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I want to say
  • ReplyMuntari    Apr. 24, 2015 10:49

    Hi . How are you doing. I hope all is well with you. I am a Niger passport holder and got a one year multiple chinese visa but i was told niger passport is 14 days visa free to hong kong, My question is, Is it possible that I can fly from here to hong kong and back and forth to mainland china every 12 days? And what are the requirement to satisfy the hong kong immigration at the airport first entry !

    • Replied by: Dell   Apr. 27, 2015 04:40

      Muntari, you can fly from mainland to Hong Kong to activate another entry for mainland. However, if you keep do this for a long time, there is a risk that you may be rejected by HK Immigration. When first entering HK, you should hold a valid passport, an onward or return ticket, and aboundant money to afford your expenditure in HK.

  • ReplyDennise    Apr. 27, 2015 02:54

    I am a Transgender woman from the Philippines and I am planning to go to Hongkong 29th of May,. I dont work here in Manila because I have a fiancee who is supporting me.. My questions are.. is ok to travel without Certification of Employment? I have a ticket roundtrip and hotel reservation already... I dont have credit cards. but I have ATM cards three major bank.. what sort of question they will ask.? Pls. tell me.. as I dont like to be offloaded thats embarrassing..

    • Replied by: Gloria   Apr. 27, 2015 04:36

      Hi Dennise! The employment certificate is not required for entering HK. The credit cards are not required either, as long as you have enough money proving you can support your living in HK. Generally, they will not ask you questions. If being asked, you can present your passport, return tickets, hotel reservations, and financial standing proofs.

  • ReplyLovely    Apr. 26, 2015 18:38

    Hi! I just want to ask what documents needed if I'm going to Macau as a tourist because I go to Philippine vacation in 1 month I'm working here in Amman Jordan.

    • Replied by: Cindy   Apr. 27, 2015 04:33

      Hey, could you tell me which country do you come from?

  • Replyleah    Apr. 23, 2015 02:38

    im fr philippines want to ask if is possible for me to enter as a tourist in macao if already deported fr hk 1yr and 6months ago?

    • Replied by: Amy   Apr. 26, 2015 05:58

      It is hard to say, Sometimes, the immigration officers just judge whether to let you in at their own discretion. Anyway, you can try you luck there.

  • Replykarel ann    Apr. 22, 2015 04:38

    Hi..am from Philippines and am to visit my boyfrnd in Hk what documents do i need in immigration? i wll only stay for 14 days.

    • Replied by: Linda   Apr. 26, 2015 05:57

      You just need to take your passport, onward or return ticket, and abundant money to guarantee your expense in HK.

  • Replyjho kits    Apr. 10, 2015 06:30

    We are planning to have a trip in macau this month. What are the necessary documents that we have to bring, are there offloads in going to macau? We are 3 and we will have a group tour.

    • Replied by: John   Apr. 19, 2015 05:38

      Jho, do you hold Filipino passports? If so, you only need to take your passports, round way tickets, and sufficient money to support your visit. As long as you don't take forbidden articles with you, you are not required to offload anything.

  • Replyche    Apr. 08, 2015 10:36

    hi i will go to hk i have pasport, show money and i have bank statement. and i am employed here i have certificate of employment and some pay slip and hotel reservation also package tour..what else immigration wants?do they ask me more questions?

    • Replied by: Kathie   Apr. 19, 2015 05:34

      Hi, I personally think the douments you have are enough. Generally speaking, they will not ask you questions. However, if being asked, just answer them honestly.

  • Replyjeanie    Apr. 07, 2015 23:26

    hi! I'm a Philippine passport holder, we' re planning for a 5 days holiday in Hongkong next month May 2015 but my passport will expire in August 2015, I' ll be allowed to travel? There would be no problem from the immigration?

    • Replied by: Mike   Apr. 19, 2015 05:27

      Jeanie, generally speaking, if the remaining validity of your passport is more than one month by the time you are leaving HK, you will be allowed to enter. There should be no problems.

  • ReplyMauristel    Apr. 04, 2015 07:51

    HI! I and my fiance planning to go to macau next month and stay there for 4 nights.Is it ok that our ticket from cebu- hongkong and we will just take a boat to macau and our ticket way back to philippine is from macau to cebu?I just wanna know if there will be no problem with that?And may i know also aside of passport and round trip ticket if there is anymore document do i need to visit macau or hong kong?I am hoping for any reply..Thank you

    • Replied by: Nelson   Apr. 19, 2015 05:26

      Mauristel, if eveything goes well, there won't be any problem. Aside from your passports and round trip tickets, you should take abundant money at hand to sponsor your trip in the two places.

  • Replymack    Apr. 14, 2015 13:28

    I'm ofw from middle east and spending time to take vacation here in the Phil's, what is the requirements to go and have a tour in Hongkong.

    • Replied by: James   Apr. 19, 2015 05:02

      Mack, do you hold the passport issued by which country? You know, HK is visa free for citizens of many countries.

  • Replyjho kita    Apr. 01, 2015 21:13

    Hello...I just want to ask my friend come home feom hk just this march due to a break contract with her employer but wants to go with her friends back to hk for a tour.Is it okey for her to go back for a tour...will the immigration allow her?

