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I want to say
  • ReplyVin    Jan. 28, 2013 18:52

    Hi, i came from macau last jan.8 and want to go back after 3 weeks? Is it posible? How many days do i have to wait to go back to kacau. I am a tourist from philippines.

    • Replied by: Kelly   Jan. 29, 2013 17:54

      yes, it is possible.

  • ReplyChris    Jan. 26, 2013 20:56

    Hi, I am organising a group sporting tour from Australia for about 40 people. They are a combination of Australian, New Zealand, British and perhaps a South African passport holder. We plan on being in Hong Kong for the majority of the trip, but have an overnight trip to Guangzhou planned by train.1. Are visas required for all travellers, given the group travel information above?2. Should we get them prior to leaving Australia?3. Can we get visas while going through immigration at the HK/China border?Thanks

    • Replied by: Bruce   Jan. 27, 2013 17:29

      Yes, all of the members in your group need a visa for a trip to Guangzhou. You may either prepare it well ahead of your trip or when you are in Hk. No way to get it at the border.

    • Replied by: Chris   Jan. 27, 2013 23:46

      Thanks Bruce. Very much appreciated

  • ReplyJoy    Jan. 27, 2013 05:26

    Hi! Can you help me.. im a filipino.. im planning to go to hongkong for a vacation for 4 days with my family.. i just want to know if i need to get a travel permit since im on a training under government hospital..

    • Replied by: Joyce   Jan. 27, 2013 17:36

      As I know, filipinos are visa free to Hk for 14 days. Especialy that you are going there for government affairs, so I don't think you need a visa.

  • ReplyLinda    Jan. 25, 2013 00:10

    Hey,How long dóes your pasport need to be valid for entry into Hong Kong? I'm coming from China and fly out from Hong Kong with a pasport that will expire in less than 7 dáys. I need to get home to get a new one. Ís it possible to enter HongKong with this pasport just to get my flight? Thanks

    • Replied by: May   Jan. 25, 2013 18:20

      yes, i think it is possible.

  • ReplyFida    Jan. 19, 2013 23:15

    hi , i'm a singaporean just want to know if i travel to Hong Kong & Macau should i do VISA?& my fiancee is Malaysian , should he do VISA too? your reply is appreciated:)

    • Replied by: Daniel   Jan. 20, 2013 17:17

      Both you and your Malaysian fiancee don't need a visa to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 day.

    • Replied by: Fida   Jan. 22, 2013 18:27

      Hi thnks for ur reply . And I got 1 more qns to ask , in hk is the kfc halal ?

    • Replied by: Cheryl   Jan. 22, 2013 18:31

      i have never seen the Halal KFC when i visited Hong Kong, maybe you can find one if you ask the locals.

  • Replyprecy hooper    Jan. 19, 2013 23:11

    hi filipino Im living here in US and greencard holder but still holding philipine passport.. im visiting back to philipines on march 27,2013 and . Me and my whole family planning to have 4 days tour (april 3th to 6th) in hongkong then go back to philipines.. then im flying back to US on april 16th, 2013my question is.1. My philipinnes passport will expire on october 28th, 2013. Do I need to renew my passport or no need until i get back here in US..2. What documents do we need to bring visiting hongkong. we have friend there also. instead of hotel we rent apartment for 4 days. we book the air ticket already.3. we plan to go to macau for 1 day just a whole day trip by ferry then go back to hongkong. what documents we need to bring in macau . im worried of having problem in immigration. 4. how much hongkong dollar and US dollar allowed to bring in honkong?please help me thank you so much.

    • Replied by: Vivien   Jan. 20, 2013 17:15

      1. For your trip to Hk, you may just ensure that your passport will still have more than 30 days validity left when you leave. 2. besides what you have, you also have to prepapre finanacial proof of enough funds to cover your duration in Hk.3. Filipinos also visa free to Hk for 30 days, so I don't think you will meet any problem.4. Not sure about this, but you may call Hk immigration office directly, whose phone number is (852) 2824 6111.

  • Replychilin    Jan. 18, 2013 22:23

    hi I'm a filipino citizen and currently here in taiwan holding a student visa, I wanted to visit in Hongkong for 7 days,, is it possible to visit there,, from taiwan to hongkong and no need to comeback first in philippines?? please give me some information, thanks a lot and God bless u guyz...

    • Replied by: Mindy   Jan. 19, 2013 18:07

      Filipinos are visa free t Hk for 14 days, but you may be requried to provide return air ticket, hotel booking and financial proof for your duration in Hk at the entry port.

  • Replyarthur sanchez    Jan. 18, 2013 01:11

    hi we bought a round trip ticket to macua for tourist.. How much money do i have? and my friend has relatives in maca his mother and his brother.. what do we need to bring or what supporting document we need to have? our round trip ticket is for 1 month

    • Replied by: Kina   Jan. 18, 2013 19:28

      where are you from??? what is your nationality??visa requirements are different for people from different countryif you are exempt from the Macau visa, you need to take enough pocket money (the amount is not very clear). and an invitation letter if you know some one in Macau. hotel voucher if you will live in a hotel.

  • ReplyRumpa Choudhury    Jan. 16, 2013 11:27

    can i travel to macau only with an indian passport?do i need to apply for mainland china visa when i am traveling only to macau and staying there for less than 30 days?if yes what is the cost for it?

    • Replied by: Lisa   Jan. 16, 2013 19:27

      no, you do not need to apply the visa for mainland China if you only visit Macau.

