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I want to say
  • ReplyCecil
    2013/12/12 5:17:00

    Hi im from philippines . Im planning to visit my husband in macau and stay for 20 days. The ticket i reserved is via hongkong and will just have to take a ferry going to macau. Do i need a hongkong visa. What documents should i present aside from my philippine passport?

    • Emma :2013/12/12 18:02:00

      no, you don't need a HongKong visa as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days. you also need to prepare your round-trip air tickets and an invitation letter from your husband.

  • Replybubbi halili
    2013/12/11 11:33:00

    hi! do i need full 6mos.validity on my philippine passport to visit hongkong for a week stay on jan.'2014?

    • Kate :2013/12/11 17:38:00

      as Filipino passport holders are exempt from hong kong visa for 14 days, so you just need to make sure that your passport has a validity of at least 30+14 =44 days.

  • Replysteph
    2013/11/30 6:42:00

    hi im holding philippines passport.. if i go hongkong and provide air tikket and pocket money.. i have employment visa to dubai.. can i pass in hongkong immigration if i show my employment visa... pls advice me.....

    • Linda :2013/12/1 17:49:00

      you also need to provide hotel reservation in hong Kong.i don't think your employment visa will do any help when you enter Hong Kong.

    • john :2013/12/10 1:32:00

      filipinos can enter hongkong and macau with only passports to present at the immigration counter. nothing more nothing less except for show money if necessary..

  • Replyjenny
    2013/12/8 8:43:00

    Hi! I have a friend visiting in macau first week of january. What do the macau immigration ask for documents for her to enter macau. I will not book her a hotel accomodation anymore instead i will let her stay in my boarding house? Is that possible to tell to the officer?. My friend is phillippine passport holder

    • Linda :2013/12/8 17:54:00

      you need to write an invitation letter to your friend in which states that you will provide a place to live during her stay in Macau.

    • jenny :2013/12/8 21:04:00

      Will they not mind if were not relatives?

    • Della :2013/12/9 18:09:00

      no. it is fine.

  • ReplyAubrey
    2013/11/29 8:54:00

    Hi, my mom and I will be going to HK from Manila this December 2013 and will be returning to Manila from Macau. Our HK-Macau tour will last for 4 days and 5 nights.. What documents do we need to prepare and present aside from our passport? I am currently employed but my mom is no longer working.. Would that be a problem? Thanks.

    • Rita :2013/12/1 17:41:00

      you also need to prepare hotel reservation in Hong Kong and Macau, round-trip air tickets, and enough pocket money (20,000 peso is suggested by most visitors), and you may also need to prepare an affidavit of support autenticated by philippines consulate in Hong Kong.

  • ReplyJulian
    2013/11/28 2:28:00

    Hi i need a further help about my plan to travel in hong kong.. me and my Fiance plan to meet in hong kong but then we will arrive in different time/day cos he is from UK and im from philippines... but then i will have all the document of his flight going to hong kong and our hotel reservation is 20.000 pesos pocket money will be enough as my budget for a day cos my fiance will be arrive in a day and he will be the one who will support and answer all the expenses. this will be my first out of the country trip. i wish you can help me.. and answer my question asap.any further help are appreciated

    • Linka :2013/11/28 17:27:00

      to enter Hong Kong from the Philippines, you need to provide your valid passport, hotel reservation in Hong Kong, pocket money, and a support letter from your fiance. You may be asked to provide an affidavit of support authenticated by Filpino Consulate in hk.

  • Replyjamie
    2013/11/26 16:29:00

    Hi, We are going to Macau this Feb 2014 and part of our itinerary is to visit Hongkong Disneyland too. Can we visit Hongkong without encountering any problem? We are from the Philippines or is it advisable to just cancel our itinerary to Hongkong. Thank you & hope to hear a response from you.

    • Kate :2013/11/26 17:38:00

      i don't think there will be a problem, but you 'd better pay attention to the news about Hong Kong and Philippines before departure.

  • ReplyAbeta Gabing
    2013/11/24 11:40:00

    Hi, My sisters and their children are visiting Hongkong this coming January 14-16th. 2014. Is it true that they need to apply a tourist visa as a Philippines passport holder? Please, I need your information. Respectfully Yours, Abeta

    • Susan :2013/11/24 19:48:00

      no, they don't need to apply the visa.

  • ReplyLyen
    2013/11/20 11:59:00

    Hi! We are philippine passport holder. Me and my husband are planning to visit Macau for 2 days 1 night and stay at hongkong for 5 nights 6 days and return to macau for another 1 night 1 day before returning to the Philippines. is that possible?

    • Susan :2013/11/20 18:02:00

      yes, it is possible. but you'd better collect more information about Filipinos visiting Hong Kong, as it may be difficult for you to visit Hong Kong due to the hostage crisis.

  • Replyjamie
    2013/11/19 16:39:00

    Hi I'm Jamie from Philippines. My sister & I purchase ticket last Sept 2013 and booked a ticket going to Macau this Feb15-17,2014 for vacation. Do we need need to secure visa? Hope to hear a response from you. Thanks

    • Vic :2013/11/19 17:26:00

      no, you don't need to apply the visa as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.

    • jamie :2013/11/19 18:13:00

      Thanks Vic

  • ReplyFelix
    2013/11/16 8:15:00

    I am travelling to hongkong mid January 2014. I have a paid hotel reservation for 3 nights and 4 days. Do I need a tourist entry visa to enter hongkong? I am PHILIPPINE PASSPORT HOLDER.

    • Jesscy :2013/11/17 18:55:00

      no, you don't need the visa.

