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I want to say
  • ReplyGaye    Sep. 07, 2014 19:20

    Hi! question? I'm planning to book a flight from Manila to Macau then From Macau to Hong Kong via ferry then from Hong Kong we'll fly back to Manila.. is this possible? thank youz

    • Replied by: Susan   Sep. 17, 2014 22:33

      May I know whether you are Filipino? If so, yes, it is possible, because you are exempt from visa in Macao for 30 days and HK for 14 days. It would be fine to go through the immigration in both places with your passport.

  • ReplyKaz    Sep. 16, 2014 15:53

    What are the things needed in an invitation letter? I will go to macau for 12 days. I will be staying at my friend's house. She already sent me her Id and address. I have my passport and roundtrip ticket. Do I still need her signature? What are the things needed so i will not be offloaded. Tnx

  • ReplyMylin    Sep. 14, 2014 16:59

    Im an ofw in Kuwait and wants to go to Macau,the travel agency here recommends that i have to stop to hongkong and take a ferry going to Macau because its cheaper..,am i allowed to stop at the hongkong airport and transfer to a ferry going to Macau? Do i also need a ticket that i will be returning to Manila after Macau? Or i can only purchased Kuwait to Hongkong then Hongkong to Macau? My boyffriend is working in Macau is it much advisable to get an invitation letter from him or i can go alone as tourist as i wished?

  • Replyirman    Sep. 14, 2014 02:10

    Hello, I am Malaysian, I am planning to enter macau for a day trip before take off to hong kong by turbo jet ferry. then to stay for 3 days in hong kong before depart to malaysia from hong kong international airport. will i face any problem when making macau as entry point and hong kong as exit point?Thanks a lot

  • ReplyBK    Sep. 05, 2014 10:25

    We are going to hongkong, macau and zhuhai for holiday in Nov and will be bringing our philippine maid. Does she need a visa to go macau & zhuhai?

  • Replyeya    Sep. 03, 2014 11:05

    Hi. I will be travelling, as a tourist to Hong Kong, this October from the Philippines (and will stay there for 5 days). Based on what I've read one has to show a hotel voucher. My question is, will it be ok if that voucher contains my fiance's name on the reservation and not mine? Will the immigration question that? My fiance will be the one paying for the hotel. Thank you in advance for the reply. :)

  • ReplyCher    Sep. 03, 2014 04:49

    Hi! When traveling to macau do we need to show a hotel booking? Even if we already have return tickets to philippines. Because we plan to get a hotel when we're already in macau. Thanks

  • ReplyAnuj    Sep. 01, 2014 05:59

    We are planning to visit hkg and zhuhaido we need china visa to visit Zhuhai as indian national

    • Replied by: Jimmy   Sep. 02, 2014 20:53

      Yes, you need a Tourist visa for visiting Zhuhai and it is suggested to apply in advance in your country.

  • ReplyIvy    Aug. 28, 2014 21:53

    Good day! I'm from the Philippines, I and my BF will go to Macau this coming Dec.,we already have our round trip tickets (Manila-Macau-Manila) and we are staying there for about 7days. Upon my Aunt's invitation, we will stay on her house who is currently working there w/ blue card(working visa). She will also shoulder some of our expenses.What other documents/requirements and how much money do we need to bring?Thank you

    • Replied by: Kevin   Sep. 01, 2014 05:54

      You also need to have an invitation letter of your aunt. Sometimes. you may be asked for showmoney when going through the immigration, 100USD per day. Just prepare that in case. As you mentioned that your aunt will shoulder some expenses, it is hard to tell how much you should take.

  • ReplyRebecca    Aug. 28, 2014 21:43

    Hello, I am planning to have a few days visit in HK to meet my boyfriend there. I have my passport, return ticket hotel reservation and pocket money. What else do I need? Thank you

    • Replied by: Nick   Sep. 01, 2014 05:47

      If your country is among the countries exempt from visa in HK, all you prepared are enough.

  • Replyanthony    Aug. 31, 2014 22:36

    hi im a filipino currently working in brunei. im planning to visit hong kong for 3days in nov. from clark to hk. hk to clark. my question is do i need to pay philippine travel tax? im returning to my workplace from mln. thank you

  • ReplyCindy    Aug. 21, 2014 00:56

    Hi, Good afternoon. Just wanna ask. Twice offload. Im.going to.hong kong for vacation spend time of my american boyfrend, im staying with him, im a filipina. My problem is, the immigration need a AFFIDAVIT SUPPORT FROM.BOYFRIEND CERTIFIED BY PHIL. CONSULATE? My bf already go to phil. Embassy in hk, the officer said that only the member of family/relatives can get the affidavit. So, now what should i do? I wanna go back again in hong kong. Any idea. Pls help me

    • Replied by: Cathy   Aug. 21, 2014 02:31

      You are from Philippine?If so, you can enjoy a 14-free entry to HK with your passport, round trip tickets to HK and invitation letter from your BF. If yo stay longer, you can ask your boy friend to provide you an invitation letter to agree that he will be your sponsor during your staying HK. For more details, you may need to consult the HK Immigration Department for asking directly. If they really require it, you may only can use the free-entry to stay in HK.

