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I want to say
  • ReplyDandy Altarejos
    2017/2/11 19:21:00

    hi i just want to know if i still can go to shenzen for exit..hongkong immigration allow me only 3 days to stay here in Hk..or they called follow the ticket is it posible to exit in shenzen and coming back again to hongkong??

    • Mandy :2017/2/17 22:33:00

      You can have a try, but I cannot assure anything.

  • ReplyJun
    2017/1/8 20:58:00

    Philippine passport holder here. Can we Enter Macau and exit thru Hongkong?

    • Manny :2017/2/5 3:16:00

      Yeah, you can.

  • Replyangel
    2017/1/8 7:22:00

    hello, I am ofw in hongkong and my visa already expired,and i exit here in macau,i am now planning to go back in HK as a tourist.. is it possible for me to get in HK as a tourist? anyone can answer me please

    • Mindy :2017/2/5 3:15:00

      yes, it is possible.

  • ReplyEvelyn
    2017/1/4 9:08:00

    I hv a one time entry visa to china but im flying to hk then stay at shenzhen. But i plan a one day trip to macau. Can i go in again to shenzhen?

    • Anita :2017/2/5 3:14:00

      No, you cannot because you just have single-entry visa.

  • ReplyTrinaPags
    2016/12/28 15:14:00

    will be going to HK (Manila -HK - MAnila) for a vation with family. however 2 of them holds Spanish Passport vacationing in the philippines. 1. can they go to HK with out visa like the Philippines2. Can they still return to Manial just showing original itenerary form spain to Manila then spain?

    • Billy :2016/12/31 1:01:00

      Trina, yes, that can. Spanish passport holders can enjoy free entry to HK for a stay of not exceeding 90 days. They can still return to Manila. Or they can also show the original itinerary form Spain to Manila then Spain.

  • ReplyLovely
    2016/12/17 12:29:00

    Hi there! So I'm lovely from Philippines. I have a little concern though. My BF booked a hotel reservation in HK. We decided to meet in HK for the first as it is very time consuming for him to have more hours to get to the Philippines. He's from UK and he will carry all my expenses including my tix back and forth. I don't have credit cards of bank accounts. But I can show them that I'm still a student (I'm not minor either, 24 already) and will stay in HK for 5 days and will return home because I still have classes to attend. Please give me any suggestions of what to bring. Thank you

    • Rudy :2016/12/21 4:16:00

      You need to provide your passport, the return ticket and enough travel fees with you.

  • ReplyLa eugenio
    2016/12/10 8:16:00

    Hi im LA from Philippinesi would like to ask if I can travel to Hong Kong then on my last two days, I can go to Macau and exit from Macau back to the Philippines?

    • Leo :2016/12/17 4:02:00

      Yes, you can travel like that.

  • Replyjay
    2016/11/29 23:15:00

    Hi, IIm a Philippine Passport holder, i frequently go to Macau for Holiday and playing Casino, will there be any problem if i go to Macau many times, I've been there this november and planning to go again on December to spend New Year, this is my 7th time already. I hope someone can answer and help me.

    • Luke :2016/12/10 1:54:00

      Jay, you can go there many times.

  • Replygirlie intalan
    2016/11/20 3:15:00

    hi! i want to ask what if my husband came from philippines then go here in hongkong as a tourist then macau for 2 weeks can he entry again in hongkong..thank u

    • Adrian :2016/12/10 1:36:00

      Yes, he can.

  • Replycharm
    2015/6/20 15:52:00

    Hi! I am a filipina. I would like to travel to hong kong as a tourist. my ticket was booked for 20 days stay. As per the immigration policy. I am only allowed to stay in hong kong visa free for 14 days, will the airline staff allow me to go to hong kong and stay 20 days or will they decline me and ask me to rebook my return and shorten it by 14 days? thank you!

    • Grace :2015/6/23 3:10:00

      I don't think the airline will reject you to board on the plane, but there is a risk that the immigration officer will not let you enter.

    • Beu :2016/11/19 17:56:00

      Hi.. I have a same problem.. My husband work in macau book us a ticket for 42 days of stay in macau.. But i have an invitation letter from him.. It is possible fir us to pass the immigration? Im traveling with our kid and this is our first travel if ever.. Pls i need ur reply.. Pls

    • Lorenzo :2016/12/10 1:37:00

      I think you can pass the immigration. Don’t worry!

    2016/11/21 2:56:00

    HI, I am from bangladesh..living bangladesh..i want to travel in jeju island from china.and in jeju island want to stay more than 5 days.and return to china again..because i got double entry china visa..so please advice me that can i enter in Jeju island with 30 days on arrival visa?

    2016/11/14 18:25:00

    I have a job offer to work for a Hong Kong company with a start date on January 2017, me and my fiancee are from Peru, I'm supposed to get the Z type before travelling to HK, but which visa should my fiancee get to live with me in HK? I'm planning to stay there for at least two years... And I'll marry her next year. Thanks in advance for your urgent help with this matter.

