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I want to say
  • Replyrhea rose miranda,   Hong Kong, China
    2012/10/31 8:17:00

    hi there,

    im working as a domestic helper here in HK and my visa will be finished on NOV.28 2012. and im going to change employer and i process my papers in consulate on nov.6..then im going back home emergency exit for 1week be back on nov.14,2012,i have more 14 days before expired my visa.do u think immigration officer let me in hk and continue my employment even i have 14 days remaining??

    • Julie :2012/10/31 20:09:00

      i think yes, the immigration officer will let you in HK.

  • Replylyn,   Philippines
    2012/10/24 23:00:00

    good day i just want to as do i need to apply a visa before entering.
    i am planning to visit hongkong my aunt was working their. as of now she is here in the phil. and will return by next week. i was planning to go him.. what documents to i need.

    • Ashley :2012/10/25 19:25:00

      As a filipino passport holder, you can stay in Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days.
      so if your trip is longer than 14 days, you need to apply a visa before entering.
      if no more than 14 days, just, your passport, round-trip air tickets, and enough pocket money, it would be better if your aunt write you an invitation letter.

  • ReplyNice Vermudez,   China
    2012/10/10 21:18:00

    This is a follow up question .. My categoty L Chinese Visa has a 15 days of duration of each stay and if it is expire on 19NOV2012 and i enter again Mainland China on November 11, 2012 can i exit on Nov. 23, 2012 ??? Or do i need to exit China on the exact date where my Visa expire ?? Do i need to exit exactly on Nov. 19, 2012 ???

    • Tim :2012/10/11 20:57:00

      i saw your previous questions. "enter before" date means you must enter China before that date, or your visa will expires if you do not enter before that date. but after you enter China (even if you enter on 19 November), you are allowed to stay 15 days, of course you can exit on November 23th.

  • Replynice vermudez,   China
    2012/10/10 1:27:00

    Hi im nice a Filipino i have a catogory L of chinese visa and it says that ENTER BEFORE 19NOV2012 i want to ask if it means that i cannot enter china AFTER 19NOV2012??

    • Daisy :2012/10/10 20:16:00

      ENTER BEFORE 19NOV2012 means the visa will expire after that date and of course, you can not enter after the date.

  • ReplyB,   United Kingdom
    2012/8/8 18:33:00

    Hi I am a little worried at the moment as I keep getting different answers. I have a 90 day business visa and I entered china on the 27th June 2012 (entry stamp says this) my flight to leave is on the 26 the September which I thought was fine until I realised that July and August both have 31 days so I believe I am overstaying my visa for 2 days. The british chinese embassy said that I needed to go to a police station or extends visa in Beijing or I would be fined substantially at the airport.

    I had my Chinese friend call and they told him that I Have till the 26th September to leave as they don't calculate the extra days in each month 90 days is the same and I wont have a problem. Is there anyway you can clarify this for me as I want to get it sorted in your experience is 90 days literally 90 days or is it just 3 months ie if you arrive on the 2nd of a month then 3 months later you must leave on the 1st and it doesn't matter about 31 days in any of the months???

    Thanks can't find this information anywhere and it would be very useful.

    • Steve :2012/8/8 19:55:00

      As I know, your duration in China should be counted by day other than month. If you do want to know the exact answer, I advise you go to the local public security bureau to make a confirmation.

  • Replyalex,   Philippines
    2012/7/16 3:31:00


    I'm from the Philippines,will be travelling to macau this week, but might need to go to Xian china for 7 days depending if my friends would be meeting me there..do i still need to obtain a china tourist visa? and could i just obtain it from macau if ever?


    • Emily :2012/7/16 19:34:00

      yes, you need to obtain a visa to China if you plan to visit Xian. you should apply it through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines before departure.

  • Replyella meng,   Philippines
    2012/7/8 23:03:00

    hi im ella from philippines:)

    i get chinese visa in the philippines and they issued june 18 to september 18(3months valid) ,they gave me 14 days to stay,i went to china june 21 then return in the philippines july 9,almost 2 days overstayed because no flight on that day,i just wanna ask if i can still go back to china between july 11 to september 18 until my visa expiration? and stay there just 14 days?hope you can answer me..thank you:)

    • Amanda :2012/7/9 19:11:00

      is your visa a single entry visa, double entry, or multi-entry visa?
      if it is a single entry visa, you can not go back to China.
      if it is a double or multi-entry visa, you can go back.

  • ReplyNicol,   Malaysia
    2012/6/25 23:46:00


    I got a China visa which stated 30 days of stay duration. My project here require me to stay up to 35 days. Can i stay for another 5 days or should i apply for an extension.

    • mini :2012/6/26 19:00:00

      you should apply for an extension 5 day ahead of the expiration day.

  • Replyleo hong moy,   Singapore
    2012/2/14 6:02:00

    i am a singapore citizen from china i am going back to china for visiting for one month may i know where to go to in singapore that i can extend my staying in china

    • Kelly :2012/2/14 19:45:00

      Singapore citizens are allowed to stay in China for 15 days without a Chinese Visa, but if you want to stay longer, you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa.

