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I want to say
  • Replycindy
    2013/4/12 13:42:00

    Hi! I will be in Hong Kong for 15 days and I just learned that Filipino citizens are only allowed to stay in Hong kong for 14 days. Have my round trip tickets already May 31, departure time 2215h and arriving Hong Kong June 1 (0050h) then my flight back to Philippines from Hong Kong will be on June 15 (0135H) departure and my date and time of arrival will also be on the 15th of June at around 0410h.Will I be allowed to enter Hong Kong when in fact I'll be travelling alone and I have only 2 days hotel accommodation from June 1 to 3 only. And then by June 3 @6pm have another flight a round trip flight from hk-sg-jkt and will return hk on the 8th of June, and have to be back to Hong kong since have my return ticket for Philippines on the 15th of June.Is their any chance that I will not be able to enter Hong Kong due to the number of days that I'm going to stay there? What shall I do? What documents should i prepare in case? I don't have any friends nor any relatives in Hong Kong. Pls enlighten me. Thank you....

    • Rechard :2013/4/12 18:53:00

      Hi cindy,take it easy, i think there will be no problem for you, as long as you can provide the air tickets for your trip hk-sg-jkt.

    • Peter :2013/4/12 18:54:00

      for the first time, the hk immigration may consider you are going to make a transit in Hong Kong. so i suggest that you book the hotel in hong Kong before the second time you enter there.

    • cindy :2013/4/12 23:17:00

      thank you so much. im planning to book in a hostel from june 1 to 3 only. by the time that i'm going back to hong kong that's the time i'm going to book again for a hostel. Is their any possibility that the immigration officer will ask for my hostel accommodation as to the number of days that i'm going to stay in hong kong?immigration here in our country kinda strict. i plan only to show my round trip tickets cebu to hong kong only coz my other round trip tickets are with different airlines. or nothing to worry with different airlines? since all my round trip tickets are confirmed...thank you so much for your precious time rechard and peter.

    • Peter :2013/4/15 20:00:00

      it won't be a problem with different airlines.if you only show the round trip tickets to hong kong, the immigration may consider you are going to overstay (as you are only granted 14 visa-free days), so i suggest that you show the air tickets going to and LEAVING FROM HONG KONG.

    • cindy :2013/4/16 1:53:00

      thank you so much for the info.... much appreciated....

  • ReplyCindy Galang
    2013/4/15 6:42:00

    Hi, I am going to visit Hong Kong next month with my 12 years old brother. What documents will I need to present in immigration for my brother to enter Hong Kong?

    • Tina :2013/4/15 20:18:00

      the same with you:his valid passport and visa (if required) to hong Kong, hotel reservation and round-trip air tickets.

  • Replyyeng
    2013/4/14 9:40:00

    hello im a filipino citizen..i pre-terminated my contract from work last april 9,2013 (my end of contract is supposedly may 4,2013)...I am planning to go back as tourist this August 1,2013..is there will be a problem with my re entry here in Macau.

    • Wendy :2013/4/15 20:09:00

      no, there will be no problem.

  • Replyimelda
    2013/4/9 8:55:00

    hi gud day my all familys are planning to go hongkong. i apply for phil. passport but unfortunetly my first name in my birth certificate is emelda not imelda that why the passport issued to me are started with the name of emelda not imelda that i always used since i was in school and to my employee all my legal i.d. are imelda..if i go to hongkong with my passport with the name of emelda not imelda that i used to all my legal i.d. do u think the hongkong authority in the airport will allow me to enter.thank u very much

    • Cathy :2013/4/9 18:28:00

      what will be the name on your air ticket? emelda or imelda? i think there will be no problem if you use emelda on air ticket and hotel reservation in Hong Kong.

  • Replynelia lucia liu
    2013/4/9 2:35:00

    hi good day...i am a filipina planning to visit macau. i have an ALIEN RESIDENCE CARD from Taiwan. can i visit macau using this ARC id of mine? do i need to have an invitation from a friend? thank you....

    • Susan :2013/4/9 18:22:00

      no, you don't need the invitation letter. read the article carefully in this page and know more about the requirement to travel to Macau:http://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/macau_visa.htm

  • ReplyAmy
    2013/4/8 19:45:00

    HiI'm a Malaysian who are now in China with legal visa, and its validity is until mid Sept and so do my Malaysian passport.My question is can I enter HongKong since my passport validity is less than 6 months? Thanks.

