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I want to say
  • Replychappy,   Philippines
    2012/12/5 23:12:00


    what does my friend in hongkong needs to do so that i will visit hongkong as tourist in his expence?

    • Kate :2012/12/6 18:34:00

      he need to write you an invitation letter which should include your name, address, dates of traveling in Hong Kong, his name, address, and he will sponsor your trip.

  • ReplyAlexandro amstrong,   Guinea-bissau
    2012/12/5 20:49:00

    My name is Alexandro Amstrong. Am in Macau and needed a visa to China. Where do i apply for the visa. Looking forward to hear from you soonest.
    Best regards

    • Eva :2012/12/6 18:33:00

      you can apply the visa to mainland China through the Office of The Commissioner of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The People's Republic Of China in The Macau Special Administrative Region

  • ReplyJun,   Philippines
    2012/11/28 22:25:00

    Hi, Im from philippines, I have an invitation letter dated last oct 4 2012,i am planning to use it this dec 2012, is it still valid? how long is the validity of my invitation letter?Tnx...

    • Susan :2012/11/29 18:16:00

      is the invitation letter make it clear that when you will travel to Hong Kong. if there is not clear date, the invitation letter is not a valid one.

    • jun ( Philippines ) :2012/12/3 23:29:00

      sorry,what i mean is,i have invitation letter from macau, i recieved it last oct 4 and im planning to use it this coming dec 8-12...is it still valid?how long is the validity of my invitation letter?

    • James :2012/12/4 17:54:00

      who does provide you this invitation letter? is it from a friend or a relative, or it is from a company or travel agency.
      i have never heard about the validity of an invitation letter.
      an invitation letter should include the name and address of the inviter, the relationship between the inviter and the invitee. when the invitee will make this trip. the name and address of the invitee. what about the expense of this trip, will the inviter provide accommodation for the invitee, and so on. the invitation letter is not a valid one if it does not include the above mentioned.
      it has nothing to do with when you get this letter, but your travel plan in the letter.

  • Replyjoyramos,   Philippines
    2012/11/22 22:42:00


    My friend and I are planning to go to Hong Kong for a 1 week tour on Feb 2013. I am 24 and she 23. We are both employed, I am a nurse and she is a secretary at a law office. I have an aunt working in hong kong and she offered us her place so that we will not spend money on hotels. I would just like to ask what are the requirements we need for this trip? Do we have to have invitation letter from my aunt even though we will be there tourists? And is there a certain amount of pocket money required? We are really confused because we have friends who were not allowed to fly because the immigration people were looking for different kinds of documents eventhough they were just supposed have a vacation. I will be looking forward to your reply.
    > Thank you. Godbless
    > Joy

    • Ashley :2012/11/23 18:35:00

      you need to prepare:
      an invitation letter from your aunt;
      your valid passport;
      round-trip air tickets;
      enough pocket money that can cover your expense (some said they are asked to show HKD 5,000)

    • joy ( Philippines ) :2012/11/25 22:07:00

      Thanks for the reply ashley. My aunt told me that she made arrangements for us to stay in her friends room for rent place.do you think the contact number and exact address of the place plus that of my aunts will suffice or do we still need a letter from her?? She will pick us up at HKIA anyway.

    • Ashley :2012/11/26 17:21:00

      yes, a letter from her very important.
      and she needs to make it clear that she will provide place for you and what is the relationship between you and her.
      her address and contact number, as well as your address and contact number.

    • Melvin DCosta :2012/11/28 18:28:00

      Can you update me with the cost for travelling from Honkong to Macau and back for getting the visa extension in HK. Can the travel to Macua and return on the same day also entitle me to the extension or do i need to stay 1 night at Macau. Is there any other option for me to extend my stay in HK without going to Macau.

    • Marry :2012/11/29 18:13:00

      you can take the ferry between Hong Kong and Macau, and the fare is about HKD 160 per person.
      i think going to Macau and get back is the best way to have your stay in Hong Kong extended.

  • ReplyM DCosta,   India
    2012/11/28 17:26:00

    I need to stay in HK for 30 days. The visa process takes time and i need to travel urgently. If I travel on visa on arrival which is max 14 days, how do I extend my visa for another 14 days. If I have to go to Macau and return on the same day, am i entitled for visa extension for another 14 days. What is the additional cost involved.

    • James :2012/11/28 17:40:00

      you can go to Macau and get back for an extension, but it may not be 14 days.

  • Replymaricel,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/11/23 2:09:00

    hi,im a filipino citizen,im here n dubai,im going home (PHILIPPINES) this Jan 31,2013.CATHAY PACIFIC DUBAI-HONGKONG-MANILA.BUT i want to visit macau,how can i take transit visa there?AND how many days they wil give to me to stay there?

    • Wendy :2012/11/23 18:36:00

      you do not need a visa to Macau, as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

  • Replygel,   Philippines
    2012/11/23 5:15:00

    hi,I worked in HK for 2 yrs and went back home 5yrs ago and on my way back home,I used a travel document because I lost my passport in HK. I'd like to visit HK again but unfortunately just this October me and my friend were offloaded.We had everything but cant provide for a certificate of employment.And we booked for 10 days stay in HK. What are the chances of getting offloaded again if I try to apply for a tourist visa again? Please inform me..would the use of travel document affected my travel?Thank you so much!

  • ReplyCheska,   Philippines
    2012/11/16 4:23:00

    Hi, I need some help. I'll be travelling from MNL to DUBAI having visit visa. But I wanted to travel also in HK to meet my friends before going to Dubai. Is it possible to exit from HK? I have return flights from DBX to HK then HK to MNL. Thank you and God bless

    • James :2012/11/16 18:50:00

      it is possible, but how long are you going to stay in hong kong?
      as a Filipinp passport holder, you are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days. you need to apply Hong Kong visa if your tirp is longer than 14 days.

