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I want to say
  • Replythree
    2014/4/2 5:09:00

    My family and i going for vacation in macau. We have a round trip ticket philippines to macau and macau to philippines. Is it okay if i'll exit in macau and travel to dubai on my own? I planned to visit my friends there. I also have visit visa do i need a hotel reservation? THANKS.

    • Candy :2014/4/2 21:01:00

      it is ok to travel to dubai on your own. a hotel reservation in Macau is required.

  • Replyapril carreon
    2014/3/27 0:50:00

    Hello im i just wnt to ask.im planning to go to macau for 3-4 days alone do i need invitation letter?wat are the requirements needed.please help me.

    • Candy :2014/3/30 22:45:00

      read the article on this page carefully for the documents required to visit Macau. http://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/macau_visa.htm

  • Replyjohara
    2014/3/26 3:48:00

    Hi.. were planning to enter hongkong and exit macau after 6 days of tour.. will it be possible?

    • Jeanifer :2014/3/26 22:01:00

      yes, it is possible, but visitors from different countries are required different documents, so where are you from?

  • Replylhen corella
    2014/3/24 16:51:00

    hi!we'll arrive in Macau, go to HK and fly back to manila via Hk airport.Do we need a visa if we'll visit hk coming from MAcau for just around 2 days? If so, can we get it on the spot? What are the processes we need to take note? I have s Philippine passport .how much would it cost?please send me all the details that we need know.

    • Jack :2014/3/24 21:51:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you don't need to apply the visa. but you need to provide the round-trip tickets, hotel reservation, and some pocket money.

  • Replyjenalyn Picardal
    2014/3/24 3:35:00

    hi..i and my boyfriend will celebrate our first anniversary at Macau..we already book a flight round trip and have our hotel reservation.. we will stay at Macau for 6 days...i am holding my Philippine passport and my boyfriend is United states passport...i may ask if what else needed for our flight?thank you.

    • fred :2014/3/24 21:48:00

      you also need to prepare some pocket money.

  • ReplyLynn
    2014/3/22 9:13:00

    Hi, I have been making frequent visits to Macau for my Gf and I am wondering if my visa is still renewable on re-entry. Basically, I stayed in Macau for almost two months last year late august to late october (re-entering once), left for a month in november, then re-entered Macau and stayed for a month in december. I left Macau in january for a month and returned to Macau late february. now it's late march, but i am wondering if i can leave and re-enter again thru HK, as i am making plans to leave only in april. is that possible?

    • David :2014/3/23 21:30:00

      how long are you going to stay in HK?are you still going to Macau or just stay in HK? by the way, where are you from? visitors from some countries are required to apply hk visa but some are not.

  • ReplySally Catral
    2014/3/18 23:33:00

    I am holding a HK permanent visa and had applied for a renewal of Philippine Passport but it will be released in May 2014. I would like to go to Macau for a visit. Does macau immigration require me to show my passport upon entry or my HKID is sufficient for my entry?

    • Fred :2014/3/19 22:38:00

      your passport is also required.

  • Replyjoanna
    2014/3/17 10:11:00

    Hi I'm joanna,my friend lives in hongkong,now she invite me to visit hongkong,what are the thing that I needed to be a tourist in hongkong and how much pocket money I need too?

    • Terry :2014/3/17 21:47:00

      hi Joanna,where are you from? the requirements are different for visitors from different countries.as for the pocket money, i heard it is at least USD 100 per day for one person.

  • Replycatherine
    2014/3/16 20:14:00

    hi im a filipino passport holder, just want to know if there will be show money going to macau? me and my friends planning to tour in macau dis may 9.. what will be the needs to go to macau?? thankyou

    • Jeremy :2014/3/17 21:45:00

      yes, show money is required. as Filipino passport holders, you are exempt from the Macau visa for 30 days, so you need to take your valid passport (at least 60 days), voucher of hotel reservation, round-trip air tickets, and show money (at least MOP 5,000).

  • ReplyQueeng2
    2013/12/11 20:18:00

    I booked a ticket philippines to macau & hongkong phippines? Is this okay or is this allowed? If yes, wat should we prepare to avoid problems with the immigration. Thanks.

    • May :2013/12/12 17:59:00

      yes, it is allowed. you need to prepare your valid passport, hotel reservation in Macau and Hong Kong, some pocket money, and round-trip air ticket (of course you have booked them).

    • Ericha Solomon :2014/2/7 10:43:00

      how much minimum pocket money should i present in the immigration? please do answer so i could avoid problems in the immigration.

