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I want to say
  • ReplyMc    Sep. 16, 2013 10:25

    Hello i just want to ask help from you..i actually offloaded two times in naia for the reason that i work in macau as tourist worker,they need a poea clearance which i dont have because im not working there anymore..but then my brother and his fiancee planned to go in hongkong for only 3days and i also be with them..we have already a plane ticket,hotel reservation,bank statement,business permit of my father which i am working now as manager. Is there any possible that the immigration will offload me again?please help me..i need answer..thank you

    • Replied by: mc   Oct. 08, 2013 10:06

      Thank you so much..i also have a pocket money worth 5k hk dollars and my.brother and his fiancee have 10k hk dollars..i really hope it will be fine now..

    • Replied by: mitch   Oct. 30, 2013 20:26

      one more thing, is filipino tourist ban to enter in hongkong? my flight schedule is on Novemeber 10-16.. thanks

    • Replied by: Jim   Sep. 16, 2013 19:29

      i think it is ok this time, the immigration may not offload you.

  • Replyangelyn    Oct. 30, 2013 07:14

    Hi. I just offloaded last October 21 to macau and I already have stamp on my passport but still offloaded eventually because of my friend so the immigration offloaded us both but mine already have stamp. What problems will I encounter the next time I will travel out of the country?

  • ReplyRoel Valiente    Oct. 29, 2013 01:39

    Hi everyone. I would like to know if I'll have a problem if I'll go to Hongkong form Philippines on Nov.19 and and return to Phil on Nov. 23. And I'll go back to Hongkong on Nov. 26 and return o Philippines on Nov 30? Thank you very much, I hope anyone can help me.

    • Replied by: Mindy   Oct. 29, 2013 19:37

      i don't think there will be problems for you.

  • ReplyROMEO BUENO    Oct. 28, 2013 17:59

    Hi Good Day!!!I'm a filipino citizen and I have a flight schedule from Manila to Macau on December 8, 2013. Is it okay if I dont have a hotel reservation in macau because we're going to hong kong at the time after the day trip in macau and we stay in hongkong for 3days, and after that we have a return ticket from macau to manila.

    • Replied by: Emma   Oct. 28, 2013 18:38

      if you don't plan to stay in Macau, they you should provide documents that prove you iwll stay in Hong Kong for three days, such as ferry ticket to Hong Kong and hotel reservation in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyMelanie    Oct. 22, 2013 00:20

    Hi am Melanie from Philippines. I just wanna ask if there is have problem in immigration to travel alone going Hk? Have already roundtrip ticket and letter to my boyfriend and i will stay at his place in Hk for 14 days. But i been travel with him before 7 times in Hk im just worried now coz this is my 1st time to travel alone without him.. Pls help me!! Thankyou :)

    • Replied by: Emma   Oct. 22, 2013 19:12

      you need an invitation from your boyfriend if you are going to stay at his place.

  • Replymae    Oct. 17, 2013 20:55

    Hello..I'm Mae from Philippines..i and my friend are planning to go to Hong Kong for tour this coming Nov. 24,2013.We will be staying for 5 days..we have no tourist visa,only passport ,return ticket and some pocket money..is it enough to enter Hong Kong?are there any requirements/documents needed?? please get back to me...

    • Replied by: Mars   Oct. 18, 2013 02:12

      you don't need to apply the visa to Hong Kong if you only stay for 5 days. apart from the documents you mentioned, you also need the voucher of hotel reservation in Hong Kong.

    • Replied by: mae   Oct. 18, 2013 20:31

      Thanks...But we will be staying in the apartment of our friend in HK who is working there..isn't it okay?do we really need to book for a hotel reservation??

    • Replied by: Mars   Oct. 20, 2013 20:12

      tyes, it is ok,.but ask your friend write you an invitation letter stating that he or she will provide accommodation for you.

    • Replied by: moretereginemae@yahoo.com.ph   Oct. 20, 2013 22:15

      Does it require the invitation letter to be sealed by the HK consulate in order to be valid?

    • Replied by: Tina   Oct. 21, 2013 18:52

      there no HK consluate. you can ask your freind to consult the HK immigration office!

    • Replied by: moretereginemae@yahoo.com.ph   Oct. 22, 2013 00:33

      ok..thanks much..

  • Replydaryl    Oct. 14, 2013 10:02

    Is it allowed on immigration to give a invitation letter that he/she is not a family relative?

    • Replied by: Tania   Oct. 14, 2013 18:57

      yes, it is.

  • Replymarissa VALDEMORO    Oct. 10, 2013 19:13

    hi there, its difficult to go to macau? what supporting do i need to provide im confusing..pls help

    • Replied by: Larrisa   Oct. 10, 2013 19:37

      visitors from some countries are exempt from Macau visa, and it is easy for them to visiting Macau. where are you from?

  • Replyryan rey    Oct. 10, 2013 03:41

    I need your help plssss.I'm a filipino ctzen I'm planning to have a tour in hk ths comming november,I had hotel accom.roundtrip tickets,and tour to ocean park,and 300usd,they also said that I need cert. Of employment and leave of absence copy,I had all of this,,I had also compny I'd...do you think I can pass the immigration help me thanks....

