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I want to say
  • Replylyn cruz    May. 05, 2013 20:40

    hi, i am a filipino and i going to macau this 13th of may together w/ my sister for tour!my godfather invite two of us to go there.my question is do we nid a show money to the philippine imigration?and wat documents we nid to bring?i'll stay there in 5days only!

    • Replied by: Bonnie   May. 09, 2013 19:45

      the show money is required at the Macau immigration. you need to present your valid passport, round-trip air tickets, and the invitation letter wrote by your godfather.

  • Replychedai76    Apr. 01, 2013 06:25

    Hello. Female here from Manila, travelling alone to Macau since my companion became sick. Any kababayan out there who will be in Macau from May 9 to 12, 2013?! Hope to join you. Thanks!

    • Replied by: evelyn   Apr. 12, 2013 00:22

      hi! im planning also this MAY to visit my friend in macau, this is my first time to go there.. naghahanap din sana ng pwede makisabay...tnx.

    • Replied by: cindy   Apr. 12, 2013 23:19

      hi! sayang, i'll be in hong kong this may 31 till june 15 lang.... meron n kayong accommodation? pls share if you were able to get a cheap hostel accommodation.... thank you....

    • Replied by: Chys   May. 06, 2013 00:02

      Chys | 5/5/2013 11:59:29 PMHi, I''ll be traveling alone as well since my finances visa was rejected. U wanna join me? I''ll be traveling to hk.u?

    • Replied by: Elsie   May. 09, 2013 02:46

      im travelling alone too by May 15 going to hongkong..

  • Replybhebhie    Apr. 11, 2013 07:24

    i have a round trip ticket, passport, and show money already... can i just show to the immigration officer the address of where will i stay in hk? my friend was not able to get an affidavit from consulate because she must have 10k payroll...she is a nanny only earning 3k monthly...thank you...

    • Replied by: Bonnie   Apr. 11, 2013 19:20

      i'm afraid you cannot. you have to provide a hotel reservation or the invitation letter from your friend.

    • Replied by: Chys   May. 05, 2013 23:59

      Hi, I'll be traveling alone as well since my finances visa was rejected. U wanna join me? I'll be traveling to hk.u?

  • Replyedwin    May. 02, 2013 07:40

    Hello, my wife is an ex hong kong work now she's planing to go back there but as a tourist only she will be sholdering her own ticket (round trip) and she also has a freind willing to give her an invitation also now the question is once we had the letter coming thru the internet only do we need to present that to chinese embassy first or not any more we just need to present it derectly to immigration airport personel? as she will be try her luck to find a job there thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    • Replied by: Betty   May. 02, 2013 18:33

      if she does not need to apply a Hong Kong visa, just present the letter to the immigration at the airport. if she has to apply a visa to Hong Kong, the letter should be shown to the Chinese Embassy. another thing is that the invitation letter can be a written one or print one with the signature of the inviter, but can not be an email.

  • ReplyJhan    Apr. 28, 2013 02:25

    Hi! I'll be travelling HK on may 20-26 together with my foreign boyfriend for vacation..We booked flights (just me with return ticket) and accomodations...is it ok if I just present a cash as pocket money or a show money not a bank certificate accounts?

    • Replied by: David   May. 01, 2013 19:40

      cash would be fine.

  • Replyibrahim    Apr. 26, 2013 07:01

    kindly,send me the address of any visa agent in hongkong or china.regardsibrahim

  • ReplySamuela Lino    Apr. 23, 2013 07:05

    Hi..im sam here in philippines.i already arrange my travel in macau this week friday. i have already roundtrip ticket,invitation letter from my cousin in macau and i just stay there for only 13 days.i have also 20k show money coz my cousin shoulder all my expenses there but im still doubt if i can pass at the immigration here in phil. due to what they called off load.pls.help me.asap thanks a lot.

    • Replied by: Lee   Apr. 23, 2013 18:05

      i think there will be no problem since you have all the required documents.

  • ReplyJovita manadlang    Apr. 20, 2013 19:36

    I am a Filipino. I stayed in macau from 1987 to 1997. I went home to Philippines in 1997 and did go back to macau. My resident ID expired in 1997. Now i want to go back to macau, my question is can I renew my Residnet ID when i arrive to macau, or is there any office of macaua in the Philippines where i can i inquire. Please help me...

