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I want to say
  • Replylkc
    2013/8/29 9:32:00

    Hey I have resident permit valid until 31 August, and I booked flight arriving the 31 august at 15H, I have no problme entering china ?

    • Gina :2013/8/29 18:07:00

      no, there's no problem for you to enter China on that day, but there will be problem if you are going to stay for a few more days. Since your resident permit has already expired then, you will overstay in China.

  • Replyong
    2013/5/14 1:33:00

    Hi!I am a Malaysian with M visa (30 days after entry).I booked my flight to Shanghai on 19th July and return on 19th August 2013.flight landing time: 19th July 23:45flight departing time: 19th August 01:00How are they counting the duration of stay? Is it according to flight time or the time you stamped your passport?I would like to have 30 days full stay in Shanghai, and I plan to do like this.Clear immigration time : 20th July 00:01 Clear immigration time: 18th August 23:30Is this alright?Thank you.

    • Lily :2013/5/14 18:58:00

      personally, i think it is alright of your plan to spend the 30 days full day in Shanghai.

  • ReplyChandra
    2013/4/26 19:22:00

    Hi , I am in f single entry visa came on 9th April 2013 .. I can stay till 8th may .. I need to stay for another 10 days as my business haven't finished the production of products .. So can I go to embassy in china and extend my visa ? Please inform me .. And also could you tell me how much they are going to charge ?

    • Candy :2013/4/27 19:00:00

      yes, you can have your visa extended through the Exit and Entry department of local public security bureau. about the charge, you'd better consult the officers there.

  • Replymac
    2013/4/20 0:53:00

    Hey, i'm canadian and i extended my visa at the beginning of april. I went to pick it up today and I checked my visa and they only extended it for 10 days instead of 30. The man at the office never said anything about only giving me 10 days. My visa expires tomorrow. I was told to go back to the office on monday morning. I wanted to go to hong kong tomorrow but my visa will be expired. What should i do?

    • doris :2013/4/22 20:16:00

      you can do nothing but what they have told you.

  • ReplyAppadurai S
    2013/4/12 23:54:00

    Hi I am an Indian now working in Chongming Island. Already one time I extend my Visa.My present visa (F type) is issued from Shanghai 6 months double entry with there is no limitation of period of stay in China and it will be valid up to 29th April-2013.Can I get another extension or new visa from Shanghai without exit China. If yes then where can I apply and how longer duration Visa I can get. If not from Shanghai Chinese embassy then where can I get new visa or extension. Thanks & Regards, Appadurai S

    • Nancy :2013/4/15 20:04:00

      you can try to extend it at the place where you extended the last time.you'd better to consult the local Exit and Entry department in advance to see if you can extend it for the second time, as i heard that some one mentioned he could only extend his visa for two times. if you can not extend it, you can apply a new visa in hong kong.

  • ReplyJohn
    2013/4/3 9:30:00

    I am a US Citizen and have a Multiple Entry Visa to China. My Enter Before Date is April 10, 2013. (Last date of the Visa) I plan to arrive in the morning on April 10, 2013.Is that ok?

    • James :2013/4/6 19:40:00

      yes, it is ok, you can enter China before 24:00 of April 10.

    • Bridget :2013/4/11 8:43:00

      John -- how did you get a multiple entry visa and how long is your visa for? I applied for Mult. entry 3 months and only got a 30 day single entry visa.

  • ReplyRowena
    2013/3/31 2:08:00

    Hi there - I am an Australian who arrived in Qingdao last week on a double entry L visa valid for 6 months with 30 days' stay per visit. Is it possible to extend my first visit for another 30 days before I do my exit? My husband is working in Qingdao right now hence the reason I am here. He only just started his contract & his residence permit is still being processed. Thank you & regards,Rowena

    • doris :2013/4/1 19:50:00

      yes, you can have it extended.

  • ReplyRavi Raman
    2013/3/12 0:18:00

    I have a multiple entry visa to China which will expired on 13.August'13. This visa applyed 2 years ago and i have entered China once with this visa on Sept 2011. now i plan to enter China on March 2013 with the same visa. Can i enter China with the same visa. Please advise

    • Linda :2013/3/13 19:42:00

      yes, you can.

  • Replydyanevan.mayuyo@yahoo.com
    2013/3/12 2:31:00

    Hi.. just want to ask, if i have a ticket mar-28 to apr28 mnl-xiamen/hongkong-mnl and my visa is L visa single entry 30days duration of stay, then i will rebook my return ticket hkg-mnl on may28, will china embassy in china can extend my duration of stay and allow me to stay 1month again before I enter to hkg-mnl in may28?

  • Replyjem
    2013/3/7 22:12:00

    I have a 180 day F visa multiple entry. Does the 180 days count from the first entering into China or is the expiration day of the visa the limitation.

    • Vic :2013/3/8 19:09:00

      it counts from the first entering into China.

  • ReplyGupta Vikas
    2013/2/21 0:36:00

    Hi I am an Indian staying in Guangzhou. My present visa is issued from Zhuhai 6 months double entry with no limitation of period of stay and is about to expire on March 13th. can I get another visa or extention from zhuhai without exiting china. If yes then where to apply and how longer duration visa I can get. If not from Zhuhai then where can I get new visa or extention.Thanks n regardsVikas Gupta

    • Linda :2013/2/21 17:29:00

      you can have it extended through the Exit and Entry department of your current living place.