    • Replied by: Heidi   Apr. 16, 2015 05:05

      would you mind telling me her nationality?

  • ReplyEve    Apr. 13, 2015 06:37

    Hi, I'm a Malaysian. Can I fly to Macau then from Macau to Hong Kong by ferry, then from Hong Kong fly back to Malaysia?tq

    • Replied by: Melly   Apr. 16, 2015 05:03

      Eve, Hong Kong allows Malysian nationals to enter freely for a stay no longer than 90 days and Macao allows them to enter for a stay less than 30 days, so you don't need the entry permits for both places if your stay is limited to the regulated period.

  • Replydhona    Apr. 15, 2015 22:36

    Hi am a filipino citizen..just finish my 30 days visa and another 20 days visa here in macau..i know that i can get another 10 days if i used my ultimatum visa,my question is can i go to hk and stay for 24hrs and then go back to macau? will it still be able to get my 10 days uv? thanks

    • Replied by: Helen   Apr. 16, 2015 05:00

      Dhona, since you have stayed there for quite a long time, which is beyond the required period for exempting entry permits, I'm afraid the immigration officer will deny your further entry if you just leave for 24 hours.

  • ReplyJohn    Feb. 17, 2015 02:45

    Hi, I`m John from Tajikistan. I`m planning to go to HK for several days this month. I`ve a Chinese mainland visa. Do i need to apply for HK visa, or can i get it there upon the arrival? Cheers John

    • Replied by: Ross   Apr. 01, 2015 04:39

      John, you need to apply for it in advance by submitting the application documents through the embassy in your country or directly sending them to HK Immigration Department by posts.

  • ReplyZen    Feb. 23, 2015 16:20

    Hi, I am a Filipino, currently staying in hongkong for vacation only, but I want to extend my 14 days free visa in second time for another 14 days, May I know if allow in hong kong immigration or consulate to exit in macau for second time from hongkong to macau and macau to hong kong?

    • Replied by: Nancy   Apr. 01, 2015 04:37

      Yes, it is allowed, but you can't frequently do so. Otherwise, the immigration officer may deny your entry.

  • ReplyJobelleRG needs help!    Feb. 28, 2015 02:26

    hi, I am Belle, and I am a domestic helper here in HK for almost 3 years..I just want to ask on what to do, if I'm going to invite my cousin here in Hongkong for a tour. She is a first timer traveler and this is also my first time to invite any of my relative to come here. What documents should I'm going to prepare..? Do I need to go to Immigration to fill up some forms? please help me for this.. thank you so much! have a good day!

    • Replied by: Michael   Apr. 01, 2015 04:35

      Belle, which nationality does your cousin hold? HK is entry-free for many countries. Maybe the entry permit is not required for your counsin at all. If it is needed, you should fill up form ID 1003B(can be downloaded from thewebsite of HK Immigration Department) and submit your HK identity card photocopy, your passport photocopy as well as your cousin's application documents.

  • Replyyenoh    Mar. 17, 2015 07:35

    hi im from philippines. i am supposed to travel to macau last saturday but im one of the unlucky offloaded passengers. i have already my invitation from a foreign friend, passport and roundtrip ticket. but the immigration denied me because they told me that a foreign friend is not allowed to invite me. whats the best way so i can fly to mcau soon.

    • Replied by: Juno   Mar. 31, 2015 02:22

      But you are exempt from visa for 30 days in Macao. At this point, you don't need an invitation letter. You can just present your return air ticket, accommodation reservation proof as well as the bank statement and the customs will let you in.

  • ReplyNicole    Mar. 02, 2015 03:42

    Good day! we are planning to visit Macau and Hongkong for 3 days but we dont have hotel reservation, we have friend there and we plan to stay there. it is possible? Thanks.

    • Replied by: Nana   Mar. 30, 2015 23:44

      First of all, let me know which country are you from? I heard people from some countries can easily go through the immigration. The customs will only check the passport and don't care whether you have booked the accommodation. So it is fine to stay with your friend. But for people from some countries, to show the hotel reservation proof is necessary. If you wanna stay with your friend, he or she has to be a resident in HK or Macao and send you an invitation letter. If not, it may be necessary for you to book the accommodation on your own.

  • Replymela    Mar. 02, 2015 06:36

    hi im mela from philippines i would to ask i plan going to hongkong this is my first time what i need documents? and i dont have a frnd in hongkong.

    • Replied by: Arson   Mar. 30, 2015 23:27

      Just present your valid passport, return air ticket and hotel booking reservation receipt. Sometimes, the bank statement to cover your stay in HK is required.

  • ReplyMecel Vivo    Mar. 05, 2015 22:26

    Hi I want to know, I'm filipino workers here in Macau, i want my kids bring here for their holiday. I know when they arrive here the immigration will give them 30 days to stay with me. But my question is after their 2 or 3 days here I want them to visit in Hongkong just for 1 day, so when they come back here in macau how many days the immigration give them? I heard 20 days some friends said 30 days?. Thank you!.

    • Replied by: Coraline   Mar. 30, 2015 23:24

      According to the regulation, it should be 30 days, the same as your visa-free access duration.

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