  • Replyathena,   Malaysia
    2012/1/4 20:32:00

    hi, i am malaysian chinese and i just get marry with a china guy in malaysia.we plan to stay back china for future.currently i having visa L multi entry for 30 days..what the procedure and visa i need for stay and working in china ,thank you

    • Lisa :2012/1/5 20:13:00

      You can go to China to find a work there, and then go back to Malaysia to apply for a work visa, and finally you can stay and work in China.

  • Replysandra,   Philippines
    2011/12/7 2:20:00

    Hi, my name is sandra my husband is relocate for work here in macau.this is my second time to enter in macau, my firs tvisit i came from dubai for tourist visa and i stay for 25 days, then i go back for 2 weeks in philippines, then comeback again to visit my husband for second time but they only allowed me to stay for 20 day??..our papers is on the way to apply dependents visa for my husband, isnt possible ?if i can extend my visa atleast for one week..?? please advice me what to do? and where to go??

    • summer :2011/12/7 19:14:00

      hi S,
      if you are only granted 20 days, you need to leave before it expires. you can try to extend your stay for one more week, but i'm not sure whether your application will be accepted. if not, you have to go back to the Philippines and wait for your dependent visa.

  • ReplyYaa Ama,   Ghana
    2011/10/27 12:09:00

    Am from Ghana and want to travel to malaysia in febuary 2012 for a six months stay. Can i extend my stay if i gain employment and how?

    • Kevin :2011/10/27 18:55:00

      Extension of Social/Business pass is not allowed unless approved by the Director General or Deputy Director General of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
      I'm afraid you will be not able to get an extension even if you are employed.

  • ReplyDS,   India
    2011/10/21 18:08:00

    My Parents are looking at visiting Hkg ( am a HKID Card holder) working and living in Hk. They will get a 14 day visit visa on arrival. If we are looking for an extention , how much maximum days can it extended after initial 14 days and what is the procedure.

    • Bobby :2011/10/21 20:25:00

      I think your parents can apply for the extension of stay in Hk from the Immigration Department of Hk around 1 week before the validity of their approved duration on present visa.

    • Carlos :2011/10/27 18:44:00

      You can extend your duration of stay from the local public security bureau around one week before the validity of the approved duration on your visa.

  • Replysee,   Malaysia
    2011/10/27 2:45:00

    Hi, I just applied my China Visa with 2 entries. My schedule is i am going to Shanghai on 19Nov and leaving from SH to HK on 22Dec. And going back to SH from HK on 27Dec. My question is, the duration that i can stay in China is only 30days but i am going to stay more than that which is 19nov-22Dec. Can i extend this in SH even my visa is twice entries? Where should i go to extend my visa?

  • Replytanner joy,   Philippines
    2011/10/16 17:45:00

    hi, Joy from Phil.,what are the requirements if i intended to extend my tourist visa to business visa? and usaully how much will it cost?
    urgent reply appreciated

    • Iris :2011/10/16 20:57:00

      hi Joy,
      you can not change the type of your visa during your trip. if you want to get a business visa, you need to go back to your country and apply a new one.

  • ReplyMaria,   Philippines
    2011/9/5 20:36:00

    Hello There! Im from the Philippines and i just have a questions

    i have a 14 days duration of stay.I enjoyed my 14 days to the fullest.

    My question is how soon can I come back? It's double entry anyhow.. will that be possible?

    thank you!

    • Candy :2011/9/6 19:40:00

      someone said you can go back after 3 months, but you may be allowed to enter one or two weeks later if you have the hotel reservation and the round-trip air tickets.

  • ReplyAmandeep kaur,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/9/4 20:33:00

    hi there! i am non-permanent resident in hong kong but staying here for continuous period of nearly six years n also divorced here n got permanent custody of two kids born here now i want to remarry indian guy can i sponsor him n can he land here n stay with me will he get stay n hk.id here plz help me in this

    • Della :2011/9/5 19:23:00

      i think you can get married in Hong Kong.

  • Replybryan,   Malaysia
    2011/8/25 0:27:00

    can malaysian passport holder apply for china visa other then from their resident country? in my case is singapore.

    if i am in macau for holiday, and decided to visit China either zhuhai or shenchen, can i apply my China visa from the china embassy in macau?

    • Tracy :2011/8/28 0:45:00

      hi Bryan,
      you can not apply the Chinese Visa in Macau or Hong Kong, but you can get it in singapore.

  • Replycecile,   Philippines
    2011/8/22 23:18:00


    My name is Cecile Tan, from Manila Philippines and holding Chinese Business visa, multiple entry... I am eligible to stay here for a max of 30 days and need to exit.

    I entered Aug 15... I was wondering if I can extend my stay to another 5 days, Sept 21 instead of Sept 14... The Furniture exhibit will be on Sept 12-17 and I will be handling that project then we need to do some final evaluation...

    I request if I can extend my stay for another week, to exit Shanghai Sept 21 instead of Sep 14.

    Pls adv what to do? or who to call?


    • Wendy :2011/8/23 20:19:00

      you can extend your visa in the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

  • Replykamlesh,   India
    2011/8/21 21:45:00

    On my visa,its written ENTER BEORE 8 SEP ,Can i enter on same day in morning i.e. on 8 sep at 8.48am

    • Sammy :2011/8/22 19:15:00

      yes, you can. you can enter before 24:00 on 8 sept.

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