  • ReplyAnne    Aug. 20, 2014 08:33

    Hi! I am a holder of ROC Taiwan Passport. i hv my PROC travel document and a single entry visa to Hong Kong. Upon arriving Hong Kong Intl airport, we will transit thru skypier going to Macau directly, from Macau, we will be back to HOng Kong on the same day. Will my single entry visa to Hong Kong ok? I

    • Replied by: Yoyo   Aug. 21, 2014 02:21

      Yes, your single entry visa is ok to enter HK, for you don't need to go through the immigration by ferry from Skypier to Macau.

  • Replyjushiel dela cruz    Aug. 20, 2014 22:39

    hi im from philippines..can i need ur help..im planning for tourist visa in macau.what are rhe requirements..if immgration asked me why im tourist visa what i should i say for them so that they didnt hold me..im afraid if they hold me..plz help me tell me if how to do..

    • Replied by: Mona   Aug. 21, 2014 02:17

      But according to the regulations, you don't need a visa for the purpose of tourism in macao. Philippines passport holders are allowed to stay there for 30 days without a visa. You just need to prepare the round trip ticket and hotel reservation proof.

  • ReplyMaria    Aug. 19, 2014 08:17

    I am travelling with a friend holding a taiwanese travelling doc and single entry visa. Could she enter macau as port of entry but travel back to hong kong as exit point?

    • Replied by: Yoyo   Aug. 21, 2014 02:13

      Yes, it is doable, but I heard the stayb duration should be within 7 days.

  • Replyjeremyfaith    Aug. 12, 2014 04:00

    Hi! I am a Filipino working in Singapore and I want to have a tour in Macau and Hongkong on February 2015. Is it possible for me to enter Macau from SG then exit from Hongkong going back to SG? Tickets will be SIngapore-Macau then Hongkong-Singapore. Thank you.

    • Replied by: Robinson   Aug. 13, 2014 22:05

      Yes, it is fine to buy ticket like this. As you are filipino, you are exempt from visa to stay in on more than 30 days in Macau and no more than 14 days in Hong Kong. You just need to show the around trip ticket and hotel reservation proof to enter Macao and HK.

  • ReplyMaria    Aug. 05, 2014 11:38

    Hi I'm from Philippines ,I want to travel this coming October 2014,my question is do I need a visa to enter the hongkong...because my friend told me it's not needed the visa...only the round trip tickets...can you answer please..thank you

    • Replied by: Shun   Aug. 11, 2014 21:14

      Your friend is right that no visa is needed. Actually, Philippines passport holders are exempt from visa for 14 days. You can just prepare round trip ticket and hotel reservation proof.

  • Replykz    Aug. 07, 2014 21:51

    We booked a ticket Philippines to Hongkong & Macau to Philippines for a 4day tour. We have our round trip tickets already , a hotel voucher in Hongkong only since we will not be staying in Macau. We'll just be there for a wholeday tour and exit Macau to Philippines in the evening. Do we need show money in both Hongkong and Macau? How much? What other documents should we prepare to avoid problems with the immigration? Thanks.

    • Replied by: Susan   Aug. 11, 2014 21:12

      Generally, the round trip air ticketa nd hotel vouch are enough. If you wanna make sure that everything will be fine, prepare a bank statement of the lastest 6 months.

  • Replyomesh    Jul. 30, 2014 06:36

    hi i m pakisatani ..i m having hongkong visa i want to travel to macau by ferry from hongkong to macau is it possible that can i travel to macau from hongkong without macau visa...

    • Replied by: Shan   Aug. 04, 2014 02:58

      I'm afraid you have to apply for a Macau visa in advance for your trip there.

  • ReplyAnita    Jul. 31, 2014 06:09

    Hi I am an indian passport holder I are travelling to Hong Kong from India for 12 days in October. I have bought a return ticket While I am in HongKong I want to travel to Phillipines for 3 days come back to Hong and take my flight back to India What are the visa requirements ? Will there be a problem in double entry and exit to Hong Kong

    • Replied by: Mona   Aug. 04, 2014 02:56

      Indian passport holders are allowed to stay in HK for 14 days, exempt from visa. So just show your round trip ticket and hotel reservation proof and they will allow u enter HK. for both trips. Don't worry!

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