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I want to say
  • Replyruth annsecretario    Aug. 02, 2014 09:47

    first time ko po pumunta ng hongkong for tour,but i have no work right now,,,what can i answer if they question that to me...i have a roundtrip ticket and hotel accomodation.

    • Replied by: Hinda   Aug. 04, 2014 00:01

      Which country are you from? People from some countries are exempted from visa for a short term trip in HK. If you are qualified for that, the round trip ticket and accommodation reservation proof are enough!

  • Replycarlo    Jul. 28, 2014 09:03

    does the HK immigration dig deep questions like philippine immig if you will enter in their country as a tourist for 3days 2nights and you will be traveling alone?..

    • Replied by: Coco   Aug. 03, 2014 23:59

      I heard the remittances slip will also work.

    • Replied by: Shonali   Jul. 29, 2014 21:38

      No, they generally won't deep question you if you show the necessary documents, such a your round-trip air tickets, hotel booking proof and passport. Sometimes, they may also ask for your bank statement with at least around 6 monthes' history. I suggest you prepare all in case.

    • Replied by: carlo   Jul. 30, 2014 02:26

      What if i do not have bank account? Can i show remittances slips?

  • Replysimang    Jul. 01, 2014 06:14

    Hi! What advice can you give me to pass Philippine immigration going to Hongkong? I will be having a 3 days 2 nights tour.. What documents should i bring? and what question do they usually ask? Please reply.. Thank you & God bless!!

    • Replied by: Rita   Jul. 05, 2014 05:26

      Show the hotel reservation proof and round trip air tickets and you will be allowed to enter HK. Sometimes, they may ask showmoney, around 100USD per day during your stay in HK.

    • Replied by: simang   Jul. 28, 2014 08:54

      hi its me. i was offloaded i clark. :( they were asking a remittance slips from my parents because they found out that both of my parents are OFW. i just want to ask of i will fly in NAIA will they know if ive been offloaded in clark?.. pls reply

    • Replied by: simang   Jul. 28, 2014 08:58

      by the way i will be traveling alone and its my frist time. i have a friend in macau she's a i girl but im a guy if the immigration ask me if do i have a friend or relatives to visit there.what better answer should i say?..should i say that i do have a friend there? im worried because.if they knew shes a girl they will dig deeper please i need your help.. im so scared to be offloaded again :'(

    • Replied by: Naida   Jul. 29, 2014 21:35

      Just tell them the truth that you have a friend there. I believe it won't bring you into any trouble. Don't worry!

  • ReplyJoshua A    Jul. 14, 2014 08:51

    Good day! Im a filipino national and im planning to go to Guangzhou via macau or Hkg,no need for macao or hkg visa right for Ph nationals, what about upon entering in guangzhou, do i still have to get visa here in Ph or i can get visa upon arrival in macao or hkg?

    • Replied by: Manny   Jul. 27, 2014 04:53

      Hi, you need apply for a visa in advance to tour Guangzhou.

    • Replied by: Cissy   Jul. 29, 2014 03:16

      You are highly suggested to apply in your country for entering China. it is possible to apply in HK or Macau, but it is not assured that you can get it finally.

  • ReplyNrose    Jul. 14, 2014 04:09

    Im a Filipina working in Macau. My bf will visit me for 26 days. He is from Turkey. He will have a passport, roundtrip ticket (Istanbul-HK-Istanbul), hotel accommodation and invitation letter. From HK airport he will go and ride a ferry going to Macau. After the 26 days in Macau he will back in HK for his flight going back to Turkey. Is that possible to have a roundtrip ticket Istanbul-HK-Istanbul and transit from HK to Macau via ferry? Will the authority will not question his documents because ALL is for Macau? Thanks in advance.

    • Replied by: Bill   Jul. 29, 2014 03:10

      Please do not worry. He can easily make his transfer in HK. According to the rules, people with turkish passport can enjoy a 90-day free visa policy to visit HK let alone transferng in HK.