    • Replied by: Ivy   Oct. 10, 2013 19:36

      i think there's no problem for your trip.

  • ReplyShugar    Oct. 08, 2013 22:10

    Good day i just have some question, i will be visiting macau next month and for me to get tere they say i need to pay 6k for my invitation letter to have it red ribon to macau immagration for me to show to phil immagration. Is that true? My invitor is same filipino like me that is working there. Hope to get an answer. Thanks.

    • Replied by: Cathy   Oct. 09, 2013 19:11

      never heard about that. but i know that they require a show money before you enter Macau.

  • ReplySue    Oct. 06, 2013 23:13

    Hello, I'm a Filipino passport holder and I want to travel to Hongkong mid January 2014, just want to know if I need a hotel reservation or booking because I will stay at the apartment of my sister-in-law a. In this case do I need supporting papers form her stating that i will stay in her apartment? Or is it okey if I will get hotel reservation for 3 days and the rest of my stay will be at the apartment of my sister -in-law. I want to stay there for 14 days.Many thanks.

    • Replied by: Jim   Oct. 08, 2013 01:02

      you need the supporting letter from your sister-in-law if you plan to stay at her place.

  • ReplyNina    Oct. 05, 2013 10:43

    Hello, We are Filipinos and we have a round trip ticket from SG to HK but we also want to go to Macau for 2 days too. Can we leave HK airport on the same day that we get off from Macau via ferry or should we stay in HK for another day before our flight? Thanks in advance! :-)

    • Replied by: Bill   Oct. 08, 2013 00:58

      you dont have to stay in HK for another day before your flight.

  • ReplyTina    Sep. 28, 2013 16:13

    HI this is Tina from the Phils. & am planning to go to Hong Kong on April 2014 & on the same day I am planning to travel to Dubai to visit my friend (as a touriist) so I will be showing my tourist visa UAE at Hong Kong immigration, my question is will there be a problem that my tourist visa was issued by UAE govt to the Phils & now I am entering Hong Kong as a pass through because my real intensions wlll be going to Dubai? what are the documents would they ask in HK immigration to be able to enter UAE premises because as you may know it is very hard to pass in our Airport immigration (Phils) going to Dubai... Hope you to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for the assistance!

  • Replysharon    Sep. 28, 2013 04:32

    good day! i just wanna ask if ok. can visit in macau for tourist. what i need to bring aside of a passport. do i need a tourist visa for macau. i live here in philippines. thanks

  • Replykryz    Sep. 27, 2013 14:41

    Hi there!I'm a.filipino and planning to go to HK on november 2013.I'm just wonderin how much pocket money do I need to bring if I'm staying in HK for 3 days?And by the way I already have a accomodation and I avail a tour package in HK.cheers mate

  • ReplyJay    Sep. 25, 2013 23:07

    Hi, I am a Filipino and we are planning to visit Macau and Hongkong next year. Our entry point is Macau and exit point is Hongkong. Will there be an issue? Do we need to apply for a visa for either of them considering that we will only visit them for five days?

    • Replied by: Fred   Sep. 26, 2013 19:30

      no, it will not be an issue. you don't need to apply the visa.

  • Replyworryme    Sep. 25, 2013 11:10

    Hi my boyfriend and i are going to Hong kong this November for 5days.We already booked a round trip tickets and hotel. I am a Filipina and my bf is a foreigner and we are coming from Philippines to Hongkong.. i resigned from my work 2 months ago so im currently unemployed and now im worried that i might get denied in Philippines immigration upon departure because of my status.. do you think a valid passport id,roundtrip ticket and hotel voucher are enough? my bf will shoulder all the expenses during our stay in hong kong anyway

  • Replyjhel    Sep. 19, 2013 06:59

    hi.. my friend apply for her passport and schedule of appearance by 27 september 2013.. our flight is on 13 october 2013.. can she use her passport as soon as she receive it??please reply asap.

    • Replied by: Bill   Sep. 21, 2013 19:47

      yes, of course, she can use her passport as soon as she receive it.

  • ReplyDi    Sep. 16, 2013 11:49

    Hi. I am a resident in HK and my boyfriend wants to visit me for 14 days. He is going to stay at my place, and not in a hotel. is that okay? Should I provide him an invitation letter to present at the airport immigration? He has his round trip ticket back to the Philippines but it is his first time to travel, though. thanks in advance.

    • Replied by: Rita   Sep. 16, 2013 19:30

      you need to provide him an invitation letter.

    • Replied by: Di   Sep. 17, 2013 06:58

      thank you.

  • Replymary ann    Sep. 13, 2013 07:58

    I am planning to go a tour in hongkong for 3 days only..i have my hotel reservation,back and port ticket and a pocker money....my problem is is there any question of the immigration here in the philippines....or any document i need to present because i'm traveling alone.hope you will help me..thank you

    • Replied by: Jim   Sep. 15, 2013 19:05

      don't forget your passport.

    • Replied by: mary ann   Sep. 15, 2013 21:56

      yes of course i have my passport...

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