    • Replied by: Bonnie   Apr. 22, 2013 20:30

      i'm afraid it can not be renewed. you'd better consult the Chinese Embassy in your country or the Macau immigration department through email.

  • ReplyMaria    Apr. 19, 2013 06:08

    Hello,I am Greek and I am going to visit Hong Kong this summer. I am going to land to Hong Kong and stay here for a week, then I will have a trip to Macau for a couple of days and after that to Beijing. After my stay in Beijing I will return to Hong Kong, where I will departure from. Is there a single-entry visa enough or do I need double-entry? When I go from Macau - or Hong Kong- to Beijing do I need my Greek visa or should I get a visa from Macau -or Beijing-?

    • Replied by: Tina   Apr. 19, 2013 19:02

      Hi Maria,as a Greek, you are exempt from Hong Kong and Macau visa for 90 days, but you need to apply a single-entry tourist visa for your visit to Beijing, and the visa must be obtained through the Chinese Embassy in your country before you leave.

  • ReplyRachel    Apr. 19, 2013 02:55

    Hello! I'm a Filipino citizen. I will be travelling to Macau for 1 night then transfer to Hong Kong for 3 nights. Do I need to get a visa? Thank you!

    • Replied by: Emma   Apr. 19, 2013 18:58

      no, you don't need any visa.

  • Replyyeng    Apr. 16, 2013 06:15

    hello i will be leaving macau this april 19 (resigned from work last april 9)...how many days can i get back here in macau..i did not have any UV..thanks:))

    • Replied by: Oliver   Apr. 16, 2013 19:12

      as a tourist, you are welcomed to go back to Macau any time you want.

  • Replycindy    Apr. 12, 2013 13:42

    Hi! I will be in Hong Kong for 15 days and I just learned that Filipino citizens are only allowed to stay in Hong kong for 14 days. Have my round trip tickets already May 31, departure time 2215h and arriving Hong Kong June 1 (0050h) then my flight back to Philippines from Hong Kong will be on June 15 (0135H) departure and my date and time of arrival will also be on the 15th of June at around 0410h.Will I be allowed to enter Hong Kong when in fact I'll be travelling alone and I have only 2 days hotel accommodation from June 1 to 3 only. And then by June 3 @6pm have another flight a round trip flight from hk-sg-jkt and will return hk on the 8th of June, and have to be back to Hong kong since have my return ticket for Philippines on the 15th of June.Is their any chance that I will not be able to enter Hong Kong due to the number of days that I'm going to stay there? What shall I do? What documents should i prepare in case? I don't have any friends nor any relatives in Hong Kong. Pls enlighten me. Thank you....

    • Replied by: Rechard   Apr. 12, 2013 18:53

      Hi cindy,take it easy, i think there will be no problem for you, as long as you can provide the air tickets for your trip hk-sg-jkt.

    • Replied by: Peter   Apr. 12, 2013 18:54

      for the first time, the hk immigration may consider you are going to make a transit in Hong Kong. so i suggest that you book the hotel in hong Kong before the second time you enter there.

    • Replied by: cindy   Apr. 12, 2013 23:17

      thank you so much. im planning to book in a hostel from june 1 to 3 only. by the time that i'm going back to hong kong that's the time i'm going to book again for a hostel. Is their any possibility that the immigration officer will ask for my hostel accommodation as to the number of days that i'm going to stay in hong kong?immigration here in our country kinda strict. i plan only to show my round trip tickets cebu to hong kong only coz my other round trip tickets are with different airlines. or nothing to worry with different airlines? since all my round trip tickets are confirmed...thank you so much for your precious time rechard and peter.

    • Replied by: Peter   Apr. 15, 2013 20:00

      it won't be a problem with different airlines.if you only show the round trip tickets to hong kong, the immigration may consider you are going to overstay (as you are only granted 14 visa-free days), so i suggest that you show the air tickets going to and LEAVING FROM HONG KONG.

    • Replied by: cindy   Apr. 16, 2013 01:53

      thank you so much for the info.... much appreciated....

  • ReplyCindy Galang    Apr. 15, 2013 06:42

    Hi, I am going to visit Hong Kong next month with my 12 years old brother. What documents will I need to present in immigration for my brother to enter Hong Kong?

    • Replied by: Tina   Apr. 15, 2013 20:18

      the same with you:his valid passport and visa (if required) to hong Kong, hotel reservation and round-trip air tickets.