  • Replyrhea    Jul. 14, 2014 05:04

    Hi, I'm planning to go to Macau this Nov 2014/Dec 2014, a tourist for 1 month. What are the necessary documents needed aside form the round plane ticket and a show money of 10000 Pesos? and how much would be the pocket money to stay in macau for 1 month? I am going to meet my british bf there and we'll stay there for 1 month.

    • Replied by: Adrin   Jul. 29, 2014 03:07

      If you can provide your hotel bookng, it will be much better. It is a little bit hard to predict how much will you spend in Macau, but it is suggested to prepare as much as possible, so make sure you will have enough to use during stay.

  • ReplySai    Jul. 14, 2014 09:15

    Hi...how are you? Am from Philippines am going to travel hk with returning ticket to philippines... Then i might wanted to travel Macau....and book ticket in hongkong going Macau... Would the immigration of hk will allow me to go Macau after three days staying hotel in hk? Pls help me... And looking forward for your answer..Than youGod Bless

    • Replied by: Shana   Jul. 27, 2014 04:51

      Yes, you will be allowed to go into Macao from Hk without any problem.

  • ReplyRose    Jul. 16, 2014 04:37

    Hi please i need some advice my boyfriend will visit Dubai and will cross country in Hongkong first. His ticket would be like CRK-HKG-CRK he will just show in Phil Immig that he will only have a tour in HKG. He has a complete docs for his "tour" in HKG, but the truth is when he arrives in HKG he will stay there for just 10hrs then fly to Dubai.. I wanted to ask if will the HKG Immig questioned him about it?

    • Replied by: Rita   Jul. 27, 2014 04:50

      No, the immigration won't question him. And no visa is need for transit passenger in HK. Don't worry!

  • Replyoumarou    Jul. 17, 2014 11:31

    hello my name is Oumarou,i have a Niger passport and i want to visit hongkong for the first time how much do i need to have as pocket money??

    • Replied by: Jason   Jul. 27, 2014 04:48

      It depends on how long you are going to stay in HK.

  • Replyapi dela cruz    Jul. 23, 2014 14:42

    I will go to Macau,my mother send me a supporting letter a xerox of her passport and resident id...is it enough because I don't have a show money...thanks

    • Replied by: Nadia   Jul. 27, 2014 04:47

      So your mother is in Macao, right? May I know which country are you from so that I can tell you what are needed to enter Macao?

  • Replylil    Jul. 24, 2014 03:47

    hi ! really need your help,,, i came to macau last june 8 2014 ..i then now im already 46 days here in macau ,, i have 4 days more left for my visa,,, is there possible to apply for the extension of my visa here in macau,, i like to stay more because my husband hired for a job but he dont have the blue card,, he will get it next month september,, its possible to have an extension visa, thanks,, hoping for a good advise,,

    • Replied by: Joe   Jul. 27, 2014 04:46

      As I know, it is fine to extent your visa at the Immigration Department in Macau. Just do it as soon as possible!

  • ReplyJaszy    Jul. 24, 2014 10:44

    Hi, I'm from the Philippines and I'm here at hongkong for the summer break, I already exited to macau then went back here in hongkong. Is it possible to exit to macau again then go back to hongkong?

    • Replied by: Rita   Jul. 27, 2014 04:39

      Yes, it is possible, and there won't be any problem. Don't worry!

  • Replysally    Oct. 10, 2013 19:52

    hello there! Am OFW in HK and want to have a tour in Macau,Could you pls help me what are the requirements to be submitted in Philippine immigration so they will not offload me and questions me because am worked in HK before.Should I change the peso in macau money? hotel paid reservation?rountrip ticket? business permit? valid passport? Is there any things aside from these? thank you so much...am waiting for you help !

    • Replied by: joana   Jul. 16, 2014 12:59

      hi i would like to ask if i reach macau do the macau immigration still would ask me my return ticket and hotel booking?.do i need to show macau immigration these documents? or only in philippines immigration? pls help

    • Replied by: Shan   Jul. 27, 2014 04:38

      Yeah, the Macao immigration will ask for the my return ticket and hotel booking.