    • Peter :2013/4/8 20:07:00

      yes, you can. Malaysian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you need to make sure you passport has a validity of at least 90 + 30 = 120 days.

  • ReplyWilliam Kamara
    2013/4/8 9:56:00

    Hello Sir, May i used this meduim to thank you for wonderful job you are doing here, more power to your elbow. I am Sierraleanean resides in The Gambia. I got a hongkong business visa last year November and made my trip to hongkong immeditely after christmas, on arrival to honkong , the team of immigrations officers took me to a private room and started asking me numerous questions, i was not panic because i knew that it is thier duty. all at once, i was served a refusal notice sheet. i was completely in a dazed, and asked them what have i done? no definite answer was giving to me. i was repartriated back to my home country. Very sad>>. please can i reapply again?? i am pretty confused because i didn't do anything wrong.

    • Lyla :2013/4/8 20:05:00

      yes, you can reapply the visa. good luck!

  • Replyrose
    2013/4/8 6:27:00

    i will be in HK on April 18-25...i have my passport, ticket and money...a letter of invitation from my tita's friend was send already but it was not from phil consulate of hk...is it still ok?

    • Cathy :2013/4/8 20:01:00

      yes, it is ok.

  • Replyarvie
    2013/1/15 19:08:00

    hi!im a filipino citizen hving philippine passport,i wil hve a 3 days tour in hongkong,w/ hotel acc,bt cn i jst buy 1 way ticket to hongkong den i will go to dubai frm hongkong,i hve visit visa,& sponsor in dubai.is der any problem in hongkong imigrtion if i wil go to dubai..?tnx!

    • Terry :2013/1/16 19:24:00

      there is no problem if you the air ticket from Hong Kong to Dubai and enough pocek money that can cover your expense in Hong Kong.

    • Alko :2013/3/5 19:43:00

      Hi arvie....did u pass the hongkong immigration going to dubai...wat are ur presenting documents, are their questions from immigration? Hu' s ur sponsor going to dubai....a relative or a fren? Reply asap....thanks

    • rachel :2013/3/20 21:47:00

      Hi arvie, did you pass the hongkong immigration going to dubai? what are you're presenting documents, are their questions from immigration?

    • bararakaw :2013/4/8 1:13:00

      Hi Arvie!How is the hk immigration going to dubai? did they allow u to pass?

  • ReplyCao Cao
    2013/4/5 1:40:00

    Hello. Im Cao from the Philippines. I will be traveling to Hongkong on May 12-19, 2013. I would like to inquire if it is okay to pass Hongkong Immigration even if I did not book & reserve my hotel accommodation? I only have my round trip ticket, itenerary and pocket money for the travel. Pls advice me. Thanks.

    • doris :2013/4/6 19:52:00

      you'd better book the hotel in advance.

  • Replyleak
    2013/4/2 9:06:00

    Hi, I'm Cambodian. I will go for holiday in Macau and Hong Kong for 6 days, so do I need 3 visas for Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong?

    • Mindy :2013/4/2 17:57:00

      you need to apply the visa for Hong Kong and Macau if you only visit the two regions, a visa to Mainland China is required only if you will visit the Mainland.

  • ReplyMugam
    2013/3/31 22:46:00

    Hi, I'm an Indian citizen, working in Malaysia. Coming to Macau, but booked hotel in Zuhai as it is Cheaper. But willing to travel to macau during the night and come back to zuhai hotle in the morning 3 nights. I have Chinese single entry visa to enter Zuhai, is there any possiblities to get multiple entry visa for Zuhai at Macau. Thank you

    • Sara :2013/4/1 19:52:00

      you'd better rebook a hotel in Macau, as it is difficult for you to get the visa for Zhuhai in Macau.

  • Replyruth
    2013/3/25 14:10:00

    hi, i'm ruth.. i am in hong kong ryt now.. but i work in macau before (last March 4, 2013).. i didn't finish the contract.. i want to go back there to visit my boyfriend possibly on 1st week of april.. what should i be needing to enter macau again? and how many days of visa they'll be giving me? should i finish my 14 days here in HK so that i can get 1month visa in macau?or should i finish 1month outside macau?? thanks and god bless.. i wish you can send me back the answers..:)

    • NGSB :2013/3/25 19:46:00

      what is your nationality???you don't have to finish the 14 days in Hong Kong. since you have been worked in Macau, is your work permit still valid???