  • Replytyroneblaue
    2014/3/1 10:09:00

    Hi good pm, me my mom, sister and her boyfriend are going to Macau this April, and we have the ticket, hotel voucher, travel documents and pocket money..what else do we need for us not to be offloaded..its our first time to travel abroad..thanks...

    • May :2014/3/14 6:00:00

      where are you from?people form some country do not need to apply the visa, and the documents you've mentioned are enough. check at this page to see if you are required to apply the visa: http://www.warriortours.com/embassy/visa_passport/macau_visa.htm

  • Replycandy
    2014/3/11 13:56:00

    ..hi I worked in macau before and went back to Philippines.Now I decided to go back to macau but the problem is that I don't have any relatives living in macau.Is an invitation letter from a friend is ok?I have pocket money and round trip ticket.Only the invitation letter is the problem.

    • Emm :2014/3/14 5:55:00

      i think it is ok.

  • ReplyRico
    2014/2/14 7:04:00

    I am a Philippine passport holder. I am traveling to Hong Kong, if my 14 days expires can i exit to Macau and back again to Hong Kong? how many days can the immigration can give me again if I go back to Hong Kong?

  • ReplyRon
    2014/2/13 5:46:00

    Hi, good day Sir/Madam,I am a Filipino planning to enter Hong kong and after my 13th day I will exit to Macau and look a job there in Macau, is it possible to enter again Hong kong before my stays expires and back again to Macau for the job if i get hired? Is that illegal? where can I apply a working visa in Macau?Thanks.

  • Replyjaneth
    2014/2/12 14:15:00

    Hi im a fililipina im here in philippines im planning to go to macau via hong kong is it need to undergo with hong kong immigration to take helicopter or ferry .please reply me .many thanks

  • Replynicky
    2014/2/10 4:25:00

    HI there i am pinay and my boyfriend is American and we both going to Hongkong. from Manila is there any problem if ever ? we going to stay there for only 3 days only.. thanks

  • ReplyViola
    2013/12/2 21:05:00

    Hi! I am a Philippine passport holder and i am planning to meet my bf in HK this month. The documents I have are the following:1. Valid Passport2. RT Ticket3. Employment Certificate4. Hotel Confirmations5. Itinerary6. Cash worth 20K and some USD (just in case show money is needed)My bf is from Switzerland and he will shoulder all my expenses while we are in HK. He already forwarded to me the hotel confirmations but it is under his name, do you think it's alright? Secondly, is it necessary for him to make a letter like financial support during the trip? I hope you can help me. Thanks!

    • Bill :2013/12/3 17:35:00

      yes, it is alright. he does not need to take financial support.

    • viola :2013/12/17 19:55:00

      Thank you Bill for the response. I really appreciate it.I have one more question. Based on the documents that i have, only i am lacking with is the credit card. I have debit cards which could also be use in international transactions. You think this wont create a problem?

  • ReplyEricha Solomon
    2014/2/7 1:09:00

    Hi! My husband and I purchased airfare ticket and hotel accomodation in hongkong for 3 days and 2 nights as we're planning to have a city tour. How much pocket money we should bring and do we have to present it in immigration? Sorry, it's our first time to travel outside the country and we're really excited :)

  • Replyloren
    2014/2/6 8:30:00

    Hi my aunt, cousin & I will visit Macau, HK & Guangzhou this April. we'll arrive via Macau, go to HK then Guangzhou and fly back to manila via Guangzhou. Do we need a visa if we'll visit Guangzhou (coming from HK) for just around 2 days? If so, can we get it on the spot? What are the processes we need to take note? I have s Philippine passport while they have UK passports. Thank you for the response..

  • ReplyMarvin
    2014/2/5 8:11:00

    I have a tentative flight on Feb.26, 2014 going to Hongkong with a return date of Feb. 28, 2014. I also have a Dubai visit visa, confirmed ticket HK to Dubai and planning to go directly to Dubai instead of flying back here in the Philippines coz it''s much easier if HK will be my point of origin. My question is, due to the issues concerning passengers being offloaded by the Immigration Officers, should I inform Immig Officer that I am going to Dubai after my HK trip? What are the necessary documentations are they (Immig Officers) going to ask from me? I recently resigned from my work as a Call Center Representative but I still have my Company ID with me and Contract. Do you think NAIA Immigration have ways to verify my employment coz I am thinking of showing it as a proof that I am working here? I even have my VISA Credit Card with me to suffice my trip and valid Philippine Passport. Please help me figure this one out. Thank you.

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