    • Linda :2016/11/19 3:56:00

      Because you two haven’t got married, your fiancée can only apply for a tourist entry permit for HK and stay for a short time. After you get married, she can apply for dependant entry permit and stay in HK with you.

  • ReplyLeechan
    2016/11/17 16:59:00

    Hi, is there a visa going to Hongkong from Manila? We want to go have a short trip to Shenzhen for a week, where can we get a visa? Are they issuing visa there in Hongkong to Shenzhen for one week?

    • Janice :2016/11/19 4:03:00

      You are advised to apply for the entry permit in your home country. If you don’t have HK residence permit, it is difficult for you to get the entry permit for Shenzhen from HK.

  • ReplyKahlin
    2016/2/28 14:44:00

    hi, family of 5 adults + 1 child Philippine passport holders travelling to macau and hong kong this april planning to squeeze in a day's tour to Shenzhen & come back same day. can we get visa on arrival in Shenzhen? if yes, is it better to go via macau or via hong kong ?

    • Martins :2016/3/1 2:28:00

      I’m afraid it’s difficult for you to get VOA there. You’d better apply for a relevant entry permit to go there if time is enough. But if you go to Shenzhen from HK, after stay in Shenzhen for one day, you go to Macau, in this case, you don’t need any entry permit because you are eligible for the 24 hour direct transit.

    • Clare :2016/11/2 10:45:00

      Hi! Im a fresh graduate and its my first time travelling abroad (alone) in hk from the philippines. Im planning to stay there for 2 days at my tita's house do i need an invitation letter? Thanks!

  • ReplyPina
    2016/10/24 12:33:00

    Hi, for a Philippine passport holder planning to travel in HK for 14 days or less. If he will spend a day tour in Macau, will the length of his stay in HK be reset to 14 as he return? Thank you.

    • Bobbi :2016/11/1 4:38:00

      Pina, yes, the 14 days will start all over again if you will go to Macau during the process, but you are not advised to do that because you may be refused to re-enter HK if the time gap between your first and second entry is too short.

  • ReplySohelrana
    2016/10/23 16:01:00

    Hi,, I am from bangladesh..u know I need a tourist visa to enter Macau or Hong Kong.I was visit china before 4 month.now again I will be visit shenzhen,china..please inform me from Shenzhen or Guangzhou can I take Macau or Hk entry permit???we are three person.and we have all documents and 6000/7000USD+ cradit card.we also prepared to submit our passport for Portugal tourist entry permit in Macau..we are already travel 3/4 country..So advice how it possible to easy to take hk and macau entry permit from china??

    • Nissan :2016/11/1 4:36:00

      Sohelrana, I’m afraid you cannot get HK/Macau entry permit from Shenzhen or Guangzhou. You should apply for it in your home country ahead of your trip. As for Portugal entry permit, you are also advised to apply in your home country.

  • ReplyMarianito mayco penaflor
    2016/10/19 12:44:00

    Hi! We are planning to have a vacation on November 2016. Good for 4 person, We have plane ticket MANILA- HONGKONG- MANILA. And also have a hotel booking under my friend name but we fly together..at the same day and time .. then my one friend she want to join the trip but the hotel booking is good for 4person only ..is it possible that she can join our trip?

    • Joey :2016/11/1 4:25:00

      It is possible for her to join your trip. When entering HK, the hotel reservation may be inspected randomly. Your friend can bring other documents including passport, the return ticket and enough travel fees with her.

  • ReplyHonnie
    2016/10/18 1:30:00

    Hi, please help i am planning to travel in mainland china to visit my fiancé family in xiamen Can you please tell me some other way to have a chinese visa as i dont have BIR, i am asking some invitation letter from my bf's parents, is that enough for me to have a visa? And how much money do i need to have in my bank account for the bank certificate?

    • Clare :2016/11/1 4:23:00

      Honnie, an invitation letter from your boyfriend can make you exempt from proving flight itinerary and hotel reservation. The financial support proof may also be required. If you don’t have BIR, you can provide other documents to show your financial support proof such as your work certificate, payment slip, or bank savings account. There is no exact requirement for how much you should have in your bank account, while you need to make sure that you can pay for all your expenses in China.

  • ReplyJessica
    2016/10/7 23:29:00

    Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to travel to HK from Philippines and cross to Macau then from Macau back to Philippines? We will visit Macau for a day and we wont go back to HK anymore because its cheaper to fly from Macau going back to Philippines than HK-Phil. Will that be possible? We'll be staying in HK for 3 days and 1 day in Macau. Btw, we own a Philippine passport.

    • Rick :2016/11/1 4:17:00

      Jessica, of course, you can do that.

  • ReplyAdam Pontigon
    2016/10/1 6:18:00

    Is it possible to travel From Manila to Guangzhou. then Exit to Hongkong back to Manila ? we have already Chinese Visa. Were Holding Phillipine Passport Please advise. Thank you.

    • Roland :2016/11/1 4:16:00

      Yes, you can travel like that.

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