene,   Philippines
    2012/9/27 6:13:00

    hello i want to go to macau,i just want to ask how much is the pocket money that i need to show?tnx

    • Hank :2012/9/27 19:05:00

      the money should cover your expense, so at least USD 100 per day.

  • Replyjr adriano,   Philippines
    2012/9/21 13:00:00

    hi, i just wanna ask if i'll be needing a show money or bank certificate that can prove my bank situation if i go macau? i have plans of going there just to visit and shopping. i will stay there for just 5 days. and what are the things i dont know yet that you want to suggest. thank you so much.

    • Nancy :2012/9/22 19:38:00

      Yes, you will be asked to show proof of enough funds to cover your stay there, return air ticket, passport and hotel booking in Macau if amy.

    • jr adriano ( Philippines ) :2012/9/26 6:43:00

      about how much?

    • Amy :2012/9/26 19:11:00

      some say about USD 100 per day.

  • ReplyFia,   China
    2012/9/25 0:49:00

    Hi, i'm indonesian currently working in China. i want to go to Taiwan for holiday, i already checked the nearest place to make the Taiwan Visa is in Hong Kong. But do i need to come to Hong Kong personally? or can i just make a Visa on arrival when i arrive in Taiwan? i just want to go about 5 days. thanks

    • James :2012/9/25 19:42:00

      you can try to contact a travel agency in Hong Kong to help apply the entry permit to Taiwan.

  • ReplyShen,   Philippines
    2012/9/24 20:09:00

    Hi I'm shen
    I'm going to visit Nepal and I'm Pilipino , do I need to show invitation letter to go Nepal? What document I show to leave Philippines

    • Iris :2012/9/25 19:35:00

      you need to consult the Nepal Embassy in your country.

  • Replyricky,   Philippines
    2012/9/24 9:21:00

    Hi, Need your advice. I am a filipino working in Malaysia. I booked air asia ticket flight start sept. 26 2012 but i take : KLIA (LCCT)to Honkong (stop-over) via clark for less than 12 hours and vice versa. My question is that do i need to get OEC for myself before returning my trip to malaysia and do my family need to pay travel tax. Please be informed that our last departure from philippines is March 2012.

    Please advice and thanks in advance.

    • James :2012/9/24 19:30:00

      hi Ricky, what do you mean by OEC?passengers arrive and depart from Hong Kong within the same day are exampt from the travel tax. plus the tax will be included and charged together with your airline ticket, so you do not need to pay it separately.

  • ReplySally,   Ireland
    2012/9/20 20:55:00

    Hi, I'm holding an Irish passport (permitted to stay for 90 days). I was told that if you leave Hong Kong and go to Macau, you can come back with your visa renewed (as in another 90 days from the day you come back)... does anyone know anything about this? More importantly, can you just go to Macau for a few hours and come back, or is it required to stay overnight in order to attain the renewed visa? Thanks.

    • Lisa :2012/9/22 19:35:00

      A few hours in Macau will be ok, but don't do this too many times, or you may be refused. It's always advised that do not overdo a thing, play it just right

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