    • Cheska ( Philippines ) :2012/11/22 8:23:00

      Hi James, thank you. My ticket from hk-mnl is 7-10 days and in between these dates I'll travel to Dubai. Would there be any problems with the HK Immigration?

    • James :2012/11/22 18:04:00

      i think there's no problem.

  • Replyherbert,   Saudi Arabia
    2012/11/21 11:45:00

    Hi.I am here at riyadh and going for a short vacation to macau but my ticket is only up to hong kong roundtrip.Is there any problem with that or what else do I need?thanks

    • Sandy :2012/11/21 18:13:00

      no, there will be no problem.
      you will get a Macau visa upon arrival in Macau.
      just take all your travel documents.

  • Replymaricar lyn marquez,   Taiwan, Province Of China
    2012/11/20 23:02:00

    Hi I am maricar filipino currently working here in Taiwan I just want to ask if is it possible I can apply a fiance visa here in taiwan even I am a workers here in taiwan? Is it hard for me to get a fiance visa here or not? Because my bf wants me to go to Atlanta Georgia and he ask me if I can get a fiance visa here or not Hoping for your response.Thank you.

    • Wendy :2012/11/21 18:08:00

      you mean you are going to apply an American visa?
      please consult the American Embassy or Consulate General.

  • ReplyMel,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/11/19 20:46:00

    Hi! I just want to ask because my mother its coming here in hk from philippines to tour for four days.Do I need to send her a invitation letter? Bec. Someone told me thatthe immigration will ask for it. thank you.

    • susan :2012/11/20 16:59:00

      yes, you need to send her an invitation letter claiming that what you can provide for her trip, like accommodation, travel expense, etc.

  • Replyphie,   Philippines
    2012/11/20 10:00:00

    is hotel booking online confirmed have difference to a hotel reservation?

    • Polly :2012/11/20 17:13:00

      the hotel should send you a confirmation, voucher or something like that, which is the same as hotel reservation.

  • ReplyNam,   Thailand
    2012/11/19 11:39:00

    Hi,Now i working in Macau and my husband he want to come to visit me here but we don't have married paper and my husband is Ghanain so can i carantee him to come to visit me?or he still have to show bank account before?thank you

    • Hebe :2012/11/19 18:32:00

      you can send him an invitation letter stating that you will sponsor his trip in Macau.
      He need to apply the Macau visa upon arrial in Macau, and a bank may be required.
      you can consult the immigration department in Macau for detailed information.

  • Replyphie,   Philippines
    2012/11/19 7:51:00

    i hve friend in hongkong,she have a residence boyfriend in hongkong but my friend is not residence in hk she only go there as tour because of her boyfriend...i am going to hk as their birthday gift to me...waT documents i need to bring?and do im allow to go hk if i hve dob deny on board 2years ago?

    • Vic :2012/11/19 18:14:00

      Filipino passport holders are allowed to stay in Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days, so if your Hk trip is not more than 14 days, you can just take your valid passport, the round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation, and enough pocket money (HKD 5,000 for 14 days), it would be better if your HK friend can send you an invitation letter.

  • ReplySHRIPAD,   India
    2012/11/15 23:26:00


    • Rita :2012/11/16 18:46:00

      you need to apply a multi-entry China visa, which is not that easy to get.

  • ReplyMae mendoza,   Philippines
    2012/11/15 19:48:00

    Im going to macau to visit my aunt. She just send the invitation letter to my email. She just scanned it and send it to me. Is it just ok?

    • Nancy :2012/11/16 18:37:00

      yes, it is ok, you can ask her to scan it and send to you through email.

  • Replyanne,   Philippines
    2012/11/14 20:11:00

    hi im from the philippines.. i got roundtrip ticket for vacation to macau for 24 days..im holding philippine passport.. i only have US$450 for pocket money.. but i will live in the house of my friend's cousin who is in macau.. and she wrote a letter that i will be staying in her house for 24 days and she will support me in case i will be short in money.. will i encounter any problem in the immigration both in philippines and macau? thank you

    • Emily :2012/11/15 18:12:00

      i don't think there will be any problem.
      good luck and have a nice trip.

  • Replyyam,   Philippines
    2012/11/11 19:15:00

    do i still need POLO paper...eventhough i will go to hong kong to canada....

    • Emily :2012/11/12 18:57:00

      will you go to Hong Kong or Canada??

  • ReplyKristina,   Philippines
    2012/11/9 19:14:00

    Hi! I'm a Filipino, planning to have vacation in Hong Kong and i just want to ask if Company i.d. is okay to present in Phil. Immigration instead of government issued i.d.? I don't have valid gov't issued id yet. Only Philhealth i.d. Thanks.

    • Bobby :2012/11/10 18:56:00

      You shoudl confirm with the immigration of Phlippines directly, since the ruel is changing all the time.

  • ReplyChanda
    2012/11/9 8:38:00

    Hi, Can you please help me identify what is the meaning of travelers taking a group tour? Does it mean that it came through the agency having a group tour? What about if a group of family with three variety of destinations as mentioned below, is this the same and applicable for this rule?
    "Any travelers taking a group tour from Hong Kong or Macau to entering into the following Chinese mainland cities: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou for a period of less than 6 days are exempt from entry visas."

    • Fin :2012/11/9 18:10:00

      the group tour means you have to book a tour from a travel agency visit the cities with the group organized by the travel agency.

    • Chanda ( United Arab Emirates ) :2012/11/10 11:11:00

      Thank you Fin!

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