  • ReplyHeather
    2013/2/10 0:22:00

    Hi Asif,I am in mainland China an L-Visa, 30 day duration, multiple entry. My visa expires today and I am travelling to Hong Kong tonight for one night and then flying back to Shanghai. Since I will be leaving mainland China and going to Hong Kong, will I be able to re enter China and have my 30 day duration start over. ie. First came Jan 10th, visa expires Feb. 10th. Fly to Hong Kong Feb 10th, re enter Shanghai Feb. 11th. Thank you!

    • May :2013/2/16 2:00:00

      if the validity of your visa is 30 days, then you can not reenter China, as it would expire before that, even though you only enter for once. if the 30 day is the "Duration of each stay", there will be no problem.

  • ReplyJames
    2013/2/9 10:00:00

    Hi, I'm a US citizen and currently staying in China visiting relatives on a 30 day visa, I'd like to stay longer to spend time with my family, how many times can I extend my visa? and how long is each extension? What is the cost of each extension? I was born in China and had a Chinese passport before but now I am an American citizen with a US passport.

    • Emma :2013/2/16 1:53:00

      1. at most two times.2. not longer than 3 months for each extension.3. the cost is about CNY 900.

  • Replyahange
    2013/1/28 7:14:00

    hi, i had confuse about date of period of stay for my parent Visa. My parent will enter Malaysia on 26JAN 2013 and will go back china on 25 FEB 2013. I not realised that in month January got 31days. As i know China visa only can stay in Malaysia for 30days only. So my question is , which day i should start to count ? Start count from 26 Jan enter date is ( 31days) or 27 jan ( 30days) ?? Or 26 JAN 2013 stay untill 25 FEB 2013 wont have any problem? Is there anyway you can clarify this for me as I want to get it sorted in your experience . Thanks

    • Eva :2013/1/28 18:24:00

      i know usually the period of stay of Chinese visa starts to count from the day you arrive, that is to say your parent must live Malaysia on 24 Feb., 2013. but i'm not sure what the situation in Malaysia, so you may consult the Malaysia Immigration Department.

  • ReplyMia
    2013/1/27 18:42:00

    I have a resident permit which was issued in Jilin Province but it going to expire on the 15th of Feb . I am wanting to extend it to a tourist visa but I am in another province which is far away from Jilin Province. Is it possible for me to extend it in the city that I am in now or do I have to extend it in the ciy that the permit was issued?

    • Emma :2013/1/28 18:14:00

      Should there be any alternations to the contents of the residence permits (name, nationality, occupation or identity, address, passport number, children), you shall register, within 10 days, the changes at the Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau. did you do that when you moved out of Jilin? if not, you need to go back to Jilin to have your permit extended.

  • ReplyRob
    2013/1/20 23:19:00

    My girlfriend is currently working in china and wants to go to korea for 1 night?She's from the Phillippenes does she need a visa for 1 night

    • Lisa :2013/1/21 18:20:00

      please consult the Korean Embassy in the Philippines.

  • ReplyRob
    2013/1/17 17:39:00

    My girlfriend is on a 3 month work visa in china she is from the phillippenes it does not say on the visa if it's single double or multi.would she be able to travel outside china with this visa and re-enter without any issues

    • Bill :2013/1/17 19:11:00

      the work visa is usually with a single entry, valid for 3 months and with no duration of stay(that is 000 day of stay). Holders of work visa should go through the formalities for a residence permit at a local public security bureau within 30 days after entry into China, to avoid illegal stay in China. The period of validity of the residence permit is its holder's duration of stay in China.with the residence permit (temperary), she can travel outside of China and en-enter China without any issues.

  • Replyanita,   Indonesia
    2012/12/31 1:54:00

    Im is indonesian domestic helper in Hong Kong,my last visa is 04 january 2013 i want go back to indonesian but my employer buy the air ticket for me at 11 january 2013.but after 04 janury im not workin and stay in agency until 12 january.Am i need exstand visa and need to pay for HKD 160.What should i do?thankz

    • Peter :2013/1/1 19:06:00

      i'm afraid you need to extend your visa. please consult the Hong Kong immigration department for detailed information.

  • Replyamakye prince,   Ghana
    2012/12/25 11:31:00

    please my name is prince from Ghana AND I WILL LIKE TO KNOW THE LEAST AMOUNT of money that must be on your bank statement before you can get a student visa.thank you.

    • Rita :2012/12/25 17:23:00

      hi, please consult the Chinese Embassy for detailed information.
      as far as i know, you should first get an offer from a school or college.

  • ReplyJessica,   United States
    2012/11/12 22:29:00

    Hi, I am an American citizen currently in Vietnam. I got a 20 day L visa while in Vietnam, but I already had plans for staying in china for 30 days. The travel agency told me this is ok and I just need to apply for an extension while in China after staying there for 15 days. Is this true? Would we have to pay for the extension?

    • Babara :2012/11/13 18:02:00

      yes, it is ok. and you need to pay CNY 1,500 for one extension.

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