  • Replymc
    2013/11/15 18:02:00

    Hi guys i just want to ask if travelling hongkong already have a visa? im a philippine passport holder...please need your reply..coz we already booked our ticket round trip and hotel in hongkong this coming dec 7-9..

    • Tina :2013/11/17 18:53:00

      there is no furture report to confirm that, so you can still visit Hong kong free of visa for 14 days.

  • ReplyRoan
    2013/11/14 2:52:00

    Good day everyone! I'm planning to visit macau very soon and i want to stay there for only 3 days. I have roundtrip ticket, hotel reservation and more than 30 thousand pesos pocket money. Would that the enough to enter Macau cuz im a lil bit scared about the immigration here in Philippines i heard that they are very strict. And i dont want to be offloaded. if just in case that they will offload me what am i going to do? where can i complain? where can i fight my right? I need your advice. thank you!

    • Kate :2013/11/14 18:06:00

      yes, that is enough. you can do nothing if you are offloaded.

  • ReplyFS
    2013/7/22 18:47:00

    I am a Filipino planning to go to Hongkong next month. Do i need to apply for a visa go to Xiamen for one day? Can I apply for it in Hongkong.

    • Steve :2013/7/22 19:30:00

      you need to apply a visa to Mainland China for your day trip to Xiamen. you'd better apply it through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines before you leave, although you can apply it hong Kong.

    • FS :2013/7/22 20:54:00

      Thanks, Steve. May I know where in HKG can I apply for visa and the requirements?

    • Steve :2013/7/23 19:19:00

      you can apply the visa at visa section of the Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong S.A.R, which is located at 3rd Floor (Visa Section) & 4th Floor (Chinese Travel Document Section), China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR. Required documents: your valid passport, and the application form which you download and complete in advance, as well as your recently taken passport-size photo. Under some circumstances, you may be required to provide financial proof, a copy of Chinese hotel booking and return flight ticke.

    • Jazzy :2013/11/14 5:26:00

      Hi. im going to travel for the first time in hk,as my bf (british) is also going there for a 1 week work , what do I need more aside from the plane ticket and money?

    • Lyla :2013/11/14 18:18:00

      you also need the hotel reservation, Jazzy.

  • ReplyMelody Tiangson
    2013/11/11 8:34:00

    I bought a ticket going to hongkong on 11/13..Is it possible to go there without visa?? I will stay there for 5 days..please reply and help me..thank you

    • Fred :2013/11/11 18:21:00

      yes, it is possible, as long as you have all the required documents:1. invitation letter if you know someone in Hong Kong 2. 20k is favorable amount of pocket money for tourist3. affidavit of support autenticated by phil.consulate in hk 4. inviter’s copy of passport & hk.id 5. roundtrip ticket, return tickets are required especially if its your first time to travel Hong kong.

  • ReplyAnne
    2013/11/11 1:57:00

    Hi I'll ask how much the show money when I visit macau. Im a filipino citizen?

    • Candy :2013/11/11 18:22:00

      at least MOP5,000.

  • ReplyDerlyn Joy C. Vallejos
    2013/11/10 5:12:00

    hello, my mother and I are to planning to have 6-day tour to hong kong by next april 2014... we've been so worried about the hong kong canceling visa free for tourist.. if that would really push through that would be a hassle to apply for a visa.. What are the necessary things to prepare for the application of visa?? since there is a big possibility of it to be implemented..

    • judy :2013/11/11 18:36:00

      it is hard to say whether it will be carried out. if you have to apply the visa, you can only apply it through the Chinese Embassy or consulate General in your country, and it usually takes about 1 months to get the visa after you submit your application. the basic required documents to apply a Hong Kong visa are:1. Your valid passport or travel documents in lieu of passport2. A completely filled out visa application form3. Affidavit of support autenticated by phil.consulate in hk4. Your recent photograph (affixed to the application form) 5. Photocopy of proof of your financial standing, e.g. bank statements, savings accounts passbooks, tax receipts, etc. and proof of employment (if any), e.g. company leave letter, salary slips, etc. 6. Photocopy of proof of transportation arrangement, e.g. flight itinerary 7. Photocopy of proof of the proposed leisure visit to Hong Kong, e.g. receipt for a package tour to Hong Kong, itinerary, etc.

  • ReplyAnne
    2013/11/9 6:20:00

    Hi! Im from philippines my bf want me to visit him in dubai. Is it ok if i go to hongkong for 3-4days then hongkong to dubai? Should he buy a round trip ticket from phil to hongkong? What should we do? Actually we dont have any idea if its possible. Im hoping for your reply. Thank you,

    • Jim :2013/11/11 18:38:00

      yes, it is ok. you don' t need to buy the roundtrip tikcets, but only provide the ticket to Hong Kong and leave from Hong Kong to Dubai.

  • Replykimi
    2013/11/7 20:43:00

    I'm a philippine passport holder. I'm a tourist in Macau and I want to go to Hongkong and go home to Philippines on November 30, 2013. My Macau visa will expire on November 12, 2013. When I go to HongKong, will they give me 20 days extension of stay as visa??coz I'm planning to stay in Hongkong for 2days and one night only.Please Help. thanks.

    • Elena :2013/11/11 18:41:00

      you mean will you get 20 days stay in Macau after you return to Macau from Hong Kong?if so. Yes, it is possible that you will get the 20 days extension.

  • ReplyGeorge Ian
    2013/11/7 20:38:00

    Hi I'm a filipino citizen and I have plan to go to hongkong and macau do i need to get a visa to hongkong and macau? There's hearsay that the hongkong government implement for the filipino to get a visa is it true?

    • Dan :2013/11/11 18:43:00

      no, you do not need the visa, as Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days and Macau visa for 30 days. the hearsay is ture, but the Hong Kong government does not officially implement the decision.

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