  • Replyyeng    Apr. 14, 2013 09:40

    hello im a filipino citizen..i pre-terminated my contract from work last april 9,2013 (my end of contract is supposedly may 4,2013)...I am planning to go back as tourist this August 1,2013..is there will be a problem with my re entry here in Macau.

    • Replied by: Wendy   Apr. 15, 2013 20:09

      no, there will be no problem.

  • Replyimelda    Apr. 09, 2013 08:55

    hi gud day my all familys are planning to go hongkong. i apply for phil. passport but unfortunetly my first name in my birth certificate is emelda not imelda that why the passport issued to me are started with the name of emelda not imelda that i always used since i was in school and to my employee all my legal i.d. are imelda..if i go to hongkong with my passport with the name of emelda not imelda that i used to all my legal i.d. do u think the hongkong authority in the airport will allow me to enter.thank u very much

    • Replied by: Cathy   Apr. 09, 2013 18:28

      what will be the name on your air ticket? emelda or imelda? i think there will be no problem if you use emelda on air ticket and hotel reservation in Hong Kong.

  • Replynelia lucia liu    Apr. 09, 2013 02:35

    hi good day...i am a filipina planning to visit macau. i have an ALIEN RESIDENCE CARD from Taiwan. can i visit macau using this ARC id of mine? do i need to have an invitation from a friend? thank you....

    • Replied by: Susan   Apr. 09, 2013 18:22

      no, you don't need the invitation letter. read the article carefully in this page and know more about the requirement to travel to Macau:http://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/macau_visa.htm

  • ReplyAmy    Apr. 08, 2013 19:45

    HiI'm a Malaysian who are now in China with legal visa, and its validity is until mid Sept and so do my Malaysian passport.My question is can I enter HongKong since my passport validity is less than 6 months? Thanks.

    • Replied by: Peter   Apr. 08, 2013 20:07

      yes, you can. Malaysian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you need to make sure you passport has a validity of at least 90 + 30 = 120 days.

  • ReplyWilliam Kamara    Apr. 08, 2013 09:56

    Hello Sir, May i used this meduim to thank you for wonderful job you are doing here, more power to your elbow. I am Sierraleanean resides in The Gambia. I got a hongkong business visa last year November and made my trip to hongkong immeditely after christmas, on arrival to honkong , the team of immigrations officers took me to a private room and started asking me numerous questions, i was not panic because i knew that it is thier duty. all at once, i was served a refusal notice sheet. i was completely in a dazed, and asked them what have i done? no definite answer was giving to me. i was repartriated back to my home country. Very sad>>. please can i reapply again?? i am pretty confused because i didn't do anything wrong.

    • Replied by: Lyla   Apr. 08, 2013 20:05

      yes, you can reapply the visa. good luck!

  • Replyrose    Apr. 08, 2013 06:27

    i will be in HK on April 18-25...i have my passport, ticket and money...a letter of invitation from my tita's friend was send already but it was not from phil consulate of hk...is it still ok?

    • Replied by: Cathy   Apr. 08, 2013 20:01

      yes, it is ok.

  • Replyarvie    Jan. 15, 2013 19:08

    hi!im a filipino citizen hving philippine passport,i wil hve a 3 days tour in hongkong,w/ hotel acc,bt cn i jst buy 1 way ticket to hongkong den i will go to dubai frm hongkong,i hve visit visa,& sponsor in dubai.is der any problem in hongkong imigrtion if i wil go to dubai..?tnx!

    • Replied by: bararakaw   Apr. 08, 2013 01:13

      Hi Arvie!How is the hk immigration going to dubai? did they allow u to pass?

    • Replied by: Terry   Jan. 16, 2013 19:24

      there is no problem if you the air ticket from Hong Kong to Dubai and enough pocek money that can cover your expense in Hong Kong.

    • Replied by: Alko   Mar. 05, 2013 19:43

      Hi arvie....did u pass the hongkong immigration going to dubai...wat are ur presenting documents, are their questions from immigration? Hu' s ur sponsor going to dubai....a relative or a fren? Reply asap....thanks

    • Replied by: rachel   Mar. 20, 2013 21:47

      Hi arvie, did you pass the hongkong immigration going to dubai? what are you're presenting documents, are their questions from immigration?

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