  • Replycris, Hongkong    Jan. 14, 2013 22:39

    Hi, Im here in Hongkong im just planning to have vacation in Taiwan this September only 7days do I need to get OEC in consulate here what was a proof for cchecking in the airport of Taiwan when I come back here in Hongkong. Pls. Help

    • Replied by: Gloria   Jan. 15, 2013 18:35

      Hi cris,you'd better consult a local travel agency in hong Kong for detailed information.

  • ReplyBernaliza matias    Jan. 14, 2013 19:58

    Hi my my name is berna. I m going to honkong this febuary. But im planning to visit macau also, would it be possible for me to go back to manila (philippines) directly from macau? Or is there any problem with flight like manila to hongkong then macau to manila? Thank u so much.

    • Replied by: Nina   Jan. 15, 2013 18:14

      it is possible for you to go back to Manila from Macau, as long as you have the required documents and enough pocket money, and what the most important is that you can not overstay in either Hong Kong or Macau .

  • Replynana    Jan. 13, 2013 07:24

    Hi just want to ask about my condition of stay in hk.I was 3 months over stay in hk without i knew it! then now iam realize and cry every day how i must to do...Realy scared this bcs of my bad ER that terminate me without let me knew.I want to go china then posible to entry hk again? what happend in the border when i cross by hk imigations? please give me some help and advise?Thanks alot

    • Replied by: Porter   Jan. 13, 2013 17:58

      You should go to the immigration office to find some practicla help as soon as possible.

  • ReplyFae    Jan. 13, 2013 04:30

    Hi! My aunt is a Filipina currently working in Oman. She has a connecting flight from Macau to Philippines from Oman. Can she go out pf the airport wothout any documents before boarding a flight back to Phil? If she needs documents aside from her Philippine passport, what are those? Thank you.

    • Replied by: Vivien   Jan. 13, 2013 17:55

      Filipinos are visa free at Macau for 30 days.

  • ReplyMarie    Jan. 10, 2013 01:08

    Hi, I'm a Filipino. I want to enter Macau from the Phils. one-way and exit in Hongkong going back to the Phils. Is this okay? Or should we just enter & exit from one country

    • Replied by: Kelly   Jan. 10, 2013 18:25

      that is ok for you.

  • ReplyJocelyn    Jan. 08, 2013 17:54

    We wish to go to Hongkong on visa-free travel on February 1 and stay there for 30 days. But when I checked the allowed number of days- it was just 14 days. We still plan to stay for 30 days, so what can we do? Can we exit to macau and then go back to Hongkong? So shall we purchase round trips tickets good for 30 days? Is that allowed by immigration? Please reply, We need help.

    • Replied by: David   Jan. 09, 2013 17:48

      You need to apply the Hong Kong visa if you want to stay longer than the visa-free period. it is, theoretically, not allowed by immigration, but some one did it before. however, the immigration is now quite strict. with your 30 days round-trip tickets, you might be refused.

  • Replymarittes   Philippines    Jan. 02, 2013 23:47

    hi im an domestic helper here in hongkong.i break my 2 years contract,but i want go to macau first before go back to the philipines..

    • Replied by: Olivia   Jan. 03, 2013 18:45

      filipino passport holders are allowed 30 days visa-free period in Macau, so you can go there before going back to Philippines.

  • ReplyRyan   South Africa    Jan. 01, 2013 23:22

    Hello, I am visiting Hong Kong for 10 days in March and my friend who is from Hong Kong wants to take me to Foshan in Southern China for a day or two. What do I need if I'm arriving in Hong Kong with no visa because I'm permitted 30 days visa free in Hong Kong, to visit Foshan and return to Hong Kong before my departure flight in Hong Kong?

    • Replied by: Nina   Jan. 02, 2013 18:34

      you need to apply the visa to mainland China if you want to visit Foshan, unless you take a group tour organized by a local travel agency in Hong Kong to Foshan and stay for a period of less than 6 days

  • ReplyMurtaza Sarwary   Afghanistan    Jan. 01, 2013 12:09

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i am having a business passport & afghan nationality i have 3 company in afghanistan & 1 trading company in UAE all under my name and i have travel many times to all Europe, turkey, india, UAE & many times to china for business purposes and i would like to travel to hongkong & macua together with my wife which she is a german citizen, do i need a visa if yes...can you please kindly guide me how to go for apply and what to do .... or what documents are required. thanks alot, have a nice working time in front! Regards Murtaza Sarwary

    • Replied by: Grace   Jan. 01, 2013 19:32

      yes, you need to apply the visas to Hong Kong and Macau. you need to apply through the Chinese Embassy in the country you live or work.

  • ReplyMaria   Russian Federation    Dec. 28, 2012 05:43

    Hi! I'm Russian and I have single-entry visa. I'm staying in Shenzhen and want to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong for a couple of hours and return to Shenzhen on the same day. Can I do that or do I need a double or multi-visa for that?

    • Replied by: Grace   Dec. 28, 2012 18:36

      no, you can not do that, as your single-entry visa will expire the moment you leave shenzhen for Hong Kong. so you need a double-entry visa.

  • Replyrumil_03@yahoo.com   Philippines    Dec. 27, 2012 21:28

    Hi, I am going to HK this January 2013 for a 7-days tour. i will be bringing Php20,000 with me, passport and the round trip tickets.should i ask an invitation letter from a friend that will be covering my Hotel and food expenses? is the amount of money too much or less for the immigration requirements?what other pertinent documents should i prepare? thanks in advance!

    • Replied by: Gloria   Dec. 28, 2012 18:34

      yes, you need an invitation letter from your friend.
      not sure about the money, but i heard some one was asked to take HKD 5,000 for his 14-day trip in Hong Kong.

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