    • ruth :2013/3/26 16:11:00

      hello!i'm a FILIPINO.. my working permit is not valid anymore.. they already cut my visa when i resigned.. so i just exit here in hong kong. but what i want to know is that can i get a 30 days in macau when i go back there now? or still need to finish their policy of 1 month outside the macau?

    • NGSB :2013/3/26 19:00:00

      what do you mean by "their policy of 1 month outside of Macau"? i know someone get another 30 or 20 days when they re-enter Macau, but i'm not quite sure about your suituation.

  • Replybhot
    2013/3/22 18:47:00

    Hi, I'm a filipino citizen and will be going to Macao on August 2013. do i still need a visa to Zhuhai if i will be staying for only 2 days and then go back to macao?

    • Candy :2013/3/25 19:38:00

      yes, you need a visa if you want to visit Zhuhai.

  • Replyjho
    2013/3/20 22:52:00

    hi im from Philippines.I want to go for 3 days tour in HK and then exit to Hk going to dubai.My concern is..do you think immigration officer here in Philipines will allowed me to have a tour in HK?coz before they offloaded me going to dubai, they put mark at the back of my passport which means i offloded before.pls help.and one thing, i dont have bank accounts only show money, hotel booking and round trip ticket. you think it works?

    • Bonnie :2013/3/21 18:45:00

      if you are going to Dubai, do you have the air ticket and visa to Dubai?

    • jho :2013/3/21 19:06:00

      yes i have airfare ticket and visa going to problem, my only problem is the immigration here in Philippines. might they not allowed me to enter in HK coz i was offloded before.

    • Jason :2013/3/22 18:08:00

      then i think there will be no problem.

  • Replyriphau
    2013/3/21 8:29:00

    Hi Iam phillipino I'm working in hongkong and I have a business visa. So if I want to go phillipines before visa expires will it be a problem from immigration..

    • Olivia :2013/3/21 19:02:00

      i don't think there wll be a problem.

  • ReplyRosalinda
    2013/3/21 6:23:00

    Hello, I'm a Philippine passport holder, planning to go to Hong Kong this coming April, will stay for 14 days in Hong Kong, then will exit Hong Kong to Mainland China, after 2 weeks will go back to Hong Kong using my Philippine passport. Is that possible? Any one can answer my question. Thanks

    • Penny :2013/3/21 18:49:00

      yes, it is possible.

  • ReplyGene Mattocks
    2013/3/16 12:37:00

    My wife and I will be applying for a 12 month multiple-entry Chinese tourist visa before we leave for China in September 2013. We will arrive by cruiseship in Hong Kong on October 23, 2013 and would like to first take a ferry from Hong Kong to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and then take a ferry from Shenzhen to Macau. Assuming we receive the 12 month multiple-entry Chinese tourist visa, will that visa be all that we need to enter Shenzhen and Macau -- or will we need additional visas????

    • Richard :2013/3/18 20:11:00

      what is your nationality? visitors from some countries exempt from Hong Kong or Macau visa for a certain period. check if you need the visa to Hong Kong and Macau at the following pages:http://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/hongkong_visa.htmhttp://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/macau_visa.htm

    • Gene :2013/3/18 20:26:00

      We are both U S Citizens. What about entry into Shenzhen Special Economic Zone??

    • Richard :2013/3/19 19:15:00

      the Chinese tourist visa is the only visa you need for this trip. Shenzhen Special zone does not require a sperate visa.

  • Replyurmila
    2013/3/15 5:03:00

    hi, i am indian passport holder , when i came to macou i got visit visa foe 30 days.after this period i got job after 3 month i give up resignation after i goi to hongknog for 14 day ,can i rentry macou again , i have no any wrong issue for termation, please reply me soon

    • Linda :2013/3/15 19:34:00

      i think you can go back to Macau.

  • ReplyMark lisaca
    2013/3/15 10:54:00

    I am now in Hong Kong as a tourist but i have applied for a hong kong residency, although, the immigration did not allow me to stay longer here since it is not compulsary to stay and wait for the applied visa. The reason why i wanted to stay here is because i go to the hospital with my wife as she is pregnant and im responsible for taking care of her. Ive explained both to the immigration but they still won't allow. Im going to macau for a visit about two days before my visa expires in hk, is it possible for the immigration to extend atleast few days for my stay in hong kong?

    • Nina :2013/3/15 19:42:00

      where are you from? are you from those countries that have a visa-free period in HongKong?if so, your Hong Kong visa will expire as soon as you leave for Macau, but when you get back to Hong Kong after 2 or 3 days, you may be granted another visa-free stay.

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