    • Replied by: Peter   Oct. 11, 2013 19:36

      you'd better chage some Macau money. to leave the Philippines and enter Macau, you need to present your tourn-trip air tickets, hotel reservation in Macau, valid passport, and some show money.

  • ReplyJocelyn Bernardo    Jul. 14, 2014 01:02

    June 13 supposed to my arrival in hongkong for work aq domestic helper but i did not go because of family problema, now can i aply again for work in hongkong because i cancel my my first working visa? Please I need advice from you

  • Replyjen maaba    Jul. 08, 2014 20:30

    hi, i went to macau with my husband for honeymoon last june 15, 2014, i went back to the phillippines last july 1, 2014. my husband is still staying there with our friends, i'm planning to go back to macau this aug.1, 2014. will the immigration question me? i'm worried to be offloaded.. can you please help me..

    • Replied by: Emily   Jul. 10, 2014 04:24

      Don't worry! The immigration won't question you for your visit!

  • ReplyJennifer    Jul. 04, 2014 08:04

    Hi, since my study in china is over, I want to go back to my country but i want to travel to hongkong and macau before going back. I have single entry student visa and i have used it up. my friend told me that its still okay to go to zhuhai (special economic zones) with it. is it true? because she said that staying in zhuhai when travelling to macau is much more cheaper than staying in macau.

    • Replied by: Iris   Jul. 05, 2014 05:31

      No, it is not true. If you really wanna travel in Macao and HK, you have to fly back to your country from either of them. Because your visa is single entry, you won't be allowed to enter China mainland again!

  • Replyronish    Jun. 30, 2014 11:08

    Hello I am a Nepali passport holder.m planning to visit china soon .as I have heard the Chinese embassy is just going to provide me the tourist visa just for a month .what should I do if I need to extent my tourist visa for further from china?

    • Replied by: Lily   Jul. 01, 2014 03:10

      Do you travel to China on your own or travel through agency? Generally speaking, you need to provide: passport, valid Temporary Accommodation Registration Form issued by a local police station or a hotel and a visa or stay permit application form with with recent half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo for local Exit-entry Administration Department. If you travel a lone, you still need to hand in your hotel reservation proof, airline tickets etc

  • ReplyGen    Jun. 28, 2014 06:07

    Hi! Good day, I'm a Filipina and I'm planning to enter in Macau and going Straight to Hong Kong via ferry and then return to Macau for my flight to Manila. Is this possible? Thank you!

    • Replied by: Terry   Jul. 01, 2014 03:00

      How long will you stay in Hong Kong and Macau?If you stay in Hong Kong for less than 14 days and less than 30 days in Macau, you can do it without a visa.

  • Replyeilegna    Jun. 26, 2014 16:21

    hi good day! im from philippines and im planning to go to hk and macau. im travelling with my bf's aunt who is resident in hk. my question is what is the possible documents i need to bring? im still studying in college and graduating student and i also have my own business which is computer shop. do i still have to show money? btw im going to stay at my bf's cousin house and they are also resident at hk. and i also want to ask if possible if i will enter manila to hk for 2 days and go to macau for another 2days (by myself because my bf's aunt will be staying for long in hk) and in macau i will be booking a hotel.. and then i will exit in macau - philippines? is it allowed? please i need your advice. i dont want to be the one offloaded. thanks in advance

    • Replied by: Elina   Jun. 28, 2014 05:32

      As you will stay in his house, the round trip air tickets are needed. It is hard to tell whether you need show money. Just prepare it in case. For your stay, if there is hotel reservation proof, things will be easier. And it is ok to stay in HK and Macao for two days respectively.

  • Replyjean    Jun. 25, 2014 08:36

    Hello..! I am jean,from phil..I'll be having holiday in hongkong this coming novembre,for 10 days.I already have my roundtrip air ticket and hotel reservation.But my problem is,may i know how much money should i have to prepare for the showmoney?Thanks!!

    • Replied by: Iris   Jun. 28, 2014 05:26

      As I know, the things you have are enough for your stay! They may need you present showmoney or not. It is hard to say. However, to ensure a smooth trip, it is best to prepare